Only 4,500 Show Up For A Kanye Concert In Kansas City

December 6, 2013  |  


Have Kanye’s antics finally worn thin? The Daily Mail reports that fewer than 4,500 people showed up for a Yeezy concert at the Kansas City Sprint Center on Tuesday. The arena can hold 19,000 people. According to the Kansas City Star:

West almost certainly could have filled the Sprint Center five years ago.

‘Tuesday’s poor attendance indicates how his scandalous love life, frequent impolite pronouncements and his gradual shift away from conventional hip-hop have alienated many of his fans.’

Indeed, Kanye’s antics of late have been over the top. Between his comments to Charlamagne Tha God, his run in with Sway, his Confederate flag fashions, and that “Bound 2” video, etc, etc it’s been an unending cavalcade of crazy from Ye. Even when he’s making sense, he’s so all over the place that it’s hard to hear the message because of the way it’s delivered.

Q Scores that came out last month showed that Kanye’s popularity has fallen precipitously since 2011. His relationship with Kim Kardashian is probably a good part of the reason. While he does seem very much in love, the relationship — or the tabloid interest in it — is bringing out the worst parts of Kanye’s personality, and many of the fans aren’t into it.

Moreover, one of the arguments that he made in those recent radio interviews, when he was going off on Nike, was that his brand is so strong that it should give him entree to every C-suite in the fashion world. Knowing the value of his brand, it’s something that he should be taking greater pains to protect. If his popularity and influence slips, he won’t be able to grow and maintain that tastemaker status that he so clearly hopes to achieve and capitalize on.

The Yeezus tour could also be suffering from a bit of concert overload. In the past few months, there has been no shortage of tours with high ticket prices for fans to spend their money on. From Drake to Justin Timberlake to Beyonce, everyone and their grandmother has been performing on a stage somewhere in the past year. And they’re all asking for at least $75 to $100 to get in the door. With Christmas coming and budgets tight, nobody has the money to go hear Kanye rant to Jesus on stage when you can hear him rant for free on the Internet.

The Yeezus tour is heading to San Antonio, Phoenix, Anaheim, and Chicago, all before December 25.

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  • sha

    North is going to break dat azz when Kimmy gets tired!! He might want to send a search party out for his senses before they are beyond his reach.

  • coolyfett

    Sounds like KC has some real people down there.

  • scandalous7

    its Kansas tho

  • KeepingItReal

    That’s a lot. He needs to go into hiding. People are tired of him and his ho.

  • Stephen

    Wow, I so surprised the white folks didn’t show him more support. He has been trying to appeal to them lately, every chance he got he has been declaring how much he loves his white baby momma and daring anyone to say she is not the most beautiful white woman on the planet, literally begging that white woman to marry him, selling his confederate gear to white folks because who else could he think would buy it, he was letting white folks know he’s on their side. What proud black man wants to give him their money to build his white woman a mansion.

  • Ty

    this article has more views than his concert =P

  • oldrndirt

    He is a wack job. He will be completely broke and fall in to obscurity in the near future. He like Obama has no enduring qualities.

    • Clark Toni

      How do you compared Kanye West with the President of the United States, I know you are shady just from that comment alone. Wow both have more talent than you will ever have!!!

    • KeepingItReal

      The Prezident was right. Kanye is an a##hole.

  • Jonesie

    Tbh, I’ve never been a KW fan. I can’t name three songs he’s made recently.

  • I hate to say it, but I’m a happy to see that some sort of repercussion comes from his constant outbursts.

  • deja vu

    when he got with that walking mattress that was pretty much enough for me!

    • hollyw

      Naw, but when he popped that baby out of her AND put a ring on her, THAT was enough for me!!

    • Chanda

      Nah, he was lost way before then. But neither one of them seem genuinely happy smh..

  • Moony

    One, people probably couldn’t afford those tickets. When Kanye was coming up, finances were much better for everyone. Two, Kanye turns a lot of people off and he is pUlling away from music anyway. Anytime this dude wants he can make a club bangeR, bt his mind is elsewhere.

    • Kanye supporter

      I think he is trying to awaken the sleeping public. He just wants us to take owner ship of what we buy and own. Wake up people, he’s a revolutionist. Not a follower… People want him to do the ordinary thing but he’s not trying to be ordinary cause he’s already done that. The media wants you to hate a strong man making decisions for himself. The want to hold him back . I hope he becomes president

  • kc from mo

    3 or 4 years ago I would have went to see Kenya West< but now his music is Wack

  • CC

    Well I’m from KC and I’ve lost a lot of respect for him. Not surprised. Get it together, Kanye. You did this to yourself!!!

  • Jenie

    You ain’t got the answers Madamenoire ….. You ain’t got the answers !

    • KJ23


    • JerkJackson


  • Mr Maal

    It’s not Ye’s antics totally that effected attendance in KC. The hip-hop culture is npt very strong on KC. Many people that would love to see Kanye work, so much for a TUESDAY show. Also, the area of town has been but boycotted by hip-hop’s fan base. All hop-hop, or most, shows at the Sprint Center are during the week. That takes away college students in surrounding cities. Parents don’t take teenagers. Wotking yping adults chooe sleep first. Keep doing your thing, Ye. All geniuses get the due respect postmortem

    • cece

      Not true. I’m ftom KC and I didn’t buy a ticket. Not a fan anymore. I know lots of ppl who go to concerts during the week in KC but no one was talking about this concert. Too far gone.

    • KC

      Wrong, the Hip-Hop culture in KC had nothing to do with Kanye’s low ticket sales. Kanye had to do with his low ticket sales. Jay-z came here and sold out all 19,000 seats. We always have Hip-Hop Concerts that do quite well here in KC. Mr. Maai you must NOT be from the KC area. If the people aren’t feeling the artist, they aren’t feeling him. Missouri is called The Show Me State for a reason, if you show us some BS, then we don’t show you ticket sales. Ask that “genius” Kanye.

      • Guest

        Thank you!!! Not from the Missou side but KC is KC to me!!!

      • Whydid Youblockme


    • hollyw

      … your solution is for him to keep working so he gets his respect after he DIES lol??

      • Sasha

        i think he wants him to kill himself. lol

        • hollyw

          LOL girl idk WHAT his logic was…

    • q

      It is true the man is right I’m from Kansas city right off 39th and main is where I stay been here since birth 30 years. What the guy Mr Maal said is truth and nothing but.

    • q

      And most concersts, there’s not many concerts unless it’s a local group or it’s going down in lawrence which is always a small scale crowd, be never in tthousandsA

    • q

      I meant the crowd never gets into the thousands. Kansas City is not a hip hop town. First way we can verify that is by our radio station selection…not many of those either

  • T.L.

    Well hopefully soon we can get that number of 4,500 down to 0 and NOBODY supports this idiot! He needs to fade all the way to black, go back to the ghetto southside of Chicago and work for a Taco Bell in the back or Target warehouse where no one can see him. His only moments of speaking will be when he is somewhere telling one of his co-workers how good he had it and how much his big stupid mouth caused him to fall and lose everything.

    • Whydid Youblockme

      Yep. And if that happens it’ll be sad as hell to see. But you know if that happened his “rich friends” & “friends in high places” will help him & try to pull him outta his own craziness, put some money in his pocket & get hm back in the studio
      Sometimes people have to lose what they’ve managed to win in order to WIN all over again. Life lessons are painful & we can be our worst enemies <—- that's so true
      In Kanye's case, not only is he his worst enemy but Kanye's best qualities are turning out to be his worst qualities & gonna lead to his downfall
      And that marriage to trashbag-azz kim kartrashian DOES NOT HELP ONE BIT
      He needs to DROP THAT BTICH …..

  • hollyw

    Ugh. Just cause you could see it coming and it’s deserved, doesn’t make you feel better about it. I feel sorry for him. He’s a known narcissist, and needs all that attention to keep up the facade of his ‘god-like’ status. If people keep dropping him, I cringe to think of what he might do.

    • Erica LadiiBug Divaa

      I was a die hard fan of his a couple years ago…..i even went to the “watch the throne concert” 3 years ago here at the sprint center……now you couldn’t pay me to go see him….unfortunately even i have gotten sick of his antics….

      • kilar

        Those antics were retarded from day one. You should have realized he was an idiot then. Speaks volumes that it takes years to work out that an ego-rager idiot is an ego-rager idiot.

    • guest

      Well He better wake up and come back down to Earth I guess. And something else he might want to think about, stay out of the publics face for maybe I don’t know, 2 damn SECONDS. That might help, just a guess.

      • Whydid Youblockme

        “stay out of the publics face for maybe I don’t know, 2 damn SECONDS” <——- LOL!!! Hilarious

  • MarriedMomOf2

    That what happens when you keep talking crazy ish out of your butt, many people will get turn off by that.

    • Marie Bano

      Mental health issues are real and serious but we continue to sweep them under the carpet. Kanye is not talking crazy, he needs help. He is losing himself and his pride. Not sure where his real family are.

      • MarriedMomOf2

        I’m not poking fun at mental illness and I have family that suffers from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, it’s just that I’m over Kanye and his antics like comparing himself to Jesus. Ever since his mom died he’s been like this and I think that his real family is in Atlanta, but he moved here to Chicago with his mom when he was young and then lived in China when his mom was teaching at a university there. Him and his mom were very close and I even met his mom when I was attending Chicago State University, she spoke about importance in education leading to success in life and this was in 2005.

      • Whydid Youblockme

        Kanye’s EGO & FANTASIES are what’s fcuking HIM up
        Couple that with being smart & creative – on top of a relationship/marriage to a STANK BTICH like KIM KARTRASHIAN & omg @ the outcome …..
        And if he keeps all this shytt up he’s really gonna LOSE …….. ALOT
        I laugh at Kanye sometimes tho – because he makes such a CLOWN of himself the shytt is hilarious
        But that n!99a aint REALLY crazy

  • Kelli

    The Sprint Center is in Kansas City, MO, not KS!

  • BabyBlue

    Oh well.