Peter Gunz: “I Considered Divorcing Amina”

December 5, 2013  |  

Ever since the first episode of season 4 of “Love & Hip-Hop New York” we’ve been dying to talk to Peter Gunz and ask him point blank: WTF is wrong with you?!

Unfortunately, we weren’t able to do that exactly, but we did get a chance to chat with him for a hot second this week and ask about his hot mess of a storyline on LHHNY. Interestingly, Peter still seems to be running with the idea that his marriage to Amina is the real deal. In fact, he even said he considered divorcing his new wife and then marrying her again so that their union would start off on the right foot — unlike it’s actual start, which involved him telling his bride to keep her mouth shut (don’t tell nooooobody!) because he was still living at home with his woman of 13 years and their two kids. Now that Peter is in this travesty of a love triangle, he claims he’s going to lay in the bed he made and do right by Amina, but something tells us we shouldn’t hold our breath on that one.

Check out what Peter had to say about his marriage and his divorce thoughts in the video below. How are you feeling about him right now?

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  • Mzj

    If I was her, i’ll be mad as hell and feel stupid. You chose to be with a man for so many years and he have children and he dogs you out and never married you, you should have moved on. He’s probably never going to change. You can’t be mad at her she didn’t handcuff him and made him marry her. You can’t break something that was already broke.

  • Yolanda Love

    He is dead wrong for what he did to Tara playing with people feelings just tmap but you still a nobody Peter who

  • CC

    Wow, I mean really, what man treats a woman like that. He should be ashamed of himself, that is why he doesn’t have any luck because he doesn’t know how to treat people. What goes around comes around Peter!!!

  • beefoxy10


  • Marie Bano

    It is time for this site to get better writers and stop turning itself into Bossip. Every second story is about reality TV. Time to focus on things that are important to black women not these useless people all the time.

    • SB

      I agree. I have never heard of this man. Guess I have been under a rock.

    • Linda Littlejohn

      Very well said – thanks. In fact Madam Noir articles defintely do not meet the reporting standards in place at other online mags due to the lack of depth and glaring absence of professional research – as if weekly topics are chosen from a list then Googled for previously reported info. On a personal level I am insulted that Madam Noir associates itself with the African-American community. If this site is interested in achieving journalistic authenticity drastic improvement is necessary.
      That being said my opinion of Peter Gunz is he’s a pathetic loser with zero character and should be ashamed to hold his head up around real men because he’s a joke. What man leaves the mother of his children and the woman that stood by him over a decade? Many black males today are nothing more than uneducated, trashy punch lines for jokes – fathering children without marriage then walking away from their families if they think something better has come along – and even animals don’t do that. Hip Hop may be popular as a music genre but it’s not a way of life and at his age Peter has nothing to show for his life but mistakes and bad decisions. What woman needs a man in his 30’s that has nothing to show for his life but BS? Sad as it is and as painful as it is for Tara right now she will get over this situation in time and move on to a man who is actually fit to be a husband and raise her sons because Peter has already proven he’s unfit to raise children and makes them but is incapable of being a decent father that provides for his family and sets a good example like a father should.
      For once I agree with Erica Mena. Peter’s relationship with Amina will not stand the test of time like the relationship with Tara because Tara actually loved Peter but Amina is childish and selfish and told Tara “I can’t help it because Peter fell in love with me” like it was a game and she won – but real love is about caring more for what’s best for the other person even if it’s not about you – and Amina didn’t give a damn there were children involved that need heir father to be in their lives every day providing for them, raising and loving them – because being a father means sacrificing and doing what’s best for your children because you brought them into the world and they deserve love and commitment from both parents. Both Peter and Amina will learn love and lust are two different things and one is shallow and temporary and never ever works out when you hurt or disrespect others in the process. Whether Amina will make it big in the music biz remains to be seen because it’s a very very over-crowded arena full of wannabes and one-hit wonders.

  • GhettonessIsNotRight

    As sorry as it sounds, he clearly loves Amina. If I were Tarra I would pick my feelings up and move on. Peter is not worth two dead flies! She just needs to bow out gracefully, date herself and get rid of any hurt that she has sustain from dating Peter so that she can date wise.

    • Guest

      Tara has already, keep in mind this was recorded months ago…I was just
      at a party with her over the weekend in NYC and she was with a
      fineeeeee looking man lol. She’s such a sweet woman, I’m sure she’ll found happiness in due time.

      • Guest