SNL Spoofs “Best Man Holiday,” “Black Nativity” And “A Madea Christmas” With “White Christmas” Skit

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 SNL White Christmas skit

This past weekend, Saturday Night Live did a spoof of black holiday films that have (or will) come out this year, including Best Man HolidayBlack Nativity and A Madea Christmas. In the spoof, black and white characters switch places, with some of the white SNL comedians cast as the hard-on-their-luck, pea-snapping women and gun-toting grandmas that some would say are often seen in black films, specifically the holiday movies (and Tyler Perry productions). Actor Paul Rudd (of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues) hosted the show, and he even put on a dress, a fake butt, some big glasses and a wig to play Madea– “hellur” and everything. Rudd also joined some of the male SNL cast members to put on sequined suit jackets to have their own choreographed dance scene. You know, just like the one in Best Man Holiday to “Can You Stand The Rain,” but this time, to “You Got It (Right Stuff)” by New Kids on The Block. There’s even an all-white gospel choir getting their Black Nativity on. As it was presented, White Christmas is “the first black holiday movie for a white audience.”

Of course, such a skit doesn’t always go over 100% well with everyone, and a mixed response has definitely come from the clip. Black America Web was less than impressed with it, while ScreenCrush thought the clip was “pretty much perfect.” But what do you think? Check out the skit for yourself and let us know if you found the skit funny or wiggidy wiggidy wack.

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  • Carmen

    Didn’t crack a smile.

  • musicluv_er

    I saw no harm in this… I thought it was pretty funny…. We want to get all up in arms about this… but I can’t tell you how many times in my social media feeds I see someone liking young black kids fighting or twerking…. But not much is said about that… Black people get all sensitive when the joke is made by other races… smh!!

  • Monique John

    MadTV was def funnier but I still enjoyed this. #facebookstatus

  • oneluv78

    okay when did stereotypical ignorance become funny? People laugh at stuff like this when its not about them,

  • Shirley7865

    “Essence calls it the Macklemore of movies” lol at the irony of using Essence to say that comment on this skit!

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    The Mackelmore of movies was the ONLY thing i found funny about this… Eversince SNL has been called out on their lack of black people, more so black women; they been doing too much and trying too hard to play it up. Just stop. I’ve watched SNL for years but i stopped watching once Kristen Wiig left. It was the women(Well Maya Rudolph, who is 1/2 black) made it funny for me & Andy Samberg.

  • Laverne

    I’m not understanding why white people believe just because a movie has all white people in it, they can’t watch it. Really – black people have been watching movies with all white people in it for years. Can some black people get together and PLEASE make a video to answer this one, please??????? A few black movies come out at the same time and one gets GREAT reviews and all of a sudden, it’s an “issue”.

  • Someone

    SNL isn’t always funny, but this skit was humorous…

  • Ava

    It was funny! I laughed. I can see how its offensive. But if we don’t learn to laugh some of this stuff off we will be holding marches and rallies forever. A bigger question is why don’t we have bigger movie ideas than a gun toting grandmas. Why aren’t we creating the ‘Avatars” and the “Fantastic Four” and the “Batmans”? Time to think a little higher as far as I’m concerned.

    • Lee

      I get the sense that SNL was making some social commentary… maybe? I wouldn’t be surprised if Jay Pharoah and Keenan Thompson had something to do with it. Anyway, you are spot on We do need bigger, more transcendent movie ideas, not more cross-dressing comedians and abused black women. Why can’t we make big Sci-Fi, Action, Fantasy movies? I mean, we spend our hard earned dollars to see white heroes in Thor, Man of Steel, etc. And yet, strangely, I think some of us have a hard time imagining ourselves as the heroes in those kind of movies.

  • Just My Opinion

    Look bottom line is it wasn’t funny! I see where they were going and what they were trying to do but I personally didn’t find it funny. It has nothing to do with race, it just wasn’t funny, period. The only part where I laughed was when Paul Rudd was introduced and Jay Pharoh’s face appeared. SNL just doesn’t have “It” anymore.

    - Just my opinion.

  • kyle anderson

    Anyone mad at this needs to get a life and stop looking for a reason to be mad. Its comedy. Could have been funnier. If you want to be mad, be mad at Tyler Perry and his trash movies.

  • coolyfett

    Am I supposed to be mad? or is the black people supposed to be mad? If its just jokes cool.

  • abdus

    That was pretty good. It’s good to laugh at one’s self.

  • Starr King

    I didn’t see where it was funny, lol

  • ItsKK

    I found it to be slightly funny. “slightly” because they could have done better. I was not offended, because black people pick at white people all the time and vice versa. i find it funnier that people in general find it ok to make fun of others but when the tables are turned they are offended.

  • Suchalady

    The truly sad part is that this is exactly how Tyler Perry’s movies look…and this is a parody. I find offense with them, in any way, relating that Madea garbage to Best Man Holiday though.

  • shelly

    It was okay, but it could have been funnier. Paul Rudd was the only funny part.

  • provokethought

    It was funny. We need to take a look at ourselves and laugh if warranted. Tyler Perry is the real clown….SNL has nothing to do with that.

  • Emma Greenfield

    I neve like SNL, but this clip did have a point cant we have anything without whites running up and copying us. They dont want to be around us half the time but then runs to try to be like us!

  • Lala

    i was actually watching this episode of SNL and i was enjoying myself, but as soon as this bit came on my mood soured. I didn’t appreciate it at all! I know it was supposed to be funny but it came off as mockery and I dont think black media should be mocked. I mean yeah Madea movies kind of deserve it, but I felt some type of way when they included the best man holiday which is a legitimately good movie that has been overlooked by white audiences, but included in this parody because of it’s all black cast.

    • JustSayin

      Really?? Why is it that only black folk are allowed to poke fun at blacks? Ease up – it’s a parody – it’s meant to mock!! As for Best Man Holiday, at the viewing I attended, there were actually more white people than black and the theater was sold out! Tyler Perry also has a pretty significant non-black fan base.

      • Lee

        No media – black, white, or whatever – should be off limits to mockery. However, I have to agree with Lala’s point about including The Best Man Holiday in this skit. Madea movies are… oh, I’m trying to think of a more sophisticated word than “garbage”. So they are asking for it. However, The Best Man Holiday, to my knowledge, was not a bunch of buffoonery; a lot of whites liked it (not that only white people can approve what is good or acceptable). That being the case, I have to ask why The Best Man Holiday or any other movie with a predominantly black cast, has to be immediately classified as a “black movie” (SNL). If the cast of The Best Man Holiday was predominantly white most people would just call it “a good movie”. Madea movies, however, are full of almost every category of black stereotype you can think of; and consist of almost the same plot lines in every movie. .

        • JustSayin

          I don’t disagree with you at all regarding Best Man Holiday – it was a simply a very good movie, period. However, I see no problem with SNL poking fun at it – they’ve done it before with predominantly white casted/Oscar nominated films. Point is, SNL shouldn’t be taken that seriously.

    • coolyfett

      So black media is off limits? That sounds fair.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    I lol’d

  • Thaalia

    I think it was trying to be satire especially over that whole USA today debacle happened but SNL lacks witty writers and witty comedians so it, like 95% of its material fell flat. SNL needs to go off the air bring back MADTV.

  • wveronica7

    I appreciate the idea but it just wasn’t funny in my opinion.

    • Sasseynsweet

      Yeah, I could see where they were trying to go, but the GPS lost it’s signal.

    • hollyw

      Agreed. I tried to laugh. Really, I did. But in the end, aside from that “guy with a chain over his turtleneck” spot, nothing else what was funny.

      • enlightenment

        Yeah I laughed at the “guy with a chain over his turtleneck” thing too haha! But that’s about it.

  • HoneyDipp

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only person in the world who doesn’t think SNL is funny. I never quite got the humor…. Meanwhile, that Madea Christmas movie looks like the worst piece of trash in the history of film. I usually try to support black theater, but I’m never spending my coins on that BS.

    • Ava

      I feel you on that. We do need better movies with actual plots. smh

  • newdnewd

    I never thought Saturday night live was funny I always thought MadTV was better but this just seems like two year old kids in their feelings about black movies selling.

    • Dani

      Yasssssss I loved some MadTV!!!

    • SexNdaCity

      Yes!!! MadTV was so much funnier.

    • NeaJ

      I thought I was the only one! MadTV got cancelled but this lame show is still on the air 30 years later?!

      • newdnewd


      • truth

        Snl is a Jewish owned show and network….that show will never be cancelled….Madtv was way funnier they had an all multicultural show with different races making fun of themselves….snl has never been shy about how they feel about black people

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