Let Me Buy You A Drink… Liquor Black People Love

December 13, 2013  |  
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Last week we told y’all about Slate’s detailed explanation of why black folks love cognac, but the truth is that’s not the only liquor we fancy. It’s never a surprise to us when someone of color orders one of beverages.


Black folks love Moscato so much NPR did a report on it. It’s sweet, easy to find,  and it’s enjoyed a shout out from rappers from Lil’ Kim to Drake. Even NeNe Leakes started her own brand called Miss Moscato.


Hennessy and black people have a special relationship. We love Henny and Henny loves us back. They are major contributors to the Thurgood Marshal Scholarship fund, the Tuskegee Institute, and the National Urban League. They even made a limited edition bottle for Obama’s innauguration and gave the proceeds to charity.

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Amaretto Sour

An Amaretto Sour is a great date drink. It’s delicious and low in alcohol. He can buy you a few without causing anything worse than a mild buzz.


Do black folks genuinely love Ciroc? Or are we afraid that Diddy’s going to jump out from behind a bush and hit us with a bottle if we try to order anything else?.

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If Hennessy is the official drink of the black community, Hypnotiq might be the official aphrodisiac. Brothers love to pull it out when there’s a lady coming over.


Some black folks love Alize so much that they name their kids after it. Maybe because they were conceived to it, while listening to Tupac rap about it on CD.


No one’s going to mistake you for an alcohol connoisseur when you order a bottle of Nuvo at the bar. But it’s pink, bubbly and sweet — what’s not to like?

Crown Royal

You can spot a Crown Royal drinker by the little purple bags full of batteries and loose change stashed all over the house.

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I can’t figure out if black people love Patron because it’s deliciously smooth, rap famous, or stored in those beautiful hand-blown bottles. Whyever you drink it, you’re sure to find that it has just enough alcohol content to get you into trouble.

Grey Goose

Grey Goose used to be hip hop vodka royalty until Diddy attacked a man with ice cubes at the 2011 BET Hip Hop Awards after party for ordering it at the bar. Grey Goose is going to have to offer a witness protection program if they want their customer base to go back up.

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White Zinfandel

It might just be the number one dinner wine in the black community.


I can’t even think about Courvoisier without reciting all the lyrics to this song. Everybody sing it now…

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Corona and beer might as well be synonyms as well as some of us are concerned.

The 40 oz.

They’re affordable…and that’s about the only good thing you can say about them.

Moët & Chandon

We don’t know anyone who’s ever said “no” to a bottle of Mo.

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  • Kai

    This article comes across so stereotypical at times. Yes I like some of the drinks mentioned, but no more or less than anyone of any race who also enjoys them. I don’t drink Henny or any Brown Liquor for that matter. I like my occasional glass of white or red wine..I do like Amaretto Sours..because its delicious and light on the alcohol content. Many of these liquors listed have over the yrs been placed into the psyche of many rap/r&b music lovers because they have been mentioned in numerous songs. I think that some people just have a tendency to gravitate to whatever they consider to be the popular drink at the moment. I can remember when BIG rapped about Moet and all the ballers and shot callers had to order their bottles of Moet , even though Moet was a liquor that had already been out for many yrs prior to BIG coming out..Same with Crystal..Over priced liquor that many only drank to be able to brag about buying and drinking it. They did it with Patron, Grey Goose, and now Ciroc. On the flip side you have people who have classic taste, They don’t care what they popular drink of choice is at the moment. They like what they like , no matter how old it is , and they stick to that.. I don’t need a rapper or singer to plug a drink in a song for me to drink it. I don’t care who promotes what I just drink what I like.

  • caligirl

    it’s time to jump off of the racist white corporate media train. this is pure stupidity.

  • Chocolater Reign

    I’m confused … did it ever occur to you all that some of these drinks end up IN rap songs because lots of people are ALREADY consuming them and NOT the other way around.

    In my day everyone was already drinking Gin(bumpyface) & juice before Snoop gave an ode to it. Just like we were consuming Alize before B.I.G. gave a nod to it. —Alize keeps me tipsy, girls say they miss me—–

    And here in Chicago we were consuming THE GREEN MONSTER (Hypnotiq mixed with any dark liquor-Remy,Henni,Crown-) BEFORE KELLZ made his song & vid.

    SO to say people drink this because of rappers is BS
    oh & BTW I have been a connoisseur of REMY VSOP for many years now, CHILLED NO mixer, ice or chasers STRAIGHT baby.

  • beckybeckybecky


    • Kai

      I mostly hear older adults as in 50’s and 60’s mention this drink..Not sure of exactly what it is though.I have heard of it.I’m a 70s baby by the way.. “Champele”..Is it Champagne or some version of it. I remember this older guy and I having a discussion about drinks that were popular once upon a time,and he mentioned that…

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas


  • kickash

    My brother went to school with a kid named Courvoisier.

  • Bambi2013

    We love Henn… And Henn loves us!

  • Reese

    I drink a few of the products on this list and it’s not because a rapper name dropped it. I love Grey Goose because it’s smooth. I also love Patron even though it gets me into trouble every time. But to be honest 1800 should have been on this list instead of Patron most black people drink that from what I see.

  • staticb62

    They’re dead on with the Henny. After a certain age my friends and I all started gravitating towards Hennessy after many years of drinking whatever and it wasn’t together. It was more like looking up one day and realizing, “you #@$% with Hennessy, too?” I don’t know why so many of us go that direction, but Hennessy is the American Black Man’s drink of choice.

    • Kai

      As much as I hate to admit this..I do know many (not all black men who drink this) but many who seem to like it.I never got the big deal about it, but then again I don’t really like brown liquor.

  • heyheynow

    A lot of young well black people that I went to college with like jose it’s the turn up liquor lol but people are right let’s stop with the generalizations even though I do like to mix crown and apple juice

  • Kristen

    Most of these I haven’t tried. And I tried courvoisier for the first time last night.

    • SharonRose

      I like Courvoisier, quite tasty. But then again I like dark drinks.

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    I’m not going to lie. I had a couple of crown bag o’ pennies lying around my house when I was in my earlier twenties. Lol

  • Mao

    What? No Colt 45? You hit every other sterotype…

    • OSHH


    • Kai

      I think that could also fall under the 40 oz category.I remember my dad drinking those way back in the day ..when they had the Billie D Wiliams commercial..lol

  • Paul Dronette



  • Marquis de Sade

    I’m a Pabst Blue Ribbon nyggguh myself, and on a sidenote, that FIREBALL WHISKEY & COKE is right up there with CAPTAIN MORGAN & COKE.

  • beckybeckybecky

    Yes. someone mentioned Remy Martin.

    • OSHH

      Yes Remy VSOP is my winter drink , its smoother than Hennessy which I hate.

  • jeffp1975

    I am black but out of the entire list, I would say Patron is my favorite. Dark liqour, any kind to me , is disgusting. Hate GG, Ciroc is so overrated and not much of a wine person. Infact the only brand I prefer is Belvedere. I’m a vodka guy. Hey Bossip, does that make me black still? GTFOH

    • queen1

      kettle one is that ish on the vodka tip too

    • OSHH

      Yes Ciroc is some BS as far as quality goes. I have to say Belvedere has too much of a bite on it for me, Grey Goose is my fav, its smoother. I have had Kettle one, Three Olives etc

  • nolimit_soldier

    Personally I’d prefer a beer (a cold Budweiser preferably) before I drink any type of liquor (esp dark..I didn’t know I had an alter ego until the day I drunk brown liquor) and if I do drink liquor I prefer gin and juice. My wife stay on that Alizae and fruity type liquor drinks.

  • whynot

    stupid article! waste of time, kmt

  • oppa

    You forgot sizzurp.

  • There we go

    Anything sweet.

  • Deana Becker

    According to this list, I’m in danger of loosing my Black Card.

  • folamix

    I have seen a lot of black folks drink these liquors but they also drink others. Stop generalizing and playing to the stereotypes

  • dingo_egret

    Maybe the title should say, “Liquor Black People Love, BUT Shouldn’t”

    I’ve seen many people flock to these brands. Mostly influenced by music and entertainment.

  • Ebby

    I hate moscato it’s just for cake, and not every black person drink these types of liquors you’ve mentioned. Please stop looping us all in one group.

    • dingo_egret


    • queen1

      i keep telling people moscato is a dessert wine

  • Fair and Balanced

    Well now I have a better understanding of why other cultures feel free to generalize Blacks its no wonder when so many of us are so willing to do it I guess chickens really do come home to roost.

  • OSHH

    No Remy Martin or Merlot mmmmmm
    I don’t partake of but it seems rappers/entertainers can sell anything to the BC.