Blac Chyna Shows Off Her Big Natural Hair On Instagram

December 3, 2013  |  

Don’t let the long wigs with the extra blunt bangs that Blac Chyna has been known for wearing for so long fool you. According to her Instagram account, she has quite the head of hair on her. The newest BFF of Kim Kardashian showed off her luxurious head of hair (with the blonde streaks) for her fans before and after getting it pressed. She also offered her followers some advice on products they can use to help with length, including Simplicity hair oil:

For everyone that would like to know how I grow my hair so long and healthy I use @simplicityhairoil ! The full system Hair Oil , Shampoo and Conditioner ! Enjoy muah

She isn’t the first to expose her hair (I’m sure you’ve seen our slideshow *wink*), but if this is indeed Blac Chyna’s real hair, it looks great! Very healthy and moisturized. And she definitely looks cute without all that extra makeup and those wigs that hide her face. She should try it more often, right?

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  • Brenda McCants

    She’s very pretty never knew with all that make up on



  • Love this! Saw it on Instagram and went followed simplicity right away. Can’t wait to try their products.

  • carmatogo

    Why does she look a million times better without the wigs???? Amazing.

  • ARenee

    She’s beautiful. I was always turned off by all of the “extraness” but that just goes to show that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

  • msjordan702

    she’s mixed… if her hair wasnt long I’d be worried. yeah not all mixed girls have long hair but if they dont its bcuz they jacked up their heads themselves. Im not impressed. with her hair that is but I am surprised to see that she is actually cute.

    • cryssi

      I couldn’t find anything saying she was mixed, not that it really matters.

      • samson

        all people are ‘mixed’ to some degree.

        • cryssi

          Be careful…..last time someone said something like that blasphemy was declared and “war” set out in these MN streets, lol

    • queenbyeah

      Blac Chyna is not mixed. She has stated mutiple times that she is all black.

  • Keland

    It’s a shame that Black women have to prove to people that they have hair.

  • Surprise-1

    Those wigs do her NO justice. She’s actually cuter without them.

  • MarriedMomOf2

    She looks so much beautiful without that Duncan Hines makeup she was wearing. I wore wigs for protective wear as well and wash my natural hair every week and use Doo-Gro and took Hairfinity vitamins daily and still do. My hair grew faster.

    • Neco84

      I use Hairfinity too for my jump in to natural. First month growth was way more than I expected! Lol! My texture is similar to hers so im curious to see what itll look like ina few more months.

      • MarriedMomOf2

        My friend told me about it and I brought it and it worked for me as well.

        • ARenee

          Everyone says that it worked for the first month for them and then stopped. Was that your experience?

          • Neco84

            Im just getting done with my 2nd month and its still working. From what I see at least. But to be honest, i dont know anyone personally who has used it for an extended amount of time. Wonder if your body gets “too used to it”?? Im curious, we’ll see what happens…

            • ARenee

              I watched a Youtuber review them and she said she thinks her body just got use to them. However, I just read some amazing reviews on Amazon about the product so I’m gonna give them a try! Have they been helping your skin at all?

              • Neco84

                I actually take biotin AND Haifinity. My issue is unique because I deal with acne scarring. Apparently excessive amounts of biotin (from biotin pills or Hairfinity) causes acne. Even with people who arent acne prone. So I take B5 (aka Panothenic Acid) to help with the acne. But oddly enough, both pills help and hurt at the same time!!! Causes acne but heals really quickly. Weird, right??

                • ARenee

                  Ok! Thanks for your reply!

    • PleaseDOBetter

      Thanks Ladies, I am going to look into this Hairfinity product. So excited! 🙂

  • enlightenment

    She looks waaaaay better this way. So beautiful. Not everyone looks best with caked on makeup and conspicuous wigs.

  • I wore wigs for protective wear for the first 3 years after my BC and has been natural for 5 years altogether. I flat iron my hair and it’s down to my back. Blac Chyna’s hair is pretty

  • Trisha_B

    Such a pretty lady! Her smile is so adorable….& her hair looks good!