Why Is K. Michelle Mad?! 10 Thoughts About The 2013 Grammy Nominations

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This past weekend, this year’s Grammy nominations were announced and as always there were some surprises, some injustices and some people, who perhaps, got too much love. And as always there were scorned artists taking to Twitter to express their outrage. Here are 10 of our thoughts regarding some of 2013 Grammy nominations.

Source: WENN

Source: WENN

How did TGT get on the list?

No shade but we are honestly surprised. Not because these men can’t sing..individually but collectively TGT has been struggling quite a bit since they’ve reemerged as the R&B supergroup. Ginuwine was my girlhood crush so believe me it hurts me to say that. But with embarrassing live performances , Ginuwine’s drunken tweets, Tyrese passing out in the club and an album that many of described as sub-par, it’s surprising that they made the cut. I’m happy for them though…just shocked.

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  • divashalo

    it’s kinda funny that k michelle expected a grammy nod. that’s the kind of presumptuousness i expected from kanye. tbh the one lady who was snubbed was emeli sande! now she can outsing and outclass K michelle anyday LOL

  • j

    I’m trying to figure out how Snoop Lion is nominated but not Morgan Heritage. The grammys is a joke.

  • Baindu Siryon

    K did NOT shake the table that was Karlie

  • Linda M McCuff

    Both ladies are great for R&B. That particular genre really had to come up. K Michelle and Tamar did that. This year Tamar next year KMichelle. Don’t be angry keep it moving upward. I love them both.

  • d3sir3z

    i listened to the tgt album more than i listend to anyone else on the list..tbh…i feel in love with tgt as soon as i heard the album…..i only like love and war by tamar…..and of course my secret bffff’s rihanna’s album but that goes w/o sayin…everyone else…i didnt really hear their songs like that…

  • Mama Pope’s Chewed Wrists

    J. Cole was MAJORLY snubbed. The Grammys are mad wrong for that but it’s all about politics. Also, don’t be surprised when Macklemore takes the awards Kendrick Lamar should get.

  • a

    Did Robert Glapser get nominated?

  • Ineedanaccount

    Is it me or did anybody else think the “all is WELL with my SOUL” Tamar tweet look like a jab at the Rebellious Soul (K Michelle)?

  • minkpink

    I can’t figure out how Tamar beat out Chrisette Michelle????????????????????????????????

    • a

      The only reason Tamar is getting all this play is because who her sister is and who her husband is. Chrisette is way better singer and had a better album. So did Janelle and Emeli.

    • Chrisette Fan

      I know right. Chrisette is my girl. A Couple of Forevers is my sh#t.

      • minkpink

        C hrisette is gifted, tamar not so much. Tamar can battle with k Michelle sure buff but she can’t touch chrisette! Her husband brought that for her definitely a gift she didn’t deserve.

  • Emma Greenfield

    Raheem DeVaughn, Gary Clark Jr, Janelle Monae, Emeli Sande, K.Michelle, John Legend and Laura Mvula got no love! The Grammys can go to hell!

  • lol

    I don’t feel it for her. Her behavior makes it hard to want anything good for her.

  • Leah Robinson

    Can’t believe J. Cole didn’t get a grammy nod, he really is the underdog smh. But without me is my jam!! Glad to see Fantasia is on the right track again.

  • Verna SwaggaEnhancer Gordon

    Why clown Macklemore? The Heist was production and lyrical genius. Aside from the songs mentioned in the article, there were other poignant songs. I need for folks to wake up. It’s amazing for Mack & Ryan Lewis to go independent and get this much acclaim.

    • Crystal

      I dont keep up with singers like I use to, but I still dont know who this Macklemore is??

      • Chey

        You should check him out…he’s nice.

    • Gabie Aldrich

      ITA!! It was a damn good album.. It’s Just because he dresses Like Captain Kangaroo is why folks are bad mouthing him.

  • kickash

    Macklemore’s overrated.

    • Dee

      I somewhat agree. I think he’s talented BUT if he weren’t white (yea I said it) he wouldn’t have gotten this far AT ALL

    • nolimit_soldier

      I’s was aw ways scared to admit that.

  • Dani

    I agree with the Janelle Monae, Emeli Sande, and even through Bruno Mars is a nominee, Im going to be shocked if he win anything. I feel like sometimes he get looked over. I’m probably the only person who wasn’t feeling that J.Cole album. It was only 3 songs I liked on there. I’m not feeling ASAP Rocky either. Tamar…… Congratulations. K.Michelle probably wasn’t nominated because like Ciara’s body party, VSOP is a sample also.. If I’m not mistaken.

  • Tonyoardee

    The real snubs this year were Janelle Monae, Emeli Sande, ASAP Rocky

    • Shawndrea Rachelle

      Yaaaaassss!! I was waiting on someone to say Emeli Sande! That actually really pisses me off

    • Toya

      I didn’t even notice Emeli Sande wasn’t here… My Kind of Love is fiya! Heck, her whole album is the business.

  • Tonyoardee

    You are crazy if you dont admit that TGT album was pure greatness!!

    • truth

      Thank You that Tgt album is the bomb best men album today

      • Tiffani Keaton

        Joe’s DoubleBack: Evolution of R&B was a MUCH better joint..that TGT had two good songs and some other filler. No continuous play like the Joe cd!!!

    • a

      I was thinking the same thing. Who wrote this article? They should definitely win this was the best R&B album hands down.

  • M.R.K

    I was very surprised that Wale was not nominated. Between Kendrick, J. Cole, and Wale had one of the best hip hop albums to come out this year.

    • KJ23

      I’M SAYING! “The Gifted” was amazing!

  • Crystal

    Janelle Monae got screwed royally for ZERO nomination.

    • Sharese

      THANK YOU!!!! She should have gotten at least 2 nominations!

    • DaisyDuke

      THIS!!! I was so disappointed not to see her name in the nominations! “The Electric Lady” is one of the best albums of the year.

    • chaka1

      Naw. Jay Z needs the publicity.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    & this is why the grammy’s have slowly but surely lost their relevancy and reputation

    • chaka1

      It’s blatantly clear that record companies can buy grammys now. Rhianna is proof of that.

  • AY D

    I dare someone to say Tamar garnered her nominations solely on “critical acclaim” and not the work of her industry-connected,teddy graham husband.

    • funkynights

      I dare someone to find a better ballad than Love & War this year

      • Dani

        Delay ft Marsha Ambrosius “Alone Together” Chrisette Michelle “A Couple of Forevers”
        John Legend “All of You”. That’s a few I can think of off the top of my head that I liked better than Love and War

      • Dani

        Delay ft Marsha Ambrosius “Alone Together” Chrisette Michelle “A Couple of Forevers” John Legend “All of You”

        • heyheynow

          A couple of forevers was a sample that’s why it was nominated just like Ciara and body party and all of you is a good song but I don’t think it appeals to everyone like Love and War did

          • Try again

            Kanye West mess has been sampled and it was nominated. Ciara wasn’t nominated because it wasn’t grammy material point blank

            • AY D

              Nahhh. The new R&B guidelines for the Grammys prevent sampling, hence “My Boo” and Body Party’s ultimate rejection. Rap,Pop and Record of the year don’t restrict nominations based on samples so of course Kanye can get nominated as well as Blurred Lines. If Katy Perry’s Roar or hell even Rihanna Stay is considered “grammy material” than so is Body Party.

      • Jenie

        Chrisette Michelle , couple of for evers !!!!!! Still in rotation…. Tamar shyt has been shelved !

        • funkynights

          come on y’all lets keep it real….whens the last time a Chrisette Michele record had a major impact on the radio or the charts??? #acoupleofforevers. If y’all want to dispute anyones nominations it should be the artists that none of yall have heard/support. Love and War was one of the biggest R&B records of the year, and ya cant deny it…#sorry

          • funkynights

            plus chrisette got nominated for best r&b album

          • Chrisette Fan

            I have to disagree. I didn’t like that Love and War song. I think Tamar has a nice voice but I wasn’t feeling that song what so ever. It just didn’t appeal to me. I like her other two singles though. All The Way Home and The One was pretty good but Love and War wasn’t all of that to me.

            Now Chrisette on the other hand, that’s my girl. I love her voice and that Couple of Forevers song was so touching to me.

            • funkynights

              ya i wasnt talking about having an impact on her FANS..i was talking about the RADIO, and CHARTS. Im not denying her talent. If anything im talking about her so called “fans” that dont buy her music.

    • chanela


    • Dee

      Everyone know the saying “It’s not what you know, it’s Who you know”. She happens to be well connected AND have great vocals. She would have made it to the grammy’s eventually

    • nolimit_soldier

      I died at “Teddy Graham”.

  • Guest

    I’m upset that Tamar got nominated and not K Michelle. Ugh. Hope she doesn’t win any of hers!

    • Baddvixentype

      Ooooh you salty. Tamar deserves that 100xs more then K. Michelle. K cant write a song to save her life that why her album did the way it did. Tamar wins!
      oh and she will get a grammy! I can promise you that!

      • loyal

        what do you mean that’s why her album did the way it did K’s album did good she had the number 1 and number 2 album and the album received positive reviews from the critics

      • Jen

        Neither one deserves a grammy….. Tamar has a basic album ….. and Kmichelle mess is basic too….. neither grammy material….. Now Chrisette Michelle is a different story.

  • Poe Inspires

    I’m surprised dogface got nominated for Love & War. It was mediocre R&B

    • NotN2NegativeIgnorance

      Whoa…….you sound really immature. Dogface? is that really necessary to get your point across?

      • Poe Inspires

        Oh, hi Tamar!

        • Baddvixentype

          ignorant. nothing better to do I see…carry on nobody @poeinspires:disqus

          • Poe Inspires

            will do! thanks a lot!

    • Just saying!!

      What could possibly make you so miserable that you have to talk like that about someone you do not know and hasn’t done a thing to you?

      • I’m Just saying!

        and why are you taking up for someone you do not know …….

    • Dee

      LMAO why does she have to be all that? I’m a fan of powerful vocals and despite her annoying personality, shorty can sing. Love and War (the song) gave me chills. I just hope she finds better direction. But to each their own lol

    • nolimit_soldier

      Lol sh.t she do got a dog face. She brought it on her self hating self. Tamar can sing but fawk her. I agree with you homie.

      • Poe Inspires

        lmfaoooo right

    • meaca

      Tamar is the lady

    • divashalo

      oh you know that’s really funny coming from you mr poe!

  • Just saying!!

    I don’t know much of K. Michelle’s music but I can assure you it isn’t her ghetto behavior that kept her from the Grammys because otherwise Kanye doesn’t belong on there. The Grammys (and the entertainment industry in general) is all politics. They recycle the same 5 people over and over again and try to get you excited. The most talented people I’ve seen/heard from today are NOT famous or winning Grammys. And that’s damn sad. It’s just one big popularity contest, with a select few chosen every once and a while to become a part of the cool crowd smdh