Baby On Board: Michael Jordan And Yvette Prieto Expecting Their First Child!

November 30, 2013  |  

Photo Credit: DJDM/

First comes love, then comes marriage…and now it looks like Michael Jordan and Yvette Prieto are on their way with the baby carriage.

Reps for the Jordans have confirmed to US Weekly that Yvette is pregnant with the couple’s first child. While they didn’t reveal how far along she is, a source leaked a picture to GigiOnThat and she appears to be very far along in her pregnancy.

This will be 34 year Prieto’s first child but the fourth child for 50 year old Jordan. His oldest children are with his ex-wife Juanita Jordan who he divorced back in 2006.  In fact, Jordan is starting completely over in the baby department as his youngest child with Juanita is 19 years old. The good thing is that he’s retired so he can be completely hands on now with the feedings and changing of diapers.

Jordan and Prieto have been together for five years and were married in April in a huge ceremony in Jupiter, Florida.

I wonder if his older children are excited about the impending arrival of their new sibling. It has been just the three of them for a very long time.

Congratulations to them and we wish Yvette a safe pregnancy and a healthy bundle of joy!

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  • guest

    Anyone surprised? She had to secure her future.

  • Indy Syder

    And one more comment: To the young black men out there who may stumble on this post, opposite of his BS commercials in the 90s, if you’re about true family, YOU DON’T WANNA – AND PLEASE DON’T – BE LIKE MIKE!

  • Indy Syder

    What an banana-playing ape this guy is. Making babies with different women at his age is nothing but monkey crap. He’s a classless stud straight from the plantation. Ain’t $h** cute or adorable about a wild primate in 50s with adult children having a child by a different woman. That makes his ex-wife virtually a baby mamma, one of them, instead of the mother of his children, something that should be exclusive. If that b**** wanted her own family, then have children with a man who doesn’t have children. That’s how f***ing families are built, not some breeding on the plantation BS. People like this wild animal shame fatherhood into a disgusting spoof of futile parody.

    Like I said in Newsone, he didn’t learn f****** $h** after being taken to the cleaners. As much as black women deserve the criticism they get, black men prove why they’re dispensable piles of garbage that’s easy to discard. This is an example of how black men f*** themselves in the @$$ and put themselves in the situations. When they complain about child support, being f***** by the system, and how black women have babies by different men, you get a 50-year-old father having a baby by another woman after having to dish out most of his fortune. The fact that he even got married says this stupid @$$ didn’t learn $h**. While it’s his life, this is one example of why black men don’t get any respect. They just be nutting in them b******, making babies all over the place. I guess children with one woman is a crock of BS. I guess family is a f****** joke not to be respected or taken seriously. Welcome world to the presentation of “Why black men ain’t $h**!”

  • The child is always happiness and it is the result of love. It is desirable in joy and eagerness.

  • FeelsGood

    This is how it should be done! Married, no children of her own, and husband is a retired millionaire. She won…ha ha ha…congrats!

    • columbiana

      golddiggers stand up u seem loose btw

    • coolyfett

      yea she did win.

      • Nah Juanita won. There was no pre-nup and she walked away with a few hundred millions. Best believe Michael didn’t make that mistake again.

        • coolyfett

          umm ok??

  • Monica

    A baby at 50??? These old men…Smh

    • Guest

      Actually, MJ is middle aged aty 50.
      Old is 70+
      thanks to miracle drugs.

      • columbiana

        nobody ask your opinion

        • marshefen

          Yours either.

  • Lala

    Congrats to them, but I swear once I have my children with my husband I swear im going to make him get a vasectomy because if we ever divorce I might feel a type a way if he had children with another woman

    • stewwie

      Do you intended to get your tubes tied too, …otherwise you are being a selfish little girl….

      • Lala

        Sure I will but if I get remarried again, I would have little chance of starting a new family anyway

  • Child_Puhleez


  • FromUR2UB

    What is wrong with Michael Jordan’s suit? A guy has enough money, women will let him go around lookin’ any ol’ way. I guess you don’t dare say anything.

    • Lee

      If you have as much money as he has, would you even care? lol

      • columbiana

        es u should care idoit whats 2+9

      • FromUR2UB

        You mean, would I care as the man or the woman? As the man, I guess not. Their money makes them attractive to women who are willing to overlook tacky appearances. Ask Donald Trump. As the woman, they’d get rid of me and replace me with a woman who’d just spend the money and shut up.

  • Hannibal


    • carrolvuy205

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