Are ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ Producers Looking To Get Rid Of Porsha?

December 18, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

Earlier this month it was announced that “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Stewart’s grueling divorce from her ex-husband, Kordell Stewart, was officially finalized. Though Porsha seems to have survived one storm, it looks like another may be on it’s way.

According to TMZ, word on the street is that season six may be the Georgia peach’s final season. Sources claiming to be close to production are refuting recent rumors that Porsha was fired from the Bravo franchise mid-season, insisting that she will definitely finish out this season and appear at the reunion special; however, they say that producers aren’t sure if they want to bring her back for season seven. Apparently they’re waiting until the reunion show taping to make their final decision.

Bravo has yet to confirm or deny these rumors, so at this point, it’s all speculation. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time that rumors about a housewife getting the axe have surfaced. We’d hate to see Porsha go and can’t really understand why producers would want to cut her, but we’ll definitely continue to keep you posted as this story develops.

Do you think you’d miss Porsha?

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  • Beejcee

    After the comment about the Underground Railroad, bye Porsha! She is way dumber than she is cute!

  • mays

    she just a boring brainless broad thats all she has nothing in the head at all and her looks only kept her married for about a year lol but for her to try and make kordell look gay that was just wrong and this is all karma for her. Just like someone else say bravo hates black girls for real they sell your dirty laundry to the world and don’t even really care about you at the end. Now who gon cut her check ??

  • folamix

    At the very least, they should change her storyline.

  • CC

    I don’t think I would miss her on the show!

    • Guest

      Porsha is gonna be the new Deshawn Snow. Anybody remember her? NOPE!!

  • FeelsGood

    Goodbye….and take Kenya with you. And Kandi too.

    • Kristen

      Porsha is gonna be the new Deshawn Snow. Anybody remember her? NO!!

      • FeelsGood

        I would have said Sheree Whitfield, LOL

        • Kristen

          LOL her too!!

      • JRoc85

        Deshawn actually had a career, unlike Porsha & Sheree!

  • ATF

    Kenya should be the one replaced. I usually do other things when her scenes come on.

    • Kristen

      Nene (cause she needs it) Cynthia and Kandi IMO are the only ones that should stay.

      • Jan

        sadly she won’t ever be…. hate it or love it but RHOA is Nene Leakes

  • NeaJ

    Bye ashy!

    • Kristen

      LOL! I have to admit, Kenya was ashy a LOT last season. there were a few elbow views that almost made me scream!!!

      • NeaJ


  • Meemo

    Porsha does come off a lil slow at times but I’d like to see more interaction btn Porsha and her sister. IMO Phaedra is the one who’s boring….besides Phaedra has built a brand and a few different streams of income to sustain her post RHOA. Apollo should get serious about modeling to bring in some coins.

    • Kristen

      I agree. I like Phaedra but I don’t see her being on the next season. I’ll actually be surprised if they brought her back. I just don’t think this show is for her anymore. She’ll be fine!

    • folamix

      Phaedra really disappointed me. After that lame attitude that Apollo copped and her total capitulation, I was too through.

  • hollyw

    Porscha is cute, but unfortunately I can see why they might consider replacing her…i love her interactions with the other girls, but her own storyline doesn’t usually keep my interest… =/

    Maybe she’ll be like Cynthia and really create a persona all her own next year, that’s separate from her marriage/divorce..?

  • BabyBlue

    Hell No. Her annoying voice and big teeth can exit.

  • JRoc85

    As beautiful & dignified as Porsha is, she does come across as a “dingbat.” If it hadn’t been for Kordell divorcing her, Porsha wouldn’t have been back THIS season. I really hope she didn’t spend that $7000 on those gladiator shoes, cause she might have to save those coins!!

    • Kristen

      No but she bought the booties for $3500!

      • JRoc85

        She should have saved those coins too, lol!

        • Kristen

          Exactly! Lol..they should have taken her to Sketchers!

          • Brooklyn_Beauty_Danni

            There is a reebok outlet in the A that she could’ve gone too as well….let’s not forget! LOL You two are crazy! My laugh for the afternoon! Love it!

          • JRoc85

            Let’s be honest, Porsha may have to start shopping at RAINBOWS (so she can really save up some coins, cause she obviously don’t count them, LOL)!!!

            • Kristen


          • MsLadyE

            Or Payless! LOL

          • MsLadyE

            Or Payless, Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, DSW, Target, Walmart, JC Penney, Sears, the list goes on and on…LOL.

            • Kristen

              Lmao!! Right!!

    • folamix

      I have never thought Porsha was beautiful. Take off that weave and those fake eyelashes and she looks like a horse

      • Kemi

        OMG. I thought I was the only one who noticed that. She can’t even shut her mouth 1/2 the time, because of those buck teeth, contributing to the eternal clueless look on her face. Her mama is way prettier than her.

  • Shims Eva Blessed

    I could do without seeing her. I am sorry about her situation but she is dizzy.

  • Kemi

    Good Riddens! First of all, she should have handled the divorce in private, instead of exploit her divorce for money & fame, instead making a fool out of herself. She then uses the RHOA platform for revenge, by rubbing Kordell’s name & reputation in the mud (calling him gay and abusive, even tho it was all ok as long as he was taking care of her and financing her wardrobe & $7000 shoes). Now that she’s back home with her mama, he’s suddenly gay. Ok. Not only was that disgusting & pathetic, but she needs to go back to school, read a book (like Kenya said last season), and become a woman before she ever gets married again. Pretty isn’t going to keep a man’s interest but for so long. #dumbass

    • go

      Thank! Trying to be like Nene. Girl bye you pubicly dealt with private matters. All that should not have been aired. See Bravo filmed your life fall apart and then they don’t even care to see how you adjust afterwards… LOL. Selling your personal matters for a check should not be worth it.

      • Kemi

        I agree! Coupled with her dumbness, it is painfully embarrassing to watch, and a disgrace to her so-called “legacy”. Privilege doesn’t excuse you from learning something in school. Eventually, ignorance catches up to you.

        • folamix

          She boasts about her lineage, descendant of Hosea Williams but doesn’t know about the Underground Railroad….pathetic

    • JRoc85

      Kordell was the one who made the divorce public by announcing it on twitter vs him being a “REAL MAN” & telling Porsha we wanted out of the marriage.

      • Tommy

        They’re not interesting unless they have a man or are chasing a man. Secondly, everyone NOW knows she’s a child intellectually. Which makes Kordell’s treatment and monitoring of her financially and personally more understandable.

        Sorry ladies that marriage was probably the best relationship and place for her. She’s obviously not capable of taking care of herself. She is not all of a sudden going to turn into an accomplished educated academic or business woman. It’s not going to happen. Some women need men to take care of them. She is that woman and needs to find a man and have kids before she starts to age, sagging and getting flabby. Again, ladies some men are perfectly ok with an air head trophy wife.

      • folamix

        but she continued it

    • Kristen

      It’s “Good Riddance” people!!!! I see that so much, damn what the hell is riddens??!! Especially when you say Porsha needs to go back to school and read a book! But re this article about her you’re right, she need to pick it back up and not miss a step. She needs to find herself and if being flat broke and off the show will get her there then good!

    • Brooklyn_Beauty_Danni

      You hit the nail on the head! I watched sunday’s show and was like this girl has no where to live yet she has a personal stylist and is able to purchase $7,000 shoes? Someone needs to get their priorities together. I don’t know what Kordell did to this woman and no one will ever truly know what happened between these two but she should have handled the situation better and left it for the two of them to deal with. If she is truly being axed from the show I would safely say that it was karma. I’m sorry mama but know may be the time to actually head back to school and learn that there are 365 days in a year and not 265…IJS

  • teetee

    I love her I hope they dont get rid of her. She is too classy with a family thats real and behind her. #teamPorsha

  • IfYouDontGetITWhoWill4U?No1

    Despite of what everyone thinks of Porsha, she carries herself with class. It appears she has a positive inner circle of family and friends hopefully she bounces back. She has ambition and potential and that’s what you need to be a strong independent WOMAN! God Bless her.

    • KJ23

      I definitely agree with you, but that’s not going to bring ratings to the show. After her divorce, who’s going to want to continue to watch her complain about how bad she had it with Kordell, and watch her pacify herself? Honestly, i would rather Kenya go (she doesn’t really have a story line either), but I guess I see both (alleged) sides.

    • Val

      I actually like Porsha but I wouldn’t call her classy after the way she has handled her divorce. A classy woman would have kept most of what she’s said to herself.

      With that said, I hope she stays on the show since she is the one with the potential for the most growth.

      • Tommy

        The truth is she needs a man JUST LIKE Kordell. A man her equal is going to be a guy living at home with mama. lol

        • Missy

          So true, That’s where she is too.

    • Kemi

      Class? I beg to differ. She acted really ratchet last season in Anguilla by the pool, and at the charity event when she kicked Kenya to the curb, and again when she was at the hairdresser dancing like a hoodrat imitating BAPS, and at Kenya’s event, and the way she starts getting “crunk” at Kenya the 1st or 2nd episode of this season (yelling “I’m going thru a G.D. Divorce!”, and in the previews for next week, we see her going off on Mynique), not to mention all the Kordell-bashing. There is nothing classy and dignified about this chic, but she knows who to try that with, because when Nene said she needs to get her head checked, she had several seats and kept that mouth shut.

      • lacyA

        I meant to type “your view of Posha IS really skewed” … I must’ve though I type “views”… Anywho… gotta proofread next time