Momma Joyce Jumps Up To Beat Kandi’s Friend Down And More Drama From Real Housewives Of Atlanta Episode 6

December 9, 2013 ‐ By

Momma Joyce and sisters

The shoes are coming off–literally. This episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta got ridiculously ugly when Momma Joyce tried to go head-to-head (and shoe-to-head) with Kandi’s friend Carmon. And if that wasn’t enough, Cynthia and actor Leon talk about sex (their daughter Noelle having it), Kenya tears up about her mom, and Apollo gives the most interesting apology to Phaedra that we’ve seen on TV in a while. Let’s talk about all the drama that went on with RHOA last night…

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  • Treacle234

    Is that the best photo y’all could have find of Kenya. Damn, she looks like she has a hard life in that photo.

  • tikkit30

    What really disgust me about Mama Joyce is that she always saying that a man should have millions in order to be with her daughter, but what happens if the guy doesn’t have those millions but loves your daughter and granddaughter and cares about them and is willing to do what ever it takes to provide for his family. It just seems that she doesn’t even think that her daughter is special enough for a man to just love her and want to be with her, and not just be with her for her money. This is so sad and Mama Joyce is dead wrong!

  • Christina K

    Kandi croaks when she speaks. It is the most grating noise ever. HATE her voice. Now, with that out of my system- Todd, if you ever read this, come on by. I promise you won’t be accosted by ghetto mothers and hood aunties who don’t know their place. Plus I don’t sound like a man. Now I have a few inches on you but it’s cool, everyone’s the same height in the bed. Peace. 🙂

    • bc

      Haha that’s funny

  • cryssi

    I feel no sympathy for Kandi or Kenya, which is weird since I’m usually a very empathetic person….Kandi’s mom appears to have been doing this forever, and pretending your mom isn’t crazy clearly hasn’t been working.

    And am I the only one who remembers this was Kenya’s exact same sob story last season? Also, I believe Mr. African prince is imaginary.

  • MsLadyE

    OMG!!! I am SOOOOOOOOOO DONE with Mama Joyce. She needs to get a life and stay out of Kandi’s business. Kandi needs to get a backbone and tell Mama Joyce to stop disrespecting Todd. Because if Kandi doesn’t step up and defend Todd, he’s going to leave. And Kandi will end up a lonely, frustrated, bitter, man-hating witch like her mom and aunts. NeNe shouldn’t have mentioned ANYTHING about Chuck’s past in front of his wife. Kenya goes on and on about her “African sweetheart” and how she feels about him, but how does HE feel about HER?? I bet he’s not that into her. I really hope Kenya gets help for her issues about her mom. Apollo didn’t really apologize to Phaedra. I’m not saying he should have crawled on the floor begging, but he should have said something like “Baby, I was wrong about texting Kenya, and I’m sorry for hurting you”. I still like Cynthia and Porsha, but they’re getting boring.

  • Marina Calis

    After last night I was done with Kandi…she is too silly and immature to get married.Todd or no other man is going to put up with mama Joyce and her drunk/drug acting behind.She straight clowned last night and Kandi did nothing more than giggle,which was silly.It was the mother not Carmen but Kandi of course took her mama side the same way she would do when she marries.The mother is down right Ghetto and so are the aunts.As for Nene that was jacked up what she said to that man in front of his wife.Like mama Joyce Nene is Ghetto and messy.Phaedra needs to seek a divorce now because if Apollo saw nothing wrong with texting Kenya I wonder what he will do next?

    • DeeDee Denise

      You summed it up perfectly!…I think Phaedra knows that Apollo will have to go. The publicity has gone through his head and he does not have the maturity or respect to keep their marriage going strong.

  • Laine

    Am I the only one thinking that Kandi might have dated A LOT OF people in Atlanta? It’s a very big “coincidence” that two seasons in a row now, she has dated the current bf /husband of one of her costars…lol

    • Yvette

      Well seeing as how she was born and raised in Atlanta and chooses to still live there it is no surprise that she’s dated a lot of people. What’s the big deal? Are you attempting to call Kandi a gardening tool? By the way, Kandi has never been shy about saying she has “dated” a lot of folks so that is no big news flash. It’s not like the A is a HUGE city. At least she doesn’t have multiple baby daddy’s and a whole pack of kids running around for our tax dollars to pay for.

  • provokethought

    Seems like people want her to outright diss her mom. I am with Kandi on the this one. Yes, she needs to set some boundaries, but at the end of the day, your mother is YOUR mother. You only have 1 (in some cases you have a surrogate)…but no matter how you put it you only have one and being disrespectful towards your mom is uncalled for.

    • Yvette

      But that’s just it. I don’t think anyone is asking Kandi to be disrespectful. I think folks want her to firmly tell her mother to stop insulting Todd because that is who she is choosing to be with. There is a way to say what is needed with being disrespectful. It really is not about Todd. Momma Joyce doesn’t like anyone who is close to Kandi because she somehow thinks her gravy train will come to an end. If Kandi doesn’t get a handle on this situation she is gonna be just like her mom and aunts…..Bitter and Alone!!!

    • Just Nikki

      Kandi is a grown damn woman and her mom needs boundaries. Telling Carmon that she had all Kandi’s old stuff and their are no pictures of her in her house ok Joyce get your life for real. If Kandi does NOT have sense to know that she is being taken for a ride when she is then she is a idiot. Regardless it’s not her mother’s job to police her coochie and her friends as an adult she will learn.

      • j

        Kandi got too many pictures up in her house anyway. I can’t believe her mom was going off about those pictures. Kandi doesn’t have to put any pictures of her mom in the house if she doesn’t want to. That was so petty of her. Her mom is lonely and fears losing Kandi.

        • hollyw

          …and that money!!

  • GirlSixx

    Momma Joyce is defintely going extra hard this season…. I see you Momma Joyce trying to increase that bravo check. go head gurllll *lol* but utlimately I want to know why she feel as if Todd and Carmen are messing around? Does she know something? But you have to give Momma credit though because she was right on the money about Kandi’s other finacee AJ with all them babymommas and kids and Kandi calling herself moving him into her house and talking marriage.. *smh* MommaJoyce realized a long time ago that Kandi falls in love too quickly with men and starts housing them even quicker which is not good and quite honestly what self respecting decent man would even do that? So this is why MommaJoyce antennas go up when she sees this happening with Kandi time and time again. Kandi is the purse and her momma knows it.

    • Yvette

      Momma Joyce is wrong. Point Blank Period. She is always going to find something wrong with whomever Kandi becomes interested in and that is because Momma Joyce is a bitter, lonely woman who has nothing better to do. If she had a man or a real hobby, she would not have time to be worried about what’s going on in Kandi’s house!

    • B Cooper

      Joyce has been mad at Todd every since he and Kandi said no to her moving in the guest house. Everyone’s talking about Porsha, I think Kandi needs to cut the apron strings as well.

  • JustDes

    Mama Joyce is use to chasing everyone away from kandi and kandi being the crybaby kid she is let’s her do it without speaking up at all. Mama Joyce is what kandi will be in 30 more years if she keeps allowing it to happen break the damn cycle kandi

  • d Patterson

    Mammma…all I can say is “typical”

  • Chas

    I think Todd is quietly warning Kandi that if she doesn’t fix this there wont be anything to fix. Kandi is gonna let her mother run everyone out of her life and when Mama Joyce is dead and gone Kandi is gonna wish she had that life long friend and husband. Watching Mama Joyce has become painful shes soooo embarrassing!!! And did anyone else catch that smirk on Kenya’s face when Nene said Porsha was in the hospital LOL

    • Yvette

      Yes and that was not even called for. Kenya should not be smirking or laughing at anyone else’s pain. She needs to go to therapy and finally put to rest her issues with her mom. I think Kenya acts the way she does because she is truly hurting and she masks it with all that Gone with the Wind foolishness and being super extra.

      • Chas

        Yes I want her to go to therapy and start winning for herself and stop trying to be above everyone else.

        • Yvette

          Exactly, and if she is really dating an African Prince I hope she keeps him away from the show and media because she has been embarrassed and made a fool of as well as act a fool enough. As crazy as Kenya acts, I want to see her get herself together and win.

  • Angela Jones

    The bottom line to Mama Joyce foolishness is Kandi’s money.

  • Gail Sellu

    Yes, she will, Kandi has to stand up for herself. She is not a child, but she acts like one when she allows her Mom to talk badly about Todd and their relationship. All she does is cry. I know she doesn’t want to disrespect her Mom, but Mom is disrespecting her as an adult.

    • folamix

      Seriously, Kandi will and should lose Todd, if she allows this to continue. No one is telling her to disrespect her mother but, if Todd is who Kandi wants, and Mama Joyce cannot accept it, she needs to stay away from him and Kandi and keep her comments to herself. She knows she is hurting her daughter and I think she gets a sick enjoyment out of it. As for Todd, either he really loves her or he is a true opportunist, because a lot of the men I know would not put up with Mama J.s foolishness and Kandi’s passive approach. They would have walked. This is just a sign of things to come.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    eeeewwwww a hot mess all the way around…I’m so sick of Kandi’s mother & I’m sick of Kandi I

  • fred

    Look up old bitter and simple in webster dictionary and you will find Mama Joyce and the evil old sisters

    • KJ23

      Exactly! They are a train of loneliness and are dedicated to making Kandi their caboose.

  • KJ23

    I think Nene is trying to get Mynique and Chuck on the next season of RHOA. Her going over there and gossiping about the girls and saying how she wants them to hang out with “the crew” (since they didn’t really hang out with them on her show) is just their introduction to the rest of the cast before they join. I think, at least.

    • DRJ

      Well I will take a married couple over Kenya who is not a housewife

    • China Panion

      yes they are going to be on this season

    • GirlSixx

      yup they will be replacments for one of the castmates.. I think it’s either between Porsha (since now she is divorced, her storyline will start dwindling) or Phaedra (i think Phaedra may pull the plug after this season — their only storyline is the texting mess which is wreacking havoc on their marriage which is not good otherwise no one is checking for her being in school,etc.)

    • Rissie75

      I think so too….and come let’s be real, the wife knew what the topic was going to be before they even started filming that scene. The whole conversation looked acted to me.

  • Christina

    Chile lol Mama Joyce and the elderly thug crew show their behinds last night. What annoys me about Kandi is she laughing it off like its a joke meanwhile her man and her friend are telling her to correct the problem. Todd this is a warning if she won’t defend you while your her fiance she won’t defend you as husband walk away and find a woman who will stand up for you when needed

    • fred

      Yea those nervous giggles will turn into tears once todd packs his things

      • M.L.

        That’s exactly what it is…nervous giggles.

        • Yvette

          Well she needs to cut out the nervous giggles and say what needs to be said because if not she will be apart of the elderly thug crew and then she and her momma and aunts can run off into the sunset together!

      • Just Nikki

        I agree Kandi needs to grow up. Her mama is too much

      • Christina K

        She can send Todd this way- he’s gorgeous! And mother or no, I wouldn’t allow anyone to disrespect my man. (teehee)

    • Yvette

      Agreed! No man wants a woman who can’t or won’t defend him when needed. I can only imagine what Thanksgivng and Christmas will look like if Momma Joyce and as you say the “elderly thug crew” keep going with their foolery. I was shocked to her Kandi say last night on “watch what happens live” that she will always take care of her mother because her mother took care of her when she was a kid. Umm, that’s what a mother is suppose to do and not expect anything in return. It sounds to me like Kandi has been brainwashed by her mom and aunts

    • Sunny

      Exactly. I wonder how Kandi would feel if it were Todd’s mom rolling up in her house that she lives and pays bills in and treated her like she wasn’t ish and Todd didn’t do anything to back her up.

  • Jan

    carmen is a good friend, i wouldve laid hands on mama joyce and her two live crew

    • Christina

      I thought i was the only one who felt that way or my mama would of laid hands on joyce lol

    • Just Nikki

      Me too

  • FeelsGood

    I was embarrassed for both Kandi and her mom. The lady took her shoe off!

    Surprised that it was not mentioned about Nene bringing up that guy dating Phaedra and Kandi in front of his wife. I’m sorry, but that was just disrespectful. You should never be “too cool” with a couple where these kinds of boundaries are crossed. And why is Bravo allowing her to say the “d” word? LOL

    • MNEditor2

      It was mentioned. It’s on page four. Thanks!

      • FeelsGood

        Must have been clicking too fast, thanks. Would be nice to have everything on one page though.

        • Sunshinegirl

          I know. They get on my d a m n nerves with all of these pages that have to be clicked through.

          • hollyw

            Right, that’s what happen when they put all them pages up! People skip!!

        • marshefen

          I was on a site recently that gave the option to show all on one page. That would be nice here.

    • B Cooper

      Andy said the “d” word on WWHL. It was an episode with Kandi on, not sure who she was paired with but HE said it!

  • me

    I am starting to think she drinks or something … She is doing way too much. I wonder what Kandi’s father has to say about all of this …

    • cb

      what father? please correct if I am wrong but, Kandi was born out of wedlock?

  • nick

    Mama Joyce is outta control! She’s WAY too grown to be trying to fight people in public smdh. I feel bad for Kandi, especially after watching her cry on “Watch What Happens Live”. We all know that’s your mom but you have to rein her and her antics back in. And Cynthia is boring, even when she’s talking about sex lol

    • Yvette

      I agree. Cynthia is so boring. Noelle and Leon were more interesting together and they weren’t doing anything but walking the dog and talking lol. NeNe is really turning out to be an unlikeable person. She claimed several season’s ago that she didn’t know Phaedra (even though they grew up in the same small town at the same time) but she conveniently remembers that Phaedra had a “reputation” and then asked dude if he was a recipient of said “reputation” and then asked him about dating Kandi with his wife sitting right there. That was just unclassy and uncalled for. I swear if you look up messy in the dictionary Nene’s picture will be there (blond weave and all!) If Kandi doesn’t stand up to her mom once and for all she is going to be just like Mamma Joyce and her bitter a@@ aunts!

    • KJ23

      Speaking about “Watch What Happens Live” but it broke my heart to see Kandi cry and say that her mother wasn’t talking to her because of what Andy, Cynthia, and Sandra said about her. Like, why is Mama Joyce punishing Kandi for things that Kandi can’t control?! Did she expect for Kandi to intervene through osmosis?
      Seriously, this is my last comment on this post.

      • Thaalia

        She punished Kandi for be embarrassed with the ReDickoulous thing too even after Kandi told her over and over she had no idea it was going to happen. She would not let it go after the apologies and explanations. Seems like Joyce will take out on her frustrations on Kandi as if its all somehow HER fault. But if mama wasnt running around like a fool people would have nothing to say!