Momma Joyce Jumps Up To Beat Kandi’s Friend Down And More Drama From Real Housewives Of Atlanta Episode 6

December 9, 2013  |  
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The shoes are coming off–literally. This episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta got ridiculously ugly when Momma Joyce tried to go head-to-head (and shoe-to-head) with Kandi’s friend Carmon. And if that wasn’t enough, Cynthia and actor Leon talk about sex (their daughter Noelle having it), Kenya tears up about her mom, and Apollo gives the most interesting apology to Phaedra that we’ve seen on TV in a while. Let’s talk about all the drama that went on with RHOA last night…

Carmon and Kandi Talk Mama Joyce’s Foolery

In the first few minutes of the show, we meet up with Kandi and her girlfriend Carmon. You know, the friend that Momma Joyce keeps saying is messing with Todd on the low low. Kandi informs her friend that she’s finally ready to start planning her wedding and wants to shop for wedding dresses, even without the approval or blessing of her mother. Carmon encourages the decision, letting her know that Joyce’s issues aren’t really with Todd or her, but the fact that Joyce can’t let go: “She’s not going to be happy until you have nobody around you but her.” Todd comes in later and seconds the decision, but reminds her that she needs to stand up to her mother: “It’s always going to be something. You have to stand up…She’s disrespecting your future husband.”

Apollo (Kind Of) Apologizes To Phaedra

So Phaedra passes her mortuary exam! But before she can really celebrate, she has to deal with her issues with Apollo. He sits her down and tries to explain his behavior with the whole textual relationship with Kenya, but still seemed to be in denial. Phaedra had to remind Apollo that if the roles had been switched, she would have no reason to contact one of his ex-male friends. In the end, the best Apollo could give Phaedra was that “MAYBE we shouldn’t have been texting, but I didn’t feel the texts were inappropriate.” But he does follow up to say that knowing the texts hurt her, he was indeed wrong for it.

After we Tweeted Apollo and told him to just admit he made a big mistake and apologize, he responded with, “@apollonida03: @MadameNoire@PhaedraParks I’m trying to do better” We’ll have to wait and see if he actually does better though…

NeNe Meets Up With Friends Chuck And Mynique Smith To Be Messy

NeNe hasn’t really been the center of attention this season, and so it’s time to pull out the messy card, ya’ll! She goes with Gregg to the home of their friends Chuck and Mynique (yes, MYNIQUE) to drink and catch up with one another. And what does “catching up” consist of? Well, it consists of NeNe asking Chuck, in front of his wife, if he had sex with Kandi Burruss, and if Phaedra really was the “head doctor” of Athens, Ga. since Chuck went to school with her. He says that he “hung out” with Kandi (whatever that means) but says, à la Bill Clinton,  “I never had sexual intercourse with Phaedra Parks.” But that doesn’t mean other things didn’t happen…Am I the only one who thought this conversation was extremely disrespectful to his wife, who was sitting right there listening to them gossip about his past love life?

During Cardio Cabaret, We Learn That Porsha Has Been Hospitalized

While the ladies all met up at Kandi’s crib for “Cardio Cabaret” (yes, this is a real thing…), they find out that Porsha fell out at her mom’s home and had to be hospitalized. After calling Porsha’s sister, putting her on speakerphone and finding out that Porsha’s still breathing, NeNe quickly moves on to another topic and informs the ladies that she wants them all to take a group trip to Savannah, Ga. Why? “I’m trying to find a way for all of us to bond,” also known as, “I’m looking to sit back and watch the drama unfold!”

Leon Learns About Noelle’s Boyfriend

Guess who came out of hiding looking like a tall glass of water!? Leon Robinson! The actor, who is the father of Cynthia’s daughter Noelle, went for a walk with his child (and her dog) to talk about the fact that she’s got a man. Actually, make that a boy. He says that he wants to meet Arthur, and goes on to speak with Cynthia about what their 13-year-old daughter having a boyfriend means. The two eventually have an interesting/awkward conversation about who should talk to Noelle about sex, and Leon thinks it’s him, while Cynthia says Noelle has already asked HER what the first time she had sex was like, and she told Noelle the truth (it wasn’t all that).

Porsha Talks Being Too Stressed And Dehydrated

Despite being the hospitalized cast mate, Porsha received very little time on the show this episode (and last episode really). But we caught up with her picking up medicine with her sister at CVS, still dressed in full diva mode. She shares that she fainted (in a fabulous pose she claims) because of stress and dehydration. She does one of those blood pressure tests in the store and finds out that her diastolic number is higher than she would like and she might have hypertension. She ends up calling NeNe to let her know her condition, and NeNe informs her that she needs to pack her bags because she’s going to…Savannah! Yeah, even with the build-up it’s not all that exciting of an announcement.

Kenya On Her “African Sweetheart,” Motherhood, And Her Own Mom

Who knew Kenya had such drama in her personal life (outside of her dating life that is)?

She met up with her aunt for lunch and the two talked about everything from men, to motherhood, and Kenya’s own mom, who she has nonexistent relationship with. Kenya talks more about this mysterious African man she’s dating (“My African sweetheart is kind and generous and I’m crazy about him”) and says that after her relationship with Walter, she’s decided to take things slow and not pressure him to do anything. But she does want to have a baby. And soon. We find out that she’s torn on what to do: if she should wait on marriage to have a child or try to focus on motherhood before it’s too late. Kenya has aspirations to be a good mother, or at least better than her own mom, who Kenya says gave her up to her grandmother and to this day, “she’s tried to pretend like I was never born.” All this brought her to tears (some serious ones, and for once, we felt for her).

The Dress Shopping Debacle

For some reason, Kandi invited friends Carmon and Kwame, as well as Momma Joyce and her aunts to her first bridal dress fitting. As Carmon catches Kwame up on Joyce’s level of crazy, said crazy woman walks into the shop and all hell quickly breaks loose. While talking about a wedding dress for Kandi, Joyce says, “She ain’t gonna wear it nowhere,” implying that the wedding isn’t going to happen. Of course, this was foul, and Carmon called Joyce out for the comment. Before we knew it, Joyce jumped up and was ready to throw down with Carmon, while her sister got in Carmon’s face and told her to shut her mouth.

Now Kandi’s Whole Family Doesn’t Want Her To Marry Todd

Kandi eventually came out to quell the drama, but not before Momma Joyce could pull of her shoe (a mule it seems) and try to throw it at Carmon after the friend said that Kandi’s mom was acting like “a fool.” Carmon is sent away to another room while Kandi is ready to call it quits on the fitting as a whole, but one of her aunts encourages her to try on another dress. When she comes out in it, none of the women (aka, the gang) like it, and the aunts tell her they don’t think she should get married at all. Joyce strikes again…

But before all hope is lost, Kandi goes to check on Carmon, who explains why she had to set Joyce straight. She inevitably tells Kandi the truth, which is that until she stands up to her mom, Joyce is going to run Kandi’s life: “…make a choice that you’re not going to put up with this…I just feel so sorry for you. She’s going to be running your life forever.” Do you think Mama Joyce will control Kandi’s love life for the long run?


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