Why You Should Think Twice Before Sharing The Sharkeisha Video

December 2, 2013  |  

Source: WEAR

Last week, the name Sharkeisha was trending on Twitter. And I’m sure many of you did the research and discovered the story behind the name. If this is the first time you’re hearing about this, Sharkeisha is the name of a teenage girl from Houston who beat and kicked her former friend in the face, all over a boy.

We intentionally didn’t publish the story, despite some of your requests to do so, because it wasn’t a story we hadn’t seen before. Just because the video had gone viral didn’t make it anything more than gratuitous violence that we couldn’t justify further promoting on the site. I know some of you will argue that we’ve published viral, violent videos here before. (Remember the Ohio bus driver?) But we usually do so, to promote discussion, pose questions about morality or ask you what you would have done in the same situation. There was no need to do so with this ridiculous video, as we would hope that none of you all are out here fighting other women over a man or boy.

So why do I say all this? Because today we are going to talk about that story. And not from a standpoint that glorifies Sharkeisha but hopefully one that promotes sympathy toward the victim, the girl who was brutally assaulted and has had to relive the pain and humiliation of that day as video of the fight is being circulated around the internet. Her name is Shamichail Manuel. The 17 year old and her mother sat down with WEAR, an ABC affiliate in Pensacola, Florida  to talk about how this viral video has made the incident so much worse. She told reporters, “I’m going to have to deal with this for the rest of my life.” Manuel also says that presence of an audience and the eventual cell phone video that ended up on World Star made her believe that she was being set up. She said the incident was “very hurting and crushing” to her especially since she considered Sharkeisha a very close friend.

Manuel’s mother, Olevia Henderson, expressed how she feels about her daughter’s abuse being shared across the internet. “The video’s just going, going, going. And they’re making jokes. They’re taunting. They’re glorifying the girl Sharkeisha but they’re taunting my daughter at the same time.”

Henderson shared an recent experience at the grocery store where the incident came back to haunt her again. “I was in the grocery store yesterday and the girl was checking out my groceries and the baggers were just laughing and talking about it. And I said that’s my daughter in that video and their whole facial expression changed.”

Surely, they probably wouldn’t have guessed that they would be in such close proximity to the mother but the fact that they were laughing and joking about it in public indicates that in sharing this video, people are forgetting that there was a real person involved in this incident. That was a real teenage girl being kicked in the face by someone she thought was a friend. It’s not something we should be so quick to share, make memes from or laugh at. As Manuel asked, “How would you feel if that was your daughter or your son and that happened to them? How would you feel?”

You can watch the full interview with Manuel and her mother in the video below. But I must warn you that it contains the most graphic scenes from the video and also images of the injuries Manuel sustained afterward.


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  • guest

    Dont worry people! What goes around comes around… Last night Sharkeisha was killed in drive bye shooting….GOODY! I hoped they used a ak47 no wait a shotgun to her head!

  • Davis

    We should just let them countinue to do this to eachother…kulls the herd

  • IsaiahMT

    I am personally appalled by this! Matthew 26:52 says “Then Jesus said to him, “Put your sword back into its place! For all who live by the sword shall perish by the sword!” It seems like that’s all people care about now a days, the “comedic humorous elements” of senseless violence. This is almost exactly what the Lord Jesus warned us about in Matthew 26:52! Both Sharkeisha and Shamichael Manual were wrong for the things they did to each other leading up to this fight, and I hope they will repent and humble themselves under the hand of Almighty God, even if they are just teenagers!

  • Richard Rabinowitz

    The name “Sharkeisha” was the only real reason this video went viral. Nothing to see here, folks

    • transamerican77

      I don’t think anyone who first heard it thought it was actually someone’s name. I was expecting a video of some sort of mutant shark-geisha hybrid.

  • dj

    Bill Cosby was right — Sharkeisha?!?!

    • transamerican77

      For those who don’t know, Bill Cosby said this in May 2004:

      They’re standing on the corner and they can’t speak English. I can’t even talk the way these people talk: Why you ain’t, Where you is, What he drive, Where he stay, Where he work, Who you be… And I blamed the kid until I heard the mother talk. And then I heard the father talk.

      Everybody knows it’s important to speak English except these knuckleheads. You can’t be a doctor with that kind of crap coming out of your mouth. In fact you will never get any kind of job making a decent living.

      People marched and were hit in the face with rocks to get an education, and now we’ve got these knuckleheads walking around. The lower economic people are not holding up their end in this deal. These people are not parenting. They are buying things for kids. $500 sneakers for what? And they won’t spend $200 for Hooked on Phonics.

      I am talking about these people who cry when their son is standing there in an orange suit. Where were you when he was 2? Where were you when he was 12? Where were you when he was 18 and how come you didn’t know that he had a pistol? And where is the father? Or who is his father?

      People putting their clothes on backward: Isn’t that a sign of something gone wrong? People with their hats on backward, pants down around the crack, isn’t that a sign of something? Or are you waiting for Jesus to pull his pants up? Isn’t it a sign of something when she has her dress all the way up and got all type of needles [piercing] going through her body?

      What part of Africa did this come from? We are not Africans. Those people are not Africans; they don’t know a thing about Africa. With names like Shaniqua, Taliqua and Mohammed and all of that crap, and all of them are in jail.

      Brown or black versus the Board of Education is no longer the white person’s problem. We have got to take the neighborhood back. People used to be ashamed. Today a woman has eight children with eight different ‘husbands’ — or men or whatever you call them now. We have millionaire football players who cannot read. We have million-dollar basketball players who can’t write two paragraphs. We as black folks have to do a better job. Someone working at Wal-Mart with seven kids, you are hurting us. We have to start holding each other to a higher standard.

      We cannot blame the white people any longer.

  • dj

    More Obama voters.

  • B

    Teach these girls how to be ladies instead of thugs monitor what your kids watch on tv and speak out against idiocracy

  • NOLA_Darling

    This story brings to mind a similar incident where a visibly pregnant woman was attacked in her Oakland hair salon while the woman’s friend’s video taped it. While the tape was posted on the Internet and cops made some arrests, none of the women went to jail. Because of their fear that this group might come back again, the women’s customers stopped coming to her shop and she soon went out of business.
    Ironically, two of the women involved in the incident died violently a few years later and one relocated to Texas.

  • Mzj

    Sharkeisha’s parents should be embarrassed by what their daughter did. I hope her life isn’t a reflection of her name, this is one name I never heard in my life. If it was my child I would be pressing charges on her and who ever it was their taunting and cheering her on. She waited for her friends to get the girl’s attention and sucker punched her so that wasn’t a win. To kick her why she was down,that’s a coward.

  • La’Quar-Vante

    Lord Almighty! Lesson: Name your daughter a crazy name, and she’ll act crazy. I’m all for unique/ethnic names, but really? What crack was her mama smokin’?

  • jewelchris

    Black sisters and brothers…. stop with these names! PLEASE.

  • gvanderleun

    Veronica, shut your pie hole.

    “In an interview with WEAR ABC, Shamichael’s mother, Olevida, offered the scolding admonition, “The video’s just going, going, going, and they’re making jokes and they’re taunting, they’re really like, they’re glorifying the girl Sharkeisha, but they’re taunting my daughter at the same time.”

    Regarding her newfound fame, Shamichael adds, “I’m going to have to deal with this the rest of my life” as if this incident cast a shadow over her promising career as on orthodontist.

    The jokes write themselves, people, and I think that’s what has uppity black chicks testifyin’ like Sister Souljah about what’s funny and what isn’t. The fight was incredible to watch, but we—black folks included—found the cast of characters to be just as fascinating.”

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  • Terrell

    Sharkeisha’s name is a ghetto joke of a name

  • Sarah

    She considered Sharkeisha a true friend… yet she cheated on her with Sharkeisha’s boyfriend. I am not condoning the brutality, but there are some odd dynamics in that friendship.

    • beckybeckybecky

      I bet the dude not fighting for Shark keisha or whatever her damn name is


  • Bianca

    I don’t understand, my comment responding to a person under here suggesting a man beat on a female to make her behave like a woman was misogynistic and sexist was deleted? My other comment about black people FAILING to show the same anger and outcry towards black women abused and battered at the hands of black men and others was deleted as well and IT CONTAINED NO PROFANITY but a lot of these other comments do and they weren’t deleted? I mentioned the bus driver incident, the black father beating his daughters etc, and how this very forum supported it and it was deleted?

    But the comments mocking names deemed as ghetto by black women is acceptable? Anti-black female commentary and posting seem to be more acceptable on black female oriented sites than anywhere else and that’s creepy but sad at the same time.

    You can’t speak the truth about how repulsive and gender biased the black community is in favor of black men, sexist, patriarchy and misogynistic as well, it seems to make black people nervous and their inner guilt starts pouring out.

  • Jateni White

    This my thing the mother is a Facebook friend of mind before the video went viral the day it happen she glorified the fight. My daughter got jumped today by some girls it’s cool she still a dive blah blah. The next day it was my daughter got jumped and my baby girl went to school jumped on one of the girls and she got suspended really. Then she was posting of all the things she was doing for her girls while they where out of school. Now that the video has posted all of a sudden she wants justice well keep in mind your daughter jumped on one of the girls so do your daughter that didn’t have anything to do with the should that girls mother press charges. She glorified her daughter beat up one of girls that jumped her daughter but because it’s on the internet and it shows one girl beat up your daughter now you want justice. I don’t condone violence but right is right wrong is wrong

  • helios

    @theresawheeler:disqus Okay I’ll go back to what I said before that was pretty dumb. Those are just people stupid ideas saying it isn’t a game when the actual kids admit it just being a game because they are bored. You can have the typical black person say (oh its and attack on black people) not its black people attacking themselves by making dumbass games. It be one thing if people said it but it was never admitted to being a game but the very players admitting it, definitely is more valid than any article you can post. Like me bringing a turtle to you and you saying and article says it might be a bird. Also just because its random doesn’t mean its not a game. There are plenty of games that have random acts to them. Its really not so random, they pick targets they think are weak and hopefully won’t fight back or are easy to knock out, they certainty won’t go to a guy 210 pounds 6’2 and try that. That’s not me I’m describing btw.

  • LeTuna

    Is Sharkeisha on the “school to prison pipeline”?

  • Kymberlyb

    Nobody’s saying anything about Shamichail attempting to have sexual contact with her close friends boyfriend though. Yes, Sharkeisha could’ve handled the situation differently but then again she’s 17. In todays urban society our youth have been taught little other mechanisms to resolve issues. Can we please address Shamichail’s betrayal she was beat for a reason. On top of that she’s attempting or is having sex. we could’ve had another Amber Cole incident honestly.

  • Anthony Killian

    No one praise sharkeisha they see these attacks an turn them into jokes, #sharkeisha means they got assaulted not what you think. I am a teen who laughs at this but at the same time I know she deserves to be in jail for a real long time.

  • Sakima White

    Shamichael Manuel, 17, was beaten up by her friend named Sharkeisha in a video posted to Instagram Tuesday

    The video was later removed by the site – but not before it went viral

    Manuel said she had no idea Sharkeisha was mad at her

    was originally identified as a 22-year-old from North Carolina, but it
    seems that the real Sharkeisha is a 16-year-old Texas student

    Daily Mail Reporter


    15:15 EST, 30 November 2013


  • Rosemarie White

    My questiion is for the family of the girl that got hit …Did you file a complaint against the other girl and have her arrested for assault ??!!! If not …WHY NOT ??? IF THAT WAS MY DAUGHTER (AND I HAVE 2) …that other girl would’ve been ARRESTED …IMMEDIATELY !!!

    • Intelli-Thug Corporation

      I don’t think black people like calling the cops on each other.

    • Jateni White

      See when it first happen the mother told everyone she was jumped. She was asked did you talk to the other girls parents I asked did you press charges. According to her she said she called the cops but then turned around and said her other went to school fought one of the girls and was suspended and she was mad about her being suspended for fighting for her sister

  • Toni Curry

    So … they talk about the hurtfulness of sharing the video, and then they share the video. Brilliant.

  • VVV

    we jumped on bill cosby saying that he didnt identify with the black cause and how he was airing our dirty laundry in public….well Sharkeisha does not need anyone to air her dirty behaviour, she and her friends did it all by themselves. I felt ashamed watching this video. I really did.

  • Me

    People are laughing and making jokes about her name more than anything

  • cmjosey

    My heart goes out to the victim. I just saw the damage to her face. Her spirit has been damaged as well and i hope she can fully recover.

  • Ackrite

    The Black American youth of today need to have an innate desire to be better than their peers, of any color. The way that is best expressed is to lead by example. Actions speak louder than words! Go to school, study hard, do your work, be on time, be courteous and considerate of others, talk less and listen more, help others in need – stop perpetuating these negative stereotypes! Stop saying things to our children about “acting white”, don’t glamorize “hood” and “ghetto” behavior, teach your children that hard work and a strong mind bring success…nothing comes easy. Be involved in your children’s schoolwork, their friends, be aware of where they hang out and what they do in their free time. Be a PARENT first, friend second. Be that shining light in a sea of darkness, live your life like you may make a difference…you will!

    • biglittlemason3

      Amen, Amen, Amen, such a good comment, one that rings and holds true….

  • Tomica Onhergrindcantbstopped

    the girl sharkeskia is not 22 she is a teenager as well people need to get facts straight but she was wrong and i really felt bad for the manuel chic i could barely lok at the video but for everyone that was present during this altercation should be held accountable for their actions as well so sad

  • Tru Words&Wisdom

    I know this has nothing to do with this atrociousness however I see many comments about the criminals name…My suggestion, if black American mothers want to name their children something different or that stands out BUT HAS MEANING why not look in African Baby name books or Arabic names, Caribbean etc? Those are the most likely connected to your heritage or semblance of culture. Granted the name probably won’t be pronounced correctly but it is better than current choices????? o_0

    • Bianca

      Names don’t need to have meaning, names are names. A lot of names you all deem ghetto ironically **sarcasm** when they are attached to black women DO have meaning. Is “Trayvon” an embarrassing name to? Or do we reserve these rules, labels and ignorant policies for only black women? I can not stand the black community, knee deep is sexism, misogyny, and internalized ignorance, but only when we’re judging and labeling black women right?

      • Tru Words&Wisdom

        I’m not just talking about black women darling, I am talking about the black community in America as a whole. Names should be names and have no meaning? Well in my culture we believe that a name is a prayer, or guidance and hope for a child. That is why names refer to strength and wisdom, they refer to wealth and happiness etc. Name a child according to how you want them to live or what you want them to embody, you are praying blessings upon them. But hey if you want to name your child something random that means nothing that is your business.

  • Anesha Johnson

    I don’t know if I’m more disgusted the way this fight went down, or the lack of parenting and home training with these girls like Sharkeisha. I will say this for the record, there is violence among all races, creeds, status. Unfortunately, the African American race is the fall guy, other races see this type of shyt and it’s their green light to treat us like shyt. I believe the victim was set up, and her attacker should be punished to the max. Some of these girls act like dudes, look like dudes, fight like dudes, but when a “dude” knock their a** out they turn feminine. I’m not pushing violence or abuse to women, but it’s girls like Sharky that meet their match in the worse way…..ijs

    • Bianca

      “Some of these girls act like dudes, look like dudes, fight like dudes,
      but when a “dude” knock their a** out they turn feminine. I’m not
      pushing violence or abuse to women, but it’s girls like Sharky that meet
      their match in the worse way…..ijs”

      This is exactly the misogynistic b.s. I’m talking about. No wonder a lot of you supported the bus driver and the father who beat his daughters as well as videos of black men beating on black women. It’s normal to you all to see black women abused by men but when another black woman harms another black woman that’s the only time you all have something to say because you view black women in the most negative light already. If this were a man beating on her like this, no doubt you all would be content about it and not as outraged. But since your misogynistic, sexist, ignorant black asses saw a black woman behaving in a role you deemed only suitable for men, which actually means most men must be unruly wild beasts and not be seen as the superior species, you deem it an issue.
      One reason I hate black women like you, and the black community. No wonder a lot of black women call you all “Blackistan”, that’s exactly what you are.

      • Anesha Johnson

        You ignorant piss poor mf, I never said it was normal for any type of of abuse to women. Second you can’t damn it read, you are bitter and disgusting. You’re full of hatred because maybe you got your a** kicked a few times….”One reason I hate black women like you, and the black community”….I despise scum like you. Your whole comment tells me you’re a wack job, you can’t comprehend a simple paragraph. Take your hate somewhere else, like rot in hell.

        • Bianca

          You’re mad because I called out the internalized misogyny and sexism your ignorant black behind showed? Good, I did my job be mad about it. You’re the wack job by saying :

          “ome of these girls act like dudes, look like dudes, fight like dudes,
          but when a “dude” knock their a** out they turn feminine.”

          I’m the wack job for calling out some misogynistic, sexist prick but you using sexism as a reason a woman acting like a man should get beat by a male is perfectly logical right? It bothered you because I showed you your true ignorant self.

          It must have hit home, it’s no secret black women glamorize and are comfortable in sexist misogynistic spaces because it’s what you’ve been taught and you feel comfortable. I’m pretty sure you’ve seen videos of black women being abused and beaten by men and probably said she deserved it for raising up at a man, haven’t you? Youe comment oozed sexism and you’re mad about it? Be mad at yourself for your ignorance.

          • Bianca

            By the way I’m a black woman, there are plenty of black women aware of the same ignorance you displayed above, I called it in my first paragraph, and it didn’t take long for me to see it. That’s why sistas created the #solidaryisforwhitewomen tag and the #blackpowerisforblackmen tag.

            The video is disgusting and foul, I’ve been upset and mad about it for the past couple of days now, she deserves punishment not glorification. But it grinds my gears because I’ve seen and came across hundreds of videos of black women being abused and beat on and none of it bothered black people until this video surfaced. We make jokes, memes and other ignorant commentary about the abuse an ridicule of black women daily at the hands of others, but why did this particular video become the straw that broke the camel’s back Why is that? Is it because it’s two black women? Is it because it’s also a black woman showcasing images and behavior we’ve internalized and deemed unsuitable for black women to the highest degree? I’m going to go with A and B, but I want to see your answers…..

            I’m campaigning 24-7 for someone to be disgusted and mad about the abuse of black women on black twitter, many videos on sites like WSHH, YouTube and facebook. No one says a thing.

            A answer can’t be given without sexist and misogynistic undertones, watch.

  • Bianca

    And how come only videos of black women fighting and being violent make public airways? You don’t see the plethora videos of rappers, whites, black men and others all over the media fighting and acting a fool? But only black women are highlighted and subjected in this manner. It has a lot to do with racism and sexism. Black women are expected to adhere to the policies coined to both groups, when we don’t then we become a platform for judgment in the form of humiliation to force black women into obedient roles. I have so much to say.

    • biglittlemason3

      Preach it girl,,,,,,,,there was a fight on Black Friday at a mall in Annapolis Maryland at “of all places”, a Victoria Secret store. The victim, a white woman, being beaten by a gang of black women over some damn underwear. The store had just opened and the rush, push, shove started. According to the media, the white girl poked the black girl in the eye (probably by accident), and the maylay began. Who ever recorded the video on their cell phone, clearly, you only see the black women attacking the white woman and it looks exactly like savagery, like somebody coming out of a jungle swinging….I don’t get it, I don’t understand it, I can’t……..

  • Kam

    My sister showed me that video and my mouth dropped. If Sharkeisha was my child she would have been taken to the police station and I would have turned her in myself. Thats pure foolishness. Regardless of the status of friendship, some little hot tail boy who don’t want neither of them is no reason to go pure fool and beat that girl like she was just no count. I don’t like to promote clogging up the courts with unnecessary lawsuits but sometimes you gotta hit people where it hurts and thats right in their pockets.

  • Bianca

    Now only if black people can be this concerned for black women abused and humiliated by black men. I remember support for the bus driver and jokes made towards the woman who was punched by the bus driver.

    I remember people supporting the black father for beating the crap out of his daughters for allegedly “Twerking”.

    A lot of the very people under this article were the main one’s supporting those videos and the men in them.

    I remember the story about the football player killing the mother of his child and the first thing black people said was “Well she had to do something”.

    Seems like the only time we gasp and feel terrible when a black woman is abused and harmed is if the abuser is another black woman, because we already view black women as inferior, masculine, unruly and so forth so it only makes sense for black people be mad at this particular video instead of others where black women are abused at the hands of black men and others.

    The black community has a blatant gender bias in favor of black men. I think black people find abuse at the hands of black men towards black women warranted as we feel black men are well within the rights to contain, control, and set black women straight even if it’s in the form of violence or abuse.

    There was a video of a black man pissing on a black woman and it did not make anybody’s trending topic on twitter. There are multiple videos of black women being abused and harmed at the hands of others and the comments are “Well she deserved it, black women need to stop acting like men” and other sexist, misogynistic bull.

    If all it takes is a black woman to harm another black woman for black people to take abuse towards black women seriously, something is seriously wrong with the black community.

  • BeverlyBrewer4

    Someone should press charges and place a protection order out for this young lady…..what if she had killed her then what….

  • Sandra Gregg

    My son school punish students that post fights online that they recorded on their phone.

  • ShonQuayShah


  • Anabelle Whitepaws

    Even worse… this thing ‘sharki…’ is gloating in all the attention! She’s gaining more twitter followers and the dummy thinks she’s the isht now. I say charge her!

  • Kristen

    I refuse to watch the video. I didn’t even know this happened in my hometown! I’m really tired of the coonery and baffoonery.

  • Bamiyan

    Wowzers yo we gotta do better as black mothers to our black daughters!! We as black women have been exploited the most and degraded not just because we black but because we black women in this country(u.s.!)we gotta open our eyes on sum real ish not these ghastly stereotypes are exhibited on television,internet,media!! We gotta show these younger lady to not feel the need to compete with envy and really know our self worth not just a women but black women we gotta stand n shine and just do better and show our daughters what and who we are the greatest race of women who come in many colors and our diverse beauty in which other women envy!! We gotta do better and love ourselves and hold up our true value!!

  • k

    I really do feel sorry for the victim. This is a form of bullying and that is something that I do not condone . When I first saw the video I did not laugh at it at all. It was very disturbing to watch a teenage girl get kicked in the face and assaulted while people just watch and record it. The society we live in today is so messed up smh

  • chilid856

    This attack was ridiculous and over a boy who probably didn’t like Sharkeisha but like her friend. I bet the reason the girl did a sneak attack was because she knew she probably couldn’t have beaten the victim if the victim was aware and ready to defend herself from this foolishness. I hope this girl’s mother pressed charges against this girl. If she was my daughter i would probably be losing my mind right about now.

    • kimmy

      I totally agree chilid…she snaked her and people act like she mike tyson and may weather people need to stop holding that broad down I done seen people get knock out by one punch she didn’t do that much damaged if the other girl got up…somebody is going to get her worst then she did her friend

    • debb

      agree 100%

  • Bree

    I hope the girl has pressed charges because this is terrible. If I were there I would have jumped in and saved or and called the cops this is sad

  • James Carter

    My Question is, Did she care until it was her daughter??

  • kels0204

    So MadamNoire….you still post the video. For what?

  • Minnie Mack

    I saw it, but could not believe it, I thought that kind of violent stuff would be taken down, I even saw her page, and she’s showing more of her fights…I guess she’s proud of what she do. I would have pressed charges if my daughter came home like that!!


    @stewwie, I bet the four people voted your comment down are names, Sharkeisha, Dolphineeka, Tilapianna, and Catfishneesha and then reported it.


    @disqus_YmPMJ1GEuk:disqus I bet the four people voted your comment down are names, Sharkeisha, Dolphineeka, Tilapianna, and Catfishneesha and then reported it.

    • stewwie

      lol…. i thought so too.

  • no

    I was honestly trying to read this article but there are too many popups on this page, jesus.

  • stewwie

    You know what all this cases have in common ? NO father in the home,….Hell, forget a father there in no man in sight.

    FACT of fatherly influence; Children with fathers at home tend to do better in school, are less prone to depression and are more successful in relationships. Children from one-parent families achieve less and get into trouble more than children from two parent families.

  • Assault and battery charges, expulsion from the school district and a lawsuit for the parents who should have raised her better.


    Imma need Mom to speak up on the fact that if her daughter hadn’t been having relations with that boy she wouldn’t had to go through this and teaching her how to identify a real friend. I’m sorry but that name does not give off the “friend” vibe. Let my baby come home talking bout she gotta a new friend named Sharkeisha or Tykwanesha or Bokwesha or Jermainesha imma kindly give it to her in my Madea voice “Heller and Ner!” MY PPL WE HAVE TO DO BETTER, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH TRYING TO NAME YOUR CHILD AFTER THEIR PARENTS BUT SOMETIMES U GOTTA USE COMMON SENSE. EVEN IF SHE DON’T GET HIRED BY NOBODY AND START HER OWN BUSINESS ONCE THEY JUST SEE HER NAME THEY GONE BE LIKE “SHARKEISHA, AW HELL NAW WON’T GET ME THAT EASY” TIGHTEN UP PARENTS.

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    From my understanding, this child (according to Sharkeisha’s twitter) was given a beat down for sleeping with her boyfriend behind her back. Now given if this is true, that’s still no reason to give her the smack down. Over some trifling high school boy? Based on Sharkeisha’s actions when talking to the girl, I gather, this wasn’t as random as the media leads us to believe. I really don’t understand why females feel a need to go after the other female instead of going straight to the source, the man (or boy she was involved with). Parents really need to get their children together. . .

  • BinkyB

    But my question is this if the mother was so concern why was her daughter former friends wit and individual as “kiesha” to begin wit cause from my understanding this is not her first fight that has gone viral but now that its her daughter involved shes so hurt I mean I feel for her and understand it to the fullest but I feel as though she tryin 2 point tge finger more so on keisha than on herself she shouldve known what kind of ppl her daughter was hanging wit from the get go…

  • MarriedMomOf2

    It’s so sad that stupid crap like this is glorified and the blacks who are doing successful in the positive light isn’t. Is this Sharkeisha trash even in jail for this? We have to do better and it starts in the home where parents need to be parents again instead of trying to be the “cool” parent! Had that been my babies getting beat up like that, I will be pressing charges!

  • ShebaBarb

    This terrible. I am glad she didn’t continue kicking and beating on this girl or it could have been far worse. The one who videotaped it and put it out their needs to be arrested as well. I pray the young victim will make better choices as far as association going forward and wait for later to be involved in boys, in fact wait until she becomes a lady and choose a man because it is apparent whosoever this “boy” is, is simply trouble.

  • Alisha21

    This beast like behaviour is event that her parents or lack of parents failed her. Her behaviour is appalling and for the fact people are glorifying her actions shows our community can NEVER get better. At 17 they should be thinking of what university they should attend, where to travel, what to do to advance in life but yet these beast are fighting over a winky. DISGUSTING!

    • heavenhaile

      Sooooo what are you doing to help?? Im pretty sure nothing, but you feel the need to continuously bash our fellow Black women who may not act accordingly to your wants. Our community WONT get better if individuals like you are so quick to separate yourselves and judge others within the community. Instead of calling other Black women “beasts” you should try to understand and conceptualize why violence has become a norm in the Black community.

      • Alisha21

        Listen, I’m not generalizing my whole race, so get that straight! Also, shut up. There is plenty I do to help my community, my parents haven opened two schools back home in which I do the fund-raising each year and fund couple of students to attend university, so their minds may not be tainted and wasted as the black beast have displayed in the video above. So, have serval seats, cuz I’m sure you are not capable of helping. I can say what I want because I love my people and want better for them. peace.

        • biglittlemason3

          I must agree with you Alisha21, it’s not about generalizing an entire race of blacks, because it’s whithin any race that we see “beast’ like behavior. It’s just unfortunate when we see it so often among our own. But with voices and hands on efforts like ours, that we can keep one child from falling through the cracks, we have lifted at least one new generation out of a bottomless pit of hopelessness. I mentor young and old people and let me tell you, I fall right in the middle. I take the wisdom that I receive from the older folks and implant some of that into the younger folks and somehow we come to a happy medium.
          I also volunteer for habitat for humanity, and nothing makes me happier than to see a older black person walk into a house, drop to their knees and cry for joy because they thought they would never acheive homeownership. Or a young girl/woman with 5 kids, who works, goes to school and raises her kids just so she could put a roof over their heads. Yes, I love my people too and they can acheive whatever they want if they would just exclude the violence.
          To fight over a boy is just rediculous, if anything, that girl should have been saying, that’s one less fool I have to deal with in my life, let me keep it moving until my real prince comes along, not fight and possibly die over nothing. The saddest thing about some women is that they let the “winky” rule their very existence instead of it just being a simple pleasure in life like breathing. Get it together young people, or you won’t live to get old……trust me on this one.

          • Alisha21

            Thank you for your sound and beautiful logic, you have seen exactly what I want for our people. Lets make sure we keep doing what we are doing, so the Sharkeisha of the world will stop tainting our race.

        • heavenhaile

          So you help children who are already on the right track? Hmm dont get me wrong thats still great and needed but what about the children who dont graduate and are forced to live the life of the streets? What about the children so messed up from everyday trauma that school is the last of their concerns? This causes individuals to turn into the “beast” you keep referring too. I dont condone what she did at all but im not the judicial system, im a fellow Black women who understands that our community is extremely messed up. And the fact that you told me to “shut up” is hilarious to me lol.

          • Alisha21

            I can list what I have done in regards to your questions above but there is no need. I can’t further this conversation with you, I feel it will go no where. Good day.

  • Tru Words&Wisdom

    Was that girl arrested? This video should be used as evidence against her not some joke or act of glorification. What is wrong with people? These are two young girls not a circus act. I think this girl (Sharkeisha) is volatile and temperamental, she needs some form of professional help before her acts of violence become worse. I wouldn’t be surprised if one person said they might have seen her boyfriend talking to this young lady.
    Disgusted and disappointed!

    • J Mc

      I remember seeing something about her being arrested. These people are gonna learn about posting video’s of themselves. The government doesn’t need to worry about CCTV’s cause we’re doing it to ourselves with camera phones…

  • Let’s get it togther

    This video just gives me the creeps. I have seen this video all over my news feed and let me tell you I get disgusted every time I see it. When people look at this video they pick at the wrong things, such as the girls names. Let me tell you I have heard of worse, but that’s besides the point. The point is, when is this foolishness going to stop? When are we as young black women and men going to stop fighting each other and living with this kind of embarrassment? When is the fight over stupidity such as boys, merchandise, and the spotlight, going to end? I bet you our ancestors who fought real fights are like what in the world happened. Because this young girl should not have to live like this. Being haunted and taunted with this every time God allows for her to open her eyes. Because every time this video gets shared she gains a whole lot of laughs and a little bit of people who will help defend her. If she did mess with this girls boyfriend, this is not the kind of humiliation she should have to deal with because this is forever. It’s in cyber space now. She has complete strangers who will see her and laugh like “you the girl that got kicked in the face by shark” instead of “my prayers are with you for that.” We need to teach our next generation to do and be better and grow up to be mature and well educated young men and women

  • h

    I worked in the NYC public shool system and most of these teenaged girls who carry concealed weapons do so to protect themselves from violent girls. Not boys.

  • Big Chuck

    I posted my disgust in WORLD STAR HIP HOP which needs to be shut down. It constantly glamorizes this type activity

    • Alisha21

      I agree!!!!!!

    • stewwie

      Which one came first ? world star hip hop or ghetto people making an a$$ out of themselves….Not to mention, who put it up in the first place ?

      Covering it up in not going to work in this day and age, instead we should be more worried about this rachetness.

    • SharonRose

      You haven’t seen the fight comps then, This was bad I get it but there are more gory videos on a fight comp 5 people kicking someone down, jumping people.

    • coolyfett

      WORD!!! WSHH needs to go man.

    • Trisha_B

      A lot of the videos that are posted on WSHH often come from facebook. So that site can get shut down but as long as there are phones that can record video & social network sites, these activities will still be posted.

  • Toya

    I wanna hear from Sharkeisha and her mama!!!

  • D. Rose in the paint

    This chick is a little ditsy

    • Tonie

      I think she’s just naive as heck. She’s a silly 16 year old who trusted the wrong people. I’m sure she saw the way Sharky treated other people but never thought she would be on the receiving end.

  • Reese

    My sentiments exactly when I saw the video I cringed. People got mad at me for saying that the video wasn’t funny and that they needed to stop sharing it. For one it was a sucker punch and for two it was stupid. They were fighting over a boy who I’m sure probably isn’t thinking about either one of them.

  • Marcus Harris

    Well she learned a valuable lesson, unfortunately in the worst kind of way. You have to dis-associate yourself from ignorant people. Human beings and intelligent people have the ability to talk, reason, and disagree. We don’t have to mark territory and fight to the death like animals. Some of you may disagree with this next phrase, but I stand by it. I see more young black women fighting these days than I see young black men.

    • guest

      Ain’t nothing wrong with speaking truth. 🙂

    • coolyfett

      I see what you mean Marcus, but there is some violence that brothas do against each other. I wish it would all stop.

    • Alisha21

      Marcus, I could not agree more. Both black male and female act like beast, they lack reason and logic. I attribute this behaviour to the poor parenting skills. They should never of fought over a boy in this manner. This is why, we as a community can’t advance because we have people like *shark* whatever her name perpetuating this deviant stereotype of black women. I HATE how we behave.

      • guest

        I think you mean “. . . how SOME of us behave.”
        Not all sistahs act like this.

        • Alisha21

          In all that I said that is what you picked out. Off COURSE I don’t mean all of us.

          • guest

            No. I read and understood your entire post. Actually agree with it, too. *BUT* since you’ve mentioned a stereotype associated with Black women, and some of your posts talk about our community like we are all the same, I think it’s worth noting that we’re not. This thread alone should have been your proof.

            • Alisha21

              Well, I just assumed people would know that its impossible for a whole community to fit one stereotype.

      • Pater Tempus

        It’s not how WE behave…it’s how some people who look like us behave. I take no credit nor accept any responsibility for this unfortunate woman’s actions…

        • Alisha21

          My perspective is different. I can’t divorce the fact that some behave like this and that is that. I just feel when some behave in poor manner, it saddens me and I feel it effects the community as a whole. Just my thoughts.

    • Sakima White

      Marcus, you are probably right. One of the counselors at my daughter’s school told us how bullying and fighting is so much more vicious and prevalent among the young ladies versus the young men. Girls are messy for the most part and gossip too much.

    • biglittlemason3

      Damn shame, but true!

  • FeelsGood

    Wow, this just breaks my heart…

  • stewwie

    I hear Sharkeisha also has a little sister named Dolphineeka, and a cousin named Tilapianna, and they’re just as ghetto as her …..lol !

    I just can’t get over this shyt……Sharkeisha? Seriously? Congratulations Black people, we are officially “The Onion” of humanity, due to the fact that I can no longer distinguish between
    parody and reality when it involves us.

    BTW: I can totally see why the boy got with Sharmicheal over Sharkeisha….

    • lockstress

      You are a jerk for that one….Dolpheineeka?! bwahahahaaaa! phew!
      His name is Sa’tan! (yes…this is someone’s son’s name that I know. Bow in silence please. Its pronounced…ahem…Sah-tahn)

    • holmesa925

      LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Tilapianna is my favorite!! LOL!!

  • lockstress

    Uhm…her name is SHARK_(YES THE SEA CREATURE) Keisha!
    Where in life are you going? He momma should be hauled off for the name alone and she needs to be put under the damn jail for kicking that girl in the face over a boy. Not child, not husband….a boy! Really???
    GO to phucking school and learn something. Ugh….

    • Alisha21

      Beast like behaviour needs to stop in our community. That is why we can’t anywhere.

  • Wanda Clark-Hester

    Bring charges against her have her locked up for battery. Skarkeisha need to learn when you assault someone there’s consequences for your actions period. Stop talking to the media and start talking to the police..

  • Say What?

    I think all the parents involved should be arrested because giving your child that name is irresponsible and should be illegal!


    When you make the wrong CHOICE. it takes course…. and then a consequence. 2 wrongs don’t make it right …the cause: She is not a victim, she screwed her best friends boyfriend! SHARKEISHA SHOULD GET JAILTIME AT THE SAME TIME FOR SUCH A BRUTAL ACT! Focus on books, not boys!

    • lugnut

      Who said she even touched Sharkeiska’s so called boy friend? You do know its possible the boy was neither of their boyfriend. Who said the victim did anything wrong, could have been hearsay and gossip, or even the boy looking at the victim. That’s what happens in most cases, with immature teenagers.

      • Jan

        and even she did sleep with shar whoever’s boyfriend was it that serious to beat her up… and for what.. the boyfriend probably still messing with them both

      • Sakima White

        They need to be thinking about their grades and not who’s screwing who. It was probably a rumor anyway. Did Sharkeisha knock her so called boyfriend out too if something really did happen between him and the victim? Even if it did she had no right to put her hands on the girl.

  • OSHH

    Sucker punches are for cowards like someone else said.
    Also fighting over boys is pointless and stupid.
    Violence is not the way to resolve conflict.
    I am glad I do not have children nor I am I youngin coming up with these savages… in the internet age where most are seeking validation or 15 mins of fame, no matter what kind of attention it is.

  • Lboogie

    I had heard about the video, but seeing it was horrible! It’s not just this video. It’s the sickening trend of celebrating women physically assaulting each other for trivial reasons, or for no reason at all. Seeing this video is heartbreaking not just because of the anger and violence enacted, but the voyeurism of blood sport by the bystanders. These are children, and the glorification of this is disgusting. It doesn’t matter who’s child it was. I am saddened as a human being.

    • guest

      I heard someone blew her brains out last night!!!

  • BabyBlue

    This boy must be the bomb for girls to fight over. Smh

    • PleaseDOBetter

      Sadly, he probably isn’t.

      • BabyBlue

        Ikr. I’m in my sarcasm mode today. That’s usually how it goes boy ain’t worth free lunch at school but somehow girls are over sacrificing themselves

        • D. Rose in the paint

          Same goes with guys….and its worse…every Friday and Saturday night some guy is getting stomped out, stabbed, or shot in a club or club parking lot by some jealous boyfriend over some hood rat who’s probably screwing the whole neighborhood.

          • BabyBlue

            Unfortunately im not talking about guys. I’m talking about these two girls. Are we reading the same book?

            • D. Rose in the paint

              Oh Im sorry, I see you havent been introduced to “Adult Conversation 101” where topics and subjects expand and grow as they go along. I didnt realize that your junior high communication skills had yet to develop….well let this be your introduction.

              • BabyBlue

                I enjoy on topic adult conversations. Thank you goodbye

                • D. Rose in the paint

                  It IS the same topic! I just offered a different perspective of the topic. But see your real problem is this….you hate the fact that I brought to light the fact that some women are just as worthless as some of these guys! That’s what you’re REALLY mad about, you want to male bash freely with no objective opinion. I offered the flip side and that got under your skin. Yes I know!

                  • BabyBlue

                    You don’t have to explain yourself to me. I’m done with you. Goodbye Happy Holidays

                    • D. Rose in the paint

                      Oh that wasnt for you….that was for the readers of this thread…so they can be VERY clear on how ridiculous and immature you are! I wanted to shed that light VERY BRIGHT!! Because its something I knew from your very first comment.

                • D. Rose in the paint

                  Funny thing is the article focuses on the victim and her mother’s side of the story. And somehow you brought up THE BOY THEY ARE FIGHTING OVER!!! So who is really off topic????? YOU THATS WHO!

                  • BabyBlue

                    Not that serious busting CAPS LOCK on people? Who does that?

                    • D. Rose in the paint

                      Yea thats right switch the focus to something else. Focus on those CAP LOCKS!

                    • BabyBlue

                      You must not understand sarcasm lol

                    • D. Rose in the paint

                      Yea I caught your ATTEMPT at sarcasm….and it failed

    • guest

      Forget the boy. These girls must have mighty low self-esteem to be fighting over ANYbody.

      • BabyBlue

        My point is the boy is living humiliation free while these two get judged, ridiculed and embarrassed. It’s not “these” girls it’s one girl trying to defend a non existent relationship

        • stewwie

          It is not the The boy who got them fighting, they did that themselves.


        well sharkeisha should have low self-esteem because the other girl (sharmichael)smh was trying to talk to her and didn’t know she was going to get stole on. it look like it was a set up

      • Drew

        But, it wasn’t girlS fighting over anybody; it was one girl attacking another girl.

    • MarriedMomOf2

      Still he ain’t worth fighting over, bomb or not, it’s still stupid to be fighting over a guy, and I bet the guy is sitting back and laughing.

      • BabyBlue

        Exactly. Mom needs to press charges asap.

  • Marie Bano

    It is time for middle class black people to come out of our ivory towers and be mentors and educators in our working class communities. We are losing ground in education, employment, businesses and family stability. It is time to unite and support each other.

    • guest

      You are right. But you also have to realize that you can’t help anybody who doesn’t WANT to be helped. In our community, we have soooooo much resentment toward each other and soooo many divisions among us — middle class vs. lower class … college bound vs. thug life bound… ‘bougie’ vs. the ‘keep it real’ crew — and many times, those who need mentoring are too resentful of those offering the help to accept it.
      You might remember several years ago that Oprah stopped her mentoring program with inner city girls (for various reasons, most likely), and directed her efforts toward needy girls in Africa. One of those reasons is that the inner city girls didn’t appreciate or want what Oprah had to offer, while the young African girls were starving for education and opportunities. Girls like Sharkeisha (and the people who raised her) have a mindset that is not easily broken through.

      • lugnut

        That’s not true in most cases. Your statement is basically implying their is no hope. There is always hope and actually, it has been proven many times across this country there is not only hope, but many success stories.

        • Drew

          I dig what you’re stating, but at the same time, you’re talking about everyday people who are working hard to progress in their own lives, rear their own children and live out some of their own dreams. To go above and beyond for a non-relative who isn’t even interested in what you have to offer is a tall order that most of us simply aren’t built to fill. That’s reality.

      • Marysha Goss-Smith

        I agree with your statement. I do also think that it is not like that with 100% of cases.However, Iit seems to ring true with most. Myself and a few of my friends have tried to mentor, help a few young boys and girls. For all of us, it all turned out horrible. Every time.

        • guest

          Sorry to hear that, but I definitely applaud you for trying.

        • Drew

          That’s a damn shame (re: it turned out horrible). SMH

    • Felisha Crooks-Sweet

      Marie you have heard many times warmed over that you can take the ninja out the gutter..but you cant take the gutter out the ninja. These are a whole new breed of thugs and thugetts. They are animals and dont want help. Im not ashamed to say that as soon as we started making money, we kicked rocks. Better neighborhood with better schools. No bus lines, liquor stores or corner stores. Straight neighborhood watch. That girl need a mud hole stomped into her. The middle class shall pass on this one

      • coolyfett

        Bus Lines??? Bus lines are considered GHETTO? In what city?

      • Drew

        What the homie Felisha wrote…

      • Marte Johnson

        WTF IM SORRY, I HATE TO BURST YOUR BUBBLE BUT THIS GIRL DID NOT LIVE IN THE HOOD SHE LIVES IN A MIDDLE CLASS NEIGHBORHOOD, AND GOES TO ONE OF THE BETTER SCHOOLS IN A SOUGHT AFTER DISTRICT!! Yes you can pack up Sally and little Ricky Bobby and move them to that perfect suburban house in perfect America and think real life won’t touch them if you want. But please realise the nature and dynamics of the crimes change, the violence and foolishness doesn’t stop because of the zipcode you reside in!!

    • cathy

      Don’t forget the CHURCHES!

    • Theresa Wheeler

      Middle Class African Americans are more connected to working class African Americans than any other ethnicity is connected to their working classes. What we need is for African Americans to stop accepting false narratives about blackness.

    • Drew

      And be subjected to the actions of the Sharkeishas of the world? Sorry, but I’m sitting this one out along with my sisters, brother, parents and 90% of my friends, too. “It’s too risky.”

  • word

    stop raising a thug.

    • UniQueLyEviL

      What makes you think this girl is a ‘thug’?

      • MrsJones713

        Her actions of brutality towards the other girl.

        • UniQueLyEviL

          This article is about the victim though. So I could only assume Word was referring to Shermichael, not Sharkeisha. That’s why I asked, because nothing Shermichael did or the way she presented herself struck me as thug.

  • cb

    I hear what the victim’s mother is saying, but I would love to know if she has pressed charges against the girl and the friends that videotaped the fight but didn’t seem to help. That girl would be under the jail if this was my child.

  • misskorang

    so has Sharkeisha been arrested yet? because i tell ya if this Manuel girl were my daughter, someone wud be going to jail

    • Gabie Aldrich


      • Nene

        I agree

    • totally normal chaos

      I agree! Assault! Not even just girls fighting, it’s just plain assault.

    • LaToya Tarboro

      I was wondering the same thing!! I really hope she is being charged with assault and battery and also the girls that were there that didn’t stop her, at least the one video taping it. You can’t tell me they didn’t know she was going to do something like that, otherwise why would you have your camera ready?? Makes me sick to see this.

    • Ha!

      Judge accordingly but I… would be in jail if that were my daughter.

      • TL Dragon

        Yup. Same here. Some things are worth jail time.

    • SB

      Yes SharkAttack was arrested. She’s a sad case. She’s 22.

      • Welton Corey Sr.

        Good, lock her up with the rest of the types who believe they have the right to brutalize people. She can get her share of whipping and being whipped.

      • ksmall

        wow! 22! that is the most pathetic thing I’ve heard all day. a 22 yr old attacking a teenager is bad enough, but over a boy is just insanity. smh. between this and the “knockout game” folks keep giving white folks the fuel to call us barbaric.

        • Theresa Wheeler

          Except the knockout game isn’t real.

          • helios

            The knock out game is real, probably one of the dumbest things I’ve heard

            • Theresa Wheeler

              I provided you with a link, but the comment was deleted. So I’ll have to “use my words”. (That’s what I tell my sons when they attempt to dismiss something by calling it dumb.) Criminologists have said that the knockout game is really random violence. Even Commissioner Stop-and-Frisk said its not really a game. Multiple publications have researched it and also found it to be more about framing random violence to assuage White Fear of Black Crime.

          • Drew

            You gotta stop.

            • Theresa Wheeler

              You have to read. Since I can’t even provide links to their own articles go to Huffington Post Live and watch Marc Lamont Hill’s segment on the knockout game. He questioned some of the most vocal people about this phenomenon and when he asked for data NOT anecdotes they had complete meltdowns. There is also an article on NPR about the media framing. There is another on Madame Noir about it. There is even a press conference by Commissioner Raymond Kelly (stop-and-frisk Commish) where he says it, but I thank you and all my dislikes for proving that ignorance is impervious to data especially when the data doesn’t support narratives and narrow worldview.

              • Drew

                Theresa, here’s the thing: the Knockout Game was a very real thing even when I was in high school. That’s why I don’t need any links, articles or other proof that corroborates the Knockout Game’s existence. I’ve SEEN it with my own eyes, so that’s pretty much that. And, with the sh*t I see on WorldStar involving the youth on a daily basis, this doesn’t even make the cut as an issue to me.

                • Theresa Wheeler

                  Well take comfort in your anecdotes and World Star.

                  • Drew

                    Done and done. Thanks.

                • cmjosey

                  Drew, it sounds to me that Theresa is more or less saying the knockout game is not a game but in fact down right violence. So I think you all are saying the same thing in a way.

                  • Drew

                    No… she’s saying that it doesn’t exist at all and that, essentially, the media has sensationalized a couple of random attacks and dubbed it an epidemic. Read her posts again.

                • Nikko Hill

                  When I was in school in the 90’s, we called it “Go to Sleep”, not Knockout. I grew up in Fort Washington, Maryland. There was another dangerous game called “Flatliners” named after the movie but, some ppl call it the “choking game”. I knew a boy who died from the choking game. Dangerous games, just have different names. I understand, most of the time boys play these types of games. Now, girls are too. 🙁

                  • Drew

                    Exactly. My pops was in the military, but I spent my junior and senior years of high school in Laurel, MD. People can call it whatever they like, but knocking random people out is a very real thing.

        • Sunny

          LOL White people taught us all we know about being barbaric…so they would know… Our issue is we too busy fighting one another like retards!

          • ksmall

            totally agree that awful behaviors are displayed by every race, ethnicity, and gender, throughout history. but the argument that black ppl are sub-human and/or more prone to violence is one that goes back centuries and i hate seeing things in the news that give that thinking any validity at all. just this year there was the doctor (last name “Quijano,” wtf) in Texas that testified in court that blacks and latinos are genetically predisposed to violence. the fact that a white dude killed a classroom of babies is irrelevant in the minds of many who believe that locking us all up will make this country a better place. all they see are the crimes WE commit that somehow make America less safe and less desirable to live in, feeding the fire for those that advocate random “stop and frisk” or “paperwork on demand” laws. sharkeisha and her cousins are counter to the cause to dispute that is all i’m saying.

          • LaShanda Wehrhahn

            you sound stupid, no one make some barbaric. you choose to do that. Violence ,jealous,hate & murder come from the seeds of Cain.

        • Drew

          As if they needed any additional reasons…

      • hollyw

        Wait… wait. How she 22 and the victim said they go to school together..?

        I’m beginning to see the problem here.. o.O

        • Sakima White

          She’s 16. The video mentioned her age.

          • hollyw

            Right…I was referring to the large age discrepancy between the victim and her attacker. The attacker’s an adult.

      • cmjosey

        SB, you’re right that was a shark attack and she is a sad case, but I do wonder why they are calling themselves friends. She was too old!!!! I just wish people would stop with all the foolishness!

    • ♪Ms_Izzy♪


    • Alyse Johnson

      Amen …cuz if anyone touch my baby like that … forget a sharkeisha …I’m coming full force ….Legally and some street justice …. I hate bullies … And I’m sorry these teenagers are out of control …it’s really becoming a problem… With kids of all colors , nationalities and religion ….

      • folamix

        Sharkeisha is not a teenager. She is a 22 year old grown woman,and should be treated accordingly.

      • cmjosey

        I agree with you Alyse, but don’t you think its time for people to start stepping in and being defenders of the less “fortunate”. I mean there was a time when people rallied around the victim to say to the bully, if you want this one you gotta go through me, and me, and me. No one has solved this bullying issue yet so why not start with this idea.

    • Bree

      lol exactly

    • Drew

      True, but with your capitalization, spelling and grammar, I’m gonna have to politely ask you to refrain from procreating. I hope you understand…