Peter Gunz Says ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Is Negatively Impacting His Daughters

December 12, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

Earlier this week “Love & Hip Hop” breakout star Peter Gunz confessed that he is “disgusted” by the way that he behaved on this season of the popular VH1 reality series. As to be expected, Peter says that a few of the special women in his life are displeased with his behavior as well—and no, we aren’t referring to either of the participants in his über messy love triangle.

“I have seven kids. I got three girls,” the “Déjà Vu” rapper told CocoaFab. “I have a daughter that’s 20-years-old. I have a daughter that’s 13 and I have one that’s 6.”

Peter admits that his daughters are pretty upset about the way he has been showing his entire behind on the show and even confessed that his 13-year-old is having a hard time at school because of it.

“In me signing on to do the show, I never took my mom, my daughters, my sisters, or female friends I have into consideration. It was just a decision that I made to do it,” he said.

“My older daughter is disappointed. My thirteen year old daughter is catching heat at school over it,” he continued.

He says it’s not all bad though, as being on the show is helping him to become a better person.

“It’s kind of good because it’s making me a better person. Even at my age, who knows how long I would have been reckless like this. It’s making me a better person to see the disappointment from my kids and my mom.”

“I’m not saying its gonna happen overnight but I’m trying to become a better man so I can be a better dad and just a better person in general. And hopefully, a better husband.”

Let’s hope he’s not all talk.


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  • Johnnie Perry

    He has eight kids I don’t understand what these men in the celebrity status don’t have their thing tied up or something since they like to bang every female they can and have a kid with everyone they bang and not taking care of any of these kids, have the operation or keep your thang in your pants.

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  • Keland

    What is he doing to change this? Is he going to leave the show?

  • shelly

    I hope that somehow, someway, his daughters do not continue this stupid cycle of women having children with no-good men who show them no respect. If we see what our mothers have been through, we need to make sure we don’t make the same mistakes that they made.

    • Keland

      He also has sons. Do you not wish for them to not continue the cycle?

  • TT

    wait a 6 year old daughter….hasn’t he been with Tara for 13 years and they have 2 boys together? He went and had a child with another woman long before amina and Tara still ran back to him…smh

    • Kristen

      That’s what I was thinking..AND the fact that he has a 13 year old daughter but he’s been for Tara for 13 years? Um, ok!!

      • TT

        Lol I was just thinking the same thing that means Tara was a side chick too ! just like Mimi was a side chick with Stevie J too since he was engaged to whoopi Goldberg’s daughter in 2008….I just can’t with these they think he’s not going to cheat on them too!

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    So this is the man Tara was all upset over? 7 kids? O_O Ma’am . . . .

  • candy cane

    Cry me a river boo boo; you should’ve had your children in mind before signing up for the foolishness.

  • Kimberly Reese

    That is terrible, I hope he leave his wife and focus on his family and Tara. That the woman who should of been married

  • guest

    He nevers takes any female in consideration so I’m not surprised by his statement.. Dum Gunz suits him better..

  • WHY

    Old habits die hard, Peter. Old habits die hard.

  • Kristen

    This is one sick b*stard. Not to make fun of him if he has a medical issue, but why does he walk sideways and bent over?! That ain’t cute….never trust a man that doesn’t stand tall!

  • Almond E. Brown

    Wack a$$ people make the world go ’round. Smh…

  • FeelsGood

    Has this grown azz man ever heard of a condom? I mean really – it’s making me nauseous to think about how he goes back and forth with all of these women unprotected. He is just disgusting.

  • Felisha Crooks-Sweet

    A better husband to who Peter?? Too little too late to consider the lives your tv antics will affect now. Surely the daughters are quite embarrassed that their 44 y/o dad whom they admire unconditionally is carrying on affairs accepted by two dumb azz women who could do better. What puzzles me is that he is straight up honest about his character, his inability to maintain a relationship with one woman, he criticizes all his wrong doings. Yet the two young ladies with the low self esteem stick around and entertain his bs. #guessiwasraiseddifferent#

  • Sagittarius81

    Gee Peter! You been with your baby mama Tara (who is dumb enough to waste 13 years of her life with you and breed children with your sorry behind and not put a ring on her!) and married a dumb bird side chick behind her back! YOU are the one whose negatively impacting your daughters by showcasing your immaturity and foolishness on that show and if I were one of your kids I would be ashamed to have you as a father. Plus you’re 44, 6 years away from 50, grow the hell up already!

  • guest8

    DANG! How many kids this dude got?!!! He got seeds all over the place! That right there should tell women he deals with something. GET A F CLUE!

    • Raquel Harris

      These women knew when they screwed him. No sympathy for nun. Sexual lust and they bumz too

  • cocolatte

    No sweetie, Love and Hip Hop isn’t negatively impacting your daughters— YOU are negatively impacting your daughters. I wonder if he stopped to think that his daughters would have still been witness to his tomfoolery even if he didn’t go on TV, which is teaching them horrible lessons (assuming that he has a daily relationship with them and their only exposure to him isn’t via LAHH); his antics are ridiculous no matter what– television only makes it worse by exposing it to a larger audience (ie: giving the middle school peanut gallery ammo to torture his 13 yo daughter with, or his 20 yo daughter’s co-workers, friends, etc…)

    • Khalessi22

      But as soon as one of his daughters has been disrespected and treated like how he treats women, its WWIII! He would be the first one to bust they head open to the white meat.

  • And you’re a part of it dumbazz, so you’re f**kery on that show is impacting negativity on your daughters as well. I would be going out in public with a paper bag over my head if I was your daughter.

    • *your f**kery

  • BabyBlue

    I had enough of Peter Bumz. I had enough of that show and the dumb women involved. His mess doesn’t entertainment at all.

  • IllyPhilly

    So, did I miss that part of the show where they said he had a whole other kid on Tara?

    • clwa0303

      I remember her saying he had a whole ‘nother family while they were together! And she’s always sayingthey’ve been together 13 yrs. I don’t understand why she’s acting so hurt and distraught over all this with him, he’s been doing this THE WHOLE TIME they’ve been together! He had another family while they were supposedly together, why is she surprised by him up and marrying someone else why they’re together????? She oughtta be used to this! No sympathy for this chick at all AND she STILL screwing him! Unprotected at that

    • Joy

      You didn’t miss anything. He’s been with her for 13 yrs and had 2 boys with her. You read it right.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    his levels of clownitude just keep rising

  • lockstress

    Some Ninjas are so DUMB!!!!! His poor kids. I hope this is the End of his reality show daze!

  • Mztisa

    Not every check is worth the hassle! SMH Although in his case I’m glad the women in his life see him for who he is.

  • Khalessi22

    You didnt take into consideration your daughters? That should have been the first thing you considered! But, no here he is on national television doging women and his self! Im glad he’s taking some ownership for his behavior. Hes too damn old to still be acting like a 16 yr old boy!!! Get it together bruh!

    • IllyPhilly


    • Jaya

      Like his bs doesn’t affect them anyway. He doesn’t even have his own place for them to come visit so I’m pretty sure they’ve known daddy was a d ouche for awhile now.