Battle Of The Ish You Should Not Wear: The 13 Worst Celebrity Performance Outfits

December 6, 2013 ‐ By Iva Anthony

Sometimes an artist takes the stage and blows everyone away with a great performance. And sometimes, the performance is overshadowed by an embarrassing outfit blunder. Hey, it happens to the best of them. Check out the worst celebrity performance outfits ever.

Worst Celebrity Performance Outfits

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Tamar Braxton

After living in the shadows of her big sister Toni Braxton, and then her other sisters, Tamar has finally stepped into the spotlight all on her own. The “Love and War” singer took to the stage at the 2013 Soul Train Awards in a risqué outfit and immediately there was a backlash on social networks. Many believed the sheer outfit, complete with black sequins to cover up her goodies, was a distraction from her singing ability. Not one to let the criticism keep her down, Braxton responded to the flack via twitter: “I’m NOT on the red carpet & if u like my performance & outfit thank u if not pray 4 me.”

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  • ruth

    NO TAMAR! look like an over-stuffed sausage!!

  • bella7155

    Tamar’s outfit didn’t work cause she doesn’t have the body that Toni has

    • shelly

      I think it didn’t work because it was disgusting. why would you have your whole butt out there for the world to see? especially when the music you sing is actually half-way classy? I heard that before she went to the awards, she asked people to pray for her if they did not like her outfit. I don’t know her, but if that comment was true, then maybe she herself was not comfortable with what she wore. I hope she doesn’t do anything else sleezy like that that she is not comfortable with just to gain fame.

  • Shan. Church.

    Is it me or did she seem a little bug eyed in this performance The outfit is for someone with a fitter figure. But it is better than the see through catsuit K Michelle wore a few weeks ago exposing her smoked out hot pocket.

  • rockei

    ok wait, if venus is on this list than serena is FOR SURE number 14

  • tmorrow

    prayers for her goin up right now cause that’s a hot mess for real……. very miss piggy-ish with the swollen botox face too. uh uh baby girl…… go au naturel.

  • momofthree

    I just learned that the male version of camel toe is called “moose knuckle”. Lol

  • chocolate

    Tamar if you dont like K-Mart, then you need to set up yourself in a different catagory. You both be dressing Ratchett. Your clearly the bettersinger and have bettermusic Know get a Better Stylist pleasss!!

  • Rachel Allen

    As for Katy, Geisha’s are in white face to begin with, people are too sensitive.

  • Rachel Allen

    Some are clear mistakes, but could no one tell K Michelle her vavayvay was out? lOl

  • Dee

    WHAT the HELLLLL was Venus Wearing?????!!!!!!!!!! That outfit was TRIFFLING!!!!!!!!!

  • cryssi

    K Michelle also wore that outfit to her concert in Detroit. My 62 year old mother and her best friend had won free tickets to the show and thought she was a gospel artist before going. I felt horrible when they got back early and my mom told me she saw all her business. She was mad temporarily that I let them go without warning for my own enjoyment. How was I to know that is what K would wear lol?

    Oh and the pants weren’t not just too tight, my mom said they were sheer….that is her va-jay-jay

    • concerned cynic

      It takes more than tight pants to achieve that look. Also no panties and pubic hair shaved off. Both are growing more fashionable when celebs step out. To our grandchildren, the vertical smile will be little more than just another kind of cleavage.

  • Moony

    K Michelle’s outfit is photoshopped people!!! Please. Look how sheer the outfit is supposed to look. She is not stupid enough to come out with a camel toe-causing outfit and if it was there, her and her people would’ve noticed it before she got on stage.

    • cryssi

      Not true, lol….my mom and her best friend went to the show in Detroit by accident, and my Aunt took a pic to fuss at me…..for further elaboration read my comment below.

    • Courtny

      It’s not Photoshop. There’s a video of her performing in it

  • more

    It looks like she wearing a pad!!!!

  • Fake&Shake

    If Tamar was 21 it might work. The Braxtons are known as “ONG” old naked girls. Tamar no and stop with the puppy dog look very fake.

  • Diva

    K. Michelle’s pants are too tight?! I don’t know what you’re looking at but it doesn’t look like she has on any pants at all, that’s beyond camel toe!!

  • hollyw

    I swear ‘fo gawd, both times I clicked on K. Michelle’s slide, my browser shut down. Was that her va-jay-jay??? NO, WHYYYYY?!

    • shay lanay

      That’s photoshopped. I thought it was real too but if you get a better look at the pic, her boots are on backwards. It was weirdly and horribly photoshopped

  • Jayde da Blade

    Them brown shorts on Venus.should have been on Serena. Now that is a A s s! she got donk for days.



  • dezy p

    K michelle is the worst!!

    • Really?

      Looking at the pic in this article and you can ‘type’ that with a straight face

  • Lucky502

    LMAO @ your commentary on K Michelle. You kept it all the way real. Ha ha ha!!