You Gon Learn Today! Kim Kardashian Claps Back At Someone Attacking Mommy Skills!

December 1, 2013  |  

Joel Ginsburg/

Kim Kardashian has already snapped once about people discussing how she lost weight in a negative. Now, someone is attacking Kimmy’s parenting skills and she’s not about to put up with that either.

Clearly learning from the Kanye West School of Clapping Back, Kim responded to someone on Twitter on Saturday who apparently questioned the time Kim spends with her daughter North (the user’s account is private):

It could be that Kim had been having a great day with Nori (she and Kanye took her swimming for the first time and she loved it) so someone trying to undermine that just was not going to happen.

In fact, Kim does make a good point. Yes, she’s jet setting around the world with Kanye while he’d on his “Yeezus” tour, but by all accounts, the baby has pretty much been with them every step of the way. Kim and Kanye seem to be doing a decent job caring for North through all of the mass media hysteria and they’re allowed to have fun while still being parents.

It’s starting to look like she is not going to be taking much more criticism all the time from people and when Kim Kardashian claps back (which rarely happens), you know enough is enough. Perhaps that new mommy “protective” light switched on once giving birth (we hear about that with all parents) and anything having to do with North will likely set her off.

As usual, the saga continues.

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  • Anabelle Whitepaws

    Good for her… I find it utterly ridiculous the nastiness people throw at this woman. I mean if you don’t like someone wouldn’t it be sensible to stay away from all things relating to the person? Not go on sites and bad-mouth her like some crazed stan. Just say’n…

  • rainbow

    I can’t believe the audacity of people to question her parenting skills. Are they there when she is raising her child. GTFOH!!!! People are so quick to insult because they are angry little jealous fukktards. Leave people alone. Mind your business. As long as that child is not walking around looking dirty and/or with a black eye, mind your business

  • Sunny

    Cry me a river. I think the issue is more that motherhood doesn’t seem to have changed her at all. She’s still as self-absorbed and attention seeking as she was before. Bottom line: you can’t pick and choose which parts of the celebrity lifestyle you want to deal with. You choose to live your life in the public eye, so deal with it the judgment and hateration that go along with it. If you don’t like it, then resolve to live a more private life. Not many people will miss you.

  • Guest

    Does that mean her child was asleep for the entire week she was in Paris with Kanye? Whatever Kim. No one’s saying mothers need to be shackled to their kids 24 hours a day, but she does seem to spend more time taking selfies and following Kanye around than she does with bonding with her child.

    • Trisha_B

      She doesn’t post pics of her baby, but TMZ follows that women around like crazy & they are always capturing her out w/ North during the day.

  • ChiTown Princess

    Kim puts herself and her business out there on Twitter and IG, but I have to agree with her on not having to put North’s every move out there. It’s best to keep her baby out of the spotlight and just because she’s not seen with her baby doesn’t make her the worst mother. As Kanye said, this is his and Kim’s child, not the America’s child.

  • columbiana

    kim is the queen love her

    • Concerned Reader

      The queen of plastic surgery or lies.

  • Tonya Young

    People best watch it. coz once that Mommy Switch comes on….It’s gonna be HELL to tell the Captain!!!!

  • Sagittarius81

    Kim is just inviting people to be in her personal life, every time she tweets and post pics on Instagram and people are used to it. But at the same time she has a right to defend her parenting skills, just because she’s not seen with her baby daughter doesn’t mean she’s a bad and neglectful mother. Maybe she wants North out of the public eye and she should. Let this woman be a mother to her baby already!

    • simply dark skin

      We do too.

  • Alexis Morris

    I like Kim, I really do, but she puts herself out there, her sex life, professional life, pregnancy, etc.

    • Really?

      Exactly! She lives her so much of her life publicly, she can expect people to be judgmental and to have their opinions. People needs to note that the child must have 100 nannies. Stop wasting time of those two idiots!

    • Caroline Nyambura

      Yeah I agree! That take balls! I actually respect her for living such a public life! God bless her family! She will make a great mommy! Not everybody is the same and nobody is perfect! We are all figuring this thing called life! and everybody’s circumstance is different!

  • Brit

    One thing you do not do it talk about someone’s parenting skills….even if it is Kim Kardashian that is still just wrong on so many levels….let that woman raise her baby in peace.

  • Marie Bano

    Why does this site do stories about this woman, she is not black. Please go back to featuring black women of substance and not reality show stars.

    • Nunya

      She’s engaged to a Black man, and her daughter, for all intents and purposes, is BLACK. Ergo, STFU.

      • msgeegee


      • Marie Bano

        You posted that comment because you work for this site. You should probably learn some manners and get better stories if you want this site to do well.

    • enlightenment


    • Chas

      Why do you comment on them….?

    • J Mc

      they post stories like this because it brings traffic to the website which could cause visitors to read other more important articles that aren’t about Kim K. If you don’t want to see stories like this on this website don’t click on the article or comment because all you’re doing is helping the numbers that this article is getting whether you like it or not…

  • Jaime

    Damn I hate to agree with her…But she is absolutely right!

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  • CC

    People always trying to criticize someone else. Worry about yourself and what you are doing.

  • Trisha_B

    What kim does w/ her baby, is her business. Why do outsiders feel they have rights to these celeb children? She doesnt need to annouce Norths every move to the world!

    • Resa

      North already has parents. Kim and kanye; and it is not up to us or anyone else to question their parenting skills as if you somehow have privy to their everyday life. of of course they are celebrities; but you cross the line when questioning the welfare of their daughter. There is nothing wrong with Kim taking time out for herself as a mom to a newborn. In fact that’s what most doctor’s recommend for mother’s to have a balanced and stress free life by spending time away from and with the baby. it;s not like she’s out being selfish. she’s attending and supporting her fiance’ and father of her baby’s career. Come on enough is enough! Kim, your haters are the victim of the green eyed monster. They only hate in you what they really wish they could have for themselves. Your baby is a blessing and you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone much less give a response.