Evelyn Lozada Bailed On “BBW” Reunion Because Of Pregnancy And NOT Wanting To Talk About Chad

December 10, 2013  |  

Evelyn Lozada sat down for an interview with OMG! Insider to talk about her pregnancy, and her future plans after Basketball Wives. In the interview, she finally sets the record straight about why she refused to participate in the Basketball Wives reunion, if she really does want to do the whole spin-off show thing, and why she says she doesn’t want to talk about Chad Johnson anymore. Probably because she spent this whole last season chatting about him, crying about him and stressing about him non-stop. Here’s the tea according to Miss E:

Why She Bailed On The BBW Reunion:

“When the show was ending, I told my publicist and just talking to my family, ‘I don’t want to do the reunion, I don’t want to talk about my relationship anymore.’ We’re both trying to move on, including my family, and myself…

I decided not to do the reunion and then right after that is when I found out I was pregnant. So I’m like, ‘Oh my God.’ I didn’t want to unveil the bump on the reunion. It’s just a little messy and probably a little tacky so I just decided I’m not going to do anything I’m just going to stand still and enjoy this pregnancy.”

How She Deals With Chad Johnson Tweeting About Her Often:

“Well, I try not to listen to anything, obviously things pop up on your timeline on Twitter. I’m active in social networking, but thank God for the block button!”

What Her Future Is With Basketball Wives:

“I don’t even know if there’s going to be another season. I know that I signed on to do five seasons and I did five seasons. It’s one of those things, the show ended a few months ago, so we’ll see what happens. Me personally, I just really want to focus on the rest of my pregnancy and the baby, which I’m really excited about.”

If She Wants To Do A Spin-off Show After All Her Years Of Reality TV Drama:

“I would. You know what? Reality TV, even though there’s a lot of negativity, it’s been more positive for me. I was able to do a lot of things because of the show. I’m not one of those people who bashes it when it’s done. I feel like, thank God for Shaunie. I always tell her, I sometimes call her and I’m like, ‘I blame you for my life being so crazy.’ But at the same time, you have to learn how to make the most of it. I was able to put my daughter through college because of it, so I’ve been very blessed because of it.”

Lozada seems more confident but also more mature in this interview than in the past. Check out the full sit-down below and share your thoughts.


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  • Really?

    So was the reunion show before she found out that she is pregnant?

    • hollyw

      No, but she had decided to skip the reunion before she got pregnant. She was gone skip it bc she didn’t want to talk about Chad, but coming up on its scheduled time, she also found out she was pregnant and I guess started showing soon after, which only solidified her decision.

  • Andrea

    I know she said she did not want to talk about Chad, but is that why she did not specify if he or someone else is the baby’s father? I guess a lot of people would consider it “tacky” if she is already pregnant by someone else.

    • Yvette

      She’s pregnant by Carl Crawford of the LA Dodgers. So yes, it is tacky as all get out!

  • shoesandshrimp

    Wasn’t she just trying to have babies with Chad just last year? I just can’t take this chick serious.

  • Twany

    Tacky??? Tacky??? (in my AI practice voice) This chic already been tacky LOL!!!

  • Yvette

    Evelyn certainly doesn’t waste any time does she? She married Chad on July 4th 2012. They were divorced by Thanksgiving 2012. She is now 6 or 7 months pregnant by another dude and we are not fully done with 2013 yet and she expects for folks to believe that she was still stuck on Chad with all that darn crying and carrying on she did week after week on BBW. Evelyn had already moved on and was screwing Carl Crawford before, during and after the taping of that show. She claimed to be living out of a suitcase while in LA and staying with her daughter when it appears she was really laying up with Carl Crawford having unprotected sex and securing a place on his payroll because she knew those BBW checks were about to stop and that so-called clothing line of hers may not generate the kind of income that will allow her to keep up ther red bottom shoe game. I swear Evelyn has had more athletes inside her than Madison Square Garden! She is now officially the mascot for the NBA,NFL and MLB. If things don’t work out with this dude, she will have to reinvent herself and start over with the NBA because in golf there is just Tiger and she is too dark for him and as far as I know there are no black major league hockey players. She is setting one hell of an example for her eldest daughter.

    • cb

      damn, so true…these comments speak the truth

    • shoesandshrimp

      Child, that was truly a “read”!!!

    • heyheynow

      she could do the NHL next lol

      • Yvette

        No she can’t. Only because to my knowledge there are no black hockey players in the NHL lol

    • therealnumber1

      Daaaaaang you went in!!!!

      • Yvette

        I just had to call a thing a thing! This chick has been constantly talking about how she’s changed blah, blah, blah when she had already moved on and was crying over Chad all at the same time. Now she expects folks to believe that she is in love with this guy. How? when the tears she cried for Chad just dried up a few minutes ago. I know Evelyn has made a few coins, but her love is of his money, status and over the top trips and shopping excursions. She ain’t fooling nobody but herself. Iyanla hasn’t fixed anything in girls life!

  • hollyw

    …so the baby “bump” was tacky, huh. Not the fact that there’s going to be a baby, and the circumstances of how it got here lol…ijs.

    I ain’t judging, I just think Evelyn says silliest things in her interviews. Like you found out you were pregnant, but last interview, it was “planned”. You regretted and were shamed by your behavior last yr, but now you don’t b/c it put your daughter through school. On Iyanla, you just want to heal and move on frm Chad, but still spent an entire season talking about him. You know what, I’d be tired, too, by then!

    • Really?

      Wish I could give you 1M likes!!

  • BabyBlue

    My thoughts?…it’s hard to speak about her while she’s pregnant. Babies make me giddy so, my prayers are that the child is healthy and doesn’t end up like her mother. Her situation reminds me of a young 21 year old woman who thought was in love but, didn’t realize she wasn’t until after the baby was born. I don’t understand why it’s taking her so long to get it together. Financially she’s “set for life” I’m speaking from a moral standpoint. I’m not sure people have those anymore. Whatever show she does I won’t watch.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    Evelyn still trying to stay relevant get ur hustle on girl i ain’t mad at cha

  • 9Boots

    “So I’m like, ‘Oh my God.’ I didn’t want to unveil the bump on the reunion. It’s just a little messy and probably a little tacky so I just decided I’m not going to do anything I’m just going to stand still and enjoy this pregnancy.”

    You know what is more tacky then revealing your baby bump at the reunion Evelyn? Getting knocked up by a man that just had a bay by another woman five months ago. A man that already has at least two children out of wedlock and now your child is the third. Furthermore, we all know there ain’t no chance in hell that you and your baby daddy are going to get married.

    • cb


    • Really?

      18 years, 18 years
      She got one of yo kids got you for 18 years

      18 years, 18 years
      And on her 18th birthday he found out it wasn’t his

      Now I aint sayin you a gold digger you got needs

      Applies to Evelyn & Kim