“The Father Doesn’t Matter, I Just Need To Style And Dress The Baby”: Chad Johnson On Evelyn’s Pregnancy

December 3, 2013  |  



This past weekend, we reported Basketball Wives reality star Evelyn Lozada is pregnant with her second child. As fans and celebrities alike poured out their excitement and congratulatory messages, a surprising person could not contain how happy he was for Lozada! You know who it is.

Chad Johnson, Evelyn’s ex-husband, wished her well and had this to say to TMZ Sports:

“[I’m] super happy for her, I will always love her and wish her nothing but the best. I have unisex Louboutin infant spikes ready as my gift.”

Despite their marriage dissolving due to a domestic violence incident in 2012, Johnson still believes he needs to “style and dress the baby” although he has had no real communication with Lozada within over a year–or at least, that we know of…

“No communication with her in over a year and the father doesn’t matter, I just need to style and dress the baby.”

While I doubt Lozada will be as excited about him sending her baby lavish gifts, it’s not the first time Johnson has tried to enter Lozada’s life again. Oh Chad, you’re always doing the most.


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  • coolyfett

    I dont think they were actually married???

  • thatguy0011

    O_o Did I just read a post by someone saying “She should give him another chance?” and “She was too quick to walk out?” What IN THE H*LL are yall females smoking?!?! I’m a guy and I would tell her and any woman if a man hits you, threatens to hit you, its time to GO!!! Pack your ish and run as fast as you can!
    Sidenote: you see, thats why alot of you females have so many freakin issues, drama-filled lives and stay miserable and single because of that stupid/retarded mindset some of you have…*whisper under my breathe*…She should of given him another chance…smh

  • kimmy

    Only God can judge and some of u act like u are God. Stfu………

  • CoCo

    Tasteless. Classic Chad.

  • CC

    I doubt she wants anything from him. She can take care of her own child.

  • Keland

    That’s awful. He doesn’t actually want to provide love and care for the baby, but to play dress-up with it as if it is a toy.


    wait!? whaddddd!? worrrddddddd!? is this Chads baby?

  • 9Boots

    Chad, you don’t even dress and style your own kids. BTW how many kids and baby mommas do you have again?

    • Kristen


  • Mimsy

    That’s probably his baby!

  • Baddvixentype

    for someone who “knew” him so well its hard to believe she was surprised about what happened. I don’t believe it was the first time I think it was the first time it was made public and because of that she had to act. #JMO
    I think chad should’ve gotten another chance. THERE I SAID IT. *drops mic and walks off stage*

    • kimmy


    • DeepThinker

      Part of me wants to believe this might be his baby. LOL

    • Sunshinegirl

      I think she should’ve given him another chance too. I just don’t get the monster vibe from him and most guys that are habitually abusive have done it before. He’s not exactly the poster child of domestic abuse even though I’m not condoning what he did. She was too quick to walk out, and she even admitted that if she wasn’t in the public eye, she would’ve taken him back. I say forget about worrying what other people think. That’s your life to live. If you love that man, help him become a better person. Now, if he does it again, then I’d be stuffing my crap in the Smart Car and riding off into the sunset. BTW, she HAD to have already been seeing other dude to already be 6 months pregnant.

      • So in your opinion she should have stuck around until he hit her again? Huh? When is she justified in leaving? After he cheats? Which he did, or after he bloodies her up, which he also did.

        I mean really, codependency at its finest, “If you love that man, help him become a better person.” She did by leaving. Now he knows if he loves someone you better keep your p*nis and your hands to yourself if you don’t want them walking out of your life.

      • marshefen

        My ex threatened to hit me like a man twice (and I mean with fists balled up & in my face) and no one who knows him would expect that behavior either. I wasn’t waiting around to see when he would hit me for real.

        • Kristen

          Exactly. Wow. Glad you got out of the relationship before you were hurt.

      • Allasandro

        Patehtic. Just as pathetic as women knowingly sharing a man. Smh.

    • Julene Allen

      “blaming the victim”

    • Chey

      Soooo…because you “don’t believe it was the first time I think it was the first time it was made public and because of that she had to act”, he deserves a second chance to hit her again? Typical…

      • I’m saying. Some of these posts are unreal. They must be sitting at home with Ike Turners.

        • Keland

          These posts are unreal. Most of the people who comment on this site have no type of sense.

          • heyheynow

            Guess you’re one of those people with no sense then….

    • Another chance to whip her a**? Surely you jest.

    • LiiSH

      I don’t know. It seems like their whole relationship was a bit of a publicity stunt.

    • CC

      When a man puts his hands on you, there should be no more chances. He will do it again, as you said you believe it happened before and this time it became known, and I think I remember her saying he had pushed, shoved her before.