Tara On Sleeping With Peter After He Married: “If All Of A Sudden My Conscience Doesn’t Kick In, I’m Sorry”

December 13, 2013  |  

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Despite the notorious love triangle going on on “Love & Hip-Hop New York,” so far Peter Gunz has been the only one really talking about the situation — and trying to explain away his messiness. We finally got a chance to chat with the victim in the situation, Peter’s ex-girlfriend of 13 years Tara, and she had some interesting things to say about the drama we’ve seen go on in her life over the past seven weeks or so.

Though our initial question for Tara was what did you think would happen to your relationship going on LHHNY, what we couldn’t wait to ask her about was that little Plan B slip up she admitted to on last week’s episode and, more importantly, why she’s still sleeping with Peter Gunz. We also asked the Mississippi native if she sees herself getting back together with her ex and how their children fit in to all of this. Check out what she had to say in our extensive Q&A.

Did you watch ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ before you joined the show?

“I have watched Love & Hip-Hop since season 1 so I knew all about it. I watched every episode, every season, it comes on Monday nights. I knew that it could be half-way crazy, but I did it for Peter. It was kind of like, ‘Hey you wanna do this’ and I was all about us trying to get into a good space so I thought ‘sure, let’s do it. If you want to do it I’m down.’”

What did you think your storyline would be?

“Can I just be honest? I thought we were going to be the two corniest people, like ‘why are they on this show. Why are we following these people, all they do is take their kids to the park and eat Chinese Food on Monday. That’s what I thought.

“When I first talked to [the producers], they told me, ‘last season was so dark, we want to make this season light.’ And I thought, ‘yea, that’s totally us. We are like the crazy Cosby family kind of people.’”

When did you realize you weren’t the Cosby family?

“About two months in, I thought we’re still having fun, they show up to do my makeup and I get to wear it all day, this is really fun. And then Peter’s energy started to shift. So I started asking more and more questions and he was getting more and more snippy about the answers and I just kept saying, ‘I feel like you know something I don’t.’ And after I found out, I thought, really, really?”

You didn’t seem all that mad when you actually found out–

“In the studio a couple of things were going on. One was I had never been that angry on camera before. Two, it was like, is he serious right now? And three is me trying to contain myself from being every other woman I see on reality TV – fighting and angry. So in that moment I was battling all three of those things.”

Last episode we saw you talking about having sex with Peter and taking Plan B, are you still sleeping together?

“That’s been a while – a few months ago. We are not together. I have my reasons. We’ve been together 12-plus years. Did I allow myself to get in a comfort zone and go there with him? Absolutely. But I didn’t do anything different. People were asking how am I going to do that when he’s married. Well, you know he was married for six months when he was living here and I didn’t know about it so now all of a sudden if my conscience doesn’t kick in, I’m sorry. It’s a process.

“The one thing that holds true that I don’t think people get is that it’s a conscious choice that I made for me. It was what I wanted to do in that moment. It had nothing to do with Peter necessarily. I didn’t say after that I want to continue the relationship. It was a human moment. It was what I wanted to do and that’s real. A story has to have a beginning, a middle, and an end, you have to see where the person’s coming from, where they are, and where they’re going. And part of where I was was still somewhat torn and heartbroken, and did I turn to him sometimes for comfort? Absolutely. But the end results were still the same. I was moving on with my life and that’s what I’m doing.”

See what Tara had to say about the possibility of getting back together with Peter on the next page.

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    She’s an idiot, good for her….

  • really

    Peter is a creep..

  • Tracu

    She can do what she wants but, I need her to stop trying to wild out on Amina… Because both of you are fools and should be taking out your anger on Peter.

  • Starcru

    Translation: I’ve put up with his bullsh!t for this long,not to mention i have his kids,so we’re going to be together regardless of what happens. How sad is that.

  • candy cane

    I can understand FEELING like sleeping with him because he’s familiar but with all of the drama I feel that Tara should’ve overcome those feelings and abstained because it sends Peter mixed signals like Tara’s good with the situation as long as she can sleep with Peter when she feels like it. Secondly, once Tara found out Peter was MARRIED, she should’ve cut her loses and left Peter alone. Tara may have given Peter 13 years and two children but Amina got a RING. Peter can only do what you ALLOW.

  • BabyBlue

    Bish you stupid

    • Elle Bee

      simple and well said lmao. next story please.

  • enlightenment

    Tara seriously wasted a good chunk on her life on this man…despite all the blinking red signs and sirens that this man AINT commitment material. So I have no sympathy for her…she gave this man too many chances.

    However, I can’t fault her for having s*x with the guy. She used him for a quick f**k and I believe it really was a human moment. She should’ve kicked his azz out, but sometimes your logic becomes cloudy when you’re…well, y’know lol.

  • Marie Bano

    This site is getting worse. Every second story is about a reality show person who we have never heard about. Stop wasting space with these fake people. We want stories about black women in careers, professions, building stable lives, education, relationships and building long term security.

    • SimpleMindedPpl

      Head over to the MN Business tab. This site is divided for everyone’s likes. If you want education, profession, and career. Head over to business. For people who are interested in Tara, Love & Hip Hop, and Kim K, go to the Entertainment tab. Duh.

  • Chey

    Ain’t nothing but silly hoez…every single one of them.