“I’m The Wife…I’m Above You”: LHHNY’s Amina Buddafly On Her Messy Marriage To Peter Gunz

November 27, 2013  |  

If you’ve been watching this very messy season of Love and Hip Hop NY, I’m sure you know about the sordid love triangle going on with Peter Gunz, Tara Wallace (whom he has kids with) and singer Amina Buddafly. For quick background, longtime girlfriend Tara Wallace actually encouraged Peter to work with Amina because she thought she was talented, but what homegirl didn’t know was that the two were having an affair that turned into a marriage (one people speculate was to get the German-born singer legal status to stay in the country). When she found out from Peter, Tara confronted Amina about their affair and Amina would go on to show her a driver’s license that used Peter’s last name as her own, confirming they were married. All hell broke loose and Amina got slapped up, and Peter’s belongings were later cut up. Speaking on all the backlash and that slap-happy encounter, Amina talked to Power 107.5 radio about her marriage and more to clear things up. And according to her interview, while she’s “the wife,” it took forever for her to get an actual ring so I don’t know who she thinks she’s fooling:

About The Day She And Peter Decided To Marry:

“We woke up, and we wasn’t drunk anymore. It was early in the morning, and we were both clear in our heads. It was a spontaneous thing. We had been talking about it for a few weeks, for a little while.

If we had thought it through, we probably wouldn’t be married right now.”

Why She Didn’t Bother To Check And Make Sure He Wasn’t Messing With Other Women:

“As we moved on, months passed. I was wondering and I asked him, but it was always about him and I.

I really didn’t bother. Maybe I should have.”

Her Confrontation With Tara And Revealing That She’s “The Wife” To Her:

“I just need to make it clear. I’m the wife. It needs to be respected. Everyone’s talking bad about me, calling me all these names. I just had to make it clear, I am above you.”

Of course, in her sit down with Hot 97, Tara said that Amina is either lying about not knowing she and Peter were an item and had been for 13 years, or just didn’t care enough to find out:

“I think that’s almost an out and about lie. Where Amina works, we frequent that place. Not only do we visit this place, there are people she’s singing right next to that know our entire story. She turned a blind eye because she wanted to.”

Either way, both of these women are losing sleep and time over a man who really isn’t worth it. And as far as Amina saying she’s above Tara, she clearly isn’t since Peter was living with Tara and hiding their marriage from the world. Do better, girl.

What do you think of Amina’s comments? 

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  • ObservintheATL

    Where’d the MJP article go?

  • Just saying!!

    All these comments are about Amina and Tara but the article is about Mary Jane? Did I miss something or did the article and the comments section get switched with another comments section somehow? Idk *shrugs*

    • hollyw

      Girl me to lol was like When’d I click on this lol??

  • Shawndrea Rachelle

    Um.. I’m lost…

    • Shoegirl

      Me too!!

    • Trisha_B

      Lol me too. The comments aren’t matching the posts? What’s going on MN?

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  • GymJunkie43

    Why do women always argue over nothing a** men?! You’re basically fighting over who gets to take on the liability in full. Fight over a grown man, who has a pot and window please.

    • ObservintheATL

      Better yet, don’t fight over a man.

  • What is talking…

  • jenine

    This woman needs to take SEVERAL seats!!!! How can she even claim that she is above Tara when her “husband” didnt even claim her?!?!? How can u marry a guy but allow him to live with his ex because he wants to keep his family together?? As his “wife” does that not make you also his family?? Fall back sweetie cause you really aint special

  • PRS7716


  • Jan

    you are above her and yet you can’t upload pics and videos of you and your new hubby girl bye

    • prs7716


  • Bostonchick617

    Amina, you’re a fool. Obviously you’re not “above” anybody, because Peter proclaimed on this Monday’s episode that he wasn’t planning on giving Tara up. So that means, he vowed to love you and only you before God and whoever else, but he has no plan to stop trying to pursue something with the mother of two of his children. However, I can no longer feel sympathy for Tara as I recently discovered at one point, SHE was the side chick when Peter was engaged and living with another woman in New Orleans. So, like the old saying goes, “How you got him is how you’ll lose him”. They’re both idiots. This is a 43 year old broke, dirty foot beady-eye, one hit wonder, Stevie J wanna-be and this is who they choose to fight over? Guess there really is a shortage of good [black] men.

    • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

      lol dirty foot beady eye…

  • Sara

    she is sooooo stupid…good luck with youre husband!