Have You Ever Been “Karrueched” ?

December 9, 2013  |  


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Word: Karrueched
Part of Speech: Verb
Definition: Varies.

Over the Thanksgiving holidays Karrueche Tran posted the following pic of her visiting her boyfriend, Chris Brown, in rehab.

How cute.

I like Karrueche Tran. She’s cute. She’s supportive. She has a unique sense of style. She’s humble…the list goes on. But, let’s face it. When most people think of Karrueche, they think of Chris Brown. And you know what most people think about when the words Chris Breezy are uttered… (and I’m not talking about  positive words pertaining to his musical talents or  superb performance skills.)

Though everyone has the right to have a personal life—one that is free from public criticism of their romantic relationships and the like— celebrities, in particular, have a hard time keeping their relationships out of the public eye. Everybody (and their mama) feels as if they need to know who their favorite celebrity is dating (or doing) ,when and why!  Some celebrities share this information freely while others, like Kerry Washington, run off to Idaho and get married on the  low without telling a soul.

So what’s a girl to do with Chris Brown as her boyfriend? Ever since his 2009 pre- Grammys domestic dispute with Rihanna, Chris has been on the relationship watch radar. So when he started getting pretty public about his budding relationship with Karrueche, people were just waiting for something to happen.  A few years later, and after much public speculation about him getting back with Rih-Rih, he publicly admitted to possibly being in love with the two women at the same time.


For anyone in love, hearing that your significant other believes he loves you and his ex could be a big blow.

Chris Brown would probably argue that he was just “expressing his emotions” so I wasn’t that  surprised when he dumped (or did he?) Karrueche and went back to Rih-Rih for a bit.

But…the Rihanna episode was just that— an episode. In no time, the two parted ways and Chris Brown went right on back to his boo- thang Karrueche.

While I personally don’t really care about their relationship, I do think that it brings up some interesting notions of what it means to be in a relationship in the public view. In many ways, you could very much be publicly humiliated in the blink of an eye besides the drama and  gossip of being a celebrity.

While I don’t think Karrueche got as much flack as Rihanna did for returning to Chris because their parting didn’t involve a domestic dispute,  I do wonder the following:

1. If the situation were flipped, would Chris Brown have been so open to reconciliation?

2. How would the public react?

3. Is Karrueche seen as “weak” for her decision to return? If so, why?

I’m not shaming any woman on who she decides to date or why. Heck, we all have our shares of relantionship blunders and WTH moments. In many ways, young relantionships are all about experimentation, trial and error, and finding oneself.

Nevertheless, I don’t think anyone would want to be Karrueched, but ish happens. Every experience is a learning experience.

Love is a powerful drug.

So they say.

Can you relate to Chris Brown and Karrueche’s relationship? What can we learn from the two?

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  • BeenThereDoneThat

    4 yrs ago I was dating my current boyfriend and a few months into us “talking” i found out that he had also been seeing his ex girl friend when I asked him about it he denied it for weeks until one my best friend who lived in his neighborhood informed me that she had seen the ex girl friend going into his house. I called him a million times that night and got no response ( i was out of town) the next day he calls me back with some lame excuse as to why she was over there and that I was over reacting he assured me that they were NOT talking in any romantic way, they were just friends. By then it was too late I had already wrote the girl on fb asking if they were talking and she told me yes they were back together. He then got mad at ME for being “messy” and “crazy” and told me not to contact him or her anymore.

  • BeenThereDoneThat

    yes i have been lol

  • Paul Dronette

    Yeah. I have. I was in high school. She was 3-4 years older and she strung me along for at least a year. It sucked but I learned so much. Namely, that I should never do that to someone else.

    • heyheynow

      That’s very mature of you Paul because Ive seen over and over again where guys will become players but cause that “one girl” did them wrong. I wish that everyone thought with this behavior.

  • Whatever

    Personally, I don’t see the problem with that, as long as she is happy ( and he doesn’t hit her because at the contrary of the other one, I do like her ), I think that it’s her decision and I am going to be happy for her. And she doesn’t look weak to me because In that case anyone who forgives is weak and that’s not true, I believe it takes a strong man or woman to actually forgive someone and move on with their life.

    • ni

      it does take a strong man or woman to actually forgive someone and move on with their life but that doesn’t mean you have to be with that person. I have forgiven exes who have treated me bad and then when they tried to come back a third or fourth time I said no. Does that not make me strong Im not following your theory

  • Nicole

    I think at some point everybody has been Karrueched….they just didn’t know; @ least he was honest about it and left the ball in her court so she could make her own choice.

  • JeMa

    NO! I saw how my dad treated my mom when they were married. I made a promise to myself, which is “BS expected, but NOT accepted!”. I will never & ever let a man treat me like ish. If it happens once, it will not happen AGAIN. I love myself too much. I feel bad for Karrueche. I don’t know her, but I think she’s a sweet girl. Well, I wish them good luck.

  • Laverne

    Who knows? Maybe Chris Brown only reunited with Rihanna to help his image – “she forgave me, so should you” kind of thing. Didn’t work though…it never seemed like Karrueche was ever totally gone nor was she all that upset during that time. It seemed that Rihanna had the major problem with it.

  • enlightenment

    I don’t really quite grasp Karreuche and her relationship with Chris.

    I mean if I had a man who: A. Let his ex talk sh** about me on his song (Birthday Cake) B. Is publicly known for whopping a woman’s a** C. Escapes community service as a punishment for domestic abuse 4. Told me he’s still in love with his ex, left me, posted pix of him and his ex all over social media.

    Then have the nerve to come back to me…? OH HEEEEELLLLLLL no!

    To me, all of those things above are complete and utter disrespect. I don’t care how much money or fame a man has, these layers upon layers of f$@# ups wouldn’t lure me to go back to this man for sh**!

    I know love is sacrifice, but gottdamm that’s too much sacrifice for me!

  • Neco84

    Hmmm it certainly does make me think if Im being Kaurached right now!
    Ive been seeing a guy older than me (36 with a kid, Im 29 no kids) who seems to be wanting to take things super slow…. So right now we’ve been dating about 3 months but still not “in a relationship”. Starting to wonder if I’m just being stringed along or he’s just going at a glacial pace because, in his words,”wants to be right this time”.
    I think people have to remember that sometimes there’s reasons for this stuff, but some times, most of the time…. You’re getting played.

    • FeelsGood

      Just curious – why did you mention that he has one kid and you have none? Do you think that has anything to do with why he is making the decision to take things slow? Have you met his child? Doesn’t sound like you’re content at all with the relationship and the pace it’s going in.

      • Neco84

        I think it does have to do with his kid. I have not met his son yet.Too be honest…. I guess im just not used to dating people with kids. This is all very new to me.

      • Neco84

        Yeah…. I think the slow approach is because of his son. I haven’t met him yet. The reason I mentioned that I dont have kids is because im used to just a very blunt approach when it comes to dating. If we like each other enough, boom, we’re in a relationship. Dont have to think about a third party. I guess im just not used to dating people with kids…. Very new to me. Im trying to adjust my thought process. :-/

        • ni

          I think maybe this is something you need to talk to him about. Talking to someone who has children is a big step when you don’t have any and have never done it before. I use to be the type to say I would never date a guy who has children. However if you connect with someone really well the fact that they had a child shouldn’t hinder you from developing a relationship with that person. But its going to be different from anything you have ever experienced so you’ll have to make the decision within yourself after talking to him first do you want to put the needs of this child above your own or would you rather just move on and date someone who does not have children. I don’t think you’re being karracheud though lol

  • Really?!

    I can’t seem to understand why individuals are soooooo concern (dang near obsessed) with Kaurreche and her relationship with Chris? If she’s happy, then more power to her.

    If she stays with him or if she finally walks away from him, that really isn’t our concern or business. Let them kiddos live!

  • FeelsGood

    No, never have allowed a man to string me along…but I have dated the same guy twice. The first time I wasn’t ready for anything serious, though I enjoyed his company and thought he was a great guy. The opportunity presented itself again on down the line and we tried again. This time he was the one that wasn’t ready for anything serious. No regrets at all.

    I would never advise any woman to allow a man to string her along, but I would suggest being open to the possibility of finding love with the same guy for a second time. To everything there is a season and the first go round may have been the season for sowing and the second go round may be the time for reaping. Just always use discernment and wisdom when going backward. Some men are simply not worth the risk and some are.

  • heyheynow

    I’ve never been karrachued or however you spell that word.However in my younger days I’ve allowed a guy to break up with and then become my boyfriend again a few months later and then repeat twice it was the same guy. I’m not sure who he was dating or messing with on these break ups. So I guess I can understand allowing a ex to come back it’s just the part about him breaking up with her to go back to another ex. I don’t think I could have done that and yeah she does come off a little weak.