“Let’s Ask Wendy About Her Relationship”: Kandi And Fantasia Say Wendy Williams Needs To Mind Her Own Biz

December 9, 2013  |  



It’s nothing new to hear of Wendy Williams being in hot water with celebrities, but it’s rare that entertainers publicly address the notorious gossip queen. Such is not the case with Kandi Burruss and Fantasia.

Last night, while appearing on “Watch What Happens: Live” with Andy Cohen, Kandi and Fantasia plainly stated Wendy needs to mind her own business. If you’ve been keeping tabs on Real Housewives Of Atlanta (RHOA), you know Burruss’ mother, Mama Joyce, does not approve of her relationship with producer Todd Tucker and, of course, Wendy has thrown in her two cents on the matter. Kandi told Andy Cohen her comments have only made her situation worse, saying:

“Every week Wendy was coming on, you know, saying negative things about my relationship with Todd and then my mom would come [saying], ‘You know Wendy said … even Wendy said …’ Every week. I was like, I don’t care what Wendy said. Let’s ask Wendy about her relationship.”

To back her up, Fantasia jumped in and said:

“Seriously, at the end of the day, I feel like everybody has something that they went through and they have a past. Nobody’s asking her about hers. It’s not her business.”

Though both women were passionate about their angst against Williams, they ended their thoughts on good notes, saying they love Wendy but she needs to lay off on her negative commentary. Fantasia even added when Wendy speaks about you: “It’s good promotions.”

Check out Kandi and Fantasia’s take on Wendy Williams in the “Watch What Happens: Live” clip below. What do you think?

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  • lockstress

    Uhm…when you can tell momma Joyce to mind her bizness…then and only then can you address Wendy. Wendy comments on what ya’ll serve and uhm…ya’ll been serviing ni**ery on a bed of jackazzary as an all you can eat buffet and I’m full! Moving on.
    Keep your trife life out the public and handle your scandals accordingly in the privacy of your own homes. Bizness all out in the skreet wondering why folks talking…..#getabackbone&useacondomnextime!

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    chile bye! ya’ll blaming Wendy? Fanny i can’t with u…Kandi ur being real simple right now with ur crazy boozy mama disrespecting ur man & making u and her look like azzclowns.

  • Twany

    Fantasia is a straight sucka!!! She should have said all that when Wendy put her on full blast when she called in to the show right before she had her baby….and Kandi??? She just plain corny to me.

  • Kala

    side note….Momma Joyce needs some Iyanla Vanzant in her life. too much displaced anger. hope they can get some helpful family counseling.

  • Caydence James

    Regardless to how ratchet Fantasia is or how questionable Kandi’s judgment happens to be, Wendy really needs to pay attention to the dog that’s in her own yard before worrying about who else has their dogs on a leash! Wasn’t it just a few years ago that picture of her husband surfaced with him between the legs of either some woman or some transexual man (and no it was NOT Wendy-lol!)? Not to mention that Wendy slips every once in a while when she’s on her show and talks about how she’s going to “her room” and to “her bed” as if her husband Kevin has nothing to do with either. So before she keeps beating a dead horse about Kandi’s “relationship” she needs to make sure that her relationship is intact….and Wendy? Arranged marriages and marriages of convenience don’t count boo-boo!!!

  • NH2009

    I’m not much of a Wendy Williams fan because she can love you now and give you all the props in the world and then knock you down the next second, but you got to admit Wendy can be very messy at times. I have nothing against being real and telling it like it is, that’s the upside about Wendy, but her downside is that she can be very messy with her realness. For instance, does she even know Todd like talking bout to even judge his intentions with Kandi? Though I don’t believe it was Wendy that caused the animosity with Mama Joyce and Todd, I believe that just added fuel to the fire. From what I can see, Mama Joyce’s beef with Todd is deeper than Wendy’s comments.

  • Chisa Uka

    Can someone please tell Kandi that “sim-u-lerr” is not a word. Ugh, I can’t stand it when she talks!

    • Felisha Crooks-Sweet

      Yes, I cringe when she talks. Her inability to express her self kills me. She talks through her teeth looking like #keebler elf#

  • word

    sorry but that is Wendy’s job. If you don’t like public criticism,don’t lead a public life….I heard KFC is hiring.

  • Inez Frazier

    Wendy is very messy and mama Joyce needs to sit down and let Kandi been happy.

  • Tina Andrews

    Todd is a better person than I am. I would be out of there. Mama Joyce is something serious. From what I understand, she’s like that with every man Kandi has had. She needs to sit down somewhere and let Kandi and Todd be happy.

  • Rosemary Davis

    Please enough about Wendy Williams she’s not doing anymore than TMZ, Radaronline,US Magazine and other gossip websites the only diffrence is Wendy tell it like it is she don’t sugar-coat it and further more if Kandi and Fantasia didn’t put their business in the streets by the way they live their lives so publicly than Wendy would not be talking so leave the Queen of daytime talk alone

    • kip

      How are the putting their business in the streets. Would you know half of the things you now without Wendy and her commentary? No.

      • Rosemary Davis

        Fantasia put her own life on public display for the world to see and talk about when she inserted herself into her baby’s father marriage and continued bringing negative attention to herself by fratnizing in the public with a married man so everything about these women and what goes on their lives does not have to come from the mouth of Wendy Williams

        • kip

          But it is none of our business. You only have a right to talk about and criticize her music. She didn’t go out of her way to put it out there. People went looking for it. Let’s all go snooping through your closet and see what you’ve been up to.

          • Rosemary Davis

            Last I heard this is a free country (freedom of speech) in case you didn’t know therefore I can talk about what ever I want to talk about wheather you agree or not and by the way you might be surprise as to what you might find in my closets but rest assured it’s all good now go see what’s in yours Lol!!!!

          • 9Boots

            “You only have a right to talk about and criticize her music”
            That is not true. Fantasia claims to be a Christian, last time I checked, committing adultery is not a Christian value.

            • Yvette

              Last time I checked, being a Christian doesn’t mean being exempt from making mistakes and displaying bad behavior. The woman made a mistake and her losing her career was the price she almost paid. Let her move forward in her life! How would you feel if someone kept stepping on your neck with every bad decision an mistake you made?

              • Tawanda Harris

                Girl you better say that again!!!

              • 9Boots

                By all means a Christian can sin and REPENT. Fantasia has never admitted that commiting adultery goes against the Christian lifestyle, instead all she did way say “don’t judge me”, and then had the audacity to say the world is going crazy and people have lost their morals. SMH.

                • jay

                  She doesnt have to confess to u or the world for that matter…It’s between her and God. The only thing I remember Jesus saying about adultery is “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone” to a woman caught in the very act. Jesus did not ask her to admit it, although the crowd made sure he knew… So _ <- this seat is for u…

                  • 9Boots

                    When you are in a PUBLIC ministry and are being an example to others. You have to take ownership and encourage others to not follow in your foot steps. There is such a thing called abusing your position and abusing God’s grace.

          • Melanie Jones

            Putting your life onto a reality show, is putting your business in the street, and leads to people getting and talking about all of your business. If you.don’t like folks in your business, get off reality TV. You can’t pick and choose what you want people to discuss dealing with reality shows.

          • Melanie Jones

            Fantasia also had a reality show, and her relationships where played out in public. So, people didn’t have to dig in anyone’s closet, she pretty mush opened it in regards to reality TV. Like

  • Britt

    I think there may be a little bit of truth to what Kandi is saying about Wendy Williams possibly influencing her mom to not like Todd because all Mama Joyce is doing is telling Kandi what other people are saying about Todd and most likely these people aren’t in Kandi or Todd’s inner circle. It’s basically a bunch of “he say, she say.” Mama Joyce doesn’t have any concrete proof of Todd or Carmon being bad people. It just sucks when not even your family can be happy for you.

    • Yvette

      I don’t buy it. Kandi is using Wendy as a scape goat so that she won’t have to confront the issue of her mom’s behavior. Momma Joyce was already on one before Wendy’s messy behind started running her mouth. Kandi is gonna look up one day and Todd is going to be gone. Momma Joyce will be smiling happy and Kand will be miserable and bitter!

  • Cali

    Wendy didnt make your mama act a fool now Kandi! Stop blaming the issue on Wendy, and stand up for your relationship. Tbh i think Kandi should leave Todd if she cant be bothered to fight for the relationship

    • Chas

      Thats very true. There is no reason to have him sitting around struggling not to go off the way Mama Joyce deserves it if Kandi isn’t going to step up for their relationship. Like I said before I feel like Todd is warning Kandi on the low about their relationship being in danger over this. Camron said it best, Mama Joyce wont be happy until no one is around Kandi but her.

      • smh

        I think if they were not on TV he would have cussed Joyce out by now … Most guys I know are indeed gentlemen but one can only take so much insane disrespect – even from somebody old enough to be your mother. She is way outta line and Kandi is setting a bad pattern by not checking her.

        • Chas

          She is and its sad because you can set boundaries without being disrespectful. Kandi is gonna find herself alone if she doesn’t check this now, the pattern has already been set. I’m just waiting for Todd to go off on Mama Joyce and Kandi. And I would be cheering for him all the way. I like Kandi I just don’t like seeing her become a little girl when her mom bullies her (which is exactly what this is)

          • folamix

            At first I liked Kandi because I thought she was real. But the longer I watched the show, I felt she came off as a shyt-stirrer to me, someone who liked to stir up drama then sit on the fence and watch what she stirred up, and I started liking her less. Now watching this whole mess with Todd and Mama Joyce, this fence sitting is backfiring on her. She is so used to playing that fence sitting role, that she does not know how to handle the situation,

        • folamix

          Kandi is showing Todd that she will not stand up to her mother. But, in my book, Kandi is a fence-sitter at best anyway.

    • folamix

      Seriously, if she wants to tolerate her Mama’s behavior, fine. But don’t expect everyone else to tolerate it. They can choose to walk away from it. If that involves walking away from you, then so be it.

    • nolimit_soldier

      I would love to hear Wendy respond to this herself though lol. I’m still waiting for her “Aunt Viv” response too. I agree with your statement as well.