Celebrities We Lost Respect For In 2013

December 31, 2013  |  
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It’s that time of year again: time to look at the celebrities whose shenanigans and foolery went so far, we’ll never look at them the same way again. Here’s a list of 15 famous folks we lost respect for in 2013 and who we hope can get their ish together in 2014.

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Don Lemon

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Touré isn’t the only one done with Don Lemon. He lost all of his coming-out-of-the-closet cool points when he endorsed Stop and Frisk, suggested that black folks could succeed if they’d just pull up their pants, and said Bill O’Reilly “doesn’t go far enough” in his criticism of black culture.

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Paula Deen

Paula knows what she did. You do too.

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Lolo Jones

“Rachel Jeantel looked so irritated during the cross-examination that I burned it on DVD and I’m going to sell it as Madea goes to court.”

It takes a special kind of low-down to make fun of a 17-year-old testifying on behalf of a friend who was murdered while she was talking to him. And that’s why Olympian LoLo Jones’ tweet about Rachel Jeantel during the Trayvon Martin trial was the last straw for us.

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Deitrick Haddon

This “Preacher of L.A.” cheated on his wife, let his side chick co-star on his reality show, and Tweeted pictures of his wenis. I’m all the way done with this man of God.

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“Crazy$exyCool” did not shine a favorable light on your girl. The Twitter-verse is done with Pebbles and I am too.

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Sheryl Underwood

Sheryl Underwood stopped being funny when she called black hair “nappy” and “nasty” on “The Talk” while the audience laughed along. We have enough trouble overcoming our hair issues without Sheryl backpedaling on progress.

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A$AP Rocky

I just can’t co-sign on this sort of self hate. When A$AP Rocky said that only light-skinned girls could wear red lipstick (and dark-skinned girls couldn’t even rock purple right), I turned “Peso” all the way off.

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We warned Kanye last year that his nasty attitude was going to get him into trouble. Now he’s about to be married to everyone’s least-favorite reality diva and having a helluva time filling stadiums.

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Lil’ Mo

I don’t know if I’m madder at Lil’ Mo for coming for a blind man or a music Icon. First she vetoed Stevie Wonder’s Florida boycott by saying it wasn’t fair to deny musicians income because of a national tragedy. Then she took shots at the man’s lack of eyesight:

“If the coin was right, would HIS staff accept or deny the gig? And if so how would he know? They could say it’s sumpter, sc or nah?”


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Lil Wayne

Not only did Wayne turn the tragedy of Emmet Till’s beating into a raunchy sex lyric, he took four months to apologize — and only after his sponsors started to drop him.

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First he demanded that Rasheeda get an abortion because he didn’t “know where that woman’s privates been”. Then he cheated when she refused. Rasheeda may have forgiven Kirk, but we can’t.

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The way Kordell handed Porsha her walking papers had to hurt. But Porsha took the bitter divorce to another level when she started spreading rumors that Kordell was gay and hinting that he’s assaulted her. I can’t say I blame Kordell for thinking about suing her for slander.

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Peter Gunz

Peter Gunz may have taken brother-hood down to a new low when he married his jump-off while living with the mother of his children.

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Miley Cyrus

Miley twerked her way out of a lot of hearts this year.

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Robin Thicke

I don’t know whether Robin Thicke stole Marvin’s music or not. But based on his history of sharing and oversharing, we’d say it’s possible. Robin went from being a mysterious blue-eyed soul singer to a man who tells way to much of he and his wife’s business in the bedroom and can’t keep his hands to himself.

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Keyshia Cole

Keyshia Cole has a lot of trouble staying on her fans’ good side. First she came for Michelle Williams for “f—in’ the groove up” during the Super Bowl half time performance. Then she had the nerve to try to start with Beyonce and call her “self righteous” after she released “Bow Down.” Keyshia needs to focus on her own career before all of that back biting puts her on fans’ permanent ish list.

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Stacey Dash

Stacey makes our list again for defending Paula Deen and getting in Jay Z and Beyonce’s business over their Cuba trip. She can be conservative if she wants to, but the fact that she does it for the sake of attention is deplorable.

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  • JW

    This writer or site must take people for granted that they will thing the way they think. Just because Stacey Dash is a conservative, doesn’t make her wrong.

  • Enrique Torres

    Hey Don Lemon is correct if he said or expressed any of those views. Pull your pants up and get a job. The PoPo won’t bother you if you’re respectful and not committing crimes. everyone should look at Chris Rock’s video ” How not to get your A beat by the police” should be requisite viewing for all teens.

  • Johnjon

    i knew who 2 of the first 6 were…………… I can’t get back the last 30 seconds of my life. you owe me

  • rdcress

    You can’t lose respect that you never had…

  • Michael Gidel

    first off, wow, do you go out of your way to find things to be “offended” about. second, these are hardly celebrities. third, who cares??? who the eff cares? get a life. quit watching so much television and being offended by this fantasy. it’s just fantasy. nothing to get worked up about. what a small, meaningless life

  • JesusMGilliland


  • Aldebaran

    Is this the blog section where I can anonymously vent my rage at some perfect stranger?
    Oh, but the wonders of the Information Age can tempt even the best of us to join in on the
    foolish waste of time. so now I ponder what to do with my precious time? I think I’ll go work on a word puzzle? Yea, that sounds like a plan.

  • matt miller

    Lost your respect because they dared to break the chains and step outside of the Liberal Democrat plantation? Dared to admit that they believe in Conservative values like family and God? Dared to agree with traditional Republican beliefs like smaller government, self-reliance, self-responsibility, Capitalism, and charity rather than welfare? Strong defense? Secure borders? The U.S. Constitution? Rather than listen to Obama and Al Sharpton,they prefer not to be race-baiters and victims? Quitkissing Liberal/Democrat butt and think for yourself! After 50 years of automatically pulling that lever, where has it really gotton you? Come over to the party whose values actually more closely match your own: Republican.

  • Jaques Carbeaux

    I have been reading these blurbs where black people said something and the author of this article takes great offense. I cannot decide whether or not the things said were offensive because I do not understand African American gibberish. The first thing all black Americans need to do is learn the English language so we can distinguish what they are saying from whatever that noise is that monkeys make in the jungle.

  • Libdisorder Ovdabrane

    Stacy Dash EARNED the RESPECT of any free-thinking person with half an ounce of brains and character. Only an imbecile or a tyrant would “disrespect” that.

  • Bo McGehee

    how do you not endorse stop and frisk? since they stopped it murder has gone up exponentially – dummy

  • BruddahNui

    I have now lost any respect I might have had for Madame Noire had I ever read Madame Noire. What a buffoon.

  • Lisa Stringfellow

    Can anyone talk or make a remark about the “Celebrities we lost respect for”. ???

  • What a waste of time this was, not only is this writer anti black having listed 90% of those who are black, or worse to attack a black who is a conservative.

  • John Gramm

    Hey, adults! Don’t read these comments. Most of them were written by 8 year old children.

  • jcam

    Have you white leftists writing from your safe neighborhoods seen how crime is skyrocketing in New York City with the cancellation of Stop and Frisk?

  • Aceistheplace

    What a waste of the time it took to read this crap.

  • Aceistheplace

    Who gives a F what the crackhead who wrote this aricle thinks.

  • ICorps

    The answer to Toure is that Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and Don Lemon ARE doing something to combat white-on-white violence, and that is protecting the right to keep and bear arms. Arming the good guys, white or black, is a proven way of combating violence.

  • disqus_kZXcbclGZh

    Another liberal POS article suggesting we continue hiding the ugly and not discussing anything that hurts anyones feelings because the best way to get people to change is just be nice to them. I thought Toure was dead on. You want to be treated with respect and given the benefit of the doubt, then show some respect for society and others around you and act like you have some sense and deserve that respect. I don’t care if your black, white, red or mocha.

  • Someone who cares

    Love you Stacey! You just keep being you, you awesome!

  • Tuco Carrera

    The Riots in St.Louis n Baltimore was an Embarrassment for Black Folks to act like a bunch of Jungle Monkeys Mike Brown Deserved to get Smoked ! I’m Black and if he would have came at me I’d smoked his A $ $ then Reloaded on the Ghetto Buffoon !

  • Tuco Carrera

    YEAH, Beautiful Stacey Dash is on the List because She DOES NOT Play the ” Woe is Me Black Pity Game ” As soon as She Said she doesn’t Agree with the Homosexual Agenda Filth Parade ” Hollyweird has tried to Destroy her Career, I’m proud FOX News gave her a Chance, Shes Doing Great. And doesn’t sound like some nappy headed ghetto thug !

  • beth Owen

    What discussion? Just sounds like a lot of small boys in a ”I know more bad bad words than you do’. competition.

  • Michael David

    Trayvon wasn’t murdered. He was killed.

  • robbo123

    Where did Toure get his facts that the three he named aren’t doing anything to stop white on white crime? What are those facts, statistics, sources, etc.? Nothing. And Madame Noire takes that tweet as ultimate evidence of the evil of white guys. “We” ALL lost respect for the white guys named? You are a kindergartener.

  • common sense

    to : Meg Butler. Something tells me your a 20-28yr old , mid-upper middle class, Lib-tard, who has no actual experience with how life really is and has never really had any disadvantage in her entire life unless it was getting a regular Limo instead of the stretched Hummer because daddy forgot to give you the credit card soon enough. (I’m super close huh?) This nice young man was simply saying “that he believes that black people are at a disadvantage from birth (because their black) and that if they want to get ahead (in an already tough world) pull your F&*cking pants up, stop thinking every cop is out to get you, AND IF YOUR NOT BREAKING ANY LAWS,…. don’t give cops trouble,, don’t give them a reason to arrest you!! Seems simple enough..

  • Bob

    You put Stacey Dash on the list because she is a conservative. I see you didn’t mention liberal on any of the other people.

  • Benjamin Turner

    It said “Celebrities”…..I have no clue who most of these are, and the rest lost my respect long ago.

  • Van

    I agree apart from Miley, she’s hot
    Kanye has been an idiot on the grammy’s lately jumping on the stage without being invited and spoiling moments of other artist (that are way better than him for sure)

  • zyggie

    Stacy Dash is beyond stupid…she is the silliest person I have seen in a long time. Ms. Dash is lost and no matter what she says, she still sound weird and off center.

  • Braedyn Crouse

    obviously a very liberal article.

  • Vincent W

    Obviously an article written by a black person. I stopped after #7 after it became apparent that these are all race issues. Why is everything about race for black people?

  • Frank Baine

    Looks like Lemmon and Dash are ‘guilty’ of “independent thought while black”, Madame Racist.

  • Marcus1956

    Just a Liberal Hate Site.

  • Fongy

    Is this just a hate site?

  • AndrewInterrupted

    Who is “we”?
    Stacy Dash is an American hero.
    You and me aint “we”.

  • Chi M’Pout

    So…..I’m curious…..where exactly are the celebrities this article is supposed to be about? (I’d bang Stacey Dash, though)

  • Jim

    Wow, a lot of black people on that list.

  • Donnie

    We need an article in regards to the so called journalist that write this crap! Morons!!

  • Brian Christopher Comstock

    Travon Martin wasn’t “murdered”. It was clearly a justified shooting. He was the racist and his gf’s testimony proved it.

  • Don Erickson

    I like Lolo Jones even more for her opinion on the travesty of justice that trial was. There never should have been one.

  • squattonit

    16 niggs and a douche.not surprised. how did i get on this web sight?

  • Prolly Talmbout Choo

    I’d sure like to meet Stacey Dash and kiss her on the hand…and lots of other places!

  • Steven Verdekel

    Wow, I never realized Don Lemon said those things. I guess he isn’t too bad after all.


    Robin Thicke, is not a damn soul singer, a singer yes but not a soul singer… please

  • Down Lowbama

    LOL @ the white on white violence tweet. Maybe because whites don’t have whole towns going up in smoke like Ferguson or Detroit?

  • scott boyd

    most all of these are blacks.. do not use that WE lost respect for but that YOU lost respect for. I lost ZERO respect for Paula Deen…. everyone who blasted her has done worse. Try getting robbed at gunpoint and see what comes out of your mouth. Screw this idiot journalist hack. how did you even get this article to write

  • Oh Hale Yeah!

    So anyone who spoke an unpopular truth…has lost your respect. GTK.

  • Everything Guy

    Did a high school girl write this article?

  • Ray Baldassari

    things are tough in stupid land with these asshat articles!

  • Maurice Trevor Andrews

    Screw Toure, freaking hypocritical wannabe hack. I’m no Lemon fan but he’s twice the human being Tourine is.

  • sue palmer

    Don Lemon, is a joke, the crap he uttered during the Ferguson riots bordered on inciting riots!

  • Danny McMillan

    Sounds like someone was butthurt because blacks and whites were telling the truth

  • who is madamNoire

    but his wife cheated multiple times before he did so like why is there no respect I get that he should of left her first but she was a cheat and at least he stayed with his baby mama watch his story on BET then you will understand.

  • draftfan

    LOL- you base your decision off of comments from a racist/race hustler like toure?

  • pride and proud

    But lefty celebs can say whatever, whenever and hurt whoever…..LAME and BIAS Bull!

  • JustinRobsCharities

    Sorry, but anyone who actually stands up for reality regarding black culture is fine with me.
    But Lemon will be figuratively lynched by the left for wandering off the plantation and thinking for himself instead of parroting the politically correct lines given to him by his white liberal ‘betters’.

  • Tracy

    I see. So this website, the self proclaimed arbiter of high minded thinking has decided for us who we have lost respect for in the past year.

  • clackmannanman

    Why would anyone with even few grey cells “respect” these thickos?

  • PhilipJames

    Its a racist black person who forgets that over 85% of blacks are killed by OTHER BLACKS… and you don’t see black racists bothering other blacks at restaurants shouting Black Lives Matter… because amongst blacks, they obviously do not.
    Its just blacks looking for even more FREE stuff because they see that illegal latino aliens are getting all this free stuff and since blacks think they have the free stuff spot covered, the black racists want more FREE stuff than the illegal latino aliens are getting.
    And the only people who can give them that are the working, tax paying Whites, Asians and Jews. Gee, aren’t those the people the black racists target all the time? What a coincidence.

  • Jerseysmelltours

    In order to lose respect for these mutt’s I guess we should have had some respect for these folk’s first? Don’t know about you but I didn’t? Mr Lemon gained respect for being open;y Gay? Pretty low bar for our respect?

  • Tom

    You’re attacking Stacey Dash BECAUSE she’s a conservative. She had every right to defend Paula Deen! You act like that “word” has never been said before and its extremely taboo. Get over it. People say that word!!
    Every damn tabloid on the planet is into Jay Z and Beyonce’s business. That argument is totally invalid.
    So again, you’re just attacking Stacey for being conservative. Typical liberal Hollywood Media BS. #war #BreitbartArmy

    You’re welcome to follow me on twitter. Bring it! #WAR @BombTheMoonlight

  • Mark Trail

    The way you people bash Stacy Dash is disgusting and proves you are mindless liberals who vote Democrat due to a deplorable lack of education.

  • Shane

    Get over yourselves. This is such a nitpicky article developed for people who have no lives and need to take their frustrations of monotony out on something. Go do something productive.

  • Keith

    I must be old. Out of 17, I heard of 3. The rest I’m blissfully unaware of.

  • kell

    Lotsa whining going on. Whine whine whinnnnnnnnne
    doncha get tired. of. it.

    Oh wait no – as an “online content producer” what else could you possibly find to whine, I mean, write about.

  • moni

    lolo lemon/jones sure looks like a scank

  • Matt

    Worst clickbait article ever. Almost no information about what these people actually did, and it should be titled “Celebrities I lost respect for” that way people will know upfront it’s an oped piece and they shouldn’t waste their time.

  • Oscar

    I respect Stacy Dash even more now

  • John Massey

    I didn’t realize anyone still help any respect for Kanye.

  • Derek Roberts

    AKA: Celebrities that I never had any respect for. Looks like someone is ahead of the curve…

  • Victor Navarro

    Right. So number one makes the list for daring to speak truth to power. Number two makes the list for saying a bad word thirty years ago when said word was pretty common. I wish I could put whoever made this list on this list for taking a minute and a half of my life that i’ll never get back.

  • Twanger12

    Stacey needs to Dash away from clueless, lost, fakes like you people.

  • Bruce Haines

    I would have to have some respect for these “Celebrities” in the first place, in order to loose it. I wonder what they published in MadameBlanc…..Oh no, that’s right, there isn’t a magazine called that. Because the world would ‘effing loose it’s mind if there was. All this does is serve to build more walls, instead of tearing them down. Which BTW I’m all for!

  • Richard

    Hard to lose something one never had.

  • Tan

    Mostly black celebrities.

  • david5300

    You quote tour’e?????
    That all I need to know to stop reading.
    I would not want his opinion on the time of day as he is usually wrong and obtuse as you can get.

  • Rob Braxton

    Apparently … Stacey Dash is NOT allowed “to be conservative”, given this bravely-anonymous $%^ article. How wonderful it must be to wallow in the pseudo-dictatorship that is virtual-Hollywood liberalism. Yay :

  • sandy2249

    Isn’t this America ? Don’t we still have Freedom of Speech and a right to have our own opinion ? It sounds like the media and Hollywood think if you don’t think like them and do as they do you have no right to your own opinion and no right to Freedom of Speech ! It sounds like the media and Hollywood think its their way or no way in Hollywood or anywhere else and if you have a different opinion then them you have no right to your Freedom of Speech ! In other words the media and some in Hollywood think the only one with Freedom of Speech in America are those people that think like them and no one else has the right to speak ! Wasn’t there something called a black list in Hollywood in the 50’s ? That’s what this sounds like a black list !

  • littlebaxx

    Stacy Dash is Awesome!!! I appreciate a woman who speaks her mind and does not follow the social media crap!!

  • Bob Eicholtz

    Wow, I didn’t realize how racist and right wing this piece of crap site is

  • How come all these people that you don’t like are black? Are you racist?

  • Sith Lord

    I lost no respect for Paula Deen. She was crucified in the media, serving as a sacrificial lamb to appease the PC contingent. Who hasn’t used some kind of racial/ethnic slur in their past? And to be accountable for it years later? Disgusting what was done to her.

  • mary

    Kanye has no trouble filling stadiums, don’t know where you got that info.

  • advocatus diaboli

    Here we go with the leftist self-defense hating thug-loving fantasy myth fabrication that Trayvon Martin was murdered again. Oh please. the jury has spoken. Let freedom and the Constitution ring.

  • mmmhmmm

    Black people : please start teaching your kids about manners and being polite. End rap music, you have to realize how far rap is setting black people back. When you see some thug with his pants down, let him know he’s hurting your cause. Black women, stop acting like total trash. I’m mad at the world too, but I don’t act like a degenerate. Tighten up blacks. You have the power to change things, but it starts with you.

  • starzzguitar

    Hooray for Stacey Dash, a real American! Most of the others were not respectable to begin with.

  • pete g

    are most of these people american celebs? I have no idea who they are

  • Charles Swann

    I personally think the only folks not watching her any longer are liberals and only some blacks. Because what she said was the truth.

    Lolo Jones: “Rachel Jeantel looked so irritated during the cross-examination that I burned it on DVD and I’m going to sell it as Madea goes to court.”

  • Liz

    Shut up, Meg. (Name of the author)

  • Obama is an extremist Muslim

    Liberal obsession with Jew Hollywood fapping

    I dont have no hereos.
    I do watch movies and listen to music.
    I do not research into these peoples lives or care about their children or who they are banging or any personal details about them.

    There are real problems to worry about than Kanye trying to defend a talentless woman.

  • RufusVonDufus

    Madame Noire would be better off sticking an RPG in her ear and pulling the trigger!

  • RufusVonDufus

    Toure, aka Tourette is a butthole same as all on MessNBC!

  • Killer_Beeze

    Personally, I think Stacy Dash is one smart intelligent woman who is not afraid to criticize the Hollywood elitists. IF she disappointed anyone it would be a libtard.

  • Kevin

    Anyone notice that 90% of them are spades and most you never heard of?

  • JC

    Hmmm, let me guess, the writer is liberal in their views? What a joke..

  • tj

    I don’t know half these people but I just GAINED respect for all of them…

  • mbowserjr

    Trayvon was NOT murdered… Neither was Michael Brown or the guy in NY. LET IT GO ALREADY!

  • Vincent OuYoung

    why do celebrities deserves respect to begin with?

  • billybobz

    trayvon martin along with michael brown and eric garner got what they deserved. When they chose to behave like violent criminals they chose to be treated like violent criminals.

  • Thatguy

    Lost respect for? Of these people I’ve only ever heard of 4 and I had no respect for them in the first place.

  • Byron

    What’s a Pebbles?

  • PrinceHarming

    The only problem with Paula Deen is that she cried and apologized. She should have just said: “Now look here, y’all.. That was YEARS ago.. Everyone I grew up with spoke like that .. it wasn’t until I got exposed to the real world that I realized the error of my ways and grew out of it, thankfully. But that’s NOT who I am today.” But .. she didn’t do that.

  • nwmacman

    Article is pretty lam; most of these “celebrities” I’ve never heard of…and the ones I do know, I never respected anyway.

  • LeftyS7

    Respect? 98% were below my radar.

  • Keith Pasculli

    Why should anyone care who you respect. Who are you all that we should care what you even think? This article was trash and a lame attempt to smear people for whom you disagree with politically.

  • mesteve

    Are you for real? The Only Celeb on your list i ever had respect for and still do is Stacy Dash! What a Body!

  • Radio Randy

    Wow, I read one item where someone was “murdered” when, in fact, everyone knows he was killed in an act of self defense.
    It’s not even worth reading the rest of the phony items you put on your site.

  • Dywlf

    Nothing here for me, clearly a black thang.

  • KevTuck

    Instead of Celebrities We Lost Respect For, this list should be titled Afro-Americans Who Won’t Tow the PC Line.

  • KevTuck

    Never heard of this site. After 1st 3 pictures, I had to look at the advertising. Sure nuff, its an afro-centric site. Obviously with an axe to grind.

  • Christopher Williams

    Confusing. Of course, all liberals are the way.

  • ann

    Who the fug is we? You mean you?

  • E.B. Wilkes

    Lolo Jones said nothing wrong!

  • E.B. Wilkes

    I will always love Paula! At least she did not say that the world will be better off when every last black person dies as Oprah said by saying that every white needs to die.

  • Rick Von Sloneker

    In other words, any person of color who doesn’t tow the Democrat Party line is not worthy of “respect?” When will people of color be allowed to be their own people with their own opinions, free of the Democrat Party plantation? When will they be free to do so without losing your “respect?”

    • Casca

      exactly !

  • lakawak

    In other words…any celebrity who dared to point out the crime culture among the black community and suggested that maybe it WASN’T all “whitey’s” fault?

    This website is a perfect example of WHY over 80% of black babies are born without a father…most never seeing their father. And why despite making up less than 8% of the population, black males commit more than 50% of the violent crimes, including murder.

    Oh…but it is whitey’s fault.



  • carllafong

    What a shock you found something to dislike about Stacy Dash. Your whole article is fake outrage in order to get attention– what’s the difference?

  • MeanieHead

    What a crappy magazine. You’re racist.

  • greyfox

    People are people, even if they’re celebrities

  • doctorBones

    The guy with one ridiculous name, Toure, has no right to criticize anyone else. Oh right….no one watches MSNBC anyway!

  • Keith Davidson

    No offense, but Meg Butler’s an idiot. And the fact that she did this stupid piece for attention is deplorable.

  • Michael

    I can’t help but notice how many black people are on this so-called list… Maybe we should Lose Respect for the person that came up with this… Personally I think they should be in the unemployment line after writing this clearly racist article… Yes there were a few selected white people in the article, but personally if I were black, I’d more than likely be offended at this and the author…

  • eyelostmyname

    Stacy Dash might be a genuine, certified Ding-a-Ling but she is still a fine slice of bacon.

  • MisterSandman

    So these people aren’t politically correct enough? Got it, bigot.

  • nb4u2

    Forgot Obama

  • tucker1

    Why is being for the right things a reason to lose respect for a person? Lemon is absolutely right in being for stop & frisk. It protects the police & citizens. This statement that respect is loss for those with his views is a reason to lose respect for this post!!!!

  • DaGooz

    Toure was the one who lost my respect this year. Disco didn’t die because people were against blacks and gays (Motown and Elton John’s success prove the stupidity of the comment), it was fad dance music. People don’t line dance anymore, does that mean they not hate cowboys? Even worse was his boasting that he gave his kid the cops are your enemy speech. Wonder when the kid gets in trouble with the cops that he’ll understand it was a self fulfilling prophesy? I wouldn’t bet on it since he can’t see any imperfections in black teen boys behavior. Everyone else has to change but them. Pandering to thugs isn’t going to make the situation any better.
    And no, I’m not saying all black teen boys are thugs, but the “N” (by the Chris Rock definition) culture teen black boys are and they are the ones being glamorized as what a black kid wants to grow up to be in their music.


    Well Toure, first of all Don Lemon is NOT White, Just thought that a big time journalist like you would already know that. To the point, Black on Black murders alone are 94% in other words Toure, of 100% of Blacks that are murdered each year 94% that’s NINTY FOUR PERCENT are murdered by other Blacks. When the White on White murder rate begins to approach the over 25-30% rate which it is not, then I’m sure that Bill, and Rush will address that issue. In the mean time where are your illustrious leaders Sharpton, Jackson, Farrakhan??? NOT talking about the 94% of Black On Black murder rate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO they would rather blast the police force in this country. HYPOCRITES ONE AND ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • John Smith

    Uh… not enough new content and you have to use last years’s stuff?

  • Charles Dickerson

    The common thread is celebrities that are conservatives. Liberal media is a real and palpable phenomenon and this magazine is no exception. What a rag!

    • Barnslayer


  • InYourFace

    some of these reasons are just plain stupid

  • pearl87

    What a waste of my life reading this mind-numbing stupidity.

  • annoyed

    i guess I’m old. i have no idea who these people are.nor do I care.

  • bigboy

    hi guys!! whos hope solo and why she think she should be mean to cops and why are these old people going to clubs anyway at their age?

    we did not lose respect we gained it that a black speaks indepeendent of race. who the f is he anyway?

  • ReallyJustKidding

    NEWS ALERT: Black people do have nappy hair, why blame Sheryl Underwood for pointing out what is so obvious?

  • allegre.raul

    The critique of Stacey Dash seems like an attempt to blacklist someone just because she isn’t a nutty liberal like most of Hollywood. So she said Paula Dean was getting a raw deal. Maybe she was? It’s a valid opinion. Blacks are allowed to be Democrat, Republican or whatever they want to be. Stop trying to destroy them just because they don’t go along with the liberal agenda.

  • Gavin Quick

    OK I’ve been through the first five of these ‘celebs’ and I never heard of any of them. Whoever ‘Madame Noir’ is, she’s very US-centric. I’m outa here …

  • Gavin Quick

    I have no idea who this woman is or what she did.

  • Nelson Theodore Blaskie

    Stacy Dash may have lost the respect of NBC but she has gained my respect time and again. Unlike the liberal minded agenda, conservitives protect the freedom of speach and opinion outside their own domain. NBC has obviousley fallen into the same liberal mold of which I speak.

  • randy brown

    wow most of these were black and the white ones trash lol

  • pgs

    Stacy Dash, won more respect than lost

  • therain

    So how many times will blacks “lose their respect” for Stacey Dash because she has an opinion? LOL

  • Daniel

    I am unfamiliar with 90% of the people on this list, which could be indicative of their relevance in society.

  • ZenderTranscender

    The girl who tweeted about white-on-white crime. Refresh our memories on those stats.
    Or maybe, refresh yours.

  • treetop123

    “We” who? I am not one of the “we” because I have no issues with celebrities. Period.

  • SamyyCiao

    All over America, TV, Malls, Sporting Events, Colleges, Trains, Churches there are more and more black women dating white men – this is happening as a major culture change is going on right under our noses – take a look around – liberal media not commenting – so what look for yourself!

  • Richie G

    No respect for people that make sense……thats what this idiot’s list is all about.

  • jesse100

    So if I understand it if right if someone disagrees with a certain political line of thinking they don’t deserve our respect (Ms. Dash)?

  • Will Tolen


  • AGS

    I think it is kind of funny that over 80% of these people are African American. Maybe this author is trying to say something else?

  • frabn

    You people REALLY hate Stacey Dash, don’t you? All because she refused to vote for Obama…because she made a smart, educated decision and didn’t let color dictate her vote.

    • SamyyCiao

      Stacey Dash has her act so together – all the liberal nuts out there will not be happy until they are following Islamic Law for women – check it out ladies!

      • frabn

        She certainly does. But apparently being smart, beautiful and being able to think for herself means nothing if she’s not voting based on the color of her skin.

  • Kristen Taylor

    Enough with the Paula Deen bs.. I’m so tired of it

  • bob

    LOL – this is just a waste of time and space

  • agsb

    I have no respect for about 98% of celebrities, Stacy Dash, Clint Eastwood, James Wood are exceptions.

  • HappyG

    Truth be told, had Trayvon’s father acted like a normal adult and notified the ‘gated community’s office’ that he would be having a guest for a few days, as required, TM may still be alive…but clearly I must be a racist for suggesting that a black man act like the rest of us and follow the written rules of the community…

  • Finder1009

    Someone made the assumption that there was respect for most of these folks before 2013

  • Vic

    Meg Butler along with this website is an insignificant bed bug. She is a liberal hack with the IQ of a Harvard rich undergrad with the sense of a weasel

  • Shannon Varga

    I never had respect for most of these people in the first place. I don’t know about the rest of you though.

  • J. Winston Zedmore

    Save yourselves the trouble of making a list by saying you have no respect for anyone who isn’t the same as you. “Celebrate our Differences. Not.”

  • Equa Aisv

    Paula Deen simply admitted to using the same N word that every one of us has used during our lifetimes. Every other charge against her was dismissed. And yet she lost her billion dollar empire. She has paid a price. Get off her back.

  • Greg Skapczynski

    Has anyone EVER had ANY respect for Kanye West? HUUUUUUUHHHHHH? (imagine that last part in that annoying Kanye voice)

  • whatacrock

    1, 3, and 17 get respect from me for the very things you think cost them to you. The others are people or whom I never had any respect for except for Paula deen whim I find not relevant to anything but cooking.

  • jackbone

    This article is stupid trash. So Stacey Dash is a republican for attention? What does that make you for writing this article? Stupid trash.

  • Blue Mann

    This article is typical liberal b u l l s h i t.
    Don Lemon is one of the few black people to say the truth, and the truth is that blacks need to take responsibility and stop blaming all their problems on others.

  • Larry Marino

    Hollywood is all about expressing opinions, unless you are black and conservative apparently.

  • Warren Wilson

    Whoever wrote this is retarded and suffering from Sharpton-racebait-itis.
    Miss Dash does not dress like a hoodlum, does not pander to racebaiting douchebags, she does not walk around as a model of ghetto coture. In fact, the readers of this ghetto-centric rag site would do well to use Miss Dash as an example of working hard, believing in your own talents, keeping your nose clean, and showing some class.
    Whoever wrote this is too stupid to pass judgment on anyone else.

  • docdave88

    “Celebrities?” I haven’t heard of most of these clowns.

  • RedWiggler

    I cannot lose respect for people for which i have I have no respect.

  • midnighteye

    It seems that Madame Noire is mainly just a load of race-baiting garbage. I’m sorry I wasted my time visiting this site for the first time and I won’t be back. Yeah, I know I won’t be missed but I’m not accustomed to inhabiting a semi literate garbage pile.

  • tomasiepants

    Um, I guess I’m included in “we”… but honestly, I don’t really have any issues with these people. Maybe a better title should have been: Celebrities Meg Butler lost respect for in 2013. Just a friendly suggestion.

  • Brian Covert

    Do they let just ANYONE write these articles these days??!? I like to think that someone trying to get a point across would at least learn basic grammar rules. This person is way too sensitive anyway!

  • Nicknitro86

    so because don lemon (who ever that is) criticizes the stereotypes in black culture and advocates that they dress properly you lost respect for him? That’s pathetic, god forbid a black man denounces sagging pants and the thug life.

  • BoomShakaLaka

    That guy is right about folks pulling their pants up. It has only become a “cultural trait” for us because the garbage that started it convince others that pants two or more sizes too large is a great idea. Must be hard to run from the cops with all that weight hanging off your @#$

  • Janet Telia

    lotta crazy niggas…………just sayin………

  • jentsch77

    I went through about 6 pictures of this blog and confirmed my initial assumption that the writer was a biased jerk. Its all shallow opinion, not facts.

  • joanc

    Hey Skull, you forgot to mention dear old Hillary Clinton who also was a disciple of Saul Alinsky, “the Red” who even though dead is still a hero to Hillary, Barry and a few others who think they are special. Hill even traveled to Chicago to meet and fawn over Saul, , why she wrote her dissertation on him and his communist ideals, and she wants to be our President! May God prevent that from happening! Margaret Sanger was a descendent of Satan. Clean up your act and stop the gutter mouth, it gets you the wrong type of attention.

    • Shannon Varga

      God won’t prevent anything.

  • Dakota Aden

    I don’t have anything against Paula Deen. This was a witch hunt from the racist jewish media who loves their race baiting to turn people against each other!!

  • regularguynyc

    Stacy Dash is awesome, speaks her mind regardless of “political” ramifications. She is a person of color with solid values which the Left deplores, because she won’t be controlled by fitting their stereotype. I would LOVE to see her run for some sort of public office and give the Left-Wing “race-baiters” fits….

  • Argol

    I have no idea of who any of these “celebrities are.

  • Matthew Causey

    Its like the person who wrote this was thinking to themselves “Let me come up with a list of people to show the world how sensitive and dumb I am.” And here you go.

  • Paula Deen

  • Ted Skeffington

    Who lost respect for whom? Typical of a lib attitude to turn the tables when they aren’t agreed with.

  • Katherine McChesney

    This is a racist site. Stacey Dash has more morals than Madame Noire.

  • Tom

    Why is Stacey Dish on your stupid list? Because she is a conservative. Shows what you are made of and how ignorant you are. Core values you disagree with do not make you right. Does show how bias and ignorant you are.

  • Anonymous Anonymizer


  • Rosa Gonzalez

    Right! Stacey Dash deosn’t agree with all this Liberal BS and that’s why they lost respect…if she were gay they would LOOOOVE her!! Freakin Liberals!!!!

  • MJ

    I agree with losing respect for the other 16 but Stacey Dash should not be on this list..She’s actually the only one on here who carries class and should not be frowned upon because of her old school conservative ways..Naturally, what else can be expected from an editorial appearing in TMZ via yahoo news! You people are all a bunch of whining LIBERALS!

  • grayjohn

    All the celebs I ever had respect for are long dead.

  • Francis Vetter

    stacey dash? lol, yeah, some libtard obviously wrote her in.

  • Shelly

    I gave up after #7, I don’t have any idea who these “celebrities” are except the racist cow with the Oprah sized head. You guys are really reaching with this crappy article.

  • Billy Bob Usn Ret

    Go Stacey.

  • I_h8_disqus

    I have nothing but respect for a number of these people because they are speaking up and saying that the black community needs to take care of itself or it will always be treated as second class.

  • guest

    I notice that most of the people on this list are black, so who is the “WE” that lost respect?

  • Ced Truz

    Lolo was spot on, and the girls “friend” wasn not murdered, he was killed in self defense for attacking a man.

  • koedo

    You think Stacey Dash is conservative so she can gain attention? Boy, are you sensitive…. and wrong.


    Stacey Dash rules, a great head on those shoulder.

  • why Miley S? The girl is a showman and entertaining fans. I wouldnt know a song of hers if it played on my iphone or stereo but I do know the girl is never in trouble other that an occasional lack of clothes problem. BIG DEAL!. She is a hard working tax paying american.

  • Jett Texas

    Stacey Dash is a beautiful smart woman and the writer of this story is just jealous cause she’s on TV and the reporter isn’t. lol

  • Wesley Snopes

    Viva La Stacy Dash! Way to show a little rational thought, Woman!

  • PS

    What crap this list is…The author needs to find another line of work.

  • any african american with a non-majority opinion will be persecuted. ALL lemmings must jump off cliff.

  • Rayjack

    You put someone on your list because they didn’t like your hair? How silly can you get? Also, you say “Celebrities”. Who??? Haven’t heard of half of them.

  • ajhesse

    This article proves we’re Rome & we’re burning!

  • Billy Hamjacker

    Most of these people didn’t actually do anything wrong. We’re just being led to BELIEVE calling out a POS liar or similar act is the wrong thing to do!

  • Oddly enough, over at Madame Blanc, this list is almost exactly the same!

  • Rachael-on-the-Rocks

    Who put this piece together of “The Celebrities We Lost Respect For In 2014”? All the people you show are black – what the He*l!!

  • Rabz

    Am I missing something, or are the majority of these people a bunch on NOBODYS pretending to be a somebody.
    I think out of the whole list, there are only 4 people who are really celebrities. The rest you can tell to jump off a cliff and no-one will notice

  • Rich

    boy… the colords can’t take the truth

  • shane willett

    Stacey Dash can do know wrong …

  • Derek Stiles

    Lolo making fun of someone’s face while sporting an advertisement for acne cleanser around town is pretty funny.

  • Waldo

    i’m sorry … was there any “respect” for these celebrity types to begin with?

    not that i know of.

  • A6768NAMVET

    Makes me laugh…..most of those listed are blacks that I never had any respect for in the first place, especially that A$$CLOWN Kanye!

  • Lockmazter

    Most of these folks I never HAD respect for (or I never heard of them) But Stacy Dash actually gained my respect when I heard her speak. Very intelligent.

  • Rach

    So all of these people were honest, and mostly right, so of course this writer being a liberal, and ignorant, doesn’t like them. OH WELL.

  • TX Girl

    Who writes this sh**? I’d appreciate it if the author/creator of this piece of crap would insert the word “I” in place of “WE.” The word “we” indicates that I’m in agreement with this piece of sh** he/she has put on the web. It also indicates that the rest of the world is in agreement, which “WE” all know is quite FICTIONAL.

  • Darth Kai

    And how many liberals act the way they do just for the attention? You’re just hating on Stacy because she’s a black conservative.

  • jakee308

    Funny that almost all the people they lost respect for were black and/or rappers.

    Can you say RACIST?

  • booboothebear

    Who does Meg Butler presume to speak for? And who the heck is Meg Butler? America has a lot more respect for the people on her list than for her. “We” indeed.

  • CarbonaNotGlue

    I couldn’t get past the first one .. Don Lemon is courageous and a hero for his bold speaking of truth to power. He risks being Bill Cosby’d over his honesty. I didn’t look, but is Lena Durnham on this list?

  • Carl Anon

    I’ll never be friends with any of these folks. I want to be entertained and their antics are certainly entertaining!

  • Elisse Eckland

    Good job moron, keep pushing the hate and ignorance that sums up all that is wrong with our society.

  • Charles Dickerson

    Websites intelligent people lost respect for in 2014…THIS ONE! Nothing but the usual libtard lefty confetti-brained bomb-throwing suspects attacking anything and anyone that moves that has a conservative ideology. How pathetically disingenuous, how vacuous!

  • Jono

    What a racist. Here’s a clue: Blacks aren’t perfect and can be criticised as a group or individually.

  • scott206

    How ironic, I have no respect for this “author”.

  • cgretired

    I’ll tell you what is pathetic. That I actually went through 10 of these before I realized how dumb I was for even pulling up the web page. Total garbage as far as I am concerned. Junk. Crap. Excrement.

  • John Nemesh

    No one on this list was worthy of any respect in the first place.

  • progressive r fascists commies

    so basically this is about losing respect for people who tell the truth about blacks. such a progressive article…. “tolerance” my a**
    I will tell you who we lost respect for….
    meg butler
    how presumptuous of her to claim celebrities “we” have lost respect for… shouldn’t it have been celebrities “I” have lost respect for, because after all, you don’t speak for ME, c*nt. but as usual progressives want to control how you feel and think

  • Candyapple!

    I don’t always agree with Don Lemon but I think he’s trying to be a stand up guy and present an alternative pov for the black community… because clearly, what’s been happening over the past 50 years under left wing control is not helping them. He will be crucified just like Bill Cosby who also stepped off the plantation and went against the narrative.

  • Bobby

    Can’t lose respect for those I never heard of…

  • WhitesHateAmerica

    Fk White People.

  • Brilly

    Huh? Who are these people? Stopped after Pebbles because who the f knows who Pebbles is?

  • Cuffs

    Respect? Definition please.

  • RTUT

    If you are going to put Paula Dean up there you absolutely have to put Bill Clinton at the head of the line, if you even know what you are talking about.

  • agsb

    I haven’t lost respect for Stacey Dash, now miley cyrus or Michael Jackson, with little boys, or the Kardashians is a different matter!

  • Steve Tanton

    The person that wrote this article is a “talking points” liberal, Saul Alinsky leftist, coastal elitist, 1% kisser-upper, Hollywood Idiot, RRRacist, anti-Constitutionalist, LGBT weirdo and politically correct social Marxist. Does that answer your question? I like all these folks for speaking their minds!

  • Pingback: Watch Sexualing Healing | usersporn()

  • John

    How about Arianna Huffington for reporting irrelevance inspite of and/or over, relevance.

  • Paulita Gilberto

    So you “lose respect” for people because they have a different viewpoint than you do? Maybe because they become successful and don’t stay in clique mode?

  • ChargerGrant

    Thankfully, I haven’t even heard of most of these people.

  • ron

    I must be totally out of the loop. I have not even heard of 80% of these people.

  • Mike Rane

    hey Meg Butler….boring!!!

  • Caligula

    I’d never heard about the Lolo Jones one, but that’s hysterical! I don’t understand why it would make me think less of her. It makes me like her even more!

  • vinwire

    Hey Madame, stick your ‘respect’….. all the way up.

  • Schmaamm

    Bad steroid skin…

  • beowolfe

    I took a look at all of them. Most I don’t even know who they are. The ones that I did know, I never respected them anyway.

  • garretso

    Ummm… Trayvon Martin wasn’t murdered.

  • disqus_FSfEXu6E9D

    John Lemmon like Stacy Dash spoke the truth.

  • JRC

    First of all, this format is bull$#!t. It’s all about advertising and greed. Second, you lost respect for Stacy Dash because she dared to have an opinion that was different from yours? You are nothing but professional whiners.

  • jwh018

    The author seems to see him/herself as America’s moral and liberal political voice.

    The author also seems to revile black people.

  • Nik

    This implies we had some sort of respect for them to begin with lol

  • Nick

    Who are these people?

  • John Whalen

    Yeah! blacks should keep wearing their pants down by their knees, who is Lemon to criticize that. Sarcasm..

  • JayTee

    I would never begin to have respect for a goof who would write an article like this one.

  • hardcoregrunt

    Who lost respect for Paula Dean ? You ? You people are idiots for having her on your bogus list of people. Who gives a damn what someone did 20 years ago ? I don’t and neither should you morons. Get a life fools.

  • Prussell

    Missed it with Sheryl Underwood…Since she came out about Sommore and Monique I have a lot more respect for her.

  • Sentry Virginia

    Hey update, race war did not work. Next time maybe the First Lady will not tell the blacks when to eat fried chicken. That’s why they stayed home and rebelled against the party of poverty. 2014 Democrat massacre. Nice try Meg.

  • Chris Hubble

    Is it sad that I only know who the hell 4 of these so called celebrities are? No. No, it is not.

  • zipzag

    Wait, what??? Toure is stupid. None of the “white leaders” he mentioned are white leaders, they are celebrities, just like the racist Spike Jones or Al Sharpton. We do have racist white leaders, but they are Democrats in the Senate and in the White House. Get your head out of your arsessment.

  • Stupid Things

    so as soon as a black person supports conservative values they are bad black people. and everyone in the black community lose respect for them. its funny how democrats have brainwashed people into thinking the way you do. the person that put this together probably voted for obama cause he was black. who cares that he is anti american and pro islam, as long as hes black. thats how smart you are.

  • Edward Schotanus

    You lost faith because someone questioned the bs about the Travon case? Be a journalist and question everything

  • Sandi

    No, I don’t know what Paula did……. nothing as far as I can tell. And if she did do something, it was a long time ago and the statute of limitations has long passed.

  • rnixon

    the world is going up in flames and you worry about what….and for the Stacey Dash looks better than any 21 year old and the only reason you named her is her conservative views

  • truth

    This article should be called… Celebrities who we dont know who the hell they are in 2013.

  • erii123

    lmfao the only thing i want to know is WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE ??? i mean i know who paula deen is and A$ap rocky is other than that ?????

  • DudeistPriest

    We… whose we?
    I never held any of them at a respect level that could be lowered.

  • woodyou

    First time on this site and Wow… Peddling racism is getting old to Americans.
    Nothing negative can ever be said about black people, even by black
    people or they make your “done with” list. Look at all the
    horrible things said everyday about white people. Stop being racist
    toward people of European decent. LOL

  • Geoff Offermann

    A “special kind of low-down”?

    Nice try. You’re not doing it right.

  • Tanya Hellard-Cruz

    Never lost respect for Paula. Sick of over sensative people. Get over it already.

  • scarlette6

    I don’t know why this author is saying “we”. I have no problem with most of these people and agree with most. She needs to speak for herself and for all other intolerant people.

  • Dakota Stephens

    Remember when celebrities were actual noted famous people?

  • me

    have you considered using the word celebrity in conjunction with people anyone has heard of?

  • cornelius powers

    WE? you mean YOU, and you’re trying to convince others.

  • Steve

    I guess you have to be american to understand this list.I had only heard of a few of them.

  • Jerseysmelltours

    Wasn’t this Porsha person appearing on TRHOA franchise? She wasn’t a house wife she might have visited Atl? In the end she was just way too much sister for “The Real Housewives’ Of Atlanta” again if you had respect for this woman for which you found a way to lose that’s more your problem than anything these folk’s are doing or not doing….…PS I think Kordell is a gay man…

  • Jerseysmelltours

    No you can’t tell me seriously that you jerks had mad props for Ms. Miley Cyrus? No way? If you had respect for that zipper-head and felt it wasn’t taken away from you? I can’t have any place in my heart or head for your opinions? She is a buster and all of you must be worse>>>>

  • Jerseysmelltours

    as for Ms. Keisha Cole: Isn’t this trashy magazine guilty of all the things they accuse her of doing and being? If you’r going to take on a mightier than thou attitude and beat people over their head’s with it, shouldn’t you or your entity not be guilty of all the same fault’s?

  • Jerseysmelltours

    All I can say is: If you had any first-hand “respect” for people like AS$P Rocky, and Peebles(yeah I know when some crack-smoking, internet blogger,says what a genius these folks are it’s just so tough not to go all in with it)you deserve to have it tattooed on your forehead…

  • Jerseysmelltours

    Poor LoLo Jones, she seemed like such a nice little lady? We used to have to wait for a person to get tight with liquor and say what they really meant now we have a sweet truth seeking app like “Twitter”. The things people will mis-spell on their way out of relevance? Poor LoLo….

  • Jerseysmelltours

    I don’t know anything about Don Lemon but if he mentioned Bill O’Reilly for any reason except to harass him, he’s a loser>>>>>

  • Dylan Flaherty

    nice liberal website crying about BS.

  • rpike

    WHO lost respect for Stacey Dash????? You must be the only one. Everyone else is prod of the way she stood up for her beliefs! I think she is great!!! Speak for yourself idiot author!

  • Guy

    Why are most of these people black?

    • San Diego Doug

      Madame Noire is a “Black Womens Lifestyle Guide” website.

      thus, majority of all their articles & topics on the entire website, are regarding Black people.

  • Shawn Green

    pretty sure no one had respect for any of them in the 1st place.

  • Common Sense

    What’s the problem? I think he’s right. “Black culture” and the PC Gestapo is counterproductive to a healthy society.


    this article was a waste, i never had any respect for any of these yo yo’s to start with.

  • San Diego Doug

    i would agree, that most every member in this list, either lost all respect from most of society, (or never had much to begin with).

    EXCEPT, Don Lemon…. pretty much everything he was criticized for by this article’s author…. were actions & claims that were pretty much spot on accurate by Lemon.

  • chas

    Stacy dash is awesome

    • San Diego Doug

      what is possibly awesome about Dash, except her looks & body ???

      Dash is dumber than a box of rocks. (have you ever seen any of her comments or input, during her new FOX News commentators job ??? – LOL)

      her highlight in life was the Clueless movie in 1995, and it has been NOTHING but downhill for her, in the subsequent 19 yrs since.

      she was a (fake) Democrat when Obama won the 2008 election, when much of America, was all happily aboard the “love Obama bandwagon”.

      then she went (fake) Republican for the 2012 election, when many Americans were THEN on the “bash Obama band wagon”.

      JUST AS THIS ARTICLE STATED, she only came out as a “Conservative Repub” in 2012, to gain a little bit of media exposure & attention, which she had recd none of in the prior decade. because her acting career & celeb status had long ago dried up, like an old prune in the desert.

  • Craig Campbell

    If you still had ANY respect for Kanye when this year started there is something seriously wrong with you.

  • Can’tStandThis

    What a great article, the only problem is the title was wrong. The title should be “The celebrities people never had respects for.” Nothing was lost here.

  • bill

    i’ll take toure over the author.

  • Easy2120

    It appears that if you’re a conservative, the author lost respect for you. There should easily be 100 people in front of Stacey Dash in so far as doing stupid things that they lost respect for. But, because Stacey came out of the closet and declared herself a conservative, Oh ma’ gawd.. She’s a despicable human being.

    Should put this list under political diatribe, not celebs “we” lost respect for.


  • Seldom

    Miley, I use to like her, and she was an attractive young lady. As an adult she does things that a child would usually do. Makes a fool out of her self, and any one on stage with her. It’s truly ashame.

  • Seldom

    Lil Wayne had sponsers? Who are/were his sponsers? I’m going to have to look this one up.

  • Seldom

    Very well said on Kanye. He had already lost alot of peoples respect, by jumpng on to a stage drunkenly going after Taylor Swift. That’s like stepping on kittens. I also love the thought that Beyonce wants noting to do with his wife, or any of his in laws. You have to love an honnest person. You goofed buddy, divorce her, before she does it to you. She has a track record for doing that. What makes you so special? She’ll eventually get bored. Truth. Oh, I watched her tape today for the first time. At least that man had the smarts to not marry her. That gal off of teenage moms, was way better then Miss Thang.

  • abcnewscensorscansuckit

    So calling out a 17 year-old who lied and lied on the witness stand is a “new low” to Meg Butt-lift? Trying to make a hispanic “white” just to go with the “blacks are all victims of white men” template Big Media peddles is 1,000 times more vile and disgusting. Also, trying to get the Hispanic convicted of murder for protecting himself against a thug-a88 “gangsta” wannabe is even MORE vile, Meg Butt-lick! Trayvon and Michael Brown got what they deserved: a loooong dirt nap.

  • abcnewscensorscansuckit

    Paula Deen?!? For one thing, who respected this pig to begin with? Secondly, this stupid pig campaigned for Borat Ostalin. Thirdly, every colonic pustule that works for the zero-information rag has said the “Ennnnnn-woooooiiiid.” Yeah Meg Butt-ler knows she’s said it. We do too, stupid broad.

  • abcnewscensorscansuckit

    So coming out as a homo gets you “cool points” in the libtard Section 8 section of the universe? Idiot libs…

  • Mazr

    Why would you have had any respect for most of these people in the first place? Likewise respect for a professional blogger that doesn’t know when to use “too” instead of to.

  • Your Wake Up Call

    What a stupid list. Why don’t black people start with losing respect for each other. They’re their own worst enemy. Not only is almost ALL violence committed against blacks by other blacks. But when black people do strive to achieve with education and profession, they’re looked at as “trying to be white”. And by whom? Blacks. White people don’t look down on black people who want to further their education, become productive members of society and raise their families with strong values like the rest of us…. black people look down on them. Black people need to separate themselves and shame the n’s like white people do to white trash and hillbillies. Defending them does no one any good.

  • INTJ

    If Miley is on here for twerking, then this list should be much longer. Smh.

  • FusterCluck

    The first incorrect assumption is that “we” had respect for these idiots in the first place. They’re just celebrities for hell’s sake. What have they done to deserve respect to begin with? Being famous?

  • dingle

    Who are these people? Never heard of most of them. Therefore not celebrities.

    • San Diego Doug

      never heard of most of them ???

      then you must not get out much, or read much – LOL

      i am an over 50 white guy, and have heard of all of them.

      granted, they mostly are all B-list, or C-list celebs. and are almost all ridiculous clowns, from the get go. (that never had much respect from society, to then lose)

      but hard to imagine anyone who’s keeping up with current affairs & pop culture in America, that has not at least “heard of” many of these clowns at some point in the past.

  • Rob Rock

    Who are the perfect self-righteous parasites who come up with this goober? Like they and we are all perfect. It’s really pathetic how people are; look down on others to elevate themselves. Also, the pansification of America, getting offended about EVERYthing is so weak and lame. I’d like to shine a light on the nominds who put this kind of stuff together, and to those of you who can’t get enough of it.

    • San Diego Doug

      you need to shine a light on YOUR SELF.

      almost every member on this list, is a complete douchebag, and negative aspect in our society.

      a more accurate question, is who are the goobers trying to support these clowns ???

  • Rob Rock

    What Paula Deen did wrong was go on an apology tour. She should have congratulated whoever it was that found 30 year old dirt and moved on. She got lynched by the haters.

  • How come I’ve never heard of any of these so called celebrities?

    • San Diego Doug

      probably because you are a middle aged white guy, that does not keep up with modern American pop culture. – LOL

  • Al Cpone

    writer probably didn’t even see Mrs. Dash’s commentary

  • CorruptionInColumbia

    I lost no respect for Lolo Jones. She told it like it was about that lying idiot. In fact, Lolo was probably much kinder than I would have been in talking about her.

  • Mimihaha

    Don’t people have to be famous before we call them celebrities?

  • daniel li doyle

    How Did Justin Bieber not make list

  • battleofyorktown

    This author is just another representation of envy, entitlement, and self indignation that the liberal,progressive democrats have come to embodie. Assumes black people think the way she does 100% of the time i.e. the “we lost repsect”. Calls out Don Lemon and Staci Dash for being conservative and stating what they observe within “their” own culture. Calls out Lolo for talking crap about Rachel Jeantel, who everyone thought sounded like a dummy. I bet she thinks Michael Brown had his hands up too, while running at the cop. People need to take responsibility for their own actions and mind their own business. How about putting up Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and MAxine Waters for being race baters and suppresing their own people? How about Obama with black teen unemployment being the highest its been since the Carter administration? At the end of the day no one cares about these celebrities and no one cares what you (author) thinks about them. This really is about just making stuff to drive traffic to the sight so they can get paid by the advertisers. And did anybody have “respect” for these retards anyway, I sure hope not, because real respect is earned by deeds and actions not by accomplishments.

  • TalofofoTom1

    No opposition to the left?

  • TalofofoTom1

    so you have to support bad policy gay rights abortion or Noire loses respect for you noire seems to be full of crap

  • room mate is extremely PA

    This is a crappy liberal article… enough said!

  • lazybumranch

    FInding Don Lemmon offensive I understand. Just seems to be for all of the wrong reasons.

  • Keith

    Where are the celebrities in the article? I didn’t see any that I know….. They all must be “wannabees.”

  • David in NYC

    The title, “Celebrities We Lost Respect For in 2013” implies that (a) these people are “celebrities”, and (b) that “we” previously had respect for them.

    I see nobody on this list that fits into either category.

    • San Diego Doug

      u see NOBODY on this list, that is a celeb ???

      u have never heard of….. Miley, Thicke, LoLo, Kordell, Kanye, Lemon ???

      what rock have u been living under, for the past decade ??? – LMAO

      • David in NYC

        I didn’t say I or the general public don’t know who they are. I said they were not respected. I suggest you either read my entire comment, or get a clue as to the difference between “knowledge of” and “respect for”. With regard to my observation about being a “celebrity”: while you’re doing your research, look up the definition of “irony”.

        • San Diego Doug

          your oblivious denial & explanation above, is a bigger flop than your original post, questioning the fact that these peeps ARE “celebrities”.

          so it is obviously YOU, that needs to read your prior entire comment & get a clue….

          you did NOT JUST say “they were not respected”….

          here’s a quote from your orig post:

          …..implies that (a) these people are “celebrities”, and (b)….

          point (a) of your comment there, is CLEARLY questioning the “celebrity” status of these peeps.

          and since the ones i then listed ARE VERY WELL KNOWN BY MAJORITY OF SOCIETY (as you even acknowledged in your 2nd post above), thus they ARE ALL celebs, and most are fairly famous celebs.

          hence is why i originally posted:

          u see NOBODY on this list, that is a celeb ???

          • David in NYC

            After you finish looking up the definition of “irony”, look up the definition of “and”. Spoiler alert: it’s not the same as the definition of “or”.

            I’d suggest your learning about rhetoric and set theory, but those are both clearly above your pay grade.

  • bill1944

    Madam, Stacy Dash is a beautiful, courageous woman. How can you have lost respect for her??? She is black and stands up to the entire corrupt, fascist, leftist establishment and tells it like it is, and you lost respect for her? Where is that criminal Eric Holder on your list. You didn’t loose respect for his lying slime?

  • Lovenia Johnson

    Stupid old Meg Butler !!!! Nobody respected those losers to start with.

  • Daniel

    You were spot on with Doug Lemon. Black people have had to go threw a lot in this country. Ant to expect them to ever succeed is a fools errand.

    I’m sorry but to expect the same out of black people that you do for all other minorities and whites as well is just pure racism. Black people are a special case and should not be held to the same standards as everyone else. They are just not capable of it and never will be. To even expect them to use hard work as a way of bettering themselves is racism at its zenith.

    And I thank you for pointing out the racism mr. Lemon was espousing.

    • San Diego Doug

      your satire here is accurate…. but almost assuredly WAAAAAY over the head of most peeps reading THIS article – LOL

  • RIconservative

    So the author lost respect for anyone who did not mindlessly support all things Liberal? Who cares. The author is an idiot.

    • San Diego Doug

      your “only Conservatives are being bashed” bias & complaints here, shows that it’s YOU that is an idiot….

      the only Conservs in this list that the author blasted is likely Dash & Dean. almost ALL of the peeps “the author blasted” in this list, are EXTREMELY LIBERAL

      • RIconservative

        Actually the first three were included on the list for not falling in lockstep with the Liberal brainwashing. Lemon was disliked for supporting a conservative idea, Paula Dean (conservative), and LoLo jones made fun of the idiot witness in the Trayvon case. After that I shut this idiotic article off. But thanks for commenting on my post and proving that you are one of the mindless liberal lemmings that recently got sent packing. Its a beautiful new country now that you guys have been booted out 🙂

  • A

    I totally agree with Miley. For someone who wants to “break away from that little girl from Disney” I only think she is even more of a little girl. A little girl who is scared, and doesn’t know what she wants to do. I can easily see her becoming the next Lindsay Lohan. Someone who got everything she wanted as a child, and never got told no. So sad.

  • Beaufort T. Vanguard

    I like Stacy Dash. She is entitled to her opinion.

  • jvjayant

    Does Kanye make this list every year?

  • Abby

    You lost your respect for Stacy Dash? I gained respect for her especially because she’s not a card carrying friend of efing Odumba!!!

  • TinMan71

    “She can be conservative if she wants to…”
    Wow, thanks so much for granting her permission. You are a kind and benevolent leader.

  • Proper English


  • photonblaster

    re: Lolo Jones, Where’s the beef? Turns out the ‘girl friend’ was pretty much another low life. The Travon thing was an attempt to lynch the watchman that Travon attacked. Don’t know what Lolo said, but come on, she is HOT!

  • Mr.Kenny

    They talking about Kirk on LAHH cheating on Rasheeda like this soap opera is real…..who wrote this non-sense in the first place

  • do not disclose

    One more benefit of no television – I’ve only heard of a couple of these folks. But as for Miley Cyrus, I gotta admit to feeling sorry for her and her family, since mental illness should warrant some amount of respect- not a lot, but at least enough to keep her off lists like this.

  • A lot of black people on this list. The author must be racist. Deplorable.

  • unreal

    11 of the 17 are black go figure

  • Rightway1208

    This is no “man of God”, he’s a pathetic black dude PLAYING a man of god.

  • Mike Ellenwood

    I have no clue who most of these people are, but got the impression that whoever compiled it is a bigot. Penelope Cruz could have been added to the list as well in my opinion, and an equal number of white people as well. This seems to highlight more African Ameicans in a bad light so what’s up with that?

  • More propaganda from the far radical left Liberal Movement, AGAIN as they usually do, attempting to deflect the truth. The truth is, if you want to succeed in this life, in this country and compete, then Don Lemon is CORRECT! Pull up your damn pants, speak proper English and STOP pulling the race card every single time you do NOT get your way.

  • Guest

    More propaganda from the far radical left Liberal Movement, AGAIN as they usually do, attempting to deflect the truth. The truth is, if you want to succeed in this life, in this country and compete, they Don Lemon is CORRECT! Pull up your damn pants, speak proper English and STOP pulling the race card every single time you do NOT get your way.

  • Guest

    More propaganda from the far radical left Liberal Movement, AGAIN as they usually do, attempting to deflect the truth. The truth is, if you want to succeed in this life, in this country and compete, they Don Lemon is CORRECT! Pull up your pants, speak proper English and STOP pulling the race card every single time you do NOT get your way.

  • Frankoliotistein

    I see just the opposite. I have more respect for most listed here.

  • Me

    You ain’t nothing but a lyin’ racist!!!

  • ObviousTruths

    anyone HAD respect for these people? Bwaahahahaaahahaa! this author is retarded.

  • Deb O

    I’m sorry but I got to non-celebrity #4 and gave up. I have never heard of ANY OF THESE PEOPLE I guess they lost our respect before they became stars!

  • PCLA

    15 of 17 blacks. Only 2 whites were basically dancing. Not surprised. Any wonder blacks get a bad rap? lmao

  • Jason Alsbrook

    Most of these are just a bunch of TIRED politically correct race crap…WAAAH WAAAH WAAAH

  • JackBootedThug

    Lolo Jones is pretty hot…

  • jake kovless

    why do you make the assumption that anybody on this list was worthy on any type of respect to begin with,

  • Especially Stacy Dash, she spoke the truth, it was a disgrace for JZero and Bouncy to go to Cuba, and as to Paula Dean, she was crucified for doing nothing more than using a word for blacks which millions of others have said decades ago which was commonly used when racism was less an issue. Today, everything is racism, we have gone backwards when it comes to racism. PERIOD.

  • NBNA

    MG enough winning. “i hate this person because they hate my favorite person and this person has funny hair, this person has big teeth, blah blah blah. Join the military they will help ya out with this problem.”

  • CalebBoone

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen:

    I found no mention of Julia Child.

    No souffle, no scandal.

    Have a Dovely.

    Sincerely yours,
    Caleb Boone.

  • tazzysky

    This is one foolish article… so much chores to do but instead chose to write an article about nothing, sadly i fell for it… Next time who ever wrote this article do something productive for the community or just even in your house.

  • Joshua McCanner

    someone easily “butthurt” “wrote” this piece of garbage. and the worst part is she probably makes more money than I do.

  • DMoney

    Wow, what an overly-sensitive, racist author.

  • Mark22063

    The only reason Stacey Dash is on this list is because she has the courage to stand up for her convictions and that doesn’t sit well with the editors of this liberal rag.

  • MitchellF

    I have not bothered to go to this link until now. Lemon lost all of his coming-out of the closet cool points? Now I know why the liberals love the LGBT folks…..because it is now considered cool to be homosexual. I guess being a heterosexual is very uncool in the eyes of liberals. It is also uncool to expect someone to pull up their pants when they go for a job interview. Although I do not like Lemon, he has more of a right to criticize the black culture than Madame Noir does to criticize him.

  • Broseph

    I didn’t know Don Lemon said those things. If it’s true (a big IF) then I need to tune in and watch him.

  • looming dissent

    So I only made it as far as Kanye but I have had more than enough of the stupidity on this nauseating list. Selective outrage at best and pure racism at worst. Get some self esteem ladies. It is so damn unattractive to be jealous and pissy and childish and violent.

  • FulghumInk

    We? You must be referring to your own little craniums of sewage in Madame Noire.

  • Ripper4

    Cupid stunt

  • Joe Bigschit

    How about Obama, the worst President in history. The rest of these people are two bit nobodies.

  • rusty50

    LoLo Jones is a national treasure. Come on Brietbart, take her picture down, can’t believe you recommended this tripe. If MadameNoire is even in print it would not be worth wipping ones backside with.

  • Ron Simpson

    I don’t get it. Lolo Jones? I never lost any respect for her. Sometimes I wonder who vets these things

  • mike21222

    They are flat wrong on Stacey Dash. She’s a class act. Beyonce’s talents are showing off her body and lip syncing. And her and Jay Z are close with our “so called” president. So they loved their visit to Cuba. Of course they did, they were treated like Kings and Queens. Try living in Cuba under Communism as a peasant, then come back and tell us how beautiful it is.

  • Bumr50

    How DARE anyone question the race-baiting, constantly aggrieved, victimhood mentality of the Progressives??

    Don’t these idiots KNOW that WE are the ONES who CARE about their PLIGHT????

    WE are the people of ‘NOH8’ and ‘inclusion’!!! NO ONE ELSE!!!

    SHAME on those who don’t conform!!!


  • Chris Ross

    What I’d like to know is how the hell is Justin Bieber not on this list?!

  • Bob Deveny

    How DARE these people stray off the plantation like that!

  • Natasha Hubbard

    Am I the only one thinking “who????”

  • wtf

    who the hell are all these people..

  • clover141

    This is BEYOND sensitive. This is political correctness run amok. You people who are liberals or democrats preach all the time about tolerance, yet you are the MOST intolerant people out there. Anybody that doesn’t agree with you is either racist, sexist, or anti-gay. BOO-HOO. Get the f*ck over yourselves. Grow up, and realizew this world is big enough for many differing opinions, even moronic ones.

  • Steve Ashcraft

    well obviously some asshat was up against a deadline and had to make up some filler bullshit.. #lolowasright

  • TacticalYoda

    Was this written by an 8th grader? this bullshit is so transparent.

  • Eimcmullin

    Thought respect for Toure was lost when he referred to the white privelege of prisoners in Nazi Concentration camps.

  • zipzag

    So, where is Susan Rice? Where is Obama? Where is the Director of the CDC? Where is Opra? Where is that jackas Jay Carney, where is Joe Biden? Are none of these people celebrities to this writer? Are none of these people now to be ashamed of? I think this writer has done a great disservice to some, while letting others off the hook.

  • Jim_Fletcher

    I lost respect for madamenoire, specifically the “writer” who included Stacy Dash. Meg Butler doesn’t respect someone who holds an opposing point of view. Typical liberal hack.

  • CondescendingJedi

    LOL at this whole article, written by an overly-sensitive person. Don Lemon had a point; pull your freakin pants up, children. Bill O’Reilly doesn’t “criticize enough” because he knows he will lose his job if he speaks the truth about much of black culture. This is witnessed through Paula Deen, who only admitted to using a racial term over 30 years ago when a black man HELD A GUN TO HER HEAD. How horrible of her! Lolo Jones’ comment was hilarious and this is the first I have headrd about that. I have never heard of Deitrick Haddon and for good reason, obviously. I don’t know who Pebbles is; don’t care about her. I don’t know who Sheryl Underwood is but if a black woman can’t make fun of her own hair it is the offended’s problem, not the offender. ASAP Rocky is entitled to his opinion, as are you for disagreeing. Kanye…honestly what can be said for him; he is truly an idiot, but I loved his first two albums. I don’t know who Lil Mo is or do i understand the reference to a national tradgedy (is that Trayvon? Listen he just trying make some lean). Lil wayne on Emmet who? Love Wayne, don’t care. If Rasheeda forgave Kirk, that is their business and not our place to judge. Who are they anyway? What did you really expect from Porsha; she is on that ignorant housewife show. You should have already known who she was. I don’t know the story of Peter Gunz, but his name is Gunz… if you thought he had any tact or class LOL at you. I agree with you on Miley; she is an absolute train wreck. No opinion on Thicke, but I’m tired of hearing that song. Keysha Cole, no opinion, don’t care about her. And sounds like you’re just mad at Stacey Dash for not being a liberal sheep. Obviously I had some free time to dissect your nonsense, but you wrote the article so… Ok, good talk.

  • U. R. Adouchebag

    Stupid getto crap….. Who gives a crap about any of these people? For that matter who the hell are these bums? Go pull up your pants and smoke a blunt you fools

  • nn

  • Defiant

    HILARIOUS the things blacks get mad about. Stacey Dash is on this ridiculous list! She made the list for being Conservative! Talk about prejudice.

  • 124andmore

    Stacey Dash has more brain cells in one of her fingernail clippings than Madame Noire has in her head.

  • 848484


  • Paula Deen should be at number 1.

  • Kenneth Sapyta

    Who are most of these people, I have never heard of them. Are they the writers friends or what?

  • Kenneth Sapyta

    This article should have been published in Ebony/Jet or on BET. How racially oriented is this thing.

  • Kenneth Sapyta

    This is more like 17 people some angry black woman doesn’t like cause they tell it like it is

  • The Prophet

    Don Lemon sounds right on target. What’s the closet have to do with anything? Lolo Jones rocks. This politically correct website is garbage.

  • john

    I’ve gained respect for Don lemon and Stacy Dash!! The writer of this article is a Socialist Pig and another reason why our once great country is going down the toilet!

  • Step

    It seems like the Media thrives on this stuff more than the fans, Starts are People, really, they eat breath, take a crunch, everything you and I do, they do however make pounds of money, SO WHAT, does that give the media a licenses to humiliate? I believe my word is as good as anyone elses, I still only get one vote, So do they. These are people under the gun of the media, a special place of nothing significant.

  • alasia min

    I’m not mad about Paula Deen because there are an abundance of black people saying the n word and honestly in a way that is self hating(which is also racist). I refuse to live in a world where one group of humans is allowed to use a racist term but another group is not. Seriously.

  • Lori Banach

    She said it 30 YEARS ago. Seriously people. There is too much politically correctness and people need to get a life. I’m sure if every single one of were to look back on what they’ve said in the past there will be at least ONE THING that you are not proud of having said or done.

  • TakerLives

    No Justin Bieber or Chris Brown, I’m surprised!

  • Corpseman57

    The people in Hollywood I have lost respect for are the ones who continue to support a president who is building his armed alphabet agencies. I guess they will only notice when the next Republican is in charge.


  • Tomtom28

    This is crap.

  • Frank Martin

    This is totally ridiculous… It’s crap like this that deserves no respect. Paula Deen? Wow what a crime she committed… Geez..


    got suckered into reading this P O S article about ‘celebs’ who are just zeros, wow. people need to redefine what a celeb is cuz that list has maybe two on it.

  • Dibner Callahan

    “a man who tells way to much of he and his wife’s business” — is it too much to ask that you learn how to spell before writing about subject matter that resembles fodder for the uneducated written by the uneducated. Sheeesh… is that hard to spell check?

  • Sharkteeth

    Stacey Dash is a Republican in a sea of Left Tards. I have ZERO respect for Hollywood, MSM, or the people that buy what they print or say. ZERO Morals

  • Larry Conner

    I never had any respect for Miley Cyrus and I absolutely Love Stacey Dash

  • Sally

    Condensed version: This writer hates and calls out for scorn from the black community, black men who date or marry white women.
    As well as any black person who breaks out of the liberal plantation and chooses to believe in conservative or libertarian principles.
    Because she believes black people are too stupid to have their own opinions and freedom of speech, if they clash with black”Establishment” views.

  • KeepinitRealz

    My god what a pile of racist garbage. The only one holding back blacks are blacks,

  • Voice_of_Reason

    Lost respect for? That’s assuming we, for some reason, “respected” random celebrities in the first place.

  • DiscoHarvey

    LOL @ Lolo Jones. Really, really funny!!

  • phillysub

    I could only get through half of these. This commentator is heavily biased in their opinions. I don’t see any issue with any of these ‘celebs”.

  • WhoIsUs

    Oprah got a fake degree from Howard U – and talked about how great it was to be rewarded by “her own”. Racist biotch – plain and simple.

  • WhoIsUs

    Who is us?
    Oh – I get it – all blacks think alike – so if one mocha skank doesn’t like what a lighter mocha truth teller says – then all blacks immediately turn on them at the same time.

  • Jim

    This article has way too broad of a definition of the word “celebrity” for me. Also, the author needs to learn how to use the word “too” (See Robin Thicke entry).

  • Vebonyb

    I agree with the article for the most part I can say I didn’t lose any respect for Porsha and I can’t believe the person who wrote this said “WE” lost respect for her and not Kordell. She didn’t start that rumor about him being gay that was a rumor that had already came out on its own. I gained more respect for Porsha from the respect that I lost from Kordell and Kenya

  • I_h8_disqus

    When you reference Toure, any intelligent person has just lost respect for the writer of the article. Then looking at the rest of these, I see that I was correct about not having respect for the writer.

  • B CH

    Who the $#%@ is Don Lemon?

  • podaddy

    11 out of the first 12 happen to be black…anyone sense a patter of the writer’s persepctive here? Could have at least tried to hide his/her racial bias by squeezing in Kim Kadashian, Phil Robertson, Mike Rowe, Justin Bieber, Hank Williams Jr., et al.

  • easywriter01

    Who was “murdered”? Trayvon stalked Zimmerman and attacked him from behind, kneeling on his chest and pounding Zimmerman’s skull into the concrete sidewalk. Zimmerman fought back in self-defense, as confirmed by a jury. Get over it….

  • McLean TMZ

    How about some white people to dis????

  • Hasan Mahmood

    what crap is this. This is all subjective to just 1 person’s ideas.

  • Didn’t a talk show host get crucified for saying Nappy-headed Hoe…Oh, that’s right…he was any other color than darker sink pigment

  • Chris Andres

    What a trashy article this is. Wish I hadn’t wasted my time looking at it.

  • compduck

    When did Limbaugh become a “WHITE LEADER”. I thought he was an entertainer.

  • Laddyboy

    You can add Jacky Chan to this disgraced list. He got rich from his movies then complained that America is a disaster place and a bad place to be.

  • Thomas_More

    Typical liberal lunacy in most of these cases.

  • I’m a Christian, Islamofacsts

    Who says that Stacey Dash is doing it for attention? Maybe that’s just who she it.

    My God, the unmentionable things I’ve thought about her…

  • Well…I see that you managed to get two white people in there. Celebrities? I think I knew who at least five of them were.

  • Joe Smith

    Should have called this “Celebrities That No One Gives a Sh_t Whether We Lost Respect For in 2013.”
    Seriously, don’t these racist and fascist writers have something better to do than spread their hate for anyone of a certain class or color who dares to think for themselves?
    It’s a really sad and intellectually dull world where everyone says and thinks the same, like these dullard writers want.

  • Rocket

    I expect nothing less from a controlled media outlet like this one. Changing the weak minds one at a time.

  • Coolio

    Since when do you get cool points for coming out? lol

  • Dave N

    LOL, the person that wrote this article is person I’ve lost respect for. Seriously, most of these are because they spoke the truth. We all know that these liberals don’t want that.

  • ronadona

    awful pictures

  • pyramid_003

    I just became a Don Lemon fan.

  • David Moore

    So if it’s a black person saying something real about you, you hate them. Truth hurts.

  • fred

    Back up from the resurrection.

  • Sam

    Yea Lolo Jones!

  • Misty Petty

    This article lost me at the first one: Paula Deene. All she did was admit that she had used the n-word in a her lifetime. Big whoop every one over 40 HAS. That was the norm back in time in that era and she shouldn’t be punished for that. Good on her for profiting in some ways out of the ordeal.

  • Larry

    i am sure Stacy appreciates your permission to let her be conservative.

  • mrstockenstine

    I just gained a little respect for Don Lemon. Only an idiot would do otherwise.

  • Guest

    amusing that most of this list had any respect to lose, and for that matter, qualify as celebrities.

  • Finemocha

    I think the problem is that you had respect for them in the first place.

  • Brian TooBad

    So TMZ has a problem with Stacey Dash speaking up and call her deplorable for it?
    Has TMZ ever watched its own show?

  • Ineluctable

    I didn’t se Obama or Clooney on the list. They are trash.

  • Tom

    The fact that there was respect to begin with is the strangest point here. Recognized two names on the list, and I never heard of any respect for either of them.

  • Bill Asplund

    Chance favors the PREPARIED mind.

  • Don Wise

    whoever wrote this is an idiot. Paula Dean and 90 % of the people on this list should not be here. She did nothing wrong.

  • iseewhatyousee

    kanye west thinks he is jesus…….lol…..his i am better than you attitude will be his demise!

  • cgent47

    You missed number “ONE” Obama.

  • earlturner69

    never heard of half these famous folks. MEH

  • Wendell

    I would say that madam noire should make the list, but it does say celebrities, not nobody’s

  • Wendell

    I would say that madam noire should make the list, but it does celebrities, not nobody’s.

  • gunner

    So, the majority of the people on this list are Negros. That must say something about their culture..

  • angiej

    Who are most of these people?? Seriously?? And thanks for explaining what they did wrong??!!

  • RettaMichaels

    I didn’t go past Paula Deen. If what she did that long ago is a problem after apologizing this f’n long afterward. Eat butter! I hope it puts it on your a$$~ Lord knows you’re a dry fuk!

  • tom

    Is this like a black TMZ? All I see is a bunch of gossip bullshit and inferring that conservative blacks are “uncle toms”. Get over it.

  • Judge

    I’m guessing a VERY LIBERAL person wrote this. Mostly about white people she thinks are racist. Get a life Meg Butler you demented cow.

  • Roo

    where is the like button for Collyfett?

  • Rob Braxton

    LOL, yeah ’cause Jeantel was such a ‘pillar of honesty’. Are f’n kidding me?!?!? lmao

  • DD

    So how is saying pull up your pants if you want to succeed not good advice?

  • Mac McGovern

    I had no respect for them to start with, hell most of them I never knew existed until today.

  • Deathstalker74

    Stacey Dash still has my respect. Kudos to her for not following the rest of the herd and sticking up for her beliefs when it came to the last election. She was one of the few who did vote based on the candidate’s character and not the color of their skin.

  • Corbin

    What a ridiculous article. A low information person with an opinion. Waste of time…

  • zooty

    who are these people? They aren’t celebrities.

    • suburban jane d’oh


  • SteveH

    Celebrities? Sorry but I have not heard of 90 % of these people. I would not call them celebrities.

  • Dan

    Lolo Jones was correct about Jeantel. And the MN opinion writer is a PC dumbazz.

  • harley5571

    Still a big fan of LoLo..She was just telling the truth!

  • January Dove

    I lost all respect for Lil Wayne when I saw him stomping on the American flag in one of his videos! Americans basically made him what he is and he disrespects us by doing that?!?!?! Shame on him! He is now a disgrace to me and I no longer respect OR listen to him!

  • Ed

    Worthless list.
    Did they actually mention Pebbles? Is this 1996??

  • Dextertee

    It’s funny that people have no respect for Stacey Dash when she went public with her declaration for the Republican party. Did you really respect her from the beginning? Or did you just use her pretty looks to support your article in regards to other list you’ve had in the past?

  • Dextertee

    A couple things about this list/piece/article.
    1) Who are you referring to when you say “we” because I don’t agree with half of these.
    2) Based on the marital infidelity that was already on the show “Scandal” that women apparently covets due to them viewing in very numbers last year. It appears the show “How To Get Away with Murder” will feature more immoral marital bliss. So how come Shonda Rhimes on your “lost respect for” list based on the criteria from the people already on your list?

  • Puppyme1

    You go Stacey!

  • Chase Hayes

    The only one that should be pulling of their pants is Don Lemon

  • Robert

    I only recognized two of these people. None of the rest had I ever heard of before. Some of the complaints against them seem pretty frivolous.

  • Donna Willey

    Good for Lolo Jones, whoever she is.

  • demsuckit.

    Stancy Dash is 100% OK in my book.

  • ounceoflogic

    OK I read the first three. Pretty easy to see what this is about. Hail o’bama!

  • Jazz

    So this is what I see on the list. Don Lemon was completely correct in his criticism and offered valid solutions to a community with an astronomical rate of imprisonment.

    Trayvon Martin wasn’t murdered, he was killed in self-defense, that was proven in court and a big reason for that was Rachel Jeantel. So nothing wrong with what Lolo said.

    A$AP Rocky is just awesome and what he said is hilarious. Not sure I ever had a lot of “respect” for him other than liking his music. So I probably didn’t lost anything there.

    Never liked Kanye except his music. Same thing.

    Lil’ Mo is completely right plus what did Florida do to her? Not sure why people punish an
    entire state just because Stevie Wonder support criminals.

    Yah the next 8 were musicians I never had any respect for.

    Stacey Dash was completely right about the Cuba trip and defending a simple mistake made by Deen. No one is perfect. Stacey Dash should have gotten more respect for standing out against ignorant peers who support communist regimes. Just ask the
    people in Miami about how nice Cuba is thanks to the Castros.

  • Mutley

    I can name a weak-ass writer that I just lost respect for…Meg.

  • jkjcks

    The message here is that you must hate these people for what they’ve done.
    They have stepped out of line and need to be corrected. Don’t you step out of line or you could find your picture here.

  • How is it possible that Obama did not make the list

  • Jefferson Montgomery

    Ridiculous, other than the skank Miley, these stories are lame. The writer sounds like a huge liberal.

  • GovSlacker

    Sorry I am a little lost. I never knew any of the above had any respect to begin with. So how could they have lost it in 2013? This article is bogus.

  • Mel10

    Contraire, MadamNoire, Many of those you slandered, garnered new respect from me.

  • White Supreem Being

    Trayb00n was murdered? LoL.
    I think not. Silly gr0ids.

    The only way you congo sheb00ns get long hairs is after you loot the Beauty salon of all the horse product.

    • Jazz

      Yah last time I was checking Trayvon was killed while assaulting someone and that person killed him in self-defense. That’s not murder and was proven in courts. Idiots.

  • Sam Colt

    Paula Deen did not do sh!t.

    And for the record.
    YOU n!qqers call each other much worse than any respectable southern woman can.
    Only good one of you fecal skinned scum bags is dead one.

  • Michael lancer

    Meg Butler is a proud progressive fascist!

  • jerseyjohn7

    I’m a little confused. I only got through the first three celebrities.I didn’t think that this was a disclosure of the 21 most intelligent people, but I must have read the “tease” wrong. Thank you for singling these people out for me so that I can send them a Christmas card. Otherwise, I might have confused them with the “Hate America” (but I’ll take the money) celebrity crowd and their dimwitted “Groupies”.

  • Johnathan Williams

    DON LEMON spoke the TRUTH and the ONLY people mad are Professional Black Victims & Self Hating White Apologists. Good for you DON, maybe your bravery will make the world try another approach to horrible inner city violence……ACCOUNTABILITY !!

  • GK

    Why lose respect for Stacey Dash? Because she’s a mixed woman who is expected to vote for a mixed man?

  • Mike

    Black culture? What’s that? Slam dunking a basketball?

  • Wattpuppy

    Why is Toure hat tin on Don Lemon. Don didn’t swallow on their date? what?

  • Colleen Phillips

    Everyone I know made jokes about Rachel Jeantel – how could you not?

  • damifinoone2

    So because Stacy Dash is a conservative you lost respect for her. Who the hell are you?

    • Jazz

      Yah she doesn’t swallow the BS Hollywood Liberal pill of give everything to people so they don’t need to work. Oh and saying don’t visit communist regimes is somehow bad.

  • A.

    Oh no, Stacy Dash has an opinion. LOL. You don’t do black women any favors with this trash.

  • God Mann

    I see that the vast majority of these losers are of the black persuasion. Why would that be?

    • Uncle Nutsy

      They take after you?

  • diana berger

    I don’t recognize a lot of these names, and based on the blurbs, most of them seem like lowlifes who never deserved anybody’s respect. Like most bits from the entertainment news section, this one seems to have no purpose other than just raising awareness of mediocre people who have nothing to be celebrated for.

  • Dude

    Travis Martin was murdered? LOL!!!

  • Larry Uebbing

    These are celebrities? I pore over 5 different news sites each day and I have to say I haven’t ever heard of 95% of these people. After reading the captions I see that the term ‘celebrity’ may be overused, that people may want to be more discriminating in the performers/etc whom they admire and that I am angry at myself for having wasted my time even reading the damn thing..

  • Whatevs

    Sorry guys – Trayvon Martin was NOT murdered. He was shot in self-defense while beating the snot out of the guy who shot him. The fact that it even went to trial was a farce.

  • Warren Buffet Wannabe

    What’s the deal with it being mostly black celebs? So, white and latino celebs are all angels?

  • Nokeske791

    Trayvon Martin was not murdered. He was killed in a self defense shooting. To say he was murdered is to slander George Zimmerman. Mr. Zimmerman was acquitted by a jury of his peers.

  • MooTieFighter

    Paula Deen was skewered by the media. Essentially everyone that criticized her has done a lot worse.

  • sailor12

    Stacey Dash hasn’t done anything worth e in years except embarrass every black woman she touches. She thinks she is white but white people want nothing to do with her.

    • Jazz

      I’m white and I like her.

      • sailor12

        Enough said.

        • Masmani

          Can’t have it both ways Sailor. Your taking both sides of the argument. Totally intellectually dishonest.

    • Masmani

      Why would you say she thinks she is white? Why do you think white people want nothing to do with her? Because she doesn’t have a leftist, self pitying, sit on your a$$ and take from the government philosophy?

      • sailor12

        No, because she thinks people like you really like her.

        • Masmani

          I really do!

        • Masmani

          Are you really that much of a bigoted racist that you believe something as ignorant as that?

  • sailor12

    I never respected Kanye anyway.

  • the Truth

    I’ve lost respect for the writer…what’s his name? Who cares.

  • kobalt1963

    I really hate it when people emphasize their race, then cry about racism.

  • jRocks94

    It’s tired — oh, so very tired — this attitude is tired that allows criticism of the woman but has silence — nothing to say about the man — when both engage in tasteless behavior as a couple — especially when the man is the older by far of the two and ideally could model more elegant or tasteful behavior on both their parts (Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus) … this twerking routine may have been originally intended as a comedy or campy routine, but in its deliver it went too far off on the tasteless side, for me. There obviously is an audience for this or the creators and director of the program/video and advertisers for any media where this has aired would have gotten no monetary profit from broadcasting it to the public. Vote with my spending dollars is my motto!

  • Gengis

    I am SO pleased to have to announce that I didn’t rate these ‘Celebrities’ in the first place.
    In most cases I would have to had known that they were celebrities first.

  • Masmani

    Diversity is very important to the left except when it comes to diversity of thought and philosophy. Conservative blacks are not only NOT tolerated by the left they are belittled, reviled and insulted. How sad and how hypocritical the left is for acting this way and how sad for Meg Butler to have this narrow, hypocritical, bigoted mindset. I remember when the word liberal actually meant “liberal”.

    • DogBoy The Cat

      It’s been a very long time since the “classic” definition of liberal applied.
      What used to be called a liberal is now more along the lines of libertarian.

      • Jazz

        I disagree what we see now as Liberal is more along the lines of socialism. A libertarian is basically defined and Socially liberal Fiscally Conservative. Libertarians just want to be left alone and want us to leave other people alone.

  • rockribbed

    I take comfort in the fact that I didn’t know who the list assembler was, nor any of those she criticized on her assembled list.

  • Daniel Sheehan

    This website stinks,
    Critics are a dime a dozen..

    cheap shots.. here..

  • phildoe

    lol, being conservative for publicity is deplorable? pot calling the kettle black.

  • booboo

    So Stacey Dash is on your list again for not towing the “black” line. MLK is rolling in his grave.

    • Bijou Bijou

      Notice how they are All Black or Wiggers???
      Though Stacey Dash doesn’t belong on the list – she has it all!

      • DogBoy The Cat

        This is, apparently, a black-oriented site.
        White-oriented sites are, of course, “racist”.
        Which is why there is no NAAWP, no Ivory magazine, and no WET.

  • So apparently these people lost respect because they had the audacity to say something true.

  • redant23

    Who wrote this crap. Trayvon Martin was not Murdered, he was killed after punching and attacking some fat latino dude. I still like LOLO

  • Dan Mortensen

    The only thing I can say about this list is…..get over it!!!

  • YeahOK

    LOL!!! Oh, my. What a fricken racist dirtbag magazine. LOL!! You never know what wrong turns you might make on the Internet. Ha Ha

  • MarjaLV

    Lolo is a loloser

  • marine43

    Liberals are quite amusing!

  • lmn

    This is some ignorant stuff, can tell its a dark skinned woman who has wrote this… Ignorant and borderline racist… Why do black women try act white? Bet you didnt like that one did you…

    • DogBoy The Cat

      “Borderline” racist?
      Excuse me?
      That “border” is pretty far back in the rear-view mirror.

  • Tommy

    can’t even spell Emmett

  • Thomas_More

    When young blacks stop using the N word, they will have an argument for others avoiding it.

  • Dirk Agia

    When the Latinos take over you are as done as the White race!

    • DogBoy The Cat

      But “La Raza” Latinos aren’t racist, are they?

  • Michael Oden

    libtard, haven’t you heard of free speech

    • DogBoy The Cat

      Of course, but “free speech” only applies to things liberals like.
      Conservative “free speech”, to the liberal “mind”, needs to be banned.

  • Bubbagump

    These are celebrities?!

  • bubbinator

    We love her and her politics.

  • Jeremy Hobbs

    no one’s mad at Sheryl for her comment.. wth?

  • JJStryder

    This is why the races are at each others throats. Afrocentric people who cannot handle any criticism and refuse to see the racism in their own actions and words. Do you not realize or see the hypocrisy here. I could give many examples of what I’m referring to but I’m not that interested in this website.

  • Herro Prease

    I would say that is your fault for having any respect for these individuals to begin with.

  • melvin splash

    so you lost respect for these folks because the dont adhere to plantation rules? you people are sick.

  • Viktor Drago

    treyvon wasn’t murdered he was shot in self defense

  • Monkeywrench542 .

    even if racism is repugnant and it is, but taking away a persons liberty of expression and speech is even worse. since some people like to regulate a persons speech. then i expect every time a white person gets called a cracker, then i expect the same treatment from the liberal media. instead of just saying it is a cultural thing.
    what a bunch of crap coming out of the politically correct crowd, and those that seek to limit a persons civil liberties.

  • IncogManDotCom

    Wait a minute….How did anybody GET respect for any of these in the first place?? WTH?

  • Suprememayo

    Now trash talk liberals.

  • Patriot

    What’s “Deplorable” is why they have Stacey Dash on this list. The only reason they don’t like her is because she has a brain, isn’t afraid to use it and refuses to live on the Democrat Plantation. She doesn’t follow the victim mentality that is so pervasive in the black community and for that, they hate her..

    Go Stacey… Those of us with a brain love you…

  • Cheryl Lopez

    Good this one just went home FIRST in DWTS! YEAH!!!! Sore loser too!

  • lindasdf

    As for Sheryl Underwood, when I was in Beauty school, you would not believe the number of BLACK girls who referred to customer’s hair as “nappy” or even “Kunta Kinte” hair.

  • lindasdf

    For crying out loud! Paula Deen makes one “racial” remark, years ago, and all of a sudden, she’s wearing a white hood, burning crosses on front lawns! Give the woman a break!

  • that_was_random كافر

    I know this is a celebrity article and so it’s written for the mindless masses, but still…
    this level of stupidity…
    just, wow.

  • onecomment

    I had no idea who 90% of these people were, but whomever compiled this list seemed choose mostly black celebrities or people “we are supposed to have some interest in but most of of us are not.” Considering the name of this little site is translated literally in French as “Mrs. Black,” I am taken back and offended. Also this writer appears to just want to argue with the comments left even if it has nothing to do with the article or site. If YOU don’t want to read that people DON’T like what they’ve read, then DON’T leave a comment section, nor have some sort of battle of wits with the commenters. It’s pathetic and doesn’t make this site look professional at all. I’m so tired of garbage sites like this. I blame myself, I clicked on it-My regrets.

  • amabokcuf

    Liberal rag that no one really pays attention to.

  • Buzzard

    Stacey Dash makes you all look like fools. She actually gets it and will succeed by being honest and very intellectual. The rest of you are still drinking the Obama Koolaid. Please tell me what the Democrats have done for you over the past 70 years…..please tell me the improvements in your lives….do tell.

  • RC

    I like Lolo. And she is right – the witness in incomprehsable

  • Matthew Wilcox

    So this is an article that really means to say “These are black people that have left our plantation of thoughts and need to be criticized until they return”

  • JohnSvengali

    Meg Butler: People GAINED respect for Stacey Dash, supporting Paula Deen (as Oprah did) and criticizing Jay-Z and Beyonce for going to Cuba, in spite of the horrors of the Castro brothers’ regime.

    Of course, you and your ilk have the same moral blind spots, overlooking injustice and obvious wrong, all for the sake of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS – as you have here, sniping a Hollywood star with guts and integrity, as well as courage, Stacey Dash.

    What courage does it take to pile on a conservative in Hollywood, calling her an opportunist? Zero! You’re a clown, Meg Butler, a P.C. CLOWN!

  • BattleHorse

    They were giving their opinion; that is a reason to blacklist them?

  • Wes Baumer

    she called a gun toting thug who put a gun to her head the n word. you lose respect for her but not the man who brings disrepute on blacks by acting that way…ok got it…

  • Paula Dean admitted to saying the N word 30 years ago…what do they want he head on a platter?

  • Aleric

    Stacey Dash, Seriously, and yet you don’t have the Race Baiter and Race Pimp Al Sharpton on this list?

    • Wes Baumer

      ridiculous, she thinks for herself and decides like all citizens do, what she thinks is best and you lose respect for her?

      • Aleric

        I was supporting her, and commenting that they didn’t list the others I mentioned.

  • chucky greenwood

    Who’s “we”…got a turd in your pocket?

  • fit4ufor3rd


  • TommyThor

    Miley Cyrus is annoying as hell. I cannot stand Kanye, lil wayne and don lemmon. All on the downward slide of their careers.

  • Obsidiandog

    Stacy Dash had the courage to speak out, unlike the mindless drones who follow the crowd but couldn’t articulate a coherent thought if their lives depended on it.

  • Americans Wake Up

    The only one I ever had and still do have respect for is Stacy Dash. The others are just wastes of skin and air.

  • slappyjohnson

    I heard of 4 or 5 of the people on this list!!!!!

  • Richard

    Never heard of any of those folks.

  • Obama’s Caliphate

    Thanks for the “shout out” to my hometown Sumter, SC aka “merk city”. Now, learn to spell…

  • WhoCares

    Meg Butler sure spends a huge portion of her life focusing on ghetto trash. Get a life Meg.

  • rebart

    Good grief, you talk about racism. This author is one racist bigot.

  • Mike Woodfin

    Where are the celebrities???

  • handsomerandyblackladbrad1953

    And you folks are surprised that this religious (?) hypocrite showed his true colours? WHY???????Ninety-eight percent of the “clergy” are pedophiles and crooks!!!!!!!

  • BoilerVette

    Who the hell do these gossip mongers think they are calling out other people for being “unworthy” of their respect? They give Stacy Dash “permission” to be conservative???

  • Toure, we ever had respect for that POS? Huh, who knew?

  • I swear that if the site was a “white site” and a white writer criticizing white celebrities for some of these oh so compelling reasons there would be white power accusations and cries of racism all over the place. They didn’t represent their skin color well enough. I thought that the desire of MLK and friends was to create/dream toward a color blind society. Clearly SOME black people don’t really want that at all. But then, credibility and objectivity can not be expected from an author who criticized Stacey Dash in 2012 on 2 fronts- being silly enough to vote for Romney as a woman and being silly enough to vote for him as a black. OH THE HORROR! What, pray tell, I absentmindedly ponder, has dear Barack Obama done to advance the cause of women or blacks in this country? I guess rhetoric trumps reality and results. Welcome to the short sighted thinking of almost anyone who takes the positions of Meg Butler.

  • Skyhawk

    Lolo, Stacey and Don all EARNED respect from thinking humans. Black culture is a mess, a joke. That is not to say there are not many, many fine black people, but the CULTURE is a wreck. You can whine and weasel and retort with strongly worded passages, but facts are facts.

  • TooMuchAlready

    I actually gained some respect for Don Lemon, Lolo Jones and Stacey Dash for the reasons named in this article.

  • Major Smackdown

    I think they got this one all backwards – I can’t find anyone on the list I ever had any respect for in the first place…

  • anthonyvop

    1/2 never had my respect & 1/2 I never even heard of…… Except Stacy Dash who earned my respect. F*ck JayZ and Beyonce. Nobody is above criticism and what they did was morally reprehensible.

  • Major Woody

    I lost respect for whoever wrote this lame article.

  • Mario

    Basically a assortment of ghetto trash that were never respectable in the first place.

  • Kim Felini

    So it sounds like you are dissing Stacey Dash for her views simply because she’s conservative. I highly doubt we’d see anything said about a liberal on this issue! This list seems to not appreciate free speech unless they are saying something that you agree with!

  • Sherry Sapp

    I have never even heard of half these people. A lot of the others, I had to ask: “They’re still around?” I guess my next door neighbor would qualify as a celebrity, if it takes so little.

  • Me

    Deitrick haddon did not cheat on his wife his wife cheated on him

  • PopTheLid

    Who wrote this article Rev Al????? Pure garbage.

  • Anne D

    LOL….wow, this page is a total waste of cyberspace. But, for all the folks they smeared in this folly, The opinions of sheep matter not to a Lion.

  • Dustin Benzel

    I don’t agree with the Paula Deen situation.I think that one just went out of control. I’m still trying to understand what happened but I can only think the whole situation screwed Paula over.

    I mean, I don’t know exactly what was happening during the present time during all that nonsense, but it irked me quite a bit, that she just merely admitted to using the “N-word” many years prior, and that somehow ignited the powder keg that really screwed her over.

    I admit that I have said the N-word before, not necessarily in an offensive context, just saying the word, but I don’t see why Paula Deen got so screwed over simply for something that happened long in her past, I’m sure that present-whatever racist thing was probably the primary reason what caused all this but I’m not seeing how just admitting you said a word, somehow was the “straw that broke the camel’s back.”

    Say what you will, but the Paula Deen situation blew completely out of control. Society is just so sensitive days. I think we need to worry more about bullying that might result in suicide, than some old lady who said the N-word. Or some guy on some show that finds homosexuality disgusting and against his beliefs. Honestly who has time for that. I’m more into actual physical consequences, than someone speaking their mind, or admitting something and then crucifying them for it.

  • InternetSavage

    Oh I’m sure you brainwashed idiots love seeing a white person grovel and cry, but we are all not a bunch of pansy a$$ kissers so go f’ yourselves.

  • millstone

    How did Stacy Dash lose respect? Because she voted for a white male? Most on this list couldn’t lose something they never had! RESPECT!

  • DAVE

    Damn, what idiot did this crap come from. What a waste of time.

  • Biased?

    So basically since some of these people choose to be conservative you can’t respect them….

  • 1luckydog

    AKA- anyone who is in the “Black Culture” is lame.

  • sciguybm

    “…she can be conservative if she wants to, but the fact that she does it for the
    sake of attention is deplorable…” because somehow you are the only one in the know about whether or not she did it for attention? Not possible for her to actually think that? And say it in public? She ain’t no kinda sister if she ain’t calling out and puttin down the white woman in public?

    Rachel Jeantel & Lolo: you know, today Rachel Jeantel has turned her life around thanks entirely to that fiasco in that courtroom. Gone from ignorance to educated. Seems like ya’ll should be holding up that whole thing as proof positive instead of making it a racism thing. Let me put that another way: Rachel Jeantel was headed for a life of gutter & mud. She got a strong dose of what was real and she didn’t like it and she changed it. Looks like a role model to me. And looks like Lolo was spot-on.

    Time to stop glorifying the thugs and hoods and help others get it together and thrive.

  • Kenny S

    So Stacy Dash is criticized for speaking her opinions???? Give me a friggin’ break!!! I’m sure if she were a flaming lib and spoke out against conservatives the author of this article would be calling her a hero.

  • John Hunt

    Stacy Dash rules! The fact that you mentioned she’s conservative just shows what libtards you are!

  • mmmilesll

    What ah wrote this article? Whoever it is needs to get their head out of their axx

  • Jason

    LoL California has become so liberal that it should just become it’s own country

  • ConstanceUnderfoot

    Funny. The site laments Lemon’s chiding of black culture. And yet, ask anyone to describle anything good from “black culture” and they’ll be dumbfounded. If they cite love of family, cite the statistics of single black women having to do all the work.

  • Daemonocracy

    Is this satire? It is the most racist, hive minded piece that can’t possibly be for real

  • Neil

    This is just plan STUPID……..

  • Saddlebum

    The only one of those people on that list that ever had my respect was Stacey Dash. And she still does. If for no other reason, it’s because she is not like the freak that made this stupid list. She gets attention for that fact and that she is not like every other trashy celebrity with more money than brains.

  • Jake Redmond

    Stacey Dash gained my respect. Good for her. She shouldn’t bow to libs like this writer.

  • whaat

    coming out of the closet cool points. who pays you to write this garbage

  • Art Faucett

    He doesn’t know whether Robin Thicke stole Marvin’s music or not? Really? That whole song is Marvin’s work. That’s why he had to pay up for ripping off copyrighted material. Thicke said they used the “spirit” of his song, which is code speak for they couldn’t come up with a song, so they ripped off someone else.

  • KhadijahMuhammad

    Note to MadamNoir: Half of America is conservative. The minute you take sides, you cut your potential sales in half. Dumb.

  • KhadijahMuhammad

    The last one (Stacey) is nothing but a hateful cheap shot. If you have evidence that somebody is going something only for attention, then post it. But don’t just say out of the blue that you know somebody’s motivation, like you’re Miss Cleo or something.

  • Me

    this article is ridiculous, I stopped reading at #1. A. Who is Don Lemon, and why is this an issue?? Idiotic…

    • Me again.

      Now I’m at #5, and either I don’t know who they are, the reason to lose respect seems in itself to lose mine…..or I just never respected these people to begin with….This article just takes up space on an already crowded internet of things!!!!!

  • DZicyB

    The author, and the site have comitted libel. Trayvon Martin’s killing was judicially determined not to be murder. The jury acquitted George Zimmerman. That means as a matter of law it was not murder as it was found legally justifiable. Butler is an idiot.

  • MLM

    814 comments on crap like this. Glad there is nothing else going on in the world. :/

    • Saddlebum

      I’m embarrassed that I even clicked on this garbage. Breitbart should show better judgement on what they allow to be advertised on their website.

      • MLM

        That is exactly how I got here, not impressed.

  • DocReality

    Don Lemon – a proud gay man who has the nerve to call out people on their lack of character and complete disregard for the basic human rights of those around them. Ferguson ain’t all about race; it’s got a lot more to do with character than with skin color. That kid was a thug, plain and simple. Not because he’s black…but because of his character and his behavior. I wouldn’t accept that type of behavior from ANYONE: white/black/brown/yellow/red/green/male/female/in-between/gay/straight/lesbian/bisexual/Muslim/Christian/Jewish/Pagan/Wiccan/Atheist/Agnostic/geriatric/paraplegic/schizoid/histrionic/Asian/Eurpoean/Albino…it DOESN’T MATTER.

  • Speak

    Hey Meg, you completely lost me at point #1. Don Lemon was spot-on, How did he lose credibility?

  • MadameNoire has no credibility

    I don’t know who most of these people are but when you placed Stacy Dash on the list, you lost all credibility!

  • Jerry Hanlon

    I didn’t lose respect for most of theses people because I don’t know who most of them are…

  • Mel10

    Who is this MadameNoire? News flash hater MN, many of those listed gained my respect. Take your hatred and intolerance and go find a new job.

    This was one of those links that was a complete waste of life.

  • matt

    madame me thinks you are quite the racist slamming people of your ethnicity for views that you don’t like good luck with your hair black witch lol

  • twmmd

    Respect is earned and you all have not earned it…..and displaying more and more skin does not do it.

  • DaKing

    Shoudn’t be mad at LoLo for speaking the truth.

  • JTapia

    After reading the first one I lost all respect for this site. js.

    And for Toure information, a White man being killed by another white man is not the white mans leading cause of death.
    The low social status of the white man is nowhere near the low social status of the Black man.
    The poverty level of the white man is nowhere near the poverty level of the Black man.

    Perhaps the Black man is exactly where you want him to be and away from you and your family.
    Thankfully more and more do not think as you do and think that it is time to start addressing the REAL issues with the Black man and not just throw some welfare benefits at them to get their vote and to shut them up. They do matter.

    Doesn’t matter that you like them or despise them, their message is true and it’s time we stop victimizing the Black man and bring him into the fold. Lets try it and see how it works…..can’t be worse than keeping them is slavery of poverty and welfare that they are placed in now.

  • Ben Sturgill

    Paula Dean, for something 20 years ago? I sense a liberal douche theme.

  • Ben Sturgill

    So Lemon huh. I know how much you liberal moose twits hate the truth. And you quote that douche bag Tour’e?

  • hymie porkenstein

    I don’t even know who the neegers are.. just saying

  • dannye20

    It doesn’t strike anyone as narrow-minded to not respect someone because they have a difference of opinion? That’s all most of this is.

  • Ray Abney

    Would not cross the street to see any of them if they were appearing free.

  • 1skyhifun

    Rachael Jeantel was a total screaming idiot

  • Joe

    The fact that the song ‘Blurred Lines’ even exists is reason enough to not respect Robin Thicke as he clearly has no respect for women. I’m wondering if this article really deserves much respect itself

  • indiana

    Same crap…one pathetic black person after another…MLK poster boys and girls…yea…this is what you get.

  • astro171

    Your agenda wont allow it, but Sharpton and Jackson should make this list…every year.

  • Sherry Cook

    worst article ever

  • Graham Storey

    The race-baiting Toure’ has no standing to criticize:Touré caused a controversy by stating that by calling President Barack Obama “angry,” Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney was engaging in the “niggerization” of the president.
    On May 23, 2014, Touré suggested that Jews survived the Holocaust thanks to “the power of whiteness”

  • Bill Reed

    Never heard of Don Lemon before, but what he said was right.

  • oiltrdr

    “We” , who are “we” ?

  • Donald Hoffman

    I don’t think any of them are that great anyway. list of no talent people.

  • Steve Moody

    And I never lost respect for Kanye. I have to respect him first for him to lose it.

  • Steve Moody

    I never lost respect for Paula Deen.

  • justice edwards

    Poorly edited and overly sensitive material. Buffoonery adjacent

  • Aaron

    Lemon’s right… and “white on white” violence is addressed WITH THE PENAL SYSTEM, though Sharpton/Jackson/Lee types refer to it as “racism”.

    • Kevin

      And when it becomes as prevalent as black-on-black crime, Madame Noir, we’ll talk. Until then, stop peddling the same tired “Poor, poor me!” victim mentality that has been heaped upon you by your “leaders” and the “compassionate” left. Either buck up, stand up for what’s right, condemn those who try to make your race look bad, or shut up. Your choice.

  • seeker51

    this must be a black magazine? never heard of this magazine and only knew of one of these sleazy looking people. they can’t lose what they never had.

  • fascismnongrata

    Put Meg Butler at the top of the list for being a senseless twit.

  • Rob

    These black actors and performers need to shut up and get back on the plantation.

  • boricuajibaro

    I take it that these are people we had respect for to begin with … Is that right?

  • JLB

    Some of these reasons are stupid as hell. Kanye because who he married..REALLY?! Robin Thicke’s reason is stupid too. Get a life people

  • CopGuy

    Whatever LoLo wants, LoLo should get. Leave my LoLo alone.

  • CopGuy

    What? Lemon didn’t tow the liberal-left line? He’s gay. He’s not stupid.

  • Maureen

    Ughh….why don’t you write an article about the journalists we have lost all respect for, and then put yourself towards the top of that list. I’m sure that list would be pretty damm huge by the way.

  • Earth2joel

    By the way racheal what’s her name was a flat liar, should have gone to jail for perjury. I could keep reading this till you got to Obama. You did get to Obama didn’t you?

  • Earth2joel

    Oh I get it. You are a racist.

  • sandduffer!

    Thought Police are Alive and Well at this Mag! What happened to really “thinking for yourself”?

  • John in Brisbane

    So most of the de-respected people are black? Hmmm …

  • Jo Jo NO NO

    “Celebrities We Lost Respect For In 2013” is the name of the article, yet most references to the celebrity are started with the word “I”. Sounds like 1 person lost respect for these celebrities and everyone else is suppose to follow their lead!

  • Comment Man

    I hate authors like this “Meg Butler” who say “we” as if she speaks for us. NEWS FLASH MEG—You DON’T speak for ANYBODY but yourself. So stop with the “We” in your articles!!! Better yet, stop writing articles altogether if they’re going top be like this!!

  • nicmart

    Speaking of respect, does a writer get it for referring to “he…business”?

  • njersey5389

    Who are these people?????

  • davecross

    Trayvon Martin wasn’t murdered, according to the jury that heard the evidence.

  • geekmon

    stopped after two didn’t know either and frankly this writer has other agendas. Clue: Trayvvon Martin was NOT murdered according to the law and a jury and the facts in the case. It was sad the outcome but not murder.

  • E

    The question is why did you ever bother respecting any of these knuckle-heads in the first place?

  • KristenSuzanneM

    Who cares? About any of them…why am I here?

  • dmaginity1

    Who is Toure?

    • ImJustAGuy

      He’s a political bomb thrower who appears on MSNBC.

  • JBRoux

    “We” didn’t lose respect this year, only the writer with no fresh ideas.

  • GhettoTrashRacistNegro

    what’s wrong with Lolo Jones’ tweet? Rachel Jeantel is a blithering idiot and was the prosecution’s “star” witness who proved the defense’s case. Lolo Jones was right!

  • GovSlacker

    I guess the criteria for being ca celebrity is quite low these days. Who are thse nobodies?

  • JhonJhonJhonJhon

    Thankfully I don’t know who any of this trash even is.

  • Jeff Andrews jr

    After reading this list my ONLY comment is that Stacy Dash is STILL fine as HELL!!!

  • Tim

    Great White Bashing article. I guess anyone who doesn’t support criminals like Michael brown and Traybon Martin are who you lose respect for. Well, you can lose respect for me too, because those guys were criminals and deserved every bullet they got.

  • yellowkid49

    “Losing” respect presupposes that we had any to begin with.

  • Jasmine Celibate

    You know what I don’t care I still like Keyshia Cole, no matter what she said or have done, maybe she was feeling some type of way that day; hell everybody has their moments where they feel they have no audience, so no I don’t take nothing personal about what she said as far as it goes for Michelle Williams, now as far as Beyonce goes hell somebody need to put her in her place hell, I’m bout sick of her. It’s too the point where she has fallen off, her last album was basically a Rihanna album, she did it because her marriage was in trouble for one, two she knows that half her fans had left and she gained what M.J had gained a bunched of YES people. People that only agrees with whatever the hell she puts out, whatever Beyonce says and does that it’s okay, well I miss Beyonce the Strong, Independent, woman she was.!

  • blackconservative


  • brad

    i think this is a list for something else …note race

  • taking leek

    F_ck You very Much for wasting my time/bandwidth as 99% of these people are complete unknowns to me and probably the general public. Would these ppl even make a D celebrity listing? “Where’s the Beef?”

  • Robert Thompson

    But black people most likely WOULD succeed if they pulled up their pants. I don’t see how anyone could loose credibility for speaking the truth. They’d also succeed if they’d stop stomping on the civil rights work MLK accomplished.

  • Steve

    lol how is this trash article still popping up on ad feeds?

  • Jake Redmond

    Great — it’s obvious this article is a liberal hit-piece. Just say youre a liberal/leftist instead of posting this sham.

  • tcliii

    Stupid article recycled by stupid yahoo.

  • Chris K

    The black community distanced itself from a black person who told the truth about the community? No way. (Please see Bill Cosby) Martin Luther King Jr. is rolling over in his grave. I’m pretty sure this isn’t what he had in mind. (See C. Murder)

    • Jacques Shellac

      This isn’t about the black community. It’s about Democrat libtards who still think the black community is their property.

  • Candysmokeshop Nostalgia Candy

    Here’s the juice….Whaaaaat? This is pretty silly stuff….lost respect for? Who are you referring to? Yourself only I guess…..

  • Stephen I. Mayo

    Sorry; I had never heard of Don Lemon, but after reading his conservative-leaning comments, I have become a fan. The man has “cojones!” Any African-American media figure willing to buck the leftist-white academic/Hollywood/broadcast industrial mafia is courageously exhibiting an independence, intellectual honesty and standing as a true “free-thinker.”

    The near unanimity of political “thought” among blacks, Spanish-speakers and members of other minority groups prominent in business, sports, journalism and other publicly-notorious fields is so often not the result of life experience, free inquiry or other agencies of personal self-expression. As a rule, it is a natural consequence of the power dynamics of certain fields (law, public health, arts/entertainment, professional sports franchise ownership, local politics and professional local charitable organization, etc.) that for decades have been orchestrated according to the ideological predilections of regional, national and institutional power centers, which (for the most part) have been dominated by effete, bicoastal, urban, predominately atheistic, limousine-liberal-Caucasian elites.

  • Jess Geez

    OF COURSE HE STOLE MARVIN’S MUSIC. It’s exactly the same tune!! Marvin’s is a bazillion times better, though!

  • John Rankin

    Made her a hero to me!!!!

  • Asswipe

    how do you lose respect for people that never earned your respect in the 1st place???

  • robertejohnson

    LoLo Jones is a Goddess.

  • Brian Lindsay

    I see you use the term celebrity very loosely

  • Los

    I am pretty sure that the writer of this article that is useless is black. Saying this because just about all of the people that “WE” have lost all resect for are black and if she wasn’t then it would be just racist right. I have never even heard of most of those people. I look at some articles like these just for the comments.

  • Cher Irwin

    These are celebrities? I never heard of these people.

  • Jim

    What’s interesting about this article is that most people on the list are black, and how did Justin Bieber not make this list????

  • chuck

    Murdered. Bwahahahahahahahahaha! Not!

  • gfsomsel

    You may not like her comments (and perhaps I wouldn’t either if I knew what she said), but Rachel Jeantel was insufferably stupid.

  • mr. tickles

    I have no clue who half these people are. but thats because I don’t have a subscription to people magazine.

  • spartygao

    Waaaay too political and racially focused. Seems like some liberal hack wrote half these.

  • Michael

    It must be me. Of the 17, I don’t know why 14 of them are noteworthy, and the other three are at best, bit players. Don’t we, as a people, have anything more important with which to concern ourselves?

  • Corky214

    In reading most of these, I have to wonder…why did you EVER respect these people in the first place. For the most part, these are slugs, classless & foul.
    What respect is there to lose?



  • theguy

    I am grateful I only know who a few of these people are. Sometimes i wonder how brainless you’d have to be to have respect for “celebrities” and to watch or listen to their nonsense. What a complete waste of life.

  • Bud Green

    “It takes a special kind of low-down to make fun of a 17-year-old testifying on behalf of a friend who was murdered while she was talking to him.”

    In what alternate reality is self defense called murder? Teach your little Trayvons and Michael Browns to not go around attacking people and trying to disarm police officers. Teach them to be good citizens so they aren’t justifiably shot in self defense.

  • Clem Hooten

    Who TF is WE??

  • Kandyse

    She said “madder”. That right there discredited every thing she said. Better yet, that discredits her as a journalist period. Back to elementary school for you, ma’am. Bring your editor with you as well.

  • schlaumeier56

    And who waited as late as 2013 to lose respect for Kanye West?


  • Kent j

    I didn’t lose any respect for Paula Deen? Why is she on this list. Are you NUTS? Guilty for something what from 30 years ago? DELETE

  • Nick

    The author forgot to add Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to this list. You’re welcome.

  • Estavancruz

    Paula Dean said what every person on this page has said before, but some of you sit back being the hypocrite self righteous type criticizing when you are no better. At leas she faced up to it and moved on.

  • Joe

    Who is the “We” in “Celebrities We Lost Respect For”? Self-important, narcissistic writers

  • awesome

    I never respected these people to begin with…granted I only gave it to number 8

  • morose1

    Love it, great article. The author is on point, accept she forgot Beyonce the door mat/bad role model and her dirt bag sleazy cheating husband (won’t mention that creeps name). YLC all the way

  • Canuck 703

    I’ve never heard of most of these idiots & most of them have stupid sounding names, The only Pebbles I heard of is Pebbles Flintstone,

  • Codewizard

    Remember Black Folk, stay on the plantation; don’t be Stacey Dash! Oh they will tell you it’s ok to be “conservative” but you not it’s NOT.

    Common sense, Stacy Dash has it, the author does not.

    As for the rest of them; how could you “lose” respect for them? Why did you have any for them, to begin with?

  • Mike Bennson

    Good for you, Lolo! Other than uppity, loud-mouthed, welfare trash n!gtards, the rest of us admire everything about you. You KNOW Travon was a loser. I wish you the very best!

  • Seriously?

    These are celebrities? In what world?

  • rusty50

    Screw your news feed….. Lo Lo Jones is one of our nation’s darlings! She has been attacked just for being Christian.

  • Seth

    72% of blacks are born to single parents? How is that working out?

  • Seth

    ‘Madder’? What a genius.

  • justwarren

    What I find so funny is that I don’t know more than half of these so-called “celebrities”. How can you lose respect for them if no one knows who they are to begin with? I think your definition of celebrity is a very wide one. In their time, Paul Newman and Robert Redford were celebrities. EVERYONE knew them! You’d be hard pressed to find someone who didn’t. While they may have faded in our current “who’s famous today” culture, I hardly think more than half of these people are celebrities. As for the stupid things they do. Who cares?

  • Just some bozo

    Number 2: You know what she did.

    No idea. Sorry. Maybe actually explain who these people are, and why they’re so bad. I still don’t get number 1 – I can just assume it’s something to do with being racist? Maybe I’ll know who or what 3- onwards have done…

    Waste of time.

  • Dave Michaels

    You missed Oprah. She called for the death of the very people that made her.

  • Brenda

    So, after the second pic….I see this is a verrrry liberal, racist site that supports blacks no matter WHAT they do…..as long as they are not “Uncle Toms”…or what most would call educated with common sense. I didnt go past pic two….wasted enough time already. Social Media sites “for blacks” are ALL racist and hypocritical. Hence….the site “for blacks”. Get over hating your color…EMBRACE YOUR COLOR and grow up already….geesh.

  • Guest

    I know i’m late, but deitrick haddon did not cheat on his wife. She cheated on him and they separated. while they were separated (for over a year) that’s when she started dating his now new wife.

  • Anna Arrazola-Pate


  • Blackjack6

    These are celebrities? Never heard of most of them. I think I like my world.

  • billy

    no, really….who ARE these people? never heard of any of them except maybe kanye

  • Funwithguns11

    OH MY GOD! Lil Wayne has sponsors?

  • Woody

    I am extremely grateful that I don’t know who half these people are . . . .

  • beekeeper

    Mostly black..that says alot!

  • Dabrigadier

    Don Lemmon is correct however the only problem I have is with him calling the idiots with their pants down, littering our neighborhoods and wreacking havoc in the black community … Black People! Thay are not Black people in the words of Chris Rock they are Ni&&aZ!!!

  • John Henry

    How did I get on this idiot blog. Who are these crazy people writing what “we” think? Sorry but I have a brain and unlike you I try my best to use it right. Lay down the crack pipe please.

  • Peter Saletti

    “LOST RESPECT”, Meg Butler?? You mean you respected these idiots before 2013?

  • Cathy Scholz

    I will lose respect for Paula Dean when blacks quit calling themselves that name..

  • gingervitous

    No clue who 80 percent of these people are. complete waste of my time to sift through this bogged down website.

  • Say what?

    Stop calling him a MAN of God ,he’s obviously thinking about himself not what God wants him to do!

  • Joebidenthebaffoon

    liberal garbage as usual

  • justinhohn

    Trayvon murdered will talking to a friend? You mean killed when he picked a fight with someone who was armed? All the evidence shows PLAINLY that Trayvon was the attacker, not a victim.

    Not that facts matter to most people.

  • Asillem4

    Who are these people? So far, I’m batting a big, fat ZERO at knowing or giving a rip who they are and what they say.

  • ahva

    What a preacher.. showing his wenis.And Miley is just trashy…most I didn’t even know.But miley needs to be first.. she is simply gross…the tongue flapping outside her mouth… totally disgusting

  • Davis Lawson

    I don’t know who Don Lemon is…but I agree with what he said. No r-loss there

  • 611

    I don’t know who any of these people are

  • Andrew Sader

    “White leaders like Bill O’Reilly” – I think i threw up a bit in my mouth

  • ccryder

    Let me see, you lost respect for Don Lemon for telling the truth? Did I get that right?

  • Horace Cense

    The basic premise is wrong. What makes you think one has ANY respect for a particular “celebrity”? I could name a few that really should stay home.

  • ccryder

    Let me see, you lost respect for Don lemon for telling the truth? Did I get that right/

  • christa

    How can you lose respect for a celebrity you’ve never heard of? And when did Kanye ever garner respect? This was a waste of my time.

  • Anja J

    Really Toure? That is the best your self congratulated mind can come up with? Well, I am sure that Bill, Rush and Don WILL come out and say those things if and when there are 60 shootings and 10 deaths on any given week-end of white people in ONE city! Sheesh, here is another black guy, a younger version of Sharpton and Jackson, acting like all the dead black kids in Chicago are just throw away kids, NO one cares whether they live or die, not even Obama or Holder apparently.

  • whatabunchofshitthisarticleis

    I stopped reading after the first example where you gave toure’ a pass. He is one of the biggest racists there is, all day every day. I didn’t read the rest of the list, but if it doesn’t include the obamas, eric holder, and the entire democrap party, then the list is grossly incomplete. After all, they have done so much intentional damage to this country that they should.

  • Sheppard1

    the one I’ve lost respect for is the pompous meg butler who obviously is hard up for something to bi+ch about.

    • Megs Mom

      She does come across as a whiney little bit ch.

  • NoAla Mom

    Rachel Jeantel was the perfect example of the complete failure of the public education system. I see nothing wrong with what Lolo Jones said.

  • Cindy

    Actually I don’t even know who she is never mind what she did.

  • Alain DeWitt

    In order to LOSE respect for someone, you first must have had respect for them in the first place.

  • da rubo

    Sounds like no-one is allowed to say what they think when it comes to black folks.

  • tikitools1

    Racism is the new McCarthyism

  • Jack

    Don’t dare criticize, huh Meg? you might hurt someone’s feewlings…awww…

  • Moby

    Obama suggested black youth pull up their pants early into his presidency. But I guess Toure can’t criticize him because he’s on the “protected” list. Can you say “hypocrisy”.

    I actually gained respect for Don Lemon for calling a spade a spade…. But according to Toure keeping your pants low doesn’t hinder you – because I see a lot of successful people (black and white) showing up to board meetings with sagging pants. People like Toure keep black people down more than anybody else because they make of business out of stoking the flames of stupid indignation.

  • Elizabeth Reed

    It would be much easier to list the “celebrities” from the worlds of entertainment and professional sports that are worth respect. That would be a short and manageable list. Most of the named persons in this list I’ve never even heard of.

  • AndyMatts

    Author is a complete moron. For instance, LoLo Jones wasn’t mocking Trayvon Martin’s friend having to relive a painful moment. She was liking her “F-U scumbag” attitude towards George Martin’s attorney.

    • rusty50

      LoLo Jones has bee treated so unfairly, even during the Olympics.

  • Niambi

    haahaaa…..Toure’s tweet about Don Lemon is soooo true!!! “White leaders like O’Reilly, Limbaugh and Don Lemon!!!” lolololol

    • Moby

      No it’s not – Toure is full of doo doo. Obama said the same thing early into his first term. And Don is right – you can’t have success by emulating thugs. I actually like gangster rap but I make a difference between listening to it and living my life according to it. Just look at Dre or Jay Z – Sagging pants only for the stage… like an actor on a stage.
      I actually gained respect for Don. Anybody that doesn’t criticize their community at all is NOT interested in its growth and well being, just in milking it… (eg Toure, Sharpton etc..)
      Lots of whites criticize the white community… but heavens forbid a black says something about blacks because they it becomes…

  • Guest

    Who wants to bet that the author of this article is a white female and far-leftist liberal ghostwriting as a African-American female?

  • Anne0135

    Who is the idiot who wrote this article and “determined” who “WE” lost respect for? I lose respect for media everyday due to “elitist” jerks like this. Ms. Jontelle was a moron, a TOTAL embarassment, I took pictures of it all too. She was a brat and a liar. Poor Jontelle. This is what we call “the soft bigotry of low expectations.” As for Don whatever, I totally agree and so would anyone with half a brain. Something the author clearly lacks. Spare us your moronic PC.

  • Bobbybooblay

    never even heard of most of these ‘celebrities’…Pebbles?

  • subframer

    yeah, lord help the african american man who has the temerity to suggest that personal responsibility is any part of the solution equation. let’s keep blaming white people, “society”, rallying around al sharpton et al. that’s worked so well for us to date, and all the other ethnicities in the country respect us so for our handling of own crisis in our own house. let’s eschew men like cosby and lemon, who have earned their success, and let’s double down on race baiters and hucksters like sharpton, who feed on our misery, creating nothing but their own aggrandizement in the process. #lmmfao

    and by the way, ____ ___, toure……

  • Frank Craven

    These people had respect, before 2013? That’s hard to believe.

  • Marleydude

    Oh no.. Stacey Dash said something? Why can’t that stupid conservative b***** keep her trap shut. wtf is she even speaking for..

  • Paul V. Oates Jr.

    Yes, Yes, YES on Don Lemon! As a person who comes from the ‘Black Aristocrat’ society, or ‘Old Money’, he sure is no Anderson Cooper (Vanderbilt Family). Fine… he’s gay… so what! So am I. But his rants against his own people, when he’s had an extremely Blessed life WAY before he started his career was just silly. Hey Don! You don’t have the street cred like Bill Cosby to preach to the masses! Whatcha Tone!

    • Moby

      What did he say that’s wrong? Obama said the same early in his first term (re: sagging pants).
      Also, please define “street cred”

  • George Vreeland Hill

    Great means being great off stage and when the cameras are not rolling.
    Want respect?
    It is a 24 hour job.
    Act stupid and you are done.

    George Vreeland Hill

  • Tess

    Miley was funny, especially when she said “black chicks invented twerking, but it took me to make it famous and bring it to the forefront.” I was too done with this beyotch. Those black rappers got this girl seriously gassed.

  • Tess

    Almost all of these folks I don’t even know.

  • Torcuato Benavides

    Stacy Dash still has my respect. Her only sin is being black and conservative at the same time.

  • Donnie

    One of the dumbest weakest articles I’ve wasted my time on all day. Oh crap! I’ve been reading these all day?

  • Joe

    I wish you libturds woud get off the Trayvon (the thug) Martin already! That POS got exactly what he deserved!

  • TruthHurtz

    Article is a piece of trash. Get a real job.

  • stack

    So on Lemon thinks guys in the city should stop wearing their pants around their knees and being like that in general?? And you LOST respect for him for that? Maybe he knows better than you what the hell is going on in inner cities where violence and crime is completely out of control.. You idiots.

  • Rotorwash

    It is difficult for one to “lose respect” for an individual one did not even know existed.

    Also, it is apparent that Meg Butler is really only upset at celebrities who she decided have offended via race.

  • jschmidt

    WTF, I never heard of most of these people, and could not care less what they think or sayor do!

  • roger

    This article appears to be a list of the biggest losers.

  • Yukiko

    The author of this piece obviously is a black racist.

  • Maddy

    WHOA.. not sure how I linked here this ‘writer’ should be FIRED as a contributor, wow who lets these racist agenda-filled people spew their toxins like this and pays them for it? I have never heard of most of these ‘celebrities’ and she was quoted as attacking Stacey Dash with ‘I can’t respect any black woman silly enough to vote for Romney..’ so, you bully someone because she doesn’t agree with your views, she’s supposed to BOW down and just vote for her same skin color to appease you and not lose street cred or something? What a joke, and WHAT a RACIST hypocrite. You are the problem, unintelligent and ridiculous. Go away.

  • Sometimes it’s just Nuts

    OH AND BY THE WAY…..There’s an actual world out there, a country, fellow citizens that deserve better. The folks who know more about ‘entertainers and their lives” than they do about what’s going on around the country is why this country has gone to $h!t. YOUR ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER and constant complaining will come to an end soon…don’t worry about that, i suggest you petty know nothings, because you do nothing should start preparing to be servants. Because that’s about all that’s going to be available to losers. PRIVILEGE FOR YOU will soon be ending!

  • Sometimes it’s just Nuts

    Imagine that…..A MEDIA PUBLICATION….using their influence to bash people they don’t agree with….Frankly many of them i didn’t agree with before, because of HOW they came across, YET THIS media and everyone else fell prey to populism. American’s ARE NOT THE BEST PEOPLE to judge Character…NEITHER IS THE MEDIA! These people who aren’t suited for making public statements should be stopped WELL BEFORE, instead of YA’ll jumping on their bandwagons everytime. But if you DON’T STAND FOR ANYTHING, it’s going to be hard to figure out who is a good person and who’s in it for the money!

  • Morgan Isles

    Most of the people you talk about I don’t know through public media, because I had no respect for them, and never followed the garbage that they spewed anyway. The only one I truly disagree with is Miley Cyrus. I think she has a good heart. So what if she twerks. So what if she sticks her tongue out. I don’t care if she’s promiscuous. She’s single, and entitled to her own life. Unlike others that made their own life, her life was made for her by her parents. And her outbursts are a product of the pressure she has growing up famous. As the writer of this article, I doubt that you are being watched every second of everyday, with people lying in wait for you to misinterpret every damn thing you do.

  • Teddy

    Most of these people are a bunch of nobodies. They never had any respect.

  • TheDoctor

    You cite that idiot Toure who doesn’t even know Don Lemon is black?

  • drturl .

    Strange article, I didn’t any respect for any of these people to begin with, can’t lose what you haven’t earned

  • Richcub

    Mostly one color in this box of crayons!

  • Billtron

    My wife was a trainer on the LSU track team when Lolo was was there. Not saying anything negative about her but she’s difficult to work with.

    She’s a good athlete. I wish her well in her transition to the bobsled.

  • The Prophet

    This site was linked from a news site that makes sense. That’s how I ended up in this bizarro world of hyper sensitivity to anything that might somehow some way offend a frail, insecure, or angry liberal. Lolo Jones rocks but is obviously too strong and independent to be trusted here. Goodbye forever whoever you people are.

  • Patchouli

    I dont know how I ended up here, but I honestly said “WHO???” to the majority of these people. I dont know these assholes, and I dont care. Get lives. Who cares about celebrities and their stupidity. Stop giving them attention and power, and give it to YOURSELF and your neighbor.

    • Patchouli

      These are mostly reality “stars” arent they? Those arent celebrities, you silly silly people.

  • raielle C

    Black people need to stop crippling themselves with this victimizing garbage. Stop making yourselves out to be victims because you’re NOT. Stop and Frisk HELPED NYC lower crime. Keep complaining about cops being “pigs” and let’s see how quickly they come to rescue you next time you need them. Ignorant idiots.

  • Jo

    Trayvon Martin was not murdered.

  • Geoz32

    I disagree with other comments that this is about being left. I think this is about being black enough…. and that doesn’t sit right.

  • JayTor2112

    This place is hilarious. Uber-leftist PC sensitivity BS run amok.

  • vinwire

    This lineup is posted on TPNN? Hey Meg Butler, up yours.

  • Moonpup

    Just wondering why Paula Deen is bad for something she might have said 20 years ago but there’s no mention of Nicki Minaj putting the same thing on an album cover this year?

  • SC Native

    It is “Sumter, SC”

  • srpatterso

    I always like to read their yearly list to chuckle at how childishly “progressive” it is. Basically, anyone that does not agree with their “progressive” religious zealotry, they have “lost respect for.” Guess what, children. No one respects you.

  • Real Talk! I lost REAL respect for the company’s that sold Paula Deene’s cookware during her lil episode. They made ZERO attempts to put her ish on sale. I mean ZERO attempts!! I had been eyeballing a lavender skillet set for a while and that price didn’t drop a nickle.

  • Jay

    I do believe that she was right in what she said. I also believe that she has a right to her opinion on a subject, just as you seem to have yours!!! Get a real life where people care about you have to write…

  • Rick Schell

    OK, for one, are you so desperate that you have to go with a bunch of people I have never even heard of and called them celebrities? about half of your list is B list at best! Second, some of what you put them on the list is as deplorable as the list itself. I’m a bit old school I admit, and Paula Dean may have said some things that offended some people. I give you that but in all seriousness, there is not one person that breaths air that has not said something that could be considered offensive or prejudice. If that offends you, go get a life. for you to put Stacey Dash on the list because she defended Paula Dean, that tells me that you are so desperate to jump on a white person for making a prejudice statement that you will hang in effigy a black woman for defending her. Bravo Stacey for standing up for a good woman who made a private statement in front of the wrong person. Am I prejudice? In a word no, but have I made comments that could be considered prejudice? To put it bluntly, it would make your hair curl! Did I mean any harm by it, no. Did i have people in mind when I said it to my close circle of friends, yes. You take a group of people no matter what tone of skin they have and find poor examples of their ancestry. Don’t even get me started who i think is more prejudice overall.

  • sickandtiredinNE

    Who the hell had respect for any of these idiots in the first place?

  • Mark

    So she hates Stacy Dash for standing up for someone Who Was Cleared of false charges?

  • niggaplease

    damn stupid ni 99er $ hit

  • TaxMeAgain

    Writers I lost respect for: Meg Butler.

  • diddly

    honestly that A$AP rocky reasoning was dumb

  • John Wong

    I agree with Don Lemon. 90 percent of the crime in New York City is committed by blacks.

  • Martin Scorsese

    Why is most everyone on this list black?

  • pbradford021 .

    Who is Don Lemon???

  • guido brown

    Anyone notice the list is mostly black, HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!

  • Jack

    Your article is very interesting and I agree with most of it but in deals mostly in black entertainers, which is a first for me to read. There is one fault with it, you deal with a certain group and they all come from the entertainment industry but the people you highlight are only a small part of the corrupt entertainment business, there are a lot more white people in that business that don’t deserve mentioning their names, because they are just as lousy at being not admired
    Most people who have come from having nothing to fame and fortune and have switched from being an ordinary person to become a egotistical bunch of know it alls, but in reality what they turn into because of sudden wealth is a lot of scumbags. They never say anything or have political thoughts when they are down and out trying to reach stardom and status in a make believe world, but as soon as they become wealthy they seem to know everything about the world and it’s problem, but in reality they are a lot of losers and fakers.
    The entertainment industry still has a lot of good people working in it, and the real icons of this business are the ones that built it up and most have bit the dust, the Jack Benny’s, Rohchester, Red Skelton, Cagney, Morgan Freeman, Nat King Cole, Louie Armstrong, Johnathon Winters, Spencer Tracy, Bill Cosby, and many many more too numerous to mention. Now this industry is full of lewd pill popping misfits.

  • Jmon

    Dear Meg Butler,
    After a brief review of “Celebrities We Lost Respect For In 2013” I found you are a bigot and ignorant.
    – intolerant person: somebody with strong opinions, who refuses to accept different views
    – lacking in knowledge or training; 2. lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact
    I DON’T ASPECT YOU TO UNDERSTAND. But please review and know why this site will be blocked.
    & whoever, you slept with to get this gig, you better hope the still have repect for you after they read your spouting.
    – talk at great length about something: to talk about something tediously and at great length, usually with no regard for the listener’s interest

    • Matibob

      You do realize that once the words “bigot” and/or “racist” are uttered that your point is now deemed moot…do not not?

  • aslanleon

    Nobody in their right mind had respect for any of these people, with the
    exception of the very perceptive Don Lemon. My respect for him
    continues. Paula Deen was of no interest to me. The lynching party of leftists that destroyed her raised my respect for her. My respect for the rest of these clowns never existed.

  • aslanleon

    Nobody in their right mind had respect for any of these people, with the exception of the very perceptive Don Lemon. My respect for him continues. My respect for the rest of these clowns never existed.

  • John_Doe12

    I have a new respect for Don Lemon.

  • Quhnaarin

    you know other then kenya and miley I have no idea who any of those people are so I cant lose respect for them

  • Buelly

    man, I actually gained respect for many of those on the list..L

  • Scottro

    Meg Butler is liberal activist full of hate for anyone that has a different view point. She uses these “articles” simply to launch attacks in an attempt to shame those with different opinions. She is in fact the one that is out of touch with the majority of americans.

  • bill

    That was funny

  • heh

    Title of the article should be: “Shaming people who say politically incorrect things” Also, for the record, Trayvon Martin wasn’t murdered.

  • judy Potter

    As soon as I saw Paula Deen on the list, I lost all curiosity for the rest of the list. I’m done. I realized the article was drivel written by the same kind of lame brain that has given a lot of the media a bad name. I was never a follower or fan of Paula Deen. But what the media did to her was only one small part of what caused me to LOSE RESPECT FOR THEM! Thumbs down…

  • Paul Rudge

    Celebrities! Celebrities? I’v never even
    heard of most of them!

  • Beachyone

    Deitrick Haddon “wenis” he posted pics of his elbow skin? OMG the shame!!!

  • IComplainAlot

    Just wow

  • holyhumpinhanna

    top heavy with schwoogies. shocking

  • jim carr

    Most were black…

  • Steve H

    Apparently, being conservative is as bad as trying to force a woman to get an abortion.

    I don’t know who half of these people are, because I do not spend 18 hours a day watching TV.

  • MEB

    Wow, the writer hates a lot of black people?

  • Gotgraycells

    It really was hard to even get to #9 on the list. You HAD respect for these people? There are so many really helpful, wise, generous, kind, and honorable people in the world, people of class and character. I did not see anyone on your list that ever stood out from the crowd in these areas, so why are you losing respect for persons who never earned it in the first place. Give them a break, they should not fall off a pedestal they never deserved to put on.

  • rosewood11

    Pasula Deen was railroaded!!! I still like her, would buy her products and watch her TV shows. I’m tired of everyone that said something 30 years ago that Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or barack obama doesn’t like being labeled a racist.

  • K-Rock

    Woe is you. Good grief, go find something important to whine about.

  • Tim

    I was thinking megan Butler should add her name to the list….

  • GinaStJohn

    So it’s true – blacks are a monoculture with no one thinking for themselves or outside of their own color. Didn’t know that was true until these last two presidential elections and this article. BTW – you judged obama by his color and not his character (MLK dream was never realized) and how’s obama working out for you? LOL with his special incentives to illegals, digging us farther in debt, dividing us by race, being so transparent – putting the IRS on people he doesn’t like the way thugs act when they are trying to establish territory….sad group of people if you all dislike someone because they are different from you.

  • srosteve094 .

    Only a douchebay writes CRAP like this. LOSER!

  • goldushapple

    “she can be conservative”

    But not when it angers you, right? If other celebrities can voice their support for other celebrities doing stupid sh*t and for social trends then so can Stacey Dash.

  • WhoAreThey?

    What’s interesting about this list is that I have never heard of a single one of them. They must appeal to only a very, very small percentage of the American population. Celebrities? I don’t think so. D-list wannabes at most. Who cares what these people do.

    • WhoAreThey?

      I take that back. I have heard of Paula Deen, although I have never seen her perform. Isn’t she on some cooking channel or another.

  • Sapwolf

    The author of this article is a moonbat.

  • TRedmond

    Some of these people acted like jerks. Others, apparently we are supposed to no longer respect because their opinions differ from the author’s. While I wouldn’t say I respect Lolo Jones, I certainly don’t disrespect her for calling out a young woman who flat out lied on a witness stand. I stopped reading there. I have little respect for the author or her article.

  • Becca Phillips

    I don’t know most of these people. Thank God for that. Also, did anyone ever really respect these people? Kanye, lil Wayne? And a bunch of what I’m assuming are reality TV stars thrown in there, too.

  • CryingIndian

    I Don’t Know Who Meg Butler The Author Is Or If She’s Black Or White? But She Sure Don’t Like Black People Too Much! Maybe She’s Just Jealous? lol

  • punsalot

    Don’t know who Don Lemon is, but he has my respect.

  • Chris Mendros

    16. Madame Noire. Oh, wait! What celebrity? What respect?

  • James Fineman

    Must be getting old, I only know 2 of the people they whined about and found most of the things they hated funny.

  • CryingIndian

    Stacey Dash No! She Stands Up For What She Believes In!

  • CryingIndian

    Kanye Yes! How Can You Lose Respect For Someone Who Never Had It In The First Place?

  • CryingIndian

    Lolo Jones No! Lolo Was Making Fun Of Precious Because She Was A Liar!

  • CryingIndian

    Paula Deen No! Racists Where Out To Get Her!

  • CensoredSpeech

    MadameNoire has gotta be a leftist rag!! Just about all of the people listed were being railroaded by the progressive media!! Get a life, losers!!!

  • oscar1939

    I got through two. This is little more than a rotating billboard.. And Paula Deen was LYNCHED in the media.

  • Disinterested

    You can’t “lose” respect for people who never had it..

  • lmayer

    Tells too much of HIS and his wife’s business- not he and his wife’s. Not HE business.

  • FYI

    WRONG! Deitrick Haddon wife cheated with another pastor on him. He and his current wife got together after divorce proceeding were started.

    Deitrick Haddon
    Deitrick Haddon

  • GFFM

    who exactly, other than the writer here, has lost respect for them? This is the most snobbish, judgmental screed about celebrities I have read in a long time. Is the writer somehow superior to all of these people? All this is is petulance and meanness. Horrible crap.

    • oscar1939

      No! It is scandal headline to get you to watch the rotating billboard that this type of article really is.

  • Homer Sansom

    Unbelievable they put Stacy Dash on here for defending Paula Deen for something she said almost 20 years ago. Man, people need to get a life. There are blacks who make worst racist comments than she did. The country is getting worst when it comes to race relations and you can blame the administration that occupies the White house now

  • Wayne

    WTF! Meg Butler is an opinionated idiot!

  • Sheila McFarland

    This list is qht black folk will never progress but regress.

  • Strategerist

    I gained respect for Don Lemon after those comments. ONLY black people can solve the problems in the black community. When blacks criticize other blacks for even trying, it proves that they are not interested in actually solving problems, only pushing their own personal agenda (re: Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc.)

  • rob

    I don’t any respect for any of them as all of them are spoilt attension seeking narcistic love them self false scumbags

  • hrdcore

    “celebrities we lost respect for” or “celebrities she lost respect for “? No bias in her writing or in her politics …

    • James Fineman

      If they are celebs, why haven’t I heard of them?

      • hrdcore

        maybe you have a life……

  • Jeremy Snell

    so these celebrity jokes had respect BEFORE 2013 ??? LOL

  • Jeremy Snell

    does anybody on her list have a REAL name???

  • Mister Bill

    Don Lemon is right. People that don’t think so are part of the problem — NOT the solution.

  • Daniel

    Paula Deen needs to burn. There is no excuse for using the N word from a white person. I don’t care how long ago it was. If you find out a white person has ever said this do whatever it takes to humiliate them and destroy their life as much as possible. keep it legal though. A lot of white people crack when things go sour and commit suicide. Can’t think of a more fitting end for a racist.

  • Rich

    my life would not change if all these people died

  • richdeal

    don’t even know who half of these people are… Why would anyone care what they are saying

  • Josh Gilman

    Paula Deen used a slur. Michael Jordan admitted he hated all white people. Difference? NONE they both happened in the past. See what I did there? Who lost everything and who is juuuuuust fine.

  • Josh Gilman

    Black ‘culture’ is responsible for HIV rates among them (secrecy, DL whatever), peer pressure that causes adult black folks to call others ‘uncle toms’ if they go against supposed mainstream black culture, etc. It causes black kids who ‘speak proper’ in school systems to be endlessly mocked by other black kids and/or adults as ‘actin white’. No, I’d say Don Lemon is right on.


    Love this guys. The Black community has re-enslaved themslelves. Only getting a dose of cold Truth will cure this disease. I love this guy.

  • Jett Rink

    Giuliani’s anti-crime stance and measures, like stop and frisk, brought us some peace. Now, the far left new mayor is dropping us back down the well. The stats are already overwhelming if you’re into that kind of thing and if you’re not, you’ll likely become a stat. Crime isn’t cool, stopping it is.

  • Brian

    Wow, add the author of this article to the list of who lost respect. It is a joke for all the wrong reasons. Inject politics much?

  • Equality7-2521

    Trayvon wasn’t murdered, he got what he was begging for.

  • BrianJ

    I agree coolyfett. The author of this hit piece, Meg Butler, is either too fragile to hear anything that offends her easily-offended ears, or is engaging in speech suppression of views she finds disagreeable. I suspect it is both. How people like this are given a platform is beyond me. They are the bane of true journalism and First Ammendments rights!

  • JoseGrunt

    Unless you were asleep when the verdict was announced, Trayvon Martin was NOT murdered. George Zimmerman acted in legitimate self defense when he was assaulted by a healthy 17 year old football player (with a criminal history). Even the black woman juror voted to acquit.

  • Swansea Till I Die!

    Who the hell are most fo these people?

  • dzhugashvili

    Pathetic site, pathetic article. Waste of time and oxygen. Toure??? Really? Toure?? My dog has better opinions and more insight. First and last visit. Just like S&M sites, you can find any worthless thing on the interweb.

  • njoriole

    So, Toure IS someone you respect? That, alone, makes me have no respect for this writer.

  • dennis

    Aren’t celebrities supposed to be people we have actually heard of?

  • Creta De Vault-Ford

    I didn’t know Kanye had any respect to lose! LOL He and Kim deserve one another! Their baby is so cute, I will have to admit that. Norie can/t help who her parents are.

  • Creta De Vault-Ford

    You go Don and tell it like it should be!

  • bill1942

    “Celebrities We Lost Respect For In 2013”??? ALL OF THEM, of course!!!

  • FIRE THEM ALL- 2014

    Actually I think I not only respect them, I respect them more now. Only a moron would want the problems with minorities to continue unchecked, it is time for some of the to stand up and say so. If you have issues with that then perhaps it is you that is the problem instead. I just lost respect for you for writing this.

  • rainman199

    Miley Cyrus is bigger than anyone at this rag. Jealousy is a bitc h then you die.

  • Jonathan Vere

    As many millions would do if they were to respond honestly, Paula Deen admitted she had once used “the n-word.”

  • rainman199

    LoLo Jones is hot and I’d hit it. Jeantel? Not even with Michael Moores di ck

  • rainman199

    Don Lemon getst on the list for telling the truth?
    The truth is to lefties what the cross is to vampires.

  • signspeaker

    Madame is the ISIS of black culture. Orthodox black culture, or negative press.

  • DMoney

    Whiniest, bitchiest list ever.

  • The_Pilgrim

    So, just another anti-Republican screed. Typically libtard….

  • annabel

    Most of them were fine. I have a problem with Don Lemon and Stacey Dash. You just don’t like them because they don’t fall in lock stock with what is supposed to be the right way to “think” and “believe” if you’re black. In other words they have minds of their own.

  • CE

    I lost what little respect I had for Don Lemon when he invited a guest onto his show and then cut his mic on air. No First Amendment on Don’s show. Agree with him or be silenced.

  • disqus_8ii07fUFn0

    Really so the truth really hurts the lefties.

  • Mark M

    Why does anyone assume we had an respect for any of these celebrities before this year? Just because they are rich and famous doesn’t mean they are exceptional people.

  • Me

    Funny, I thought I had my own decisions. Who is this clown to tell me how to think? I’m not a lemming, sorry go find the low information voters.

  • yhwhzson

    I am a black male from East New York, Brooklyn. These idioots should pull up their pants. And they would succeed in not showing their underwear. And running from the police would be a lot easier. When will we stop covering for these a**holes.
    In the years to come we will watch the fools drunk with their own swagger stagger and fall!
    Right own their own communities.

  • ConstanceUnderfoot

    Oh, I get it now. This is a black website where every issue is about race.

    Pulling one’s pants up is certainly more productive than believing everything is race related.

  • guest

    So, where are the celebrities? I don’t know these people . . .

  • ConstanceUnderfoot

    So citing Toure, someone I have zero respect for, is a measure of who deserves respect? Nuts.

  • webescrewed

    WTF? I have no clue who most of these people are nor do I understand the writer’s beef with them. Must be a black thing.

  • mussidie

    who the hell are you Meg Butler?! Stacy Dash and Lolo Jones each have more class in their pinky toenails than you do in that empty, racist brain of yours. and yes Trayon’s “girlfriend” was a real piece of work wasn’t she?

  • GloriousCause

    Madame Noire is one of the most bigoted, hateful sites I’ve ever seen. You all use Toure’ as an example of the racially educated when he talks of “white on white” violence. How ignorant and destructive considering the travesty in places like Chicago, et al. You may assuage your racial egos but at the expense of many black youth who are killed on a daily basis. And go ahead and hate on Lo Lo Jones. She has more character than anyone writing for this miserable magazine. Preach tolerance but spew hate. Same ol’ same ol’…

    • xmattingly

      “Toure” is nothing more than a racially bigoted agitator with a dou¢hebag name. Pretty sad sack for “Madame” to be citing. And the bit about Treyvon… when someone is bashing your skull in and you shoot them, that’s self defense. Guess Meggy Megs prefers her own hate mongering bias over speaking the truth of events.

  • Bettysnark

    I get why she’s on there, but did someone have respect for Lolo Jones that they had it to lose? IJS

  • CheeseFromHell

    Celebrity isn’t what it used to be. It used to be that someone had to know who you were.

  • Nina Bates

    so far, the ONLYs ‘so-called’ celebrities I even KNOW or heard of , are Paula Deen, and Kanye is in the news so often, I am almost forced to hear about him. The rest of these schmucks are all nobodies, just like the Kartrashians are. My opinion, like it or not. All a person has to do these days is fart in public and ‘poof’….famous! Bullcrap to me…life goes on without all of them.

  • trenee13

    This “Preacher of L.A”. is doing nothing but fulfilling Bible prophecy, (even if that was the last thing on his mind):
    @Timothy 3:4-7: “betrayers, headstrong, puffed up [with pride], lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God, 5) having a form of godly devotion but proving false to its power; and from these turn away. 6) For from these arise those men who slyly work their way into households and lead as their captives weak women loaded down with sins, led by various desires, 7) always learning and yet never able to come to an accurate knowledge of truth”.

  • DPerson626

    I have only heard of one of them, and that was because she was plastered all over thge evening news for a month.

  • jdog

    Ha! It’s hilarious to see someone who casts judgement on people just because they don’t fit her racial agenda, regardless of right or wrong. No offense, but unfortunately you aren’t intelligent enough to see that. Oh, and an article about poop on your thong? Really? If someone isn’t intelligent enough to keep wiping until the paper is clean, I don’t think they should be allowed to vote… lol

  • notnotjeff

    Ok, who are Lolo, That preacher, that gun, lil mo, kirk & asap? Asap female? Never cared about paula, myley, thicke, l wayne…And lets dig up the way past w/pebbles & dash. And never respected kanye anyway. Pitiful.

  • billjenkins

    Blacks are stupid and judging by this lame article of what is “lost respect for”, they will never change that perception. Get back on the plantation, nigz!

  • DJD11

    Never had any respect for Paula Deen.

  • Tom Williams

    Before I could lose resect for any of these people, i would first have to have some.

  • patrick gragg

    Don Lemon is not a “white” leader, (he is black,sweetheart)

  • Bottom line… who cares what celebs are doing?

  • GianniP

    “black culture”

  • Jimmy Ray, Jr.

    Looks loke Lolo was right! I have a lot of respect for Lolo Jones.

  • Clem Hooten

    I find it interesting that liberals are the most overtly racists of all. As long as you attack groups of people they hate, racism is entirely ok.

  • TheIGofSA

    I respect most of these people more than the writer of this stupid article

  • 2ofthesame

    Majority of these people I either didn’t know or never heard of what they did. Ask me number one on this list should be Cory Monteith. Guy had everything.. Pretty girl, lots of money.. And decided that shooting poison into his veins was far more important. Call it a sickness if you want. He played the game and lost. Now he is just like Elvis. Just another dead junkie.

  • Lovebandit

    I think I speak for everyone on the Planet when I say “who cares who you lost respect for?” You publish a vapid rag, LOL…

  • AntiKass

    Meg Butler should shut her trap. What a moron.

  • Carson G

    wait…..they quoted Toure to diss someone? Toure is a moron. he proves that all the time. just google some of the stupid crap he says. and the quote the put is pretty stupid as well. he’s a race baiter. and Stacey Dash is not a conservative for attention. try not being a typical closeminded liberal and listen to what she says. Its clearly what she believes.

  • Charlotte Eve

    Honestly?? Who are these “celebrities??”

  • Jorge Martin

    Stacey is GREAT

  • Jorge Martin

    I have NO issue with Lolo
    truth hurts liberals racists

  • Mark Downing

    No problems with Lolo – Travon was killed in self defense.

  • Mark Downing

    Paula Deen did NOTHING!

  • Semprasectum

    YOU put Stacey Dash on this list because she is a black Conservative. .. .stop it, you racist POSs. .

  • Semprasectum

    so someone giving an OPINION about her hair is not disrespectful and RACIST>> >>no wonder you black POS are this country’s ONLY failed immigrant group. .. .losers

  • V

    Oh grow up about Sheryl Underwood said. She’s BLACK and a COMEDIAN. She can joke about whatever she wants, especially about her own races’ hair color. When a Jewish comedian jokes about their curly hair (many have), NO ONE gets offended. Stop crying racism, especially when she’s making fun of herself.

  • V

    “WHITE LEADERS” – WHAT THE F*#@!!!?!!

    They are white leaders, of what? They are hate mongering assholes. Dear Lord…the world really is coming to an end.

  • fairtv

    MadameNoire, what kind of person is offended when someone tells the truth?

  • paladin911

    BS sells to the low information sector. look at the half mil likes for Madam Noire . I wonder how many of those “likes” have sense enough to not play in traffic.

  • vinwire

    Who the ‘eff’ cares who you respect? Can you even spell the word without singing?

  • Doesnt matter

    Sorry, but Don Lemon is right. African Americans bring it all upon themselves.

  • RIconservative

    Toure’ is a race baiting idiot.

  • CoastW

    Oh brother. Pardon me for thinking your “lost respect” was for a racist bigot like Toure. (Who is Don Lemon?).

    Paula Deen said “negro” the wrong way THIRTY-FIVE YEARS AGO? Play any rap songs lately?

    Who is Lolo Jones? Since when is self-defense “murder”?

    Who is Deitrick Haddon?

  • Chrissy Bangs

    Wow what a bunch of hypersensitive cry babies. Get over it “people”.

  • susan

    how dare you use “we” in your headline. I lost respect for YOU, meg butler with your petty narrow- minded hypocrisy. go after the hamas, isis, & al-qaeda terrorists who are murdering innocents, as you are no doubt writing another insignificant article about your spiteful pet peeves.

  • Lost respect for? Why would anyone have had any respect for these people in the first place?

  • NoRespectForYouToo

    Stacy Dash can be conservative if she wants to? So what makes you lose respect for her is that she has the gall to speak out? Then you accuse her of doing so only for attention? I suppose you are so virtuous that you created this listicle to avoid getting attention, right?

  • Diane DeMarco

    Except for Miley Cyrus who I agree with you on, you seem to have missed the number one person I and many, many others have lost respect for ages ago. That, my friends, is the traitor, Miss Jane Fonda.

  • DDofAL

    THE LOLO INCLUSION WAS COMPLETELY OFF BASE–martin was not murdered–he was killed after he assaulted someone—-SO THIS IS CRAP!!

  • CountMahdrof

    I thought Toure was the pariah at first, and was encouraged (not that I ever had a smidgen of respect for that racist). Libocrisy abounds, however.

  • Bear

    These aren’t celebrities. These are a bunch of wanna-be losers that no one in their right mind ever had any respect for. If there is any respect to be lost, it’s for those who ever idolized these people in the first place.

  • Cameron Channell

    This author obviously sees everything through the prism of race. Some of the criticism is legitimate, but a lot of it is reaching.

  • jlwhithaus

    What liberal wrote this piece. What a waste of digital space and time.

  • Yannick Messaoud

    Celeberties a part from Miley Cirus i have no idea who the reste are

  • Clem Hooten

    Why not title this article correctly: What people pissed off lib-tards this year.

  • biscuit lip

    Most baboons have respect for Col. Sanders and St. Ides

  • Benner

    I thought everyone made fun of that 17 year old who testified.

    • paladin911

      I did. She looked like a buffarilla about to charge

  • erickcartman

    This has to be a joke list. It’s nothing more than progressive/collectivist propaganda.

  • Tom_F

    My, what an exclusive club madamenoire wants to keep these people out of. I dig these people, they are rightly clowning the defenders of ‘black culture’ like Racheal Jeantel, Touré, dark-skinneded ladies who don’t understand red lipstick makes them look like blackface, marrying outside the race, and slamming polite educated happy brothers as ‘corny’ (because we all know the REAL brothers are angry cursing disrespectful bucks just one wrong look away from a felony. Good luck with that attitude, but when you don’t advance past ‘blogging’ look in the mirror (and I don’t mean your skin-tone, gurrrlll!!)

  • Harold Schulz

    The LIBS who wrote this are Complete BOZOS!! Welcome to REAL America!

  • Jim Walker

    guess my white privilege Christian up bringing has blinded me to the terrible plight of being offended so easily by everything SMH

  • Michael Bird

    What a bunch of whiny bullshit.

  • Miche

    Really hard to loose respect for people who never had mine or i’m sure most people’s respect anyway!

  • miche

    I think whoever wrote this whole thing thinks that white people should never speak about anything on their mind. They are obviously black as well, smh

  • kzintius

    “She can be conservative if she wants to, but ” Thanks bigot.
    I see that almost all of these have to do with dissing someone of color versus actually committing a real crime.

  • DieselBoatMan

    Funny, I never knew I respected any of them beforehand.

  • justsaynotosocialism

    LOLO!!! You go , girl. Talk about truth telling!

  • CrustyOldGeezer

    Paula Dean was absolved of all wrong-doing.

    The claims against her were profit motivated and baseless.

  • Donna Marliena Smith

    out of the 16 Celebrities i have only heard of 3 of them. lol and seen nothing that bad.

  • Phil Kruse

    First with only two exception none of these people ever earned my respect and since Obama isnt on the list its bogus anyway.

  • Dencal26

    Toure is a racist idiot

  • ADLoggy

    Ignorant and racist describes the author of this article. Nuff said!

  • Harcourt Fenton Mudd

    Apparently Madman Black (who nobody knows) don’t have respect for real Black Celebrities who go off Madman Black’s plantation of rules that Madman Black wrote himself/herself/itself. I wonder why Obumbler is not on this list or did Madman Black write the rules for him and he toeing the line?

  • Yasmine

    This article was one of the worst wastes of time I’ve spent, in a long time. Just write it all off as a Leftist, somewhat racist, rant. No more, no less.

  • tatashady

    Scarlett Johansson lost all my respect when she quit the humanitarian organization OXFAM so she could be a spokesperson for SodaStream, a product made in occupied Palestinian territory. She is now persona-non-tata.

  • HappyG

    I stopped after #3…clearly whoever put together this montage is ignorant…I guess when you tell the truth in today’s America, you are considered ‘not needing of respect’…Just imagine if Treyvon Martin’s dad had acted like an adult and notified the Gated Community’s Office, as required, that the heavily tatted, golden grilled TM would be ‘visiting’ for a few days…Then maybe he wouldn’t have looked so out of place as he cased the condos…

  • JAMES R.

    Just who was it that ever respected most of these people anyway?

  • smartsoprano

    For heaven’s sake! Whatever happened to grammar? It’s not “who tells way to much of he and his wife’s business”, it’s “who tells way TOO much of HIS WIFE’S AND HIS business.”

  • libra8a .

    How can you lose respect for someone you had no respect for to begin with?

  • HarryTheCat

    How do you lose respect for someone you never respected in the first place?

  • uriel moore

    Since when did ANYONE care about LoLo Jones besides a bunch of press monkeys that act like 14 year old boys over her looks? She’s the Anna Kornikova of Olympic Athletics. A pretty face that has never accomplished a thing there. She might actually get a medal if she stayed off twitter, stopped talking selfies, and actually trained.

  • 4BlueStars

    Well there ya’ go. If a black person [Don Lemon] dares to speak the truth about black culture and the black community the Left goes ape-s#!t .
    And Toure’? Well we already know he is a bat-s#!t crazy Left-wing loon.

    • HappyG

      Yep…exactly…The funny part is that the dems they vote for religiously are about to sentence inner city black males into 50%+ perpetual unemployment to appease the illegal invaders…and their black ‘leaders’ are silent…

  • Robert Engler

    I got to Lolo’s indictment and quit. Boring. I would have figured Papa Barack would have been at the top of the list, but I guess I was wrong.

  • Seriously-huh?

    Some of these – maybe- but what about ‘so called celebrities’
    involved in or perpetrating… alcoholism, drug abuse, violence, vandalism, greed,
    absurd excesses, generally poor values and morals, …..the list can go on and on.
    Those are the people ‘we’ (whoever that is) should ‘lose
    respect for’; not just because ‘we’ disagree with an opinion or statement.

  • SuzyQue

    Good for Don Lemon. To be on Toure’s wrong side is a good thing.

  • Joke

    This article is a joke.

  • LiveToEat

    What a piece of trash article. Who gave this person a keyboard?

    • yokalow

      exactly my thoughts

  • Joe Smith

    Judging by the ridiculous criticism of Don Lemon, this looks like some sort of black supremacist site. Every celebrity entry in this article is loaded with racism.
    Apparently the idiots who write this garbage think that black people should be lazy, ignorant, unemployed, and proud of it.

  • Experiment 626

    Some of these gained respect.
    This author needs to be reassigned.

  • sstflyer

    No problem with ‘diversity’ here!

  • BahiaBob

    This site is a racist piece of garbage. Never visiting again and I have blocked access.

  • pal

    LOL Boy I am so glad I am the age I am as I don’t consider any of these celebrities never mind not heard of 90% of them I feel sorry for today’s youths as this is all you have to look forward to WOW SAD SAD SAD

  • Never heard of any of them. I guess I didn’t lose any respect for them either.

  • tommytoo

    Meg Butler…get over yourself. As if I care what you think. Nancy put it well…your insignificant…grow up! I would be embarrassed to have you as family

  • julepamplin

    Rachel Jeantel was actually 19. Whoever wrote this is a fuckin’ joke…the editor, too.

  • AmericanBelle

    Why is Don Lemon on this list? He nailed it when he criticized the gangsta mindset of black culture. African-American youth could far more benefit from a role model like Lemon than any bucolic vitriol spewed by the likes of Sharpton or Jackson or Wright! I have absolutely no respect for the likes of Toure who’d rather tear down people like Lemon, West and Carson before admitting he’s no better than the disrespectful thugs on the street he admires for not “acting white”.

  • MoreFreedom2

    I’ll be adding Meg Butler to the list of people who don’t deserve my respect, and I’ll be adding to my list some of those Butler is disrespecting for supposed racism. Butler said she “can’t respect a black person silly enough to vote for Mitt Romney.” Apparently Butler doesn’t have any respect for half the citizens in the USA, so I have none for her.

  • ZenderTranscender

    I stopped reading this article after the stuff on Lemon.
    That kind of needy spew shows why blacks are still at the bottom of the food chain, whether in Africa or the USA. And will be. Nobody cares if black people “act white” or not. They would just like them to manage their anger and stop blaming others because society often rejects them. It’s their own damned fault – no one else’s.

  • Danny

    White on white, didn’t the President state recently that we all are Americans it didn’t matter the color, the religion, or beliefs.Isn’t there a lot of blacks in the inter cities who need help? Why can’t we help all Americans in this rush on criminal activities where fellow Americans are being murdered for no reason. And before we go cracy about gun control there are already laws on gun control not being inforced for different reasons like unmaned and lack of funds.

  • brimp

    Since Obama is not on this list can I assume that you lost respect for him years ago?

    • MoreFreedom2

      Butler is a die hard Democrat, regarless of the fact that Democrats are the party that defended slavery then segregation then Jim Crow laws. And there are many closet racists in the Democratic party (e.g. Don Sterling). She said she couldn’t respect anyone who voted for Romney. And her list of celebrities WE supposedly lost respect for in 2013, reflect only those that lost her respect.

      Madame Noir is showing it’s bias, and has lost my respect.

  • So much for your hope & change!

  • William Head

    “Why aren’t white leaders like Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and Don Lemon doing anything to combat white on white violence?” – Toure. Because white on white violence isn’t a problem. 1) Black men comprise only about 6% of the US population, but commit almost 40% of violent crimes. 2) The number one cause of death amongst black males age 18-45 is being murdered…by another black male.

  • kmanthie

    Why would any of these nobodies have anyone’s “respect” in the 1st place? They have no talent, I’ve never heard of any but 2 or so of this gang of idiots & only then not by choice.

  • Jeff Erickson

    They don’t use proper grammar either, I think the author needs to go back to the 3rd Grade to learn the to, too rule again.

    • ZenderTranscender

      Go back to the 3rd grade?? I doubt if she ever made it there,

  • Seth Lindgren

    I lost respect for this site and this writer in 2014. Meg Butler? Who are you?

  • Enough is Enough

    I don’t understand. What did Don Lemon say that was wrong?

  • gongdark

    Boy, this article woke me up. I didn’t know anybody had any respect for these wanna be’s anal orifices.

  • Jilly

    The only person I HAD any respect for was Paula, and if anything I’ve only gained more for her

  • Ron Krandle

    Stacey Dash lost this person’s respect because she’s a Conservative. Forget the “She can be a Conservative if she wants to” crap. Stacey has been a Conservative for quite a while now. It’s not like she suddenly decided to do this to further her career. Had she espoused the usual Liberal views, she’d never have made this list.

  • Aaron Taylor

    To the moron who wrote this. Shootings have drastically increased with Stop and Frisk gone, it appears that yes, them black folks needed help in succeeding, by knowing that the cops can search them for looking suspicious or doing something suspicious. Chicago is such a fine city, them black folks without Stop and Frisk are truly a Great, innovative, brilliant, classy race, no problems there.

  • Della Street

    I’ve never even heard of half of these people. Jeez…

  • Jack Hoft

    a whole list of barely knowns being harrassed for barely faux pas…..I want my 12 minutes back!

  • Nick

    Stacy Dash come on….. She is awesome. The people that should be on this list but aren’t Jamie Foxx, Samual Jackson, Oprah, Woopie Goldberg….

  • Gangnam Style

    Yeah, God forbid that Stacey Dash should stray from drinking the liberal kook-aide…LOL…

  • Gerry Jones

    Yeah, Don Lemon! Tired of you and how you speak the truth. Ask any liberal anywhere and they’ll tell you that black people need to be patted on the head and taken care of the by the govt cause they’re too dumb to do anything else. How dare you suggest they’re equal to white people. Liberals don’t like that. Lost your job for it, too didn’t you? Tolerance at its finest.

  • Guest

    Sooo, mostly people of color then?

    • Pendy1

      Black magazine, article by a race-baiting (see Stacey Dash, Lolo Jones entries) black author. What did you expect?

  • Jerry Hanlon

    I didn’t lose respect for 12 or 13 people on this list, for the simple fact, I have no idea who they are ..

  • Nkem

    Who is Stacey Dash?

  • Nkem

    Lil mo” need Jesus…I think she crazy…that’s why I don’t watch R&B Divas of L.A

  • Nkem

    I lost respect for Sheryl Underwood years ago when she was extremely rude to Juanita Bynum…her career has not been the same since…is she still on the talk?…She was crying on Steve Harvey radio show. It amaze me how people like her cry and want people to understand her plight but she will run her big mouth and talk down about other people. Well Sheryl all I can say is “touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm”. She need prayer.

  • John Roberts

    “It should read “his and his wife’s business”…elementary school grammar, huh?

  • Bruno

    what PC BS

  • antilib

    This is a Commie, whining website I will not come back to.

  • Sam Smutz

    Who? They’re either nobodies, or ‘people’ I had no respect for to begin with. But when you start speaking of Stacy Dash ( the woman I love), you are opening a can you can’t close.

  • duane smith

    Oh, this is a black socialist website. Now I get it.

    • ZenderTranscender

      Meaning it’s a loser’s website.

  • this guy

    they should have been a 18 position to this countdown Meg butler 😛

  • Magwheelz

    I guess there’s a whole list reserved just for Obama.

  • Brandon Smith

    This is the most pitiful list I’ve ever seen. Losing respect of a black woman because she’s conservative? and no, it’s not for attention. Why not add Stevie Wonder to this list? He boycotted Florida because of the Trayvon Martin verdict, but mostly black people go to his shows…so isn’t he hurting his own fans?

  • Well I dunno

    Who ARE these people

  • Simon Hart

    Not may actual celebrities as the title suggested. More like two-bit hacks with five minutes of fame, with exception of Kanye who has turned into a total knob!

  • Eddie P

    I am sure your dislike of them, their lifestyle, and beliefs is a major factor in their lives.

  • Darryl Carr

    Who are these people? Minor celebs at best, I work in the business and never heard of most of them.

  • Baffled

    Lil Wayne…just now in 2013? Really!?

  • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    Paula may have opinions that I do not hold but I will stick with her recipes and her products

  • Jennifer Rodriguez

    The truth must hurt, as Mr. Lemon has made some pretty true comments. Yet, many are afraid to say it, and will continue to just blame others. And “pretend” nothing is wrong.

  • Cody

    This whole article reeks of a mad black woman whose problem to begin with is her worship of so-called celebrities. You people attach celebrity with anyone that gets in front of a camera. Pathetic, no wonder this country has gone to hell in a hand basket.

    • Well I dunno

      lol why dont you write an angry comment on the internet about it.

  • Cody

    Paula Deen? Really? She said something decades ago and you find this justified? Go F yourself.

  • Bean_sithe

    thrilled to say I have only ever heard of one person on this list (although one of the ladies does look a bit familiar…)
    I lost respect for Gary Oldman, but I prefer to think of him as an Actor rather than a Celebrity, and I guess his ability hasn’t suffered…

  • Leblon

    No surprises here. You could probably add most of Hollywood to this list.

  • funkybuttlovin

    kanye west is having a hard time filling stadiums b/c he is weak and garbage, but I agree marrying that trashbag didnt help either….guess morons are attracted to each other

  • funkybuttlovin

    rachel jentel is an ignorant fool, oh and her friend wasnt murdered guess yall missed the trial

  • funkybuttlovin

    ok, im trying to figure out what don lemon said that was wrong

  • firedup49

    Will support Paula I probably would have called a bad name to anyone
    that held me up at gunpoint during a bank robbery
    no matter what color or ethnicity in the heat of the moment

    • firedup49

      I am guessing Madame Noire. left that point out in their article

  • PawneeBill47

    Rag Mags I lost respect for in 2013: Madame Noire. Obviously owned and edited by some left wing educated idiot who is more concerned about feelings than fact. You’re a moron, I’ve only seen the first two and see no reason to proceed. May you go under due to your ignorance.

  • Brian Corvello

    Notice that a proportionately large number of these quote-unquote “celebrities” are rappers? Tells you something, huh?

  • RFJ

    Regarding Paula Deen, I fail to see how using a racial slur thirty years ago in a private conversation with her husband to describe the ARMED ROBBER who ROBBED your workplace at GUNPOINT is worthy of the vitriol and hatred directed at her…

  • DickNuts

    And Obama didn’t make this list why, exactly…?

    • ObamaPhone

      Because respect for him was lost in 2008, not 2013

  • Loye Carmoney

    I did not lose respect for her, what did she do? It was a long time ago and you know what if it is such a distasteful thing why do the blacks use it. I do not see much happening to the stupid loud & fouled mouth blacks that are famous because of sports they just continue to behave like gangbangers. The bleeding hearts made them just what they are by telling them they were inferior to whites so get them on welfare and in the projects and give them special treatment they are people and not stupid and can achieve what they want but it seems as with some white trash it is easier to whine and liberal media picks right up on it. I also think “African American” is stupid no such thing just AMERICANS. Stop all this political correctness which is WRONG and it would be better.

  • bonzai

    Stacy Dash is hot, smart, and classy.

  • Sally

    You guys seem to have a big issue with our First Amendment freedom of speech.

    Seriously? You diss someone because they don’t believe in progressivism? Or if their view on an issue is different from yours? As if there is only one possible way for blacks to think? And, wow, you really hate Stacey Dash, two years in a row, for her political beliefs and voting for Romney in 2012. Surely blacks are allowed to hold their own views, just as everyone in every other community is? So everyone else in America gets to choose, except for you, because you are black? Don’t you see how twisted that is? I know you aren’t intentionally doing that, but badmouthing and blacklisting fellow blacks because they choose to hold a different political view than you, is a covert way to try to imprison people’s minds. White people call it out when they do it to each other, why not black folk? Stop locking yourselves in the ghetto, embrace your freedom as Americans, and let other people – including blacks – think as they choose without demonizing them.

  • tomchris

    I’m black. I’m a conservative. My father and siblings are not. We have differences of opinion but I still love and respect them. I’d don’t peg them on a list and mark “ASHAMED.”

    To the maker of this list, please grow up and learn how to debate.

  • BobbyBaja

    this is a useless site. equal what?

  • Scott

    meg butler is a racist douchenozzle. 9 of the people on her list are there because they don’t see things exactly the way she does

  • TennesseeRedDog

    Paula Deen said the “N” word thirty years ago…. Lolo Jones is a Christian. Have you lost respect for Jessie ‘Hymietown’ Jackson, Harry “well spoken negro” Reid or Joe “clean black” Biden yet? How about Lyndon “We’ll have them n*ggers voting Democratic for 200 years.” Johnson or Bill “Two years ago he would have been serving us coffee.” Clinton? Hypocrites. These are all gripes against people who don’t tow the left wing PC dung sled. I get it now.

  • Marcus Clenney

    The Stacey Dash piece is another great example of a liberal progressive impugning the motives in the worst possible terms of anyone who disagrees. But I’m sure Ms. Dash is really relieved that she has permission to be a conservative.

  • Marcus Clenney

    Paula Deen’s N-word incident occurred when she had a gun pointed in her face, an incident that occurred about 30 years ago! You might say something a little inappropriate in a situation like that, too.

  • Marcus Clenney

    Clearly a liberal progressive wrote this list.

  • Renegade Quark

    He loses respect for telling the truth? In that case, who needs that kind of respect? Much of black pop culture is nothing to be proud of I don’t think, and it certainly doesn’t represent blacks I know and respect.

  • guest

    just a piece of advice to MN site, please fix this to where I don’t have to reload the page to see every person on this list. Make a slide so it doesn’t do this. It’s kind of annoying and unnecessarily time consuming

  • Mix Masters


    • TennesseeRedDog


  • TMT

    what kind of crappy list is this? Again, this is why people get so pissed at the disparity. Make a list of celebs we love and 90% are white. Make a list of people your disappointed in and 90% of the list is black. I got an idea for the list maker. Go to hell

  • Commissar Molotov

    Lolo was right to make fun of Jenteal – it’s scary as hell to think that some kids are really that stupid and surly.

  • smokehill2

    I looked through this list and gave up after #14, since I couldn’t find one I had even the slightest amount of respect for in the first place.

  • slim pickens

    Bunch of boones there !

  • I think don lemon is right… so was bill cosby. most black troubles are caused by blacks themselves. we don’t judge blacks on their race anymore, we judge them based on their actions as individuals. The vast majority of race crime and the vast majority of all violent crime is committed by blacks.

  • osh

    Why isn’t Barack Obama on this list?

  • RiskyJim

    This article jumps to the huge conclusion that we had any respect for these people in the first place.

  • If you are a black woman and you have black hair, why can’t you tell the truth about how you feel about your hair?

  • 4902950E9

    Interesting that the vast majority of these “people” are black! Must be a cultural thing!

  • kent

    If we looked for class from any of these pieces of human debris it would be useless.We as a country have slowly been dragged down to an unacceptable level. The main question should be how do we get rid of this crap?

  • Ms Seek Myko

    Oops wrong article

  • Ms Seek Myko

    Nah, Rihanna is killing IT!! Things happen, weed or no weed. I give you a ” try again” on this one.

  • demonix

    Meg Butler is garbage. Its like she is married to beyonce and gay-z.

  • ugottabe kidding me

    the only reason Toure’ or any other race pimps like have criticized lemon is because the truth hurts…like the old saying goes, “a kicked dog will yelp” well by criticizing current black culture (of violence, drugs, pants saggin-and you know what saggin spelled backwards is), glorifying jail, black males making babies, mocking education, tattoos-or “tatts” and of course dreads-locks-braids) all of these things hinder black men from successfully merging into society such as getting good jobs because all of these characteristics run counter to being a success in the real world, except for being a rapper, “sankger”, dancer, baller, drug dealer, baby daddy, prison convict, or pro athlete. Old Toure can only make his money by using race to exploit the very people he professes to want to help. he so quick to criticize those for “not being black enough or true to one’s blackness” be he did not marry a black woman, maybe because black women are “too ethnic”…and oh by the way what does he do….typical..teaches a course on the history of “hip-hop”…what a joke

  • d’burger

    Luckily i’m in the UK and have only heard of Kanye, Thicke and Cyrus…Americans deserve the rest..

  • Craig Moreland

    Hate People Because there political opinions are different then yours.



  • Chris8185

    Why did people respect a guy named A$AP Rocky in the first place?

  • Andrew Paul Moulton

    I like that kanye didn’t lose respect until now, as if Kim Kardashian is a cardinal sin but interrupting an acceptance speech is A OK.

  • William Sullivan

    I haven’t lost any respect for Paula Deen. Only you media idiots harp that.

  • Duane N.

    Touré himself should be on the list

  • Huh? What!?

    These are celebrities?

  • JedSmith

    That’s it–I stopped at number 3, Lolo Jones. When you’ve never even heard of two of the first three “celebrities,” it’s time to quit wasting your time.

  • who cares?

    I thought it said “celebrities”. I have never heard of most of these people. What qualifies as a celebrity these days exactly?

  • now you had a couple of them right !! BUT Stacey DASH !!!! you that one right one the head of the NAIL , I NEVER HAVE thought she was a good actress anyway , and other thing’s , she really thinks that she is excuse me ( WHITE ) , girlfriend your skin and classification is BLACK – REALLY you need to get another mirror and put the one you have DOWN , it is PAST TIME , my DEAR !!!!

  • LOLguy

    The rumors about Kordell were always out there in the world. He needed no help from her for people to say he was gay hell his own teammates said it.

  • pitman

    Such petty spite. These are nowhere near the worst of celebrity hijinx for 2013. Whining about a black woman making fun of nappy hair? Get over it.

  • hitchslap

    You mean you once had respect for these people?

  • Walter28

    Americans supposedly admire non-conformists, like their own Founding Fathers, for example, but whenever someone challenges the status-quo, they “lose respect” for them. Sheeple. God forbid someone voices an opinion that’s not echoed by the brain-dead masses. “How dare you! We don’t think. We parrot”.

  • Ted Bouchard

    The writer seems to have a lot of self esteem issue. the number of blacks on this list simply because they dared to say something negative about blacks is eye popping. When whites criticice whites not too many people accuse them of being ‘race betrayers’. Then again, the horrioble disgusting phrase ‘uncle tom’ was created for a reason. And, hitting someone because they took part in some stupid dance craze is pathetic and evil.

  • vinwire

    Oh Madame, can you please kiss my white behind?

  • Bobby Brown

    Damn…you all have a real problem with skin color. Funny…a race of people that prefers not to live with its own kind… NOW thats a rare bird….

  • Toni Eka

    this writer is not focused at all. you mean you actually had respect for kanye west at some point in your pathetic life. i feel for you. kims popularity is what is getting him named.

  • Strandwolf

    I believe that Jeantel was 19, not 17. Just a point of information. Didn’t she plant in Martin’s mind the possibility that Zimmerman was a gay cruising for sex? Which may have infuriated Martin, inducing him to track down Zimmerman who was returning to await the arrival of police at his vehicle? So what happened may have come down to self-defence, a conclusion which the jury arrived at. Why hasn’t AG Holder gone after Zimmerman if Martin’s civil rights were violated?

  • Shifty Fellers

    LoLo’s right Trayvon wasn’t murdered, I’m losing respect for Meg Butler.

  • brad

    I like how you put “we” as if you represent the entire black community.

  • K-La abdul kayne

    never respected most of them in the first place. Celebs…..flavor of the week, hype and bullshit that really contribute nothing to society. Like as if any of these pathetic excuse for celebs matter.

  • Danny

    It’s only murder if you are convicted, then it’s self defense.


    WTF is Don Lemon?

  • Wurl Stah King

    Lolo says alot of dumb stuff

  • Crafty

    Didn’t we forget the most important let down of the year?…..Yes Justin Beiber….oh wait I guess you have to be someone before you can let anyone down.

  • Guy

    Sheryl Underwood set the black race back by saying “nappy?” Author of article = Ignorant fool

  • Alan Blanes

    Bravo for Don Lemon – his objectivity and willingness to identify obvious causes of racial contempt needs to be applauded. If anyone suggests that wearing atrocious sloppy falling off pants is to be defended, is failing to face facts.

  • Work 4 Me

    Respect your Arse…

  • Targitty

    Don your Arse…

  • Michael Herrera

    don’t know half the people on the list and the other half i’m cool with

  • mrslynndavis

    i agree about Kirk and no i don’t have your back about Porsha

  • mrslynndavis

    i must agree with you guys i am done with lil’ mo myself, she’s a turn coat also shame!!

  • mrslynndavis

    maybe you need to check some of your stories because that is not what happened in the case with Dietrick Haddon, his wife cheated on him first with Issac Carree and he turned to a friend for comfort and healing and she just happened to be a ex-girlfriend from back in the day and a relationship formed from it. now he is wrong for not waiting until he got divorced, to move on in another relationship but place the blame where it belongs and leave that man alone! CHECK YOUR SOURCES SWEETHEART, THIS IS HOW RUMORS GET STARTED AND CIRCULATED, NOT COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Geniga Asgaye

    I didn’t lose respect for Paula Deen. She answered truthfully that she had used the N word in the past… which of course is true… just like everybody else has. The allegations against her were dismissed. Yet she still lost her billion dollar production. Seems like she got a raw deal.

  • jack smith

    whoever respects celebrities in the first place is the most complete of fools, and no doubt voted for the fresh prince of DC

  • missmack

    still talking about paula deen who used a slur 30 years ago regarding someone who held a gun to her head I see. Dilutes the issue. Anyone would have done the same.

  • somewhere

    the writer’s perception/reason for loss of respect is ignorant. sounds like a bigot (manipulate much?) and forgets… as others have stated: Madonna – and then too each and everyone who followed the _____ from hell: JLo, Beyoncé, Nikki, Lady Gagga, Brittany, Katie Perry it goes on and – there aren’t many who have real talent and enough respect to think outside themselves to be even creative anymore… and all the males in this same class of “don’t got not talent, but I’m going to shove it down your throats with a hell of a lot of hype (and a machine that makes my voice sound okay)” – and then all the “take a peak” to get me attention actors/actresses/reality celebs. The lack of respect all of them show to the rest of the world… taking money/fame/allow themselves to be used by a corporate structure that decided to take over the entertainment industry as cheaply as they could (evident by the performers who get all the attention today). And p.s. – there isn’t anyone up there that is any “sexier” than a homeless streetwalker – they just have wardrobe assistants and fuzzy photographs to hide who they really are.

  • Storm

    Don’t you have to respect someone before you can lose respect for them? Most of these people were a joke from jump.

  • disqus_lClpzOjl2u

    why are all these celebrities black… or in racially fuelled shaming campaigns..oh and also… why did they ever have respect?… not like any of them were upstanding citizens

  • Mkdl

    I have no clue who 99% of these “celebrities” are.

  • David W Johnson

    Nothing said about Madonna calling her son the N word, oh I get it its only wrong when old white conservatives use the word, guess who I just lost all respect for?

  • ahkang

    Pretty comical article. Starting with long-time entertainers like O’Reilly and Limbaugh being described as “white leaders.” Extending to trying to sound sincere when picking at very low lying fruit, and “losing respect” for people who have different opinions.

  • Pablo

    I didn’t realize until I was on like the ninth person that this is a black website lol i have only heard of like 4 of these people. I was like, “Why did we only lose respect for random black celebrities and ..paula dean… wait.. ads all have only black people except a white baby moma… (lightbulb!) its a black website.”

  • Sammy

    What up wit men like kirk making that obscene jester with the fingers. we know what 2 in the goo and one in the poo mean.

  • Sammy

    Hey Lil mo, there is NO P in SUMTER!

  • Sammy

    OK, hopefully this will be the last time I have to say this; trayvon martin was NOT murdered, he was killed when the person he decided to attack from behind shot him in self defense.


    Don Lemon told you.

  • Bill Lackland

    The list goes on, even much prior to 2013. This includes many who never regained any kind of respect. M.J. is one for example. Many never will, as long as they live.

  • Brennon

    Paula Deen said it over 30 years ago and has apologized so many times for it, get over it. News flash, whether you like it or not, white people especially younger ones use that word all the time.

  • Craig Moreland

    Maybe your opinion about them, really doesn’t matter to them?

  • Vaughan Hamilton

    paula did no different than any other black person making slurs against whites. I have to constantly hear how bad my people are and how racist and imperialistic and pasty and cruel and insensitive and etc etc etc–Please, get real political correctness is an evil and we are drowning in it–white people are full of shit-and so are black people and so are chinese, and arabs -we know this and everyone reading says the darndest things in the privacy of their homes–this does not make you better than someone that saiid it publically

  • Nev Dread

    yep i agree there is really no issues with these celebs, it looks like white wash rubbish to me.

  • Zack Kyran

    I don’t see why hate Lolo Jones that girl was a ridiculous witness. Baffles me that they put her up on stand. I really think she had a very negative affect on jury.

  • Jack Hammer

    Gosh, most of these scumbags are black ! Whus up wid dat?

  • Kevin Walters

    What I find incredible is that someone at one time found “Lil Wayne” respectful there hasn’t been a bigger POS since O.J.

  • Ryan

    Whoever wrote this article needs to get a life… I guess nobody can have an opinion in the world today… Pathetic. A lot of these people I actually agree with.

  • fredhill

    Your use of the English language points out your ignorance.

  • PRenaud

    Hey what about Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Kirstie Alley and other celebrities who voluntarily support an evil, heartless criminal organization like $cientology, the thriving cult of greed and power… it is accused of fraud, assault, extortion, child labor, forced labor, forced abortions, kidnapping, defamation, invasion of privacy, infliction of emotional distress, racketeering, false imprisonment, etc. etc. So many full proof testimonies and videos from ex-members and ex-members of the executives all over the web speaking out on this organization’s BS.

  • NobodySpecial

    Well, since GZ was exonerated of any murder charges then stating that TM was murdered and not killed is slander. This writer needs to revisit journalism school.

  • DrCaligari

    I’m getting sick and tired of click-bait. It’s not worth my time to click on “Next” over and over and wait for a new page to load. That’s just a stupid waste of effort. You should create the option to have all these on a single page.

  • cindymc

    you mean to tell me that somebody had respect for these people to begin with??

  • Kathy Dawone Pierce

    I love the word WE? How dare the person who wrote this presume they have the right to decided who “WE” do or do not respect. According to the writer (Meg Butler, some nobody) most of those that she states “WE” have lost respect for was for people having opinions? I have lost respect for this person who presumes to know who “WE” have lost respect for…Meg Butler. Give me a break.

  • factsonly

    lol Kanye has no problems selling out stadiums… He had one of the highest grossing tours and hasn’t even started his overseas leg yet. #FACTSONLY

  • IamPurdy

    How can Underwood knock a mother for saving her babies hair? This self hater broad has been told all her life that everything about her is U.G.L.Y, and she just cannot believe that anyone would value anything that would remind her of blackness. even old broads need to be educated in some form

  • Yumyum

    It’s funny. Your definition of ‘celebrity’ is the same as mine for ‘people i’ve never heard of’.


    The Media & Hollyweird is 95 % Infested with Homosexuals, so of course they are gonna Attack n try to BULLY anyone who refuses to drink their Filthy Gay-Tor-Aide , it just shows how Pathetic n Predictable Homosexuals are, they love to spout off about Tolerance , BUT, if you don’t Agree with their Chosen Lifestyle they really become extremely IN-TOLERANT !!!! Total Hypocrites

    • somewhere

      it’s all the government grant/funded baby formula they’re giving to welfare recipients and selling in the stores… all GMO soy and corn syrup – …too much lab created estrogen/other stuff from birth! by the time kids are five they don’t know what sex they’re suppose to be and lowers IQs. They’re so addicted to the crap, a lifetime of human altering food… you got a mess. Then put them on stage and promote this as entertainment to take away values from all the “fans.” Now… keep doing same, another generation they’ll be even less tolerant, more neurotic and so feeble (even more than they are now) they’ll be spewing even more hatred to anyone in disagreement. It’s sad.


    I love Stacey Dash.


      She did nothing wrong, if having your own OPINION is wrong , this world has really gone to S * * T

    • Sally

      And she’s on the BAD LIST two years in a row for having her own opinion.
      Let’s see, white people can have their own opinions, as can Asians and Latinos – but OMG, black people can’t have their own opinions! Welcome back to the plantation, this time with black slavemasters over the minds of their fellow blacks, who, DAMMIT, dare to step out of line!

  • wmhoad

    Lolo Jones’ sin seems really mild.

  • wmhoad

    For a gay guy, Don Lemon seems to have am amount of common sense sorely needed among “celebrities”


    Instead of Losing Respect, maybe this Magazine needs to do some Self-Reflection instead of Playing the Race Card every single time. Its Time for Black People to Cut-the Crap and take control of their situation instead of being a willing victim !!! From a Black Man , Former Black Panther and a Black Man who refuses to be De-Humanized and made a Pawn of the System !!!

  • drdoug99

    One other thing: I happen to see a black man who came ion to apply for a job. He had on dirty work shoes, ones of which was untied. His blue jeans were filthy, he had on a dirty white t-shirt under another shirt which was unbuttoned. His shirttail was out (one side) and he smelled like stale beer. AND HE WAS APPLYING FOR A JOB THAT WOULD PUT HIM IN A SERVICE POSITION WITH HOSPITAL PATIENTS!

  • drdoug99

    Let me see if I understand this: You lost respect for this guy for speaking the truth. I used to work in a small city in the Midwest (12,000) that was 95% black and I can tell you stories that would, at the least, curl your hair. The black society was pathological and, left to its own devices it would consume itself within 18 months. There used to be 1 federal or state program for every 400 people and yet the city has still been in receivership for the past 3 – 4 years.

  • ODWms

    “[Stacy Dash] can be conservative if she wants to…”
    Stop lying. Liberal-agenda-brainwashed folks hate anyone just for being conservative, in and of itself. Especially any black person who happens to not follow the liberal status quo.

  • stacey had balls to go off the plantation, so she is hated by the average low education blacks. too bad, deal with it, we are out here and we’re gonna leave all you slaves in the dust. nick cannon is a total embarrassment these days. i dont like him anymore

  • who made beyonce untouchable. y’all hate keisha because shes from the west coast and shes beautiful. haters

  • robin thicke is the most overrated white singer ever, next to timberlake

  • cyrus butt is basically just the split down her back. as for thicke, what did black people see in him? they think he is soulful? lol. seems blacks can be led to believe almost anything

  • this for lil wayne aka the virus. when he wears his panties all out like that, alot of gay men in the world are happy and getting a good look at his goods. does that make lil wayne and others on the down low. sending signals to gay men to look at what they have to offer

  • never heard of lil mo

  • asap rocky thinks hes up there as far as his career is concerned. he is still on the D list and he makes ugly racial comment like that. hope he has alot of white fans. i doubt it, but hes gonna need them and every one in new york to support his career. he cant carry an album all by himself. unless hes on a record with other people, no ones gonna listen to him. good!!!

  • lil kim looks like a ventriliquist dummy. those things are creepy. i cant believe someone got her pregnant

  • those 2 were destined to destroy each others worlds. this relationship is gonna end tragically. he will blame her for destroying his career. just give it time. but its really his fault for horrible taste in women. shes weird and so is he

  • Awrenn Astimpy


  • Rich

    I only knew 4 of them. Is this what passes for celebrity these days?

  • whocares

    Does Sheryl Underwood actually think she’s attractive sitting up looking like a big swoll plop of green/brown mucus covered in weave and war paint? She’s an idiot.

  • pika12

    You lost respect for Pebbles based on TLC’s perspective of what happened? We are not privy to the details and can’t possibly know what actually happened behind the scenes in that situation. I would not be surprised if Pebbles was just the middle man (or woman in this case) and there were probably male executives above her who really lined their pockets off of TLC’s name. TLC chose to expose or point the finger of blame at Pebbles but who else could/should they really have exposed?

  • ConservativeCreole

    How could she have been his ‘jump off’ when he wasn’t married to his children’s mother? Let’s keep it real. His children’s mother allowed herself to become the ‘jump off’ when she laid with him after she found out he married his protege.

  • gil gam

    nothing wrong with pulling up your pants

  • Sasha~Fierce1!


  • BigDik

    asap is right..

  • foot814

    I can’t lose respect for many of these people because I never had it. all of these people are entertainers. their only role in our lives is too entertain us for a moment. if we want thought provoking leadership and moral guidance only a shallow minded fool would look to these modern minstrels.

  • Elaine E Phinn

    Let’s hope Don Lemon will not have to deal with stop and frisk for any reason whatsoever, and although i do not support men wearing their pants below their waist, what does that have to do with being successful? Don Lemon is in a class by himself, oh well!


    Most of these people are C-list, at best.

  • sean

    who are most of these people?

  • yousuckin2014

    EPIC FAIL, other races didn’t do stupid crap in 2013? Its this type of propaganda that perpetuates stereotypes of the races when you focus on one,Ive lost respect for you in 2014, put that on your pages!

    • NE1BUTU

      There are several white people on this list. It’s a primarily black site, so that’s where most of the focus is going to be.



    • NE1BUTU

      You need to switch to decaf. Just so you know, a republican is not in the White House. Obama has pushed through the policies that he wanted to.

      It’s time to get a job.

      • Clarisse73

        Just so YOU know, this Congress and the last, are known as the “Do Nothing” Congress for a reason.

  • weareallpeopleandsaydumbthings

    Wow. You are just a spiteful, black woman that seems to be trapped in the 60’s. Please change the title to people YOU lost respect for because most of these celebs didn’t really say anything offensive or wrong. It is people like you that keep racism going in this country, not these celebrities. I’ve never seen such bottled up hate against people in at least a decade. Hell, half the people you targeted are barely young adults and you twisted their words to make it sound ignorant. There are 6 people on this list that are serious role models for young black youths and you slander them for no reason. In other words, this is the first article I’ve read by you, and it will be the last. You are part of the problem, not part of the solution. Seriously, how much hate must you have in your heart to publish something like this. I’m sad that I’m even adding to your income by reading this article and posting

    • Sally

      Amen, sister.

  • Clarisse73

    I’ll say this, CCBanks. If your miserable behind happened to be a celebrity, YOU’D be on this list. Hmmm. Maybe you can be on the list of insignificant and unknown losers. How would that be?

  • Doug McEvoy

    I’m sorry but doesn’t the headline say “celebrities” ? Never heard of most of these people.

  • Jake

    Another good title for this would be “People we didn’t know were celebrities.”

  • CCBanks

    I LOST RESPECT FOR THIS WEBSITE. You seem to uplift the dumbest ni66as on earth.

  • Yaahaha

    Looks like the speech police in the leftist looney club are out in full bloom at MN. Most of your list are the best people in the biz– they just don’t roll with your agenda.

  • Lockmazter

    Trayvon was NOT murdered. The jury said so! Get over it, libtards!

    • Clarisse73

      And the jury said OJ was NOT guilty. So what’s your point?

  • madfam004

    Who are these jerks anyway?

  • disqus_qKVofJNoeH

    Bad news kids, turns out trayvon wasn’t murdered at all.
    There was a trial and verdict. Ask a non-racist adult for details.

    • Clarisse73

      Re: my response above to Lockmazter ^

  • We the SHEEPle

    Who determined that (The Vast Majority), We the SHEEPle are concerned with any of these Creatures?

  • ConcentrHated

    I didn’t lose any respect for ½ of these people, Top 10 lists are entertaining and sometimes funny..this is just tabloid caliber BS. Who the F** cares about someone elses personal life, who wastes their time choosing to have respect for people who they’ll never meet and who most likely haven’t DONE anything respectable.

  • SanMarie Kirk

    Listen people this not how that happened. Sad to say his wife cheated on him with another gospel singer. He found out and left. Yes, he did meet his new wife at a time he needed a friend.I don’t know who wrote this article but his wife and he was having problems for a long time. So, if you wasn’t living side by side with them in their home how in the heck you know the D.

  • Max Blood

    i didnt lose respect for paula deen..why should i? cuz she said a racist slur when blacks say it openly on tv or w/e and nothing happens? but a white person says 1 thing ad they lose everything? ya much respect 2 her and she didnt deserve all this bs over it

  • SsAbariotes

    I’ll take your word for it if you say these people are Celebrities. I have no idea who they are, and I don’t want to know either.

  • unpleasantfacts478

    A few of these are petty. Has Jay-Z made these lists yet? I’ll be expecting him in 2014 for sure.

  • Cheryl

    Never had any respect for them in the first place.

  • empress123

    Yep and most of the people on the list are sellouts!

  • crystal

    ;D this is RETARDED

  • booboo

    I have a great amount of respect for Stacy Dash. She does not allow herself to be a pawn for the liberal elites. But I guess she is not “black” enough to stay on the Democrat planation.

    • Clarisse73

      No, Stacy Dash simply decides to make an a$% of herself all on her own. She better get busy on a career plan, though. Once her looks are gone, no one will pay her any attention no matter how foolish she acts.

  • Paul Glenn

    As long as we are losing respect for people, please tell me we are losing respect for most rap artists…I have been listening to rap for the better part of thirty years and I have to admit that today’s rap and rappers are not bringing it…most of them are sellouts and phonies…the lyrical content of the average rap song is nothing but garbage recorded for the masses…really…what is the true message of a song by Rick Ross? or a song by Lil Wayne? Don Lemon is not an embarrassment, what is more embarrassing is the fact black people will not call out their own, murderers in Chicago, anti-intellectual culture and female lack of respect of self…

  • Whiteeagle

    Love Me Some Stacy Dash, Beautiful Woman Who Goes Against the ‘Flow’

  • Whiteeagle

    Why You All Hatin’ On Porsha For Hinting Kordell Was Queer ? Ain’t That A Compliment For You Folks, To Be Identified With The Struggle Of Ho-Mo-Sexuals ? …

    • Clarisse73

      It’s not much of a compliment if she expects her “hint” to damage his reputation. Doofus.

    • NE1BUTU

      Because it wasn’t intended as a compliment. Do you think Anderson Cooper would appreciate it if someone spread rumors that he were straight, and that he was just pretending to be gay? No he wouldn’t.

  • Tamira Bennett Volk


  • Tauna Johnson

    Who cares if he’s gay? I don’t

  • Pendy1

    Add junkie Philip Seymour Hoffman

    • Clarisse73

      If you stopped having respect for Philip Seymour Hoffman because of his manner of death, your respect wasn’t worth much in the first place..

      • Pendy1

        Thanks so much for deciding for me whom I should respect, addicts apparently being at the top of the list.

        • Clarisse73

          Where in my post did I point out specific people you need to respect? YOU brought up Philip Seymour Hoffman. I simply stated that if his death by overdose was enough to earn your contempt, you never respected him in the first place. But that’s okay. Mr Seymour will always be known as an excellent and remarkable actor. And you? Who cares?

  • Jack_Kennedy

    to bad that the white folk are not ALLOWED to get away with the racist sheeet that goes on with the mooks on this site

    • Clarisse73

      Why not? Go ahead and be as racist as you wanna be, it’s a free country. Just brace yourself for the backlash, OK?

    • NE1BUTU

      Who uses the word “mook” anyway? Are you Archie Bunker?

  • Sophie

    No mention on Jay Z’s sexualing Ike and Tina’s violent relationship though? I wonder if it’s because the author didn’t know or because everyone idolizes Jay & Bey smh

  • anonymous

    Justin Beiber should have been on this list except for the fact that he had no respect.

    • privatoist

      i knew there was a reason he wasnt on here, because he never had respect from people.

    • NE1BUTU

      He was on a downward spiral long before 2013.

  • Jennifer Mann

    You only lost respect for Kanye in 2013??? I lost respect for him YEARS ago! What a douche!

  • Jess

    I dont get why anyone is mad at Robin Thick for the sample when Parrell was the producer of the track????? Because it doesn’t promote Black/white drama. C’mon son!!

  • Nisha L

    He didn’t cheat on his wife. She cheated on him, he didn’t start dealing with his preachers of LA Costar until after his divorce. He married his Co-star and they have 2 children. Now if he showed his weenus…….idk about that and it wouldn’t be becoming of a man of God.

  • cinna

    Portia didnt start those gay rumors about kordell…. the rumor that he was gay has followed him throughout his career. even one of his former team mates wrote in a book (he was writng about his own life story) that the team felt kordell was gay because of certain things that ocurred and they kept hearing about him and other men…. kordell held a meeting in the locker room claiming he wasn’t gay and that he has a bunch of women. right before he married portia it was said he was caught in a parked car in the park having sex with a man and the police let him go with no ticket….of course he denied the police caught him. then all of a sudden he dated and quickly married portia which some folks was saying was a front. so as i said portia didnt start “spreading gay rumors” about him because of the divorce. she in fact denied and defended kordell all while they were married which i belive was fake and so when they were divorcing she just quit lying. and do i beleive he has hit her …umm yes mainly because he is so controlling. usually physical violence accompanies this kind of behavior.

  • Brooklyn MaydMe

    Ummm….didn’t Deitrick Haddon’s wife cheat on him with Isaac Caree??!! I think someone should do a little more research before placing blame.

  • Meandmybish

    These celebs need pr people on hand at all times to control their mouths and their twitter fingers!

  • Guest

    How can you lose respect for someone you never respected to start with ?

  • Sanid

    You are right about Miley & Robin – HOWEVER, would YOU want to be blamed like Paula Deen for something that happened 30 years ago? That’s right – she said it 30 years ago. People learn lessons. Where is forgiveness? What a double standard. We still haven’t forgiven George Bush for drinking 30 years ago, but it’s OK that Obama still associated with hippy terrorist bombers only 8 years before his election. And Stacey Dash again, for this? Didn’t you get enough comments last year defending Stacey’s viewpoint? And re: Trayvon Martin – two black men in hoodies stabbed (11 times), raped and beat a white woman in July 2013. Where was the outrage? It barely made the news – only on conservative outlets. Madame Noire is so one-sided. Open your eyes.

    • Clarisse73

      I thought the whole thing started with Paula Deen because she wanted to plan a slave-themed wedding with her black waitstaff pretending to be slaves? However it started, it was a huge waste of time and energy, and I did feel bad for the drubbing that she was getting. But she seems to be doing fine now, and her old fans are eager to support her, whatever she decides to do next.
      As for the alleged rape and assault by two black men on a white woman in 2013, I assume that they have caught these men or are working very hard to do so? The victim did not need any publicity in order to get the police to do their job. In Trayvon Martin’s case, the police refused to give his father any answers on what had happened to his son. If Al Sharpton hadn’t stepped in, would Trayvon’s parents have ever gotten their answers? Questionable. So why don’t people like you stop being so damn outraged that there is not some huge drama whenever a black-on-white crime occurs? It is obvious that the crime is being given ample attention by the police. No one needs to be out in the street to make sure the police do their damn job in those cases..

      • Tammy

        Trayvon and Michael were both killed in their attempts to inflict serious bodily injury onto another human being. Also, both attempted to gain possession and control of their victims fire arms. If both young men had been white (Trayvon and Micheal), and their victims (George and Darren) had been black, the race card would have probably still been played when the parents of the white suspects, who would most likely not have cried
        racism…rather police brutality and/or abuse of an authoritative
        position, but in the reverse. The white suspects would have been told to have attacked the black authority figures out of blatant disrespect for, and resentment of, black authorities as the their defense for killing the two white suspects. And the police don’t just hand out “all” the information, that they may or may not have, to the family and/or media during the investigation…no matter the race of either party! If Trayvon’s parents hadn’t caused such a scene with their play on racism, George would not have ever had to stand trial. Far be it of them to admit their child was out of control when they could destroy anothers life instead. And Micheal’s parents are doing the same thing. Let’s face it…the kids screwed up and unfortunately lost their lives while doing so. That is very sad, for the boys and their families. But race didn’t have anything to do with their misfortune…but claiming that it does sure gets the parents a lot of media attention, money and temporary pity induced fame!!!!! I think it is just sad that they had that poor girl on the stand, embarrassing herself, telling lies and stumbling over them as she went along.

        Trayvon’s parents, their attorney, the DA that tried the case, and Al Sharpton should have been on this list instead of the girl! Paula dagged herself through the ringer by playing “Oh poor, poor pitiful me” instead of just admitting her mistakes and apologising. Miley should be ashamed of herself and totally deseved to make the list. She is far too talented to feel the need to stoop to such vulgarities. Kanye thinks he’s freaking Jesus…what a joke! Him and Oprah should have been listed together! And kudo’s to the young man (forget his name already) that mentioned “Stop and Frisk” and “Sagging pants”. A lot of black people “do” have “nappy” hair…but it is no less beautiful than any other hair type. So I don’t think that woman should have made the list.

        On a final note: I am not going to play the Tit-for_Tat game on here. I have offered my opinion, as have you above, and am finished. I am now taking my ball and going home. I will, however, check back in later to read any reply you may wish to make. But I will be making no firther comments of my own.

        • Clarisse73

          Tammy, there is no need for you to make any further comment. THIS comment of yours is full of enough foolish assumptions and inaccuracies that it is clear you don’t know what you’re talking about.

          • Tammy

            I respect your opinion and your rights to have and/or express them 🙂 I will, however, disagree. Thank you.

            • Clarisse73

              All right, then, we will leave it at that.

    • NE1BUTU

      I was with you until you brought in Bush and Obama. The difference between them and Paula Dean is that they prove to everyone frequently that they’re still idiots.

  • CCBanks

    So the fact that LiL Wayne WORSHIPS THE FOKKING DEVIL doesn’t bother you absolute morons, but his disrespect of a dead person, that’s what get’s your goat????

    • tariq

      Except the “moron” crack, everything else you said is absolutely correct. The fact that Lil Wayne worships the devil is of no consequence to anyone but himself. But since you brought that up why is it you neglected to mention the tens of thousands, maybe even millions of white people in the world who worship that same devil ? Apparently your criticism of something only applies to so called “Black” people and doesn’t extend to white people.

  • Camjacked

    Trayvon was not Murdered. He commited suicide by attacking and attempting to kill an armed individual. Thats what the facts, the Investigation and the Courts said and I agree.

    • CCBanks

      YOU AGREE BECAUSE YOU ARE A RACIST PIECE OF SHlT, who forgot to mention that the “armed individual” was STALKING TRAYVON MARTIN when Martin decided to defend himself. The only thing Trayvon did WRONG was NOT REACT WITH SUFFICIENT VIOLENCE SO AS TO KILL OR INCAPACITATE CRACKA ZIMMERMAN. I wouldn’t make that mistake.

      • Camjacked

        Seriously,everything you wrote was a complete joke. You posture yourself as total idiot. You may have a future though writing fiction and/or Comedy.

        • Clarisse73

          CCBanks has an opinion differing from yours and it makes a lot of sense to me. What is funny anyway about an unarmed teen being killed by a wanna-be cop loser? Nothing. It is a tragedy, at the very least.

          • RGonz

            ..but it’s not murder which is what the evidence and court PROVED and what she wrote and IS wrong.

      • cupcakeking

        ccbanks…..mad black guy….hahaha. nope, he thought he was a gangsta and he got his black aZZ shot….to bad homie…..lol

        • Clarisse73

          Nope, the only one who thought he was something he was not, was wanna-be cop Zimmerman. I’m still waiting for his obsessive gunplay to end with a bullet in his own a$%. I am not a malicious person, but I would find nothing upsetting about that scenario.

          • RGonz

            You’re not a malicious person but you just wished death on an innocent man. Riiiiight.

            • Clarisse73

              What innocent man?

      • Amanda


  • Normando782

    What is wrong with Lemon`s comments. He has black pride and you lose respect for him because he feels that these anti social dressers are an embarrqassment to the African American community. I only looked at a couple of those you criticize to determine that your comments are ridiculous.

    • Camjacked

      When it comes to being “American” Is you is or is you ain’t? Ther are no African Americans. I’m not Itailian American I’m an American of Italian decent. One has nothing to do with the other.

    • cupcakeking

      I agree….blacks need to clean up thier act and stop acting like violent chowderheads…..

      • Clarisse73

        Have you similar advice for racist rednecks? Never mind. They wouldn’t be listening to a keyboard warrior anyway.

        • NE1BUTU

          Yes. Racist rednecks need to clean up their act too. Any group that embraces negative destructive behavior needs to be called out for the BS that they’re causing. Including many young black men and women.

      • DCR1

        I’m curious, while the blacks are running around tearing their behinds (animals that they are.) what is the rest of the world doing?

  • Billca

    I don’t know who put this list together, but I’d be willing to bet s/he is still an overt Obama supporter who thinks he’s doing a fine job.

    If you lost respect for some of these people – like Kanye West – in 2013, you really have to ask what took you so long?

    Picking Toure as the moral high ground in arguing with right wingers? Really? Isn’t that like preferring George Wallace over Barry Goldwater because Wallace was a Democrat?

    Paula Deen? Her “crime” was not being so much racist as insensitive to racial sensitivities of people in general and those who would love nothing more than find a way to mooch a solid gold payday off a business or celebrity. What makes her so much worse than, say Jamie Foxx, who told a black audience he loved his role in Django Unchained because “I get to kill all the white people in the movie. How great is that?” Add to it that he said “Blacks are the most talented people” and Obama was “our lord and savior”. Imagine if DiCaprio said he enjoyed his role because he got to be a slave-owner for a few days!

    Rachel Jeantel, variously describing herself as 16, 17, and 19, lied multiple times during the whole Martin-Zimmerman debacle. Her credibility suffered greatly when she could not keep her statements straight, admitted to lying, and her social media posts showed that she smoked weed, seemed to have difficulty coping without alcohol and drove drunk. The author doesn’t seem phased that Jeantel tried to cover up Martin’s apparent racist remark about a “crazy a** cracker” or changed her testimony to make it sound like GZ was confronting Martin. But the author implies you must be racist if you question her already questionable testimony.

    • A Cracker

      hmmm cracker is not considered racist. Racism can only happen to an oppressed group. Crackers were the ones who cracked the whips on the slaves (oppressed group). I use the word cracker to describe a racist person. TRUTH!

      • Billca

        “Racism can only happen to an oppressed group.”
        Sorry, no. Racism is the belief in the superiority of one race over another or the inferiority of one or more races. Oppression is not a required element. E.g. If a Black man preaches that “a white man, stripped of his money and technology, is slower, weaker and not as astute as a black man” that is a racist statement. During WWII the Chinese and Filipino peoples, both oppressed by the profoundly racist Japanese empire of the time, adopted racist attitudes to the Japanese. Some of that racism still exists today in China and to a lesser extent in the Philippines.

      • NE1BUTU

        Rationalizing racist language is something a racist would say. Cracker is a racist remark, whether you think so or not.

    • Clarisse73

      No, the author implies that comparing Rachel Jeantel’s looks to those of a 6-foot black male impersonating an old black woman, is insulting and shameful. Can’t you read? Or do you usually address comments that exist only in your imagination?

      • Billca

        I can read. But you presume I know who the heck you’re talking about impersonating a black woman. [adding: Looked up “Madea”, now I grok]. Perhaps you think it’s “unfair” that people thrust into the public limelight become the target of critical comments and/or satire or comedic comments. Considering the gravity of the case and her shaky testimony I’m surprised that the prosecution didn’t prepare her better. But it was obvious to lots of people that she was not the most reliable or honest witness the prosecution had.

        • Clarisse73

          No, consider the fact that Lolo Jones did not bring up the subject of Rachel Jeantel’s testimony in her remarks. YOU are the who insists on bringing it up. Why? Lolo Jones was mocking Ms Jeantel’s looks and nothing more. Perhaps, being an Olympian, Lolo spent so much time concentrating on being a great Olympian, that she had no time or inclination to learn any manners.

    • tariq

      The fact that you seem to find fault with only the so called “Black” celebrities indicates that you harbor some racist views yourself.

  • icebull

    Never heard of some of these people!

  • ericamissamerica

    Can’t agree with you on Porsha. Is she dim? Yes, but I know a guy like Kordell who acted just like him, PLUS he was physical. This same guy now arches his brows and hangs with a questionable crowd. Only she knows the truth but at least there was clear evidence that he was controlling. I would not doubt that he shook her every now and again. And honestly what type a guy withholds nookie from his wife? What red blooded black man with a beautiful wife can just turn over like a diva and say no nookie? Really? A man can be at odds with his wife and nature will still take its course….just saying. Kordell is the wuss in this situation if you ask me.

    • IJS

      A man will withhold sex from his wife if he suspects infidelity on her part, or if he’s getting his needs met somewhere else. A man will get bored with having sex with a woman who thinks she’s so beautiful that all she has to do is lay there – that’s one of the reasons men generally cheat with “less attractive” women (because they tend to “work harder”). And surprisingly, there are many completely straight men who find coming home to a dumb woman to be a complete turnoff.

      • Lisa Bernstein

        true true true but in porcha’s case, we got a glimpse of life with kordell and it was NOT pretty. He most definitely was controlling and treated her more like a dependant then a wife. There was something wrong with kordell and anybody who watched the reality show, saw it….He owned her. Glad she is out of there. Now she can find herself…

  • Ms Joey Nicole

    I have to defend D.H. He and his 1st wife separated, he moved to Atlanta then moved to California before he met his 2nd wife.

  • Richard Graves

    I think Robin Thicke, nor Lolo Jones should be on this list.

  • Gotcha

    and the most offensive all to society is BEYONCE! You had plenty of time to include her and her antics. No substance nor credibility to this article.

  • chocolate


    • SportsLady STL


      • Wilburforce

        Whassmatter? Truth hurt?

    • It’s Me


  • ibramblebush

    While I don’t agree with Don Lemon stance on taking c0(ks up the culo, he does at times make some very valid critcisms of black people. He’s like Bill Cosby, he says crazy ish that most of us don’t want to hear, but when you give some thought to what he said you find that he does have some validity.

    • roybatty2013

      Exactly. Are they saying you’re not more likely to get a job if you learn some basic grammar and pull your pants up over your rear end? Or that your children won’t be better off if the father is involved?

  • Leah Robinson

    Tisk tisk! The ones that really got me were Cheryl Underwood and A$AP is this kind of self hate that’s holding us back as a people.

  • Mc Poosh

    The list should be longer and Robin Thicke doesn’t deserve to be on it.

  • Dreamincolor

    I don’t understand why you lost respect for Keyshia for saying how she felt about Beyonce’s “bow down” record.

    • SportsLady STL

      You know those stans don’t allow bad mouthing about God Bey.

    • enlightenment


    • steph

      Cuz keyshia cole is a nobody!!! Im not a stan, but keyshia needs to go have several seats!

      • Michael Bradley

        If she’s a nobody wtf does that make you??

  • Christan-Joy Demeritt

    Losing respect for people would be implying that I actually had respect for them at some point…

    • Janiera Eldridge

      Now that is real talk!

    • Ken

      I recognized three names on this list, none of them being Relevant.

    • A_lawyer_who_knows

      Suggesting Don Lemon shouldn’t have the same freedoms that all blacks enjoy is despicable.

      When we toe the party line, Democrats take our vote for granted… no one is hurt more by illegal immigration more than the black community.

    • Kumbajah

      Preach it sister!

  • lrobinson6

    I personally believe porsha stewart. That ninja gay and them down low brothers be quick to slap a bish lol.

    • Violet

      I Am from Pittsburgh,PA and want you people to know that that is not a rumor that Porsha created, that was out way b4 they even married, when he was a Pittsburgh Steeler.

    • lrobinson6

      yuck I guess one down low brother disagreed.

  • BabyBlue

    In 2014 can MN please make their website mobile friendly. I’m sure you have enough money. Step yo mobile game up.

    • hollyw

      …and no more auto-play videos! …or automatic webpage redirects! Or 3,000 slides with two good points!!

      • BabyBlue

        Amen. They should be on their new york times and usa today level by now.

  • hollyw

    LOL @ that Paula Deen slide! Also, I can’t believe Don Lemon said that about Rush Limbaugh…but I can.

    Smh, for everybody that was defending his weak azz “pull up their pants” list towards stop and risk, bet they didn’t know this man thought that Rush Limbaugh, a proud and known racist, didn’t go too far on his racist stereotypes on Black culture…smh all day lol.

    • Rob Turenne


    • Jody Williams

      Rush Limbaugh isn’t a racist. I don’t give him that much credit. Rush Limbaugh isn’t a racist but he plays one on T.V. in order to appeal to the lowest common denominator of Caucasian society and peddle his wares. I would have more respect if he were a racist. At least racists believe in something, even if they are ignorant xenophobes, but to literally play on people’s ignorance and own self-loathing for profit is lower than dirt and that in my opinion is where Rush Limbaugh not to mention many of his peers fall.

      • hollyw

        I’ll take that, too… though I’m not sure Rush is that smart.

        • papamarhenke

          Guess you who comment here have never taken the time to listen to Rush Limbaugh… Once you do you will, if you can think for yourselves, come to the realization that he is not racist and he isn’t n tv. Nice man who understands America. True he doesn’t spend much time talking about race. That’s because the color of your skin doesn’t matter to him. Some of his closest friends are black, asian, hispanic etc. but because he’s conservative in thinking, those who can’t discuss the issues resort to calling him racist. No proof that he’s racist just immature, non-thinkers trying to justify their positions that cannot be justtivied. LLL FFFF

          • hollyw

            I have listened to Rush; multiple times, unfortunately. So you’re first assumption was wrong. All the rest of your argument is ad hominem and provides no proof, either, so you sound as ignorant as everyone whose characters you just tried attacking lol. Nice try, though. Perhaps if you focus less on attacking the source and more on your argument, delivery, and grammar, an actual discussion can be had. Don’t let Rush’s style rub off on ya!

            • Dad21Grl

              So “you’re” first assumption was wrong? And you called papamarhenke out for his grammar. smh…

              • hollyw

                I’m not surprised that’s the only thing you could grasp from the commentary. Auto-correct is fleeting, but stupid is forever.

                • Dad21Grl

                  What makes you not surprised? You’re assuming I’m a Rush fan so you’re resorting to insults?
                  I’m just pointing out that you’re acting as the grammar police and your comments were full of errors. I only pointed out the most obvious. Yes, there were more. I can’t believe I wasted my time with that and this comment.

                • Dad21Grl

                  I never said I’m a Rush fan so I don’t care about your commentary on him. I do find it funny that you attack with insults as a knee-jerk reaction when you’re challenged though. I only wanted to point out your hypocrisy since you were trying to be the grammar police. BTW you made many more errors than “you’re”, so auto-correct is no excuse.

      • Yasmine

        On TV, really? Ignorant of the fact he isn’t on TV, but radio, indicates a lack of knowledge and understanding on your part – also rips apart any comment you may make.

        • Jody Williams

          It’s an expression. Learn what they are. As in I’m not a doctor but I play one on T.V. I’m aware that he hosts a radio show. Nice try though.

      • AvidZReader

        Jody, you have no idea who Rush is or what he does. You blow the same rhetoric as everyone else who is completely ignorant of the state of the nation and how to fix it.

        • Jody Williams

          Sure, because Rush knows all about how to fix the nation… Right. So where was his ground breaking economic plan? Where was his fix for the violence not only in our schools but in our streets? Where was Rush when we were looking at defaulting and lost our triple A credit rating as a nation because we want to play political games with people’s lives and futures? Wherever Rush’s answers are though, I’m sure I just missed them because I was too engrossed in rhetoric…because my personal opinion on the man is rhetoric.

          I’m saddened that you felt the need to reply to my comment, but couldn’t dispute a single thing I said except to use tired old political buzzwords and assume that I can’t fathom the mystery that is Rush Limbaugh.

        • Jody Williams

          Expressions, learn what they are…

          Case in point…

          “I’m not a doctor, but I play one on television…”

    • mac12sam12

      I listen to Rush and he’s never said anything that’s racist. This is why I have such disrespect for the left, they keep repeating the same lie and hope someone repeats it. Do you think calling someone a racist without proof gives you the moral high ground?

      • hollyw

        Do you think you’re the only person who listens to Rush with a discernable ear? Aren’t you tired as “the right” with having the same lame tactic of dodge and shift? Get a clue. Good day.

  • MarriedMomOf2

    Lolo Jone’s ignorant a** needs to be promoting Proactiv products, she needs it badly!

    • Yasmine

      Perhaps you need to bathe in it, to get rid of your intolerance, young lady.

    • justsaynotosocialism

      LOLO is RIGHT!

  • Jacqueline Perkiñs

    Yep…that list is so right you forgot StevieJ

    • HappilyMarriedSwirl

      Well Stevie J lost all respect years ago

  • guest

    If you actually watched Preachers of LA then you wouldve heard the story of how it really happened.amd until his ex wife who I’m a fan of as well tell her side then I’m going with his version.Two he didn’t tweet a pic of his area Funky Dineva posted it and it still may not be him.if it was then shame on him

  • Alexis Morris

    Lolo Jones looks very hard in her pic…

    • R.M. 4 sure

      Who is Lolo Jones?

    • Yasmine

      She is still a great humanitarian, and being ‘hard’ is a good thing.

      • Guest

        “She is still a great humanitarian”
        No she isn’t, she’s a f***in’ loser.

        • Nina Bates

          ha ha ha

  • Do me baby

    I never so many fck up people at one time and all these motherfcker are clowns.

    • gil gam

      Mrs. do me baby, you scare no one

  • enlightenment

    I agree with everyone cept Keyshia Cole. IMO, Michelle didn’t perform up to par with Bey and Kelly at the Superbowl. And yes, “bow down” is a cocky song…even Bey would agree with that. It’s “for the haters.”

    And I also agreed with Don Lemon’s 5 Points.

    • Maria

      don Lemon totally agree

  • coolyfett

    What sensitive chick wrote this article? LOL…I see no issue with most of these people….

    • Shutyourface

      Your mom

      • coolyfett


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      • SportsLady STL

        What’s sad is you are prob a parent.

        • Ben Sturgill

          What’s sad is you “prob” are too.

          • Sean Patrick Murphy sr

            Doubt it, she’s a d yke

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        • Richard Singh

          SKULL TAKER is a English Professor at Harvard Univ.

          • SKULLTAKER

            Make that TENURED Professor Fruit Loop !!

            • kimberlyclark

              With Cornell West? I’m not sure you made the point you wanted to make, Oh, that’s right, he got a better job elsewhere when the Chancellor questioned his rap CD as a sabbatical worthy project. Can you get it on ITunes? Or did he not finish it when Harvard didn’t want to foot the bill.

              • SKULLTAKER

                Really with a Name that makes Toilet Paper you should keep a Low Profile, or they might start calling you A$$ WIPE !

                • kimberlyclark

                  Did you learn that at Harvard, Gomer? Very original. Did it occur to your PhD trained brain, that it’s a joke? That’s not my real name anymore than Skulltaker is yours, unless your mother was on crack in the delivery room, I not only get the joke, a made the joke.. Ca Ca Poo Poo. Grow up.

                  • SKULLTAKER

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                • joanc

                  Wow! and I bet you think you are a class act! You are that, only it is the LOW CLASS you represent.

                  • Lew Ricker

                    Skull taker isn’t a professor of anything.

                    • BabyBuster420

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                    • Richard

                      And you can’t spell employees, lol! what a clown. What business you in? Selling joints on the corner?

                    • DAFFY DUCK


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                    • Katherine McChesney

                      Anyone who is a State Correction Officer is trash.

                    • joanc

                      Hi Kathy- I thought I recognized your name. Weren’t you in the isolation ward due to your attitude. Hope you made it back to the street again and won’t return to jail the same day as you did the last time. The stroll will get you every time when you try to solicit an undercover cop. Look forward to seeing you again and again and well you get the message!

                    • Katherine McChesney

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                    • sunburnspecial

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            • BearNJ

              All that means is you are an American hating Howard Zinn loving closet Marxist. I’ve seen the type who supports hard Left policies that trap far too many blacks in crime ridden neighborhoods with substandard schools that take away hope and opportunity. Count me among those who are not impressed.

            • mwarren400

              If you are indeed AN English Professor perhaps you should have corrected his English.

          • MaxVoltz

            ‘An’ English Professor. Surprised he didn’t say something. LOL

      • Kathleen Bohr

        Great response!

      • Silly Liberals

        What a great retort. Bet you are confused on father’s day.

        • 1Crusader

          I don’t care who you are, that’s funny right there! (LTCG). LOL.

      • Rob Rock

        oh, how original. i’ve on heard that one a million and one times.

      • 7541west

        The sad part of this is this person really thinks they are clever and probably smart…NOT!

      • RTUT

        What an intellect!

      • jackbone

        Are you stupid? Oh, wait. Of course you are.

    • Rebbekah

      The writer has valid points

      • coolyfett


      • Adam Roger Kearley


      • Kathy Dawone Pierce

        WE? How dare the person who wrote this presume they have the right to decided who “WE” do or do not respect. According to the writer (Meg Butler, some nobody) most of those that she states “WE” have lost respect for was for people having opinions? I have lost respect for this person who presumes to know who “WE” have lost respect for…Meg Butler. Give me a break.

        • Russell

          OMG get OFF your f@#kin high horse!

          • 4BlueStars

            Turn off the computer and do your homework.
            PS – You’re grounded.

          • BoobieTheRocketDog

            Get off your high horse’s saddlehorn.

          • Nitrobuz Ae

            OMG get off YOUR f@#king high horse too!

            Ya high horse.

        • Harcourt Fenton Mudd

          Madman Black is “We” because he/she/it is schizophrenic and has multiple personalities (all bad), argues constantly with itself, and is the next mass murderer in waiting. Heshit is the speechwriter for Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. You can recognize the dialect.

          • Here for the stupid contest

            Schizophrenia and dissociative personality disorder are two very different things.

            • matt

              possible to suffer from both whats your point

            • mattlove1

              Yeah, one exists and the other doesn’t

          • rob

            Rubbish – I work with people withe condition – you know nothing about the subject

            • matt

              What, as a janitor. Check the DSM5. Idiot.

              • rob

                Don’t forget to lick that arse

              • Jon Madrid

                Amen!!! Dude probably doesn’t even own one or know what it is. I am studying to be a mental health counselor, and can spot a person who is naive or lying about having a formal association in the field of psychology fairly easy.

            • Jon Madrid

              I have worked in the treatment field for five years and have a bachelor in psychology, and soon to go into my masters. I hate to burst your bubble, but even though schizophrenia is different than any of the dissociative disorders, they share common symptoms. It is possible for a person to act as in a way that they mirror a dissociative disorder, but have schizophrenia (which is why it is difficult to diagnose). However, to actually be diagnosed with multiple/dissociative disorder, there must be at least two distinct personalities, with each being independent of one another. Please refer to the DSM-IV-TR, of the DSM V for more guidelines. Since you you have seem to know everything about the subject, you most assuredly know that is the standard diagnostic manual for psychologists and psychiatrists. I reference mine enough to where it is at my bedside.

              • Chip

                Sorry but the DSM V is kind of garbage. You might want to consider the following before making this book your scientific bible; Faux Real? Disorder, Debtor’s Prism,Truth Decay, Bloated Toad Syndrome. You really think these are legitimate disorders? Come on, its clearly a profit driven(by pharmaceuticals) book designed to diagnose and medicate any fool that gets sucked into today’s mental health industry. DSM IV was quite enough.

                Side note: There isn’t anything wrong with Lolo Jones or what she tweeted.

              • S Simon

                Pontificating under the guise of your credentials on the internet makes you a clown. A professional minded individual would discuss/debate solely amongst your peers and retain some dignity.,,good God man…you come across as an over eager student. It’s embarrassing.

        • Asillem4

          I’d have to know who these people are before I could lose respect for them. Can ‘we’ please tell ‘we’ who they ARE???????

        • Raul

          Kathy: BRAVO

        • momsense1

          They all have to justify their existence and their paychecks.

          • doodle

            can we start ’14 list- “selfies” j law and her $ 35million a yr take– her age to” apples”- j laws’ age to chris– both 13 yrs– now why would gwen- say she’s smart, have lunch ? have to agree , .. no selfies to kids though— U-UptOn & o- tiger killer— bye bye ws– bye bye- verlander- moral clause

        • matt

          you go girl like your style

        • Ron Simpson

          I agree. I have no issues with a majority of these people. At most I have no care at all about them. But I guess we should throw the author of the article on the list. She deserves to be there.

        • Frankoliotistein

          Liberals have lost respect for these celebrities and love to speak for the rest of the human race. How pathetic.

        • The Mouse

          Funny how most liberals (of which I used to be a die-hard one), purport to claim that anyone who isn’t a liberal is intolerant and bigoted but when a person of color decides to have an opinion that doesn’t conform to liberal doctrine; they are seen as sell-outs or undeserving of respect. Same happened to Bill Cosby; whom I support fully as he says what he feels and doesn’t care if the Sharptons of the world hate him for it. Sometimes the truth hurts; but it hurts liberals more; who of course are oh so “tolerant”.

      • Aaron Taylor

        the writer is a racist moron, and if you can’t see it, you’re probably one to. Look at the statistics, since Stop and Frisk has been taken away, Gun Crime in New York has drastically risen, looks like every black (and white) person calling racism, was an idiot (obviously, not hard to see what would come, at least when you don’t live i white guilt, which I don’t).

        • Mnemonic

          The first and last people on this list were supposed to be on the “people we most respect” list. I give the author a break in the sense that, her job is to sit all day and think of a) lists like this and b) make sure they anger just enough people to get comments. Her job success relies on “us” reading and to some degree commenting… if you expect actual insight and analysis, leave the internet, turn off the TV and radio, find friends who disagree with you and try to talk to them. You will either end up agreeing to disagree or… see the world in a new way. Either way, you’ll be smarter than you were after reading this list. Enjoy your time…

          • Reverend Agustin Mateo Ayala

            The celebrities need to get right with God and live clean and that with Michael Brown being rigged by the pigs in uniform, let Brown be cooked on a barbecue and the neighbors will enjoy a nice feast on Brown to put things in perspective. The Bible says in Leviticus and Deuteronomy to feed the dead to the animals since burials and cremations are an abomination to the Lord. Call us at 301–948-7545 for details. We are at 11701 Clopper Road in Gaithersburg, Maryland 20878 and at strose@strose.com for comments on the details. The world needs to change for the good since America is corrupt and carnal. Do what the Bible says by feeding the dead to the animals and do something good for the animals since the animals are more holy than the humans. Thank you for your service!

            • Sheppard1

              thank you for confirming you are a hypocritical piece of trash. Take off.

            • DCR1

              Not just America has a feel for corruption. The entire world over. Corruption did not stop at America as we all have the same type of garbage in our back yards some just refuse to acknowledge it. One can lead a horse to the water but most assuredly can’t make him drink.

            • Lasiter

              You are an abomination to your profession. You need psychiatric help. Like a straight-jacket for starters.

            • Rhigga

              Wtf? So when your grandma died, you fed her to your pet hamster? Really? I must say…that’s pretty awesome. Way to recycle, man! When you die, can I have your corpse to save some cash on dog food for Rover? It’s what God wants…

            • BoxingCannabyte Epicurus

              “The celebrities need to get right with God and live clean and ”

              No, they need common sense and to use rationality and develop their critical thinking skills. So do you.

            • Lasiter

              Reverend, is that a self imposed title? or did some other self imposed titled person treat you to that level? Nevertheless, You are a problem – you are a racist to the Nth degree. Persons with whom you have mesmerized look to you for guidance and you come up with terms such as, “rigged by pigs in uniform”. This small but significant burst of outrageous combination of words tells anyone with any iota of intelligence that you are definigtely one to keep away from and to beware of your race bating tactics. You sir are the problem and not the solution to a troubled community. You are in the Reverend Jeremia Wright and Judas catagory.

            • 7541west

              You speak ONLY for yourself and this disinformation you are spewing is evil and vile and you are NO real Reverend of anything but the “god of your stomach” please go back underground and leave these discussions to people with IQ of at least 70…which I would guess leaves you out in the cold…go back to selling your lies on the corner.

          • theBOOMbrigade

            I agree with you, sometimes you learn something worthwhile reading comments like this, but not very often.

          • Lasiter

            very well said – I agree

        • rae cass

          Exactly. Everyone is so hypersensitive over skin color and White on Black violence. It’s SO obnoxious. If there wasn’t evidence that Stop and Frisk worked that’s one thing. But as you stated, gun crime in NYC is at a high at the moment… if you have nothing to hide, why are you complaining?? I know I have absolutely nothing to hide so if a cop wanted to look in my bag or something I would have ZERO issue with it! People are bitching about it calling it “racist” because they don’t want to get caught with their guns. Slap the “race” label on it and it will go away. So petty and annoying. Everyone needs to stop getting so butthurt when people defend cops and anything that goes against what black people find “unacceptable.” GET THE HELL OVER IT AND STOP WITH THE VICTIM GARBAGE!

          • Raul


          • theBOOMbrigade

            I agree with you on the fact that everyone is so hypersensitive and quite often use the ‘race card’ to make things go away. However, ‘Stop and Frisk’ is something that goes against the rights of the American Citizen, no matter their race, creed, origin… etc. It isn’t about wether or not you are doing something wrong, but the fact that you are forced to prove that you are’nt. That mentality is completely opposite of our foundings in the justice system, otherwise known as “Innocent until proven guilty.” Something so many people seem to forget, or just downright ignore.

            • John P Sullivan

              Learn how S&F works first before condemning it. The ones who get stopped are stopped because of strong suspicion that they’re carrying illegal weapons and/or are engaging in illegal behavior, and most suspects are already well known to police. Most of whom just happen to be black. Check the crime stats, go out on an urban police shift, then get back to me. If you’re still against S&F, you deserve to get mugged. And you probably will.

          • Mike

            I’ve heard people try to cast the image or feeling of guilt on or to you say “if you have nothing why not show..?”.

            I have an issue with a cop or anyone wanting to look in my backpack, wallet, or ____. It’s none of their business and guaranteed by 4th Amendment.

            We have a right to privacy and a we also have a duty to protect our rights. You may or may not stand up for mine, but I stood up for your’s for 10 years and will continue to do so.

            If you want to let them look through your belongings that’s okay. You have that choice. I won’t knock you for it. Just don’t try to make others feel less because ‘you have nothing to hide so what’s the big deal?’

          • Mike

            Okay… I should have proof-read that. This is how it should be…

            I’ve heard people try to cast the image or feeling of guilt on others by saying “if you have nothing hide why not show…?”.

            I have an issue with a cop or anyone wanting to look in my backpack, wallet, or ____. It’s none of their business.

            Not only do we We have a right to privacy and a we also have a duty to defend our rights. You may or may not stand up for mine, but I stood up for your’s for 10 years and will do it again if need be.

            If you want to let them look through your belongings you have that choice. I won’t knock you for it. Just don’t try to make others feel less because ‘you have nothing to hide so what’s the big deal?’

            “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”
            -Fourth Amendment, U.S. Constitution

          • 2nd Amendment Man

            I don’t care if “it works.” Stop and frisk is an unconstitutional practice and therefore is not acceptable. The real issue should be approached from both sides.

            By the way, this is coming from a white conservative male that quite frankly, hates everybody equally.

            You want to give your rights away, feel free. Don’t try and rationalize the “stop and frisk” policy. I don’t care how well it works. We have a constitution in this country for a reason.

            I will probably disagree with you on most everything; but I believe we have a damn good framework provided to us and will fight to the death for OUR rights regardless of what I don’t like YOU doing as long as it is within the constitution.

            Do yourself a favor and look up the word “inalienable.”

          • Aaron Taylor

            It’s more than that, believe me, the people who don’t want to get caught with their guns support the people yelling racist, but they’re not the movement. This movement is the age we live in, where it’s not a story or relevant to society unless there is a hint of Racism or Sexism, the age we live in is a joke.

        • S Simon

          LOL. Way to perpetuate the stereotype. Possibly the most ignorant post of the week (clearly not your fault.) P.S. The grammar really drives your point home. well done. 🙂

      • Muzturds

        Such as?

      • Miche

        The writer is nitpicking and obviously black people would get more respect as well as white people if they pulled up their pants. dumb

        • Nitrobuz Ae

          People who worry about pulling pants up need to pull their lips together. Old people aren’t’ supposed to like young style. That has always been the point of it.

          • Cantstandmorons

            And people who support such tacky, low class trends need to take their own advice and pull their lips together, and their pants up. That ‘hip, happenin new fashion’ started in prison, and signified that someone was ‘available’ for ‘use’. Look it up, get over it, “pull ya lips together” and your pants up!

            • geekmon


            • Rhigga

              Bull$#!+. That prison story is totally untrue and made-up, and you are a liar. “Look it up” yourself. You should pull your bottom lip up over your head and swallow.

            • BoxingCannabyte Epicurus


          • akulkis

            Moron. Sagging pants is prison code for “Please don’t beat me up; I’ll gladly let you sodomize me whenever you want… jsut please please please don’t beat me!” It has nothing to do with young vs. old

            • Rhigga

              Once again, totally untrue. It’s great that you are so into sodomy, I am really happy for you, and happy for Johnson & Johnson for having a valued vaseline customer, but don’t make up some nonsense like that and put it on others. If you don’t know the facts behind something, it’s okay to just not say anything. Showing your stupidity on the internet does not make you any less stupid…in fact it makes even more of an idiot. And this has nothing to do with race, I am not black. I just can’t stand morons and liars.

          • nweb

            What age is “old” to you? Because I’m in my early 30’s, have seen people walk around with their pants hanging to their knees since I was a teenager and never once did I think it was a fashion style that makes anyone look good. It just looks like person wearing said saggy pants is unable to figure out how to buy a proper looking pair of pants.

          • Estavancruz

            If that is style then your generation is FUCKED

          • theBOOMbrigade

            I worked in a prison, all the people who say that the pants down started as a way to signify availability for sodomy are 100% correct. It’s not a style, that’s just an excuse the ones that were raped said so they didn’t appear to be weak and homosexual when they were released. It has, I repeat, IT HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DUE WITH STYLE!

            • Jason Elmer

              right. because style doesn’t go boom it doesn’t exist. have you ever heard of fads? or perhaps people mimicking others for whatever reason we have for doing this thing? apparently culture is a taboo issue in yours, or your attitude would not reflect the thinking that men who have sex with other men are somehow weak. or that the animals who keep other animals in cages are better than their prisoners. Nor would you mock people in bad situations being bad. You, Sir, would appear to live in a magical world. must be nice.

            • DCR1

              It had everything to do with a trend, it then evolved into a matter of convenience., I do not need to have someone else reconfirm that of which I already know of. Common sense tells us people would not want to mimic something as heinous as sodomy and being raped it is not only asinine but ridiculous and dangerous to think this. Now the orange jump suits did transcend from county, as well as the black and white stripes which is why the one prison uniform of black and white stripes is being changed in one of the states recently because it was stated there would be no making a mockery of that of which is serious in nature. Now I stated it began with the Calvin Klein advertisements/billboards, and commercials and I stand by it! The ad campaign began in 1992 with Mark Walberg as the spokesman/model., while it gained in popularity and became part of the fashion norm amongst the teen to young adult sect, it also gained some negativity because it was stated that it sent the wrong message. Now you do your research and stop listening to the ones who if they did their research would not be in the position they’re in!

          • geekmon

            umm, no actually it was NEVER fashion or youth style it came from prison life and gang bangers that brought it out of the prison where it meant a prisoner was telling other prisoners he was available to have sex. That is NOT a fashion statement and young inner city youths picked up on the wrong message out of ignorance nothing more.

            • DCR1

              Totally incorrect it evolved from fashion and did not come from prison life and gang bangers!

              • BigR2

                NOTICE! Nobody agrees with you yet.

                • DCR1

                  Notice one person does not a country make! Further more, I researched you apparently did not denial does not make you right either!

                  • Ty Dee

                    Yeah, I just did a quick google search myself. Not sure where you’re getting your information, but about 99% of the websites and commenters on the subject all say it originated in prison. Who’s really in denial here? Not sure who this orignal pants-sagging fashionista is that you believe in.

                    • DCR1

                      Yeah, sure they do!

                • DCR1

                  I am not an individual looking to be in the spotlight as I’m not a shallow individual, and this is after all my sop box., nor am I controlled via the thought process of the masses as at a young age I was taught to think with my own mind as well as with common sense and intelligence. Research your answers and anticipate the next question! You may want to remember this the next time you attempt to impose an asinine answer upon me! Oh and further more just so you understand., I never conformed to what everyone else was wearing either, yet never had an issue fashion wise in my entire life! At what point do you see a group of fashion students taking a tour through the prison system? Don’t answer that as its rhetorical! However if you like, I can introduce you to the guy who feels fashion comes from the ease of being sodomized? No? OK!

                • DCR1

                  PS you’re pets 1 vote does not count!

            • Rachel Leigh Tucker

              not just inner city youths sag their pants hun. Ive seen white boys from the country sag their pants. Every boy (and even some girls) I went to high school with in the suburbs sagged their pants. It was most definitely a fashion trend and it hit its peeked in the 90s. I think I even sagged mine in 8th grade and im a girl. Obviously now I think the whole trend is gross.

        • opinun8ted douche

          Hahaha, no doubt, as soon as I see someone with their pants around their ankles, I think “douchebag” or “idiot”, doesn’t matter what race they are. This post made reading all the other trash worthwhile, thanks man!

      • matt

        on the top of her head maybe

      • Masmani

        The writer has valid points only to those who fear diversity of thought and philosophy. It’s obvious that if you’re black and not a liberal who loves promoting the government plantation you are to be hated, belittled and vilified.

      • Frankoliotistein

        Not really

      • Melinda

        No. Mostly whining about non issues.

      • Matthew Causey

        You really think so? lol Its ok simple buddy.

      • The_RS_Gadfly

        Maybe on Bizarro world, but certainly not on planet Earth. Probably not on the moon either.

      • Mike Renders

        Not really.

    • njersey5389

      I never knew most of these people existed.

      • Sam Smutz

        Go Speed Racer, Go Speed Racer, Go Speed Racer, Go!

      • pal

        ha ha I am with you..who r most of them?

        • MR_GEE

          ha ha, then you too are also a freaking idiot.

      • Nina Bates

        same here…all nobodies

      • BoomerSoonerDude

        I have NO idea who they are besides the guy that married Kim Kardashian

    • Diane Phillips-Herman

      People obviously aren’t allowed to have opinions anymore, especially if someone’s feeling might get hurt. One woman can’t even hate her own hair? I agreed with many of their thoughts, and I’m no racist or bigot. Boys pull up your damn pants and ladies should wear make -up that is right for their skin color. This goes for blacks & whites!

      • Elaine E Phinn

        What does pulling your pants up have to do with being successful? think you missed the point a great deal. And by no means do i support men wearing their pants below the waist! And why do women need to wear makeup, why can’t they go natural?

        • Guest

          Because no one is going to hire some fool with their pants hanging down like some moron. I know I wouldn’t, no matter how qualified they might be. It’s highly tacky and low class and has no place in the business realm. I wouldn’t even date a man that can’t put his pants where they belong.. Grown, mature men don’t need to have half their buttocks hanging out.

          • DCR1

            They caught some guy stealing because he wanted to allegedly be stylish and wear his pants hanging problem was as he was running, he started tripping on his pants and fell so he got caught! Simpleton! I agree with the pulling the pants up, I do not know why someone started this trend but really let it end!

            • papamarhenke

              funnnnnnny >>>> LLL FFFF

            • Nitrobuz Ae

              Pull your pants up is just a racist dog-whistle. It’s not baggy pants, it’s “black people with baggy pants that offend my white southern purity.”

              • akulkis

                “dog whistle” .. secret code that only lieftards can hear.

                • Suk_m3_h47d

                  What’s a “lieftard”? Because “libtard”—idiotic though it may be—-is at least spelled correctly by 99% of Republicans.

                  LOL. I bet if I drove by your girl’s house and blew a dog whistle, she’d take an aspirin and lie down.

              • DCR1

                News flash I’ve seen this trend on all nationalities, its a trend because guys wanted to show the bands of their expensive underwear!

                • Reality

                  Thank you!!! Nobody had a problem when it was Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch doing it but stop and frisk every black or brown person for it. Remember Jenkos mostly white kids wore those extra baggy jeans and only 3 were wrongfully accused for it. While those 3 may still be too many it is not 300,000 wronfully accused.

                  • DCR1

                    Absolutely! People see what they choose to see!

              • middles ages

                Bull. Plenty of southern white males “sag” as well. It started in prisons as a signal to let men know who was “available” for certain “favors”. I wonder if the men who perpetuate this style know of its origins?

              • Raul

                What an idiot…your handle should be Nitro-moron.

              • Mark Trail

                That’s just stupid…I sincerely hope in the 8 months since you wrote this you have grown a brain.

            • theBOOMbrigade

              It was to show availibility of accepting Sodomy in the prison system. They would pull down their pants below their butt to show that they were available for either a price, or would take it to keep from being killed or beaten. This is a fact, I worked in one for a long time. If you want to know a little more read a little higher in the comments section.

              • Rhigga

                Bull$#!+. That prison story is totally untrue and made-up, and you are a liar, telling people to go read other liars on an internet message board. All of a sudden every employee of the prison system all came out to comment on this message board. It would be funny if it wasn’t so damn irritating and offensive. And I am not black, I just can’t stand idiots and liars.

          • Nitrobuz Ae

            I think there are bigger problems in the world than sagging pants.

            • theBOOMbrigade

              I can absolutely agree with you on that one Nitrobuz.

            • Tim

              yeah, like the jerks who wear them

        • Optimus_Prime

          Beauty markers come in different forms for women across all ethnicities.
          Think of it as adornment.
          The animal kingdom should give you insight as to how opposite sexes attract…as they follow nature’s prime directive.
          Go forth and multiply!

        • smokehill2

          Because if you wear your pants down like an idiot you’d better be a star quarterback or a well-known rapper, since otherwise you”ll either be a pimp, a drug dealer or washing cars for a living,

          My secretary weeds out losers like this so I don’t even have to waste my time interviewing them & laughing at them.

          If they’re too arrogant or too stupid to figure this out, they will get the life they so richly deserve. Their “community leaders, having no real interest in improving anything, won’t bother to tell themexplain to these clowns what should be obvious to anyone with an IQ above room temperature.

          As long as “Black leaders” keep the masses dumb and poor, they guarantee themselves a high income for life. Now, that’s REAL job security. Ask Jesse Jackson, the chief Race Pimp.

          • Suk_m3_h47d

            What “Black Leaders” are you referring to, exactly? Because the youth in question sure as hell don’t go to church or listen to any of the individuals you think you’re talking about; they’d rather get their inspirations from rappers and sports figures, so you’re way off the mark on that one.

            • handgunnar

              “Because the youth in question sure as hell don’t go to church or listen to any of the individuals you think you’re talking about; they’d rather get their inspirations from rappers and sports figures….”….which pretty much explains the problem with “the youth in question”, doesn’t it?

              • izzy61!!

                thats a damn good n true statement handgunnar. Whites…which are a majority have never even heard of 80% of these people, so it really doesnt matter what thier doing. I appreciate someone who does putting the word out. none of these people are good role models…n kids just lick it up and think that its cool to be like them….our society has been goin down the tubes for many years…n its seems to be going down faster n faster as the years go by. We need decisive leadership at all levels in this country to step up and change before we as a society cannot even expect God to save us from this terrible shite hole we are sinking into. Hollywood will always be full of vile crap…but America needs to wake up and not end up going to HELL right behind them.

                • Suk_m3_h47d

                  I’m sure the Native Americans prayed to their gods to save them from “vile crap”, too. Didn’t work out so well.

              • Suk_m3_h47d

                Except it didn’t need “explaining”, as my post had already done that. You merely took an already concise point and made it unnecessarily circular.

          • Fancyod

            So unless they do what you say you don’t like them is that what your saying dictator. an the Rev.Jesse Jackson is a pimp because he fights for civil rights,The dumb and the idiot is you Gaucho sitting on your high horse. What your IQ Mine is 147 I bet Mr.Jackson is a lot higher than that.

            • theBOOMbrigade

              What rights has he really fought for? He says he fights for rights, and a long time ago, he did. Now he only fights to keep from being forgotten. He doesn’t have any legitimate issues that he covers, he finds something and twists it with help from the media, instead of bowing out when he had respect. He is no longer a leader of the people, he’s just some guy who makes problems to try and relive his glory days.

            • Chris K

              If you think Jackson’s IQ is higher than 147 then your IQ is not 147. And Jesse Jackson is not a civil rights leader. He’s a black rights leader which is inherently racist. Each leader should fight for all colors and creeds. That’s equality.

              • Suk_m3_h47d

                All right, then. The next time you decide to buy a meal, or some shoes, or a cup of coffee, or ANYTHING that will personally benefit you or your comfort, DON’T until you make sure everyone in your neighborhood who enjoys coffee, shoes, and food have done it first.

              • Fancyod

                Whites have there own power structure in fact whites rule business and government as for poc we need our leaders to fight for equal rights.Mr Jackson hates no one and like I he hate racism and I’m sure you do to. As for my IQ that what the U of Minnesota Psychiatry told my mother.

                • micronot

                  Obviously, your spelling, punctuation, and grammar must not then be a reflection of your IQ.

                  • Fancyod

                    Better than yours

                • Tammy

                  Your mother lied to you lol. The idea behind that lie would be: If you tell a stupid child that it is super smart, the child will make a greater attempt to live up to the praise. It doesn’t mean that that child will become any brighter. And Jesse Jackson is a racist! He does nothing more than feed the fires of ignorance with the fuel of racism. In turn, he damns the people in which he pretends to defend 🙂

                  • Fancyod

                    The report came from the U of Minnesota . And I care not what you think, A person once told me never listen to a person who make less money than you do and I assure you I make a lot of money.And I love Jesse Jackson for what he has done for this country.

                    • Tammy

                      With that being said, I should probably take your mothers advice and stop talking to you. I have a tiny lil’ hunch that I earn far more money than you do lol. I do not receive a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly paycheck, as I am sure you do, but I do hire out a payroll company that handles all the payroll for “my” employees.

                    • Fancyod

                      I own a business for the last 25 years with my son. I knew that would get a rise out of you. Sorry Tammy, just said that to get your goat. I heard that once at a Amway Meeting. Have a good life, an prosper with your business.

            • Tammy

              Punctuation must not have been a section in the IQ test lol.

              • Fancyod

                Like your is any better.

              • Fancyod

                Its not on the IQ test back in the sixty. But truth be told I was wrong on my score . My score was lower.

                That person looks a lot like me when I was young, whats with the red circle around his lips. Conversational English.

          • theBOOMbrigade

            You make a valid point.

        • Yasmine

          How you look matters on whether you are successful or not. Not knowing this fact of life, makes it harder for the one who can’t understand, more rife for failure, and spreading that opinion around could influence others to fail, too.

      • Mike

        How did Native Americans and the brotherhood of sagging pants come into this conversation? And make-up? Who cares. If you want to; wear it. If not, don’t.

        Reminds me of those “how rumors start” exercises we did in middle school.

        One person at the beginning of the convo said something to the next then it was on a whole new level at the end of the line.

        Next it will be how Americans stole the southwest from Mexico and needs to give it back.. assuming Mexico will give it back to the Spanish, assuming they’ll give it back to the Native Americans who will give Europeans back smallpox & other diseases that decimated them… etc. etc.

    • StardustBoy

      I was gonna say the same thing. I have no problem with most of these people either. And just who is “we”?

    • Natasha McDonald

      seems like a sensitive black chick

    • Nick

      Exactly, you know, I’m not so much concerned with the color of the skin as I am with its thinness

    • Weeser1

      I agree with you. Hopefully the world has expanded the thinking from the 1960’s.

      • theBOOMbrigade

        Alot of people have, but so many resort back to those old and foolish ways of thinking. It’s not only white people, but for some reason so many people believe it is. I think that’s the problem. We can’t really leave the problems of the 1960’s if people only believe that a certain race can be racist.

    • TheRajLOSAngeles

      a racist leftist hack wrote this.

    • TSJones97

      The writer here is an angry leftist. All of their previous “People we lost respect for” lists had celebs on there just because they dared to vote for ‘another political party’….. REALLY? You’re only correct and cool if you tow the leftist, DNC line? Okay. Good luck then. You assume all your readers march in lock step with your thinking.

    • tikitools1

      Some overly sensitive PC douche bags

    • zeus

      that’s because you share the most obvious trait with them all

    • Marcus Ray

      Especially Stacey Dash. Someone is just hating! She’s hot and conservative……best of both worlds. Oh, and she can talk about whatever she wants since this is America. Get over it!

    • payton baldridge

      Meg Butler did and while some were fairly valid with a majority of people losing respect for people, many were obviously just based on here own snap judgments and some on apparent jealousy. This really should have been titled “Celebrities I lost respect for in 2013”.

    • Art Faucett

      #Black. With your standards, anything short of rape and murder is not an issue…well maybe not rape or murder either.

    • Jdove47

      A liberal of course. Only liberals are so hilariously moronic!

    • carl6352

      well when you actually read each one he is upset about them not because of what they said but because he alone does not like them for saying it. just a biased article written on the potty while listening to gangster rap!

    • limdog

      I think every other post was about someone’s right wing politics. Keep in mind that half of us agree with those people.

    • Shane

      A typical liberal twit who works for the MSM wrote this. Stop and Frisk cut back on crime in black neighborhoods too.

    • Rob Rock

      The pansification of America.

    • Kyle


    • Shane

      You mean what left wing twit wrote this article. I have more respect for Don Lemon for telling the truth to his peeps. Stop committing so many crimes and you won’t get shot by the police.

    • Heather Ward

      I was going to give the EXACT same comment until I saw yours. This person needs to calm down a bit. Way too sensitive.

    • joanc

      The race issues that are raised by MSNBC employee Toure indicate his hypocrisy. He can’t accept the fact that Americans Black and White elected President Obama with great hope that his words so eloquently spoken would heal the country. It is unfortunate that Mr. Toure and his evident hatred of White people are given a platform to spread his hate and discontent. I and many of my friends never watch that station due to the people they promote. I don’t have to list them for we all know who they are.

    • Rosa Gonzalez

      I agree Cool!!

    • Mike Renders

      So true.

    • lakawak

      You have to look at it from a standpoint of a racist black person. Then you will understand.

    • miked22

      They just hate the fact that they said things that don’t jive with the Liberal gospel of President Obama, so they must be destroyed. That’s been the hallmark of the Obama years, de-legitimizing and demonizing any and all opposition.

    • jennie

      I agree with you. I know what skin color of the person writing the captions with each picture. Slanted too.

    • ilisius

      Unlike you, someone with a heart.

    • Donny Berger

      A libtard. They are sensitive about everything. It’s a wonder they can even get out of bed in the morning. Oh wait, most of them don’t because they don’t have jobs