Gabe Solis Challenges Trina Braxton’s Divorce Filing On The Grounds Of Love

December 2, 2013  |  

Source: WENN

A few weeks ago Braxton Family Values star Trina Braxton made it pretty clear that although she filed for divorce from her husband Gabe Solis, she wasn’t 100% sure if she wanted to go through with it. She even hinted that she was considering sticking around to fight for her 10-year marriage.

“You know life is difficult. You know and when you are expressing personal decisions in front of America and in front of everyone, you open yourself up to a lot of opinions. And sometimes that kind of clouds your decision making,” Trina confessed during an interview with C.Nikky.

“So, I need some time to step back and let God and move myself out of the way. So, it’s been a difficult transition,” she continued.

Apparently she’s not the only one wanting to stay and fight. According to TMZ, Gabe is decided to contest her divorce filing on the grounds of love. According to recently filed court documents, he’s challenging the divorce, insisting that whatever is broken can be fixed. He’s also requesting a judicial declaration that reconciliation is possible. Despite their issues, it does seem like Gabe and Trina still love each other. Maybe they can find a way to work things out.


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  • newdnewd

    SN Why did they pick this horrible picture of her? out of order! lol

  • Christina K

    Stay together. It’s that simple. An act of Infidelity can be forgiven with some hard work and time. At least ONCE, that is. Gabe doesn’t seem like a chronic cheater. As for the internet thing- what man doesn’t like a little attention, even from cyberspace? So what if he showed some girl his wee-wee? From what we’ve seen on TV, Trina isn’t very forthcoming with her affection and gives him a hard time about everything, even though he is emotionally invested and financially supports her and her wack and dead-end music career. Trina is a lovely woman but her vocals are average and her dancing, below-average. To the point, if she’s forgiven him for any mistakes, stop punishing him already!

    Ladies, we have to stop using sex as a weapon. If you are constantly putting your man down, denying him sex, putting everything and everyone else ahead of him, don’t be surprised if he goes to get that bruised ego stroked elsewhere.

  • Kristen

    I think they should stay together. I didn’t understand why she filed – she was just needing him for money to fund her music video and I didn’t hear anything about him cheating this time around. Plus her younger son was having trouble in school and Gabe was there for him. I think all of the sisters in some way have a skewed view of love/marriage. Probably because of their parent’s divorce. They all could grow up a little, which could help their marriages/relationships.

  • b617

    i think it’s sweet that Gabe is fighting to stay married to Trina. You can tell by watching the show that he’s truly in love with her. Not many men nowadays fight to be with the woman they love AND be a father to children that are not biologically his. Trina needs to open her eyes, Gabe did make mistakes in the marriage but he seems like he’s made a change, she may think the grass is greener on the other side but it very well may not be. Stick with your husband, girl!

  • cryssi

    I believe ALL third parties with an opinion on this COUPLE should mind their own.

    In my opinion rejoicing in someone’s divorce, is similar to rejoicing in someone’s death.

    • Just My Opinion

      Well if Treina & Gabe wouldn’t have put all of their business out in the public for the world to see we wouldn’t even know of their marraige woes, so for third parties to stay out of it is difficult when they envolved the viewing public to see.

      • s.lee

        Exactly why are you putting something so personal on TV for the publics viewing anyway and I mean they discussed it ALL (THE DIRTY DIRTY) in front of the camera too….and then claim people are too opinionated. You can not control the mouths of billions of people so I would suggest you keep business you don’t want discussed off national television, you know some people are crazy, deranged and unhinged and have access to computers just as sane sensible people do & they will surely let you know they crazy opinion on everything you do….even crack heads have computers. Be more careful…

    • Christina K

      There’s always some idiot like you that comes on to lecture people on the privacy of others and their relationship. Well guess what, smarty pants- if they didn’t want any third party opinions, they wouldn’t have signed up for a REALITY SHOW. Our opinions, our viewership helps provide them with a paycheck. So with that said, I will continue offering up an opinion so long as they ask for it and yes, they’re asking for it.

      • cryssi

        Hmmm, wow. No comment on your ignorance for doing exactly what you call me an idiot for….I do wonder what that makes you

        • Christina K

          Way to miss the entire point. There are many people who might chastise others for having an opinion about a reality-start couple (like you, lol) and it’s absolutely ridiculous. I’ve already stated why and you should know better. Carry on.

          • cryssi

            I will carry on, because an “internet beef” is ridiculous. Once again redirect your comment to yourself.

            Calling someone an idiot for having an opinion about opinions is silly. There is a way of expressing your thoughts without name calling.

            People should be able to have a discussion with different opinions in a cordial and respectful way. Everyone is not going to agree on things, humans are unique to their own thoughts.

            All I was saying is that a marriage is between two people, and spectators shouldn’t try to tell someone how to live their life. What pissed you off, and you could say you weren’t angry, but your name calling actions say otherwise.

            • Christina K

              I’ll grant you that the idiot comment was harsh but it was born of annoyance with those many people who leap to the defense of reality stars and their relationships. I’ll leave it be- again, if they wanted their problems private, they wouldn’t go on TV.