Were Evelyn Lozada and Carl Crawford Creepin’? Reports Claims He Has A 5 Month Old

December 10, 2013  |  

News of Evelyn Lozada’s pregnancy took the internet by storm considering she just came out of a very public,very nasty divorce from Chad “OchoCinco” Johnson. Naturally, folks were very curious about who the father was. We all breathed a collective sigh of relief when we realized this child isn’t Chad’s baby. Evelyn announced recently in an interview with OMG Insider that major league baseball player Carl Crawford, of the LA Dodgers, is the baby’s father.

But recent rumors have us wondering if Lozada didn’t jump right into another shady situation with another shady man.

Once Crawford’s name got out people started doing their research. And now, several reports are claiming that Crawford just had a baby this summer with a woman named Amy Freeman. Well people can say whatever they want. Folks love mess and you can’t believe everything you read.

But some additional sleuth work from a blog called Tattle Tailz revealed a baby registry with both Freeman and Crawford’s name on it. And get this the registry was for June of 2013.

So this alleged baby is 5 months old now and Evelyn is six months pregnant. Either the whole thing is false and Crawford and Freeman didn’t have a baby together, they had broken up before she gave birth–doubtful– or… Crawford was probably sleeping with both women at the same time. After all, Lozada says that she and Crawford have been dating for almost year now.

But right now all of this is speculation. We’re just hoping Evelyn is not into some more mess with another wayward athlete.

We’ll keep you informed. But until then, what do you make of all this?

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  • Elisa

    She is a sport hoe facts basketball football and now baseball. My opinion I call it like she shows it.

  • CrayCray

    I’m pregnant by Carl too. I’m due Jan 9th. This bytch didn’t even mention Evelyn. Now I need to get tested again. He just fawkn random heauxs.

  • provokethought

    Looks like someone was a bit too “thirsty” and did not do all of their homework before giving up their goods…..

  • Carllotta Jones

    # Well#Said#Laine you take the words right out of my mouth!!!!

  • word

    even if he was done with his ex, what kind of man gets another woman pregnant when your first child still have Jaundice?….I can’t understand women over 25 accidentally getting pregnant ( when you good and well you could have sex every second of your life and not get pregnant, but I digress) unless you deliberately bringing a child into a less than ideal situation; that is just selfish…and is dripping with child support suspiciones

  • Linda M McCuff

    The only thing a person can do is try to live right. You don’t want to hurt other people, just stay in your own lane. Get your own and leave other people property alone. How a person decides to live for better or for worst, is their business. The consequences are on them and no one else.

  • Kristen

    It’s obvious that she’s trying to fill a void. Acting out on national TV, sleeping around and getting pregnant by someone (so quickly) who supposedly already has an infant and claiming that you are in love. She is unstable.

  • Tip_A_Star

    Oh My GOD!!! Seriously, why can’t ppl just let ppl live their lives…Ev is not perfect, but none of us is, so stop being so judgmental and worry about your lives and situations, if she wasn’t in the lime light ppl wouldn’t even comment on her life, so treat her like she is that friend you know is in the same situation but you have her back, treat her like that sister that messed up but your still there for her, these stars are people too so if you don’t want your ish on blast and everybody commenting making it worse don’t do it to them they live with the fall out of what we ,fans,haters and naysayers say and do, BELIEVE HALF OF WHAT YOU SEE AND NONE OF WHAT YOU HEAR…none of us were there when the getting was getting good, so we don’t now the story, you read something and then boom its automatically true, blogs and websites like this just report what they find whether its true or not and as ppl who love drama we eat it, but when does enough become enough, when do we take a step back and say “Damn what if that was me in her shoes”…and as black women we always ready to tear each other down for something, instead of empowering each other to make a better situation, move past all the drama and the hurt, we need to get out of that crab mentality that is why so many women will never have anything because of that mentality to try and pull other women down when they are trying to make it to the top. I am done lets just walk away let be what it is, not make it worse, let Evelyn and Carl do them and you worry about doing you. THERE IS 12 MONTH IN A YEAR, YOU GOT SIX MONTHS TO MIND YOUR BUSINESS AND SIX MONTHS TO LEAVE EVERYONE ELSE’S ALONE, THEREFORE YOU SHOULD BE BUSY ALL YEAR LONG RIGHT!!!

    • Yvette

      Ev is that you?

      • Tip_A_Star

        No I am not Ev, I am a fan who is all abt empowering women and helping other women out, who am I or even you to judge this woman on her life

        • Yvette

          It is all wonderful and great that you are a fan of Evelyn’s but let’s look at one fact. SHE chose to reveal the identity of her baby’s father and even said herself that it is a messy situation (because of the timeline). If she wasn’t looking for attention or judgement (as you put it) she would not have did a TV interview and kept her business private to the world but she did not do that. I can give my opinion on whatever story I see on this site and any other. You obviously had an opinion too and it didn’t stop you from posting it.

          • Tip_A_Star

            I didn’t post on her life I posted my opinion on how we as drama hungry ppl will beat ppl abt their mistakes and their wrong doing when we have our own faults and situations that we need to be focused on, yes I read the story, yes I feel bad for her for making the mistakes, but I am not bashing her or even offering up an excuse for her bad behavior if that’s what you want to call it but at some point enough is enough an opinion is like an asshole everyone has one, but how ppl maliciously post their opinions abt others lives calling them out their names demeaning them on these blog sites shows ppls lack of intelligence and makes ppl who are rude demoralizing her character look like a bully, my opinion is yes timing is all wrong, bad decisions, flag on the play, however I don’t have to be a mean rude person to let Evelyn know yes I am a fan but u messed up like I said nobody is perfect and ppl need to realize that how we just let our opinions fly out makes matters worse than they all ready are

            • Yvette

              Say what you want; the fact still remains that Evelyn put her business out for the world to know.

              • Yvette

                Oh and one more thing. For all 5 seasons that Evelyn was on BBW, I don’t recall her empowering her castmates to do anything good. She threw bottles, ran across tables, insulted their hair and clothing, and even encouraged hood-booger behavior so please miss me with all that feeling sorry for her crap. I will never let you or anyone else make me feel bad about an opinion I have of something or someone. I have that right just like you do. Take care and have a nice life!

        • Sam

          Shoot, if you don’t want pdeople talking about your crap, you stay away from being a celebrity. It has nothing to do with empowering women. I believe she has her friends to help and guide her through these issues. As for me, I just want the juicy detail and give my two cent.

        • Laine

          Empowering women???? That’s really great! Empower the wives and significant others of the men that this woman has slept with! She was upset when Chad slept with someone else when they were married. but she has slept with Tammie’s husband and now this baseball player who apparently had a gf! She was smart enough to tell Chad to use condoms when he was stepping out, but apparently didn’t use any protection when the baseballplayer was stepping out with her. You’re right, we don’t know her personally. But what I do know about her makes me sick to my stomach, and this has nothing to do with crab mentality. Crab mentality is when you tear someone down for doing something good. This woman is known for only doing pure evil stuff! She is not getting my sympathy!

        • Chey

          You may not be “Ev”, but you ARE butthurt.

      • word

        hahahahahahahaha *dead!

      • Ms Aayisha Cutes


  • Jan

    i can see women having babies with their actual boyfriend or husband , but with somebody else’s spouse or significant other… you don’t even respect yourself enough to find your own husband or man

    • Yvette

      She clearly has no respect for herself and nobody else. It is about the all mighty dollar for her. She is saying that her and Carl Crawford have been dating for almost a year. If that statement is true, that means she started dating him before the ink was dry on her divorce decree from Chad and the woman that just had a baby by Carl 5 or 6 months ago had just gotten pregnant. I am not surprised by any of this because when Tami approached her several seasons ago about sleeping with her then husband, Evelyn had no type of remorse or anything. She justified the whorish behavior by saying “Nobody knew Kenny was married”. At the height of Kenny Anderson’s career his life was an open book. Evelyn didn’t care then and she certainly doesn’t care now. It’s funny (and not in a laughing way) how she was so upset and heart broken that Chad cheated on her, but she exibits the exact same behavior by screwing other folks’ men. I just can’t with this chick.

  • Laine

    SMH…didn’t this woman claim that she wanted to become closer to God? Yeah, right. She has done almost everything in her life the wrong way, but just watch the media moguls “reward” her with her own show. Can we please have some positivity on tv? Thank you !

  • valerie8stx

    Or…here’s a crazy thought…could it be ANOTHER Carl Crawford?! :-O

    • Lulu

      With the same Amy freeman as his oldest child?

      • Justine

        I went to highschool with the woman that is pictured on bossip who is also in her late 30’s. Are they sure they have the right woman (in the picture)? If so…WOW!

        • Justine

          Well, its all true. Lord have mercy on those children. They will be well taken care of hopefully but they are in a awkward situation because of their parent’s recklessness. I hope their mother’s and their father let them have a chance to form healthy relationships with each other.

    • Yvette

      Umm no because if it was she would have cleared up any confusion.

  • Kylie

    No matter how you look you at it, the entire situation is trifling. The facts just speak for themselves. She is too old for this.

    • IllyPhilly

      You damn sure right on point.