“LHHNY” Star Nya Lee Opens Up About Having Dangerous Butt Injections, And You Should Listen

December 9, 2013  |  

Nya Lee, supporting cast member of Love & Hip Hop NY, opened up recently about getting butt injections and why she doesn’t encourage others to do the same.

In a recent interview with VladTV, the New York-based stripper and aspiring Hip-Hop artist admitted to paying $1,200 for a non-FDA approved series of “a** shots” in hopes of creating a rounder derriere. The procedure, she said, was performed four years ago in her girlfriend’s house and by an unlicensed “technician” who said she was using a medical-grade “bio-gel,” but Lee admitted to not being able to verify the authenticity of that claim. Despite being happy with the outcome, Lee acknowledges that she put herself in danger and said she still wouldn’t advise other young women to seek out butt injections, which are illegal and have at times proven to be deadly.

According to Lee:

It’s done in motels… I mean I did it in my lady’s house and there plenty of girls, there’s girls that email me now asking me and because that’s something I went through and I put myself there, I can’t put nobody through that or refer them to somebody and something happens to them. I don’t even respond… or even influence it.” 

Listen, the ladies of reality television get lots of flack for being all sorts of negative things, but I can appreciate Lee’s candor in speaking her truth. Hey, not every black girl has a big butt. But when you ask around, it seems that a big behind is the epitome of beauty for black women. Don’t have one? Well, you better figure something out.

Don’t believe me? Just check out the many songs that are odes to the backside of a woman:

Miss Fat Booty. Rump Shaker. Da Butt. Baby Got Back. Big Ole Butt.

“I know I told ya I’d be true but Tina got a big ole’ butt, so I’m leaving you…”

Whoop! Whoop! Pull over that a** is too fat.

Booty, booty, booty, booty, rocking everywhere!

“I don’t think you ready for this jelly…my body’s too Bootylicious for you…”

Too Much Booty In The Pants. Dunkie Butt. “Bonita Applebum, I said you gotta put me on.” Fatty Girl.

A**, A**, A**…Stop! Now make that motherf**ker hammer time!”

One thing is for sure, it ain’t her pretty brown eyes anymore.

I’m careful to not just attribute this to men as there is a considerable buy-in amongst women as well. And I am also careful not to just write the big black a**-phenomenon off as just patriarchy rearing its ugly, systematically gender-subjugating privilege over our heads – although that does play a part in all of it. In theory, I also get the overindulgence in “appreciation” of the big brown booty. People of color, but more specifically, black people, have been subjected to the European standard of beauty, which usually is absent of more African features, including darker skin, flatter, wider noses and a curvaceous butt. And in the interest of self-determination, we get to define and redefine “what is beauty” (and “what is s*xy” for that matter) in our own self-image. However, reading the great lengths – and widths – that women, many of whom are black, have gone in order to meet this new standard of beauty, including risking prison, amputation, death and a lifetime of deformity, makes me wonder if we have just traded one oppression for another?

Just like the European standards, the black standard of beauty is real. And Lee’s story is a reminder that there are black women who find themselves excluded from both. And through that exclusion, specifically of what is considered black and beautiful, comes all sorts of opportunities for shame, guilt and doing all sorts of illegal and dangerous stuff to fit in. I think it’s important as black women that we tell our young girls – and their big sisters, mothers, aunties and the menfolk too – that there is nothing wrong with loving your body, even down to a specific body part. Hell, we all have our favorites. But we also should teach that our true beauty and worth shouldn’t be compartmentalized down to just one single ass-et.

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  • iff

    I got to say this ugly truth but primitive guys like big butts. That’s it.. they are more related to the monkey they originate from.

  • Da Truth

    For this to a blog oriented towards Black women, you would think the writer would know better to capitalize the b in Black.

    Black people, believe it or not, deserve that capital letter; I’m tired of reading articles where every other race and ethnicity gets a caps and Black does not (I know my English and writing, and I’m also aware of the difference b/w race vs. an ethnicity- my argument is that Blacks from all over the diaspora are a people, and deserve the same damn capital letter respect that Caucasians / Europeans, Asians, Native Americans, and Latinos enjoy).

    Do better, MN!!

    • Da Truth

      “For this to *be* a blog..”- I type fast when I get fired up about something, lol

  • Superfox Mackin

    She is the first woman to speak out about this, that’s real to me.

  • Pamela Jones-Meadows

    I think it’s a sad day when women, especially Sista’s use injections to enhance body parts! Like what you have dammit!

  • Keland

    Y’all think having a big butt is a ‘blessing’? Do people even bother to know what the words they use even mean anymore?

    • Devon C

      I know, tell it! That was a ignorant statement! A blessing though? I am not a fan if women with big booties. In my opinion it’s unattractive! I’ve dated a few women with larger booties and it’s all cellulite with potholes all I’m it! I’m perfectly fine with average butts! It honestly isn’t going to be a factor if it’s flat or big because that’s not what defines a women! Real men prefer a woman who is genuine good hearted person, which most important comes from the inside!

  • Keland

    It’s possible your spine could be a little out of whack.

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  • Kam

    Naturally blessed with a big butt, however I been over it. Working to knock some of it down cause shopping for this butt combined with being a tall woman who doesn’t want to dress like Maude makes shopping a chore.

    • ni

      cosign lol I’m tall with the big but complex. I wouldn’t want to give it up but I hate when certain people can get away with certain clothing like leggings without a longer bulky shirt covering your behind and I have to make sure my big butt doesn’t offend anyone or make me look to promiscuous. When you’re tall its like a big butt draws extra attention because people will look at it even if its by accident lol

      • MLS2698

        There is no such thing as looking at a big butt by accident! I’m a straight woman, and big butts can mesmerize the world. Sometimes we are just wondering if they are real, or if it runs in the family, and how a person’s waist is so tiny, but their booty is so out there. I mean, let’s face it, you have never heard anyone say, ” Look at that tiny booty!” With that being said, ALL women, booty or not, should be thought of as beautiful.

      • coolyfett

        Now i wish I was midget walking behind you. Better not fart!

    • Devon C

      Blessed with a big butt? So others who don’t have a big butt are not blessed? That sounds ignorant! That’s no blessing!

  • Can this chick cook?Do she clean? She seems like such a catch.

  • word

    sex has always been the epitome, since the beginning of time but it was wrapped in the tenderness of love and “brown eyes”…but now it is so directly objectifying and aggressive….very sad.

    • Guest

      Not so fast..
      Modern romance has ‘love’ as an intrinsic precursor to marriage .
      Arranged marriages were historically the norm, and still is,
      in some parts of the world.
      what’s love got to with it?

  • Antonia

    As the article states “there is considerable buy-in amongst women as well”. I totally agree. I am an African American/West Indian/Afro Latina female, both my parent’s are mixed but each of these groups are usually known for having big butts and I don’t fit in at all. I am always told that I am “shaped like a white girl” because I have more boobs than butt. I have been out and have had other heterosexual women try to ridicule me because they have a booty and I don’t.First of all why are you looking? One girl even admitted that she used to be jealous of me because I have a very pretty face but when she realized I didn’t have a booty she felt less intimidated…(she didn’t say it in those exact words but I am still scratching my head at that one til this day). Needless to say I ended that friendship right after that comment because I realized she only wanted to go places with me because she felt that by me having a flat butt there would be no competition because my “pretty face” would draw the attention of guys but once they realized that SHE was the one with the booty it would be all about her. The funny thing is, she is still club hopping and twerking around town looking for a man and I am now married to a wonderful guy. So booty doesn’t mean anything cuz a woman’s booty can’t cook your meals or massage your back after a hard days work, real men know this.

    • Drew

      “So booty doesn’t mean anything…” <—- WRONG. WRONG. WRONG.

      You don't know me from Adam, so to speak, but you have to trust me when I state that booty absolutely and unequivocally means A LOT. You're giving yourself a completely false sense of confidence if you believe otherwise.

      • Antonia

        Maybe it means something to you! But you are not all men you are just one needle in the haystack and while there may be more “needles” like yourself, your comment does not cover all men. There are men who like breasts, men who like legs, men who like flat stomachs, there are men who like fat women, there are men who like skinny women, etc. You can’t speak for all men. And a false sense of confidence? So because I don’t have a big donkey booty, I should not be confident and love myself? The foolish, superficial people like you are the exact reason why some women are risking their lives to get these butt injections. What I am saying here is, she has all the booty but is still complaining that she can’t find anyone that wants to be with her. I am guessing because she is encountering people like you. With that being said my brother, if a man only cares about my butt then he is not the man for me anyway and I would still feel that way even if my butt was big. Good day and good riddance.

        • Drew

          Wait — you used a blanket statement to argue that booty doesn’t matter, but are now upset because I refuted it by using another blanket statement? That’s called hypocrisy, Antonia. And it’s something you should avoid if you hope to be taken seriously as a human being.

          My message regarding a false sense of confidence didn’t state anything about you not having confidence in or loving yourself. Don’t reach; it shows where you are from a mental perspective.

          I’m no more superficial than a woman who demands that a man maintain a physically fit physique, or have nice teeth.

          The only responsible party for women risking their lives to get butt injections are the women who CHOOSE to do so. Don’t try to shift onus here; it’s pathetic.

        • Drew

          Are you stupid? Do you REALLY think that because “more people, men and women” agree with you that you’re right? Many people agreed with the folks who said Blacks should be slaves. Hell, if the view of the majority was still in place regarding women, YOU — and likely the majority of chicks who agree with you — wouldn’t even be able to learn the alphabet, let alone express an opinion!

          You’re silly. A woman’s physique DOES matter. I promise that each and EVERY woman who’s read this article knows exactly where they stand with respect to their shape — specifically their behind. That’s been true before I was born, is true now while I live, and will continue to be true after I’m dead. Don’t even attempt to pin the s**t on me.

          You’re a professional loser with a flat azz. Good riddance to you! LMAO!!!

          • Antonia

            A woman’s physique may matter to you but once again you can’t speak for ALL men. If a woman’s physique matters, then explain the men who like skinny women, or small breasted women or the men who like women who are 300 plus pounds and so forth? It is all about preference, which is what I have been saying from the beginning. Your preference doesn’t mean you should ridicule someone because they don’t fit your standard. You are entitled to your opinion but you were very rude about it all because I don’t fit your preference. You are just one of the many that jumped on the bandwagon of what you were told makes a woman beautiful. A woman’s behind is not what makes her beautiful. I’m the loser but you have been spewing insults from the beginning. I am not pinning anything on you, except what YOU said. I may have a “flat azz” as you call it but I love myself and have someone that loves me regardless of my “flat azz”, which goes to show you that it does NOT ALWAYS matter. It may matter to some but not all, that was all I was saying. The majority agreeing with me shows that it does not always matter, even though there are people like you who feel that the booty is the be all and end all of a woman. And no I am not stupid but the more I speak to you my brain hurts. There were men who like booty just as much as you do that agreed as well as women that have a booty that agreed with me. If I had a big butt and encountered someone like you I would run the other way because if a man is only concerned with my butt then he isn’t worth it.

            • Drew

              There’s absolutely no way you graduated from any respectable institute of higher learning. This is getting ridiculous.

              You wrote the following:

              “If a woman’s physique matters, then explain the men who like skinny women, or small breasted women or the men who like women who are 300 plus pounds and so forth?”

              Here’s the definition of physique:

              phy·sique [fi-zeek]


              physical or bodily structure, appearance, or development

              I wrote the following:

              “A woman’s physique DOES matter.”

              Conclusion 1: being skinny, having small breasts, weighing 300 pounds, etc. ALL CONSTITUTE A PHYSIQUE.

              Conclusion 2: you’re absolutely and unequivocally unintelligent.

              • Antonia

                I’m unintelligent but you are still missing the point. God bless you brother. Good night, on to other articles.

                • Drew

                  Antonia, you don’t have a valid point! That’s your problem. Go back and read the things I’ve posted. Understanding where you’ve erred will help you moving forward — I promise.

                  I never stated what my preference was.

                  I never stated to whom a booty mattered (it could be men, women, and/or both).

                  I never stated that having a big booty mattered.

                  I never stated that a booty — or a big booty — was the only thing that mattered.

                  In various ways, you based your entire posts on things that were never stated. That’s why I’ve dubbed you unintelligent. I’ll admit that I could be wrong, but you’ve made some very huge blunders in terms of grasping basic concepts. Anyway, best of luck moving forward.

                  • Antonia

                    You talk about me moving forward but obviously you haven’t. Good night.

      • Leah Robinson

        You sound silly. While having a big butt may mean something, it is not everything! There are more to black women than just their behinds! We have our lips, eyes, smile, thighs and our beautiful hair!

        • Drew

          Dear, Leah:

          While I can appreciate your note detailing the additional attributes (other than their behinds) that black women possess, I never specified that I was referring to only black women … because (you will wait for it…) I … um … WASN’T referring to only black women. I suppose that’s about all there is to state about that. I’d typically place a derisive retort here to aptly address which one of us truly sounds silly — all assumptions and epic blunders considered — but I suppose that’s not really necessary at this juncture. Have a pleasant evening.



          • MLS2698

            Seriously, I think you bring your-ass here just to practice writing…

            • Drew


      • Chey

        Aw man! Come on Drew…Now why you wanna go an’ say that love, huh?

        • Drew

          I wasn’t trying to be mean; just honest.

        • hiswomanandlovingit

          lol…i noticed that q-tip reference!

      • Misses

        U’re an idiot. It only matters to black Americans. The rest of the civilized world values women for other things

        • Drew

          You wrote “u’re” and have the nerve to call me an idiot? Dumbass.

          Furthermore, I guess the white women in Hollywood who are married to powerful, Jewish men are getting butt injections for Tyrone and Jerome in Compton, then. You’re stupid.

      • MLS2698

        That’ like a woman saying the length of a man’s phallus means A LOT! Well, this could be true…..but you know what I mean?! What can a booty do on it’s own? Well, besides providing cushion for sitting? This false sense of confidence must be equal to a woman telling a short-phallased <————- ( is this a word?) man that everything is fine, huh?

        • Drew

          I suppose.

    • Nigel

      Your so right. I am a black male from west Indian parents. I have always and still do like women with big butts but my ex wife of 15 years and my current lady don’t have big butts. A woman is more than just body parts. I know a lot of women like muscular guys but I’m 155 lbs soaking wet at 5ft 10 so looks is not everything. I can see why women in entertainment business are drawn to dangerous measures just like how some bodybuilders and athletes use steroids. I suppose it all boils down to confidence. I’ve been called skinny all my life and at 45 I still feel like i’m as big and strong as Rambo.

      • Antonia

        There is nothing wrong with liking a woman with a big butt, everyone has their preference, but when you go on to ridicule others because they don’t fit your preference, that is just wrong, but it is nice to see that you kind of mixed it up a little, nothing wrong with that at all. You are also right about guys taking steroids because they want to be muscular, in my opinion I think extra muscular guys look gross and lumpy, but like I said everyone has their preference but it is still not right to try to make others feel bad

      • MLeeny

        Good points Nigel.

    • Honeybee12

      tell um girl!

    • coolyfett

      Well damn!

    • lala

      people saying that big butts matter be forgetting that white girls be on demand now esp. by black men. and no need to be racist but they aint exactly blessed n the derriere area

    • bonniewill

      I laughed at the twerking around town looking for a man. I’m just picturing in my mind a woman twerking down a street. I’d rather have a beautiful face than a big butt.

  • LiL

    You’re lower back hurts not because of your butt, rather because you have a weak core.
    Try a daily ab workout

  • Kristen

    Geez..it’s not that serious!

  • Tonyoardee

    Ladies please stop with the butt injections.. your life is worth more than a few thousand Instagram likes

    • Karen


    • FeelsGood

      And thanks really all it’s about…getting some (the wrong) damn attention! I feel so sorry for the future generation. Look at the ish they are exposed to! Smh

  • folamix

    I was wondering why all the black women on reality TV seemed to have big old round butts. I think some have gone overboard with it though

  • Cynthia

    What happened to good ol squats?!

    • IllyPhilly


    • Drew

      Unfortunately, they require one to put forth some effort, Cynthia.

    • That takes to much time.Gotta get those losers to throw their money at them right now.

  • Guest

    I feel like I lost IQ points reading that quote…*sigh*

  • Coco black

    What an idiot!!…..sorry but you have to be a complete fool and desperate for fame to risk your life over this nonsense! If you’re going to do this nonsense at least do it properly! Licensed medical practice or save up for butt implants like Miss KK.

    I’m happy with my round pert butt!!…..most black folk are blessed anyway.

    • brooklynarcher

      Your reply is ignorant. This very article addressed the deeply ingrained black beauty standard of having a big butt and even addressed that some black women do not have a big butt and you go and say “most black people are blessed..” so if they don’t have a big butt they’re not? You just perpetuated this unfortunate standard with your statement and in the same breath wrote them off as idiots. No i believe you are the real idiot and part of whats the main problem.

    • Pamela Jones-Meadows

      Amen, I am one of them and proud of my bountiful behind!

  • coolyfett

    Man, them butt shots is a serious game, but a lot women want them. I like a big round booty as much as the next man, but its more to people than their booty.

    • MLS2698

      All I have to say is this: Olive Oyle had two dudes constantly fighting over her…..Popeye & Brutus…straight knock-out, beat-downs…ALL FOR THAT SLIM-SLIM.

      • hidaya

        LOL, true!

      • a

        I agree. I have been Olive all my life and I have never wanted a big booty. I have dated many men who say they like big booty girls but they always end up falling out over me. I have even had guys who are in relationships with big booty women always approaching me wishing they weren’t in a relationship. I think sex appeal goes a long way.

        • MLS2698

          Yeah, I think if ” Whimpy ” wasn’t so hung-up over hamburgers, he would holla at olive, too.

      • coolyfett

        Popeye, Bluto and Olive Oil were all WHITE.

        • MLS2698

          They are also fictional…..your point?

          • coolyfett

            point is the blog is about black women and booty. YOU brought up cartoon characters…..YOU did lol.

            • MLS2698

              Man, it was meant to be laughable. You missed the point…duh.

              • 4xtra

                yall sillay as hell

      • Vanessa Henry