‘It’s Insulting And Quite Nervy:’ Black Girls Rock! Founder Addresses #WhiteGirlsRock

December 9, 2013  |  

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Last month we told you that #whitegirlsrock became a trending topic on Twitter during the airing of the annual Black Girls Rock! awards show. The shocking trend of racial commentary included comments like, If there were a #whitegirlsrock special on TV, it would be declared #racist. #politicallyincorrect #hypocrisy,” and “That #blackgirlsrock show is so racist. Where is the #whitegirlsrock show? Oh right, NAACP would be all over that.” Just plain ole’ foolery at its finest. Black Girls Rock founder, Beverly Bond, recently addresses the insulting hashtag in a blog post for The Root and well, she pretty much echoes how we’ve been feeling about this craziness all along.

“When I heard about the “#whitegirlsrock” hashtag that trended on Twitter, my immediate reaction was, ‘Well, duh! Of course white girls rock. Are they unaware?’ White women’s beauty, talent, diversity and worldly contributions are affirmed everywhere: on billboards, on television, in magazines and in textbooks,” Beverly began.

Though she admits that she had no real issue with #whitegirlsrock becoming a trending topic, what bothered her was the insulting commentary that came along with it.

“As a humanist, I believe that we all rock. My issue is that the commentary that followed the “#whitegirlsrock” hashtag was not even about affirming dynamic white women. Instead, it was about critiquing or even punishing black women for having the nerve, the audacity and the unmitigated gall to love and affirm ourselves!” she wrote.

Beverly adds that platforms such as Black Girls Rock! forces people to realize that things like white privilege do exist, which of course, causes “anxiety” and results in hurtful social media wars such as #whitegirlsrock.

“I also think the anxiety that people have about Black Girls Rock!-ing reveals the blind spots associated with white privilege, including the inability to acknowledge that the privilege actually exists, a lack of accountability for prejudices and an overwhelming deficit in cultural competency. So whoever is offended by Black Girls Rock!-ing and whoever thinks that black empowerment threatens their own power should confront their own racism.”


“It’s insulting and quite nervy for a social media mob to attack a platform that affirms positive images of black women and girls in an attempt to belittle a movement that uplifts and celebrates our lives and legacies—yet to also remain silent about the plethora of damaging media messages directed toward black women and to blatantly ignore the social issues that black people endure.”

Read Beverly’s full blog post at The Root.  Thoughts?

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  • Janae

    Instead, it was about critiquing or even punishing black women for having the nerve, the audacity and the unmitigated gall to love and affirm ourselves!” she wrote.
    As long as we are down while they are up everything is fine.

  • Pamela Gabrielle Akir

    Its something… when we express love for ourselves how it creates fear and hate in black men and white women. It seems they like us better when we hate ourselves… hmmmmm…. I think there should be a #BLACK GIRLS ROCK Concert everyday!!!

  • lockstress

    Thank you Beverly for ARTICULATING your point and sentiment so eloquently…hence why BLACK GIRLS ROCK!

  • Clinton Mireles

    She missed the point its not about white ppl feeling less powerful, its about the fact that if white ppl made a award show called “white people rock”, there wissueould be a big issue about the show not including other race and promoting the white sisterhood, not for the common good. and dont act like it won’t happen I am a quater black and have lived in a very intergreated city my whole life and I have seen prejudice and racism from all races, black and white.. all people are equal, you want to make a difference? Try doing something that former people havnt done before..and making a award show singling out one type of race is not changing society, all your doing is repeating our stupid, ignorant past. CHANGE IS THE FUTURE!!

    • Shanon Ma’at-Hotep Williams

      I think you ought to re-read the commentary, and then rethink your comment. It seems you have missed the point by a long shot….

    • Rissie75

      I think you should re read the what was written…you might’ve missed the point.

    • kay

      u so missed the point. read it again

  • Gregory Levi

    Well im sure it won’t be long till we see Latina Girls Rock, Asian Girls Rock etc. Time to jump on the bandwagon

  • chocolate

    Ok bottom line is when you love yourself ,invluding your race and color of your skin. You also will love the black WOman . If not you will do otherwise. Raise black children to love themselves. And to embrace their black skin and kinky hair,then this crap wont happen.

  • Sharifa Levy

    Amen !!

  • truth

    The worst part about it was it was mostly young black boys and white girls tweeting those hurtful pictures and hash tags about black women….you black mother’s need to talk with the boys you are raising….find out more about who you are taking care of who you are paying bills and financing education for because I don’t know where this mess is coming from….and the other races are doing this to us because the black man step protecting us they are letting other races know that it’s ok to treat us this way….this is why I’m proud to be haitian….african American minded men were taught to be this way….Caribbean men and african men are different they are more loyal to us and I have never heard men from my country talk bad about haitian or black women the way black American men do….if you want to marry a black man ladies marry one who doesn’t have the American mind set….the ones that do tend to hate themselves and their mothers

    • SisterTruth

      Well, I’m also from the Caribbean. I married an African American man who loved his mother. (She’s deceased.) He loves me and loves himself. You’ve made some huge unfair generalizations based on the idiotic tweets of a few teenage boys. My husband is both humble and loyal to me. I’d marry him all over again. Yeah, he’s special, but I’m sure I’m not alone in having a good African American husband.

      • Laura

        It’s her opinion and she’s not far from the truth. Every time you turn around, there’s a black guy with a white girl slamming black women. Not all black men do it, but a huge amount due. I doubt she was speaking directly to you and your husband

        • Fair and Balanced

          You are very correct in your assessment, although not all Black men look down on Black women there are a great number that do as you noted. I would just rather them marry and date whomever they choose and stop insulting and degrading Black women. As Black women so many of us yearn for the strong faithful Black man, while he is out there he is very hard to find but he is there and he is looking for the same in the Black woman. As Black women we need to be open to dating and marrying a man that knows how to treat us with respect, love and dignity one that will cherish, honor and be there for us. He may not be Black but if he is going to treat you like a lady and be there for you regardless of what the two of you may go through that is a real man. I have seen many women go through a bunch of mess with their men regardless of color but it seems that many Black men take pride in being cruel to the Black woman. I could not see myself being treated like that and held out for the one man who would be there for me and remain faithful he is of course what many Black men dislike seeing a Black woman with and what many Black women who have been beaten down don’t feel they could get but the reality is we can and we deserve to be treated with respect and dignity my guy is Blond hair, blue eyes and everything I could ever want, and I would not have it any other way.

        • kay

          out of 100% of black men, in southern California, I’d say about 85% to 90% of them treat black women like they are scum. sorry but it’s true….

      • truth

        I’m sorry it did come off as a generalization of all black American men…and I know that isn’t true conscious black men from America don’t behave like the men I was talking about they are more socially aware….good luck to you and your family

        • SisterTruth

          Thank you. There are always a few bad apples in any bunch. If I wanted to, there’s a lot I could say about some Caribbean and African men. However, my father is a Caribbean man and is an excellent husband and father. For me, it wasn’t at all about where a man comes from. When I was dating, I would really talk to and get to know a man. I would find out about his family life and his relationships with his family members and friends. I would ask about his plans for the future.

          You definitely don’t want to date or marry a man who hates his mother or hates and disrespects women in general. You meet good men and bad men in all walks of life. For the most part, I dated some very good brothers. I never heard any of them talk badly about Black women. My husband and I also have friends who are African American men, and again, I have never heard them speak badly about Black women.

          • I prefer to win

            A few bad apples in a bunch?? You never heard them speak badly about Black women??? Oh, please. They don’t have to, the media they produce and consume does it for them. The majority of Black women are truly delusional and stay losing- it saddens me. Wake up, please and soon. Black men use their male privilege to abuse Black women because they have become too weak to attack the real enemy- white supremacy. That’s why they show up for the lynchings- they want in on the privilege party. And yes, I am generalizing because generally this is the case. Stop being delusional and telling stories of some phantom Black man caring for Black women. Just because you have a Black man in your life does not mean you are receiving the treatment in which you deserve. And yes, there maybe 5% of the population of Black men not affected by white supremacy and it’s evil cousin colorism. Black men who love black women- where are they when Black women are degraded and abused by whites and Blacks? I’ll wait…Black women march without shoes for Black men. They never show up for Black women. That’s a fact. If that were not the case, the Black community would not be in the shape it is in. Walk down the street, turn on the TV, listen to a song or two. Hello-can you smell the misogynoir(Black misogyny)? Perhaps Black women have been treated badly for so long, they will accept anything. Who cares about white people’s mental disorder, white supremacy. But to allow Black men to participate is unacceptable- it’s a slow, painful death. ALL SKIN FOLK AIN’T KIN FOLK. The continual delusion of Black women is simply a mental disorder passing down the generations. Stop accepting mistreatment and allowing abuse for the sake of ‘Black Unity’. It’s a farce. Geez. Unity requires participation from all parties.

            • kay

              you just said a mouth full and I for one respect your comment because I see this DAILY… I really mean DAILY. I see black men treating other races of women like queens and than turn around and treat a black women, the other mother of his child like crap. giving her and his kid little to almost nothing cause he is married to a white women and now has kids with her… I see this daily. so yes black women wake up… black men do not respect us and at this rate, they won’t ever

            • Janae

              Black women march without shoes for Black men. They never show up for Black women. That’s a fact. If that were not the case, the Black community would not be in the shape it is in.
              For a lot of black women as long as they have a black man all is well with the black community. That is the reason why the black community is in the shape that it is in. Well my black man blah, blah, blah

      • kay

        u must not live in southern cali

    • Cynthia K Spivey

      You are just as bad as the individuals tweeting hurtful statements and pictures. My mother raised three amazing God fearing, African American men. Likewise, my African American husband and I are striving to do the same with our boys. Your generalizations are sad. Your pride should not be attained from low assumptions of another culture, it should come from contributions and love you have for your people. Change your heading from “truth” to “confused.” Have a blessed day.

      • truth

        You clearly didn’t read what I wrote beneath the girl that wrote after me….and I’m glad you have a great mom who did that but don’t sit and ignore like some of these fools aren’t out of control….black women are being attacked left and right in the media I have yet to hear or see a black man stand up and say leave the sisters alone…

        • kay

          u won’t hear a black man stand up and protect a black women, did you hear what Kanye West said about black women, mind you his mother is black? did you hear what lil wanye had to say about black women, I’m still waiting for the answer? my point is this, our young black youth listen to this crap, they look up to these fools… so therefore, NOPE no black man will ever stand up for black women, period. for some reason it seems like black men hate black women

          • Janae

            And you wont. As long as a black woman has a black husband, all is well with the black community. Black men don’t have their backs but they don’t realize it. My father was a wonderful man. He took care of our family. My brothers, cousins and nephews are my favorite people in the world. But I am not naïve about how the men are in our community. It is a lost cause so save your words with black women.

    • Janae

      Caribbean men and african men are different they are more loyal to us and I have never heard men from my country talk bad about haitian or black women the way black American men do
      That is not necessarily true. They are not at bad as American men but non-American black men are not as loyal to black women as you think.

      • truthteller

        i appreciate you input but i grew up around Haitians and alot of west Indian people i never heard or seen the west Indian men insult us the way black American men do…i know about the cheating which isnt right either but as for openly bashing us to other races never seen or heard it before this is an African American issue…im most likely going to end up with a man from my country any other Caribbean island or African….i would rather marry a white man then marry a black American man

  • Baddvixentype

    kinda thought she was Nia long for a min Lol #Beautiful

  • sha

    She hit the nail on the head with a freagin sledghammer!!