Did The Kanye West Nelson Mandela Satirical Article Take It Too Far?

December 9, 2013 ‐ By

kanye and nelson mandela

On Friday, a satirical online publication, The Daily Currant, wrote that Kanye West likened himself to Nelson Mandela. The publication borrowed phrases from Kanye’s vernacular and things they think he probably would say to create a series of quotes of the rapper comparing himself to Nelson Mandela. Taking into consideration Kanye’s braggadocious comments as of late, it doesn’t seem like it would be that far of a stretch. But it was. It was all a ploy to get people to click on their story. And it worked. The story spread like wildfire with people expressing outrage at “Kanye’s disrespect.”

I didn’t think he would address this one but then again, when people are sullying his name, Kanye is quick to step in. This time he kept it clean and just refuted the false, satirical claims and instead showed respect for Mandela and his legacy.




Props to Kanye for this one. He knows what’s up. But a question for you all, we all understand satire. It makes a lot of things fair game. But we are all aware that Nelson’s Mandela’s name is “trending” so to speak right now. We also know that this comment certainly wouldn’t garnered any attention had Mandela not transitioned recently. Does anyone else find it a bit cheap and sleazy that this outlet used Mandela’s death to get a few clicks or is it all fair game?

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  • Marie Bano

    Kanye was taught to have pride, self respect and self love as a black man. What has happened to him, why has he become such a fool. It is a shame to see him stoop so low and become everything his mother hated. I do hope he can get his pride back.

  • Just saying!!

    His publicist wrote that right? I’m so sorry to be skeptical, but I just can’t picture him saying that…


    SERIOUSLY! KW needs to be boycotted PERIOD!

  • Pseudonym

    It’s a satirical site! It’s not their fault (1)the exaggeration was spot-on and (2) people can’t read the bolder text that says the article is satire.

    Satire is hilarious bc it points out just how ridiculous things and people can be. If anything, Kanyr should take this as an insight into how horrible he had acted lately that people readily believe this rather than having the usual “no way that happened” response to satirical, Onion-like articles.

  • J J

    Its surprising that people are still believing article on site that tells you that publish fake news and articles

    • guest

      People were so quick to believe it because he has been talking out of his butt this whole year. His relationship is like what Rosa Parks had to do and he’s putting his life on the line like a soldier, and Kim is just as important and so as the first lady, and that’s just a few. West has made so many asinine statements that yeah people believed this one. 2014 Mr. West please, please just be quiet. I beg you.

  • jjac401

    I’m just about sick of Kanye! He is so over the top at times until it’s sickining.

    • juicyco


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