You Might Wanna Shave That…15 Of The Hairiest Celebrity Men Ever

January 3, 2014 ‐ By Meghan Reid

Even though many women aren’t fans of chest hair these hairy celebrities could care less. You can’t tell Ed Westwick and Simon Cowell that they aren’t hot in their low cut v-neck shirts. Allen Payne’s chest hair had us thinking of  Teen Wolf  in Jason’s Lyric. And Seth Rogen bared all in the Bound 3 parody. Check out 15 of the hairiest celebrity men to ever walk the planet.




Allen Payne

Who could forget Allen Payne’s chest rug in Jason’s Lyric? His chest was completely covered with thick hair back in the day, but (thankfully) that has changed. He now goes for a more baby smooth chest these days.

MadameNoire Video

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  • s1kora

    What is the name the film from which the image is number 8 (Dan Hedaya)? I love his hairy chest and want to see it. Please

  • screaminjay

    At least half of those listed here are NOT EVEN HAIRY by any sort of standard. They are just average. Robin Williams is always the one that obviously come to mind.

  • fifimsp

    Well Hugh Jackman and Henry Cavill can drop their hairy selves right into my bed. They can keep me warm with that fuzz. Personally I don’t think they’re that hairy. Like how did Andy Garcia not make the list?

  • XAV

    Tell Allen Payne to bring his hair back! If the body is hot, the hair only accentuates it!!

  • furfan

    Hairiest Ever ? Hardly ! Did not do much research for this list because your selection of “hairiest ever” is missing many men that are gorillas that you’ve missed ..Ed Asner, Bob Hoskins ,Sam Elliott to name a few………….

  • zainfazal3000

    I have hair then all of these guys.

  • Anne

    I love hairy men!!

  • FromUR2UB

    I don’t mind some chest hair, moderately hairy arms and legs, but tons of thick body hair creeps me out! It’s like the guy is part animal and you’d have puppy children.

  • rainydaze80

    y’all should google brazilian actor Tony Ramos!

  • Leslie Rene Anderson

    Wow the guys here are just my flavor…that Tom Selleck…hot!! He can get everything…..!

    • Lea

      I thought it was me! I watch Magnum PI on Netflix and even in his short shorts he was fine. I also saw him on Blue Bloods and even though he’s about 70 I’d still give him some.

      • Leslie Rene Anderson

        Yess!! Tom is a def hottie!! Fo sho..

  • hollyw

    Meee…I used to like em bare, but I’m learning that both men and women progressively grow more hair the older they get, and I’m also starting to associate more hair with more “manliness” lol…I can dig it.

  • flowerinthemoonlight

    Or what about men having musty tasting nipples. Lol. Tell me I’m not the only one that has experienced that

    • hollyw

      WHAT?! Nipples, girl, aw h***ll naw!

      • flowerinthemoonlight

        Yes girl musty tasting nipples. Nipples tasting like hot onions. Lol!!! And you know what I did I kissed him so he could feel my pain.

        • IIlI

          i like girls with musty armpits and vagina. i LOVE the taste. everyone has a preference but yes that onion stench is nasty. i am talking a dirty sexual smell that i like

    • Dee

      LOL LOL LOL, Sweetie you are not alone!!!!!!!!!!!! I have had the non pleasurable experience of tasting nipples of a man who liked to have his nipples sucked. I should have known better but I was young and trying to experience new things. Anyway the terrible taste that it left in my mouth was enough for me to never ever ever ever try this again – at least with his azz.

    • Jazzy Creole Stylist

      ROTFF! omg!, I thought I WAS THEE ONLY ONE! It was so weird,that I thought that taste was just my imagination lol! Wow

  • flowerinthemoonlight

    Lol I could care less about a hairy chest. As along as he ain’t musty.