Manager Accuses Rihanna Of Jacking Artist’s Signature Doobie Wrap

November 25, 2013  |  

Sources: WENN, Patwa Official

Rihanna stirred up quite a bit of controversy when showed up to last night’s America Music Awards show rocking a doobie wrap—bejeweled bobby pins and all. Folks took to social networking sites like Twitter in droves to poke fun at and critique the Bajan singer for the peculiar hairstyle choice.

RiRi’s doobie wrap has certainly been the talk of the town, but now one frustrated manager is coming forward, claiming to NecoleBitchie that RiRi actually jacked this look from her artist’s style book.

“I am writing to express my extreme frustration and anger over the blatant theft of a image that my former artist and I cultivated. A few years ago I worked with an up and coming female rapper named Patwa. She’s a Bronx born 2nd generation Jamerican who fused hip hop, reggae and culture into her music. During 2010 we began generating a buzz in the underground hip hop community. This lead to a couple of meeting with some big wigs at def jam, Geffen, Atlantic and yes Roc nation who manages Rihanna. While meeting with A&Rs with these labels we were continuously told that the imagery we were trying to brand was not “lady like” was ‘too street,’ ‘too hood’ and ‘too ghetto’ we were told that ‘white America would never get behind such ignorance,’ the manager wrote.

The manager went on to describe the significance behind her artist’s decision to rock a doobie and how Roc Nation execs. weren’t feeling it.

“Ratchetness had yet to become an accepted house hold term. The image we were trying to run with was what Patwa knew from the streets which was the doobie wrap. She wore it proudly with jeweled pins to signify she was a Queen and this was her ghetto crown. Something that many females coming from where she came from could relate to. You know when you get that hair wrapped you feel like the Bomb You just got your hair did no one could tell you nothing. After putting a couple of videos up we met with a certain head honcho in roc nation who will remain nameless. We were offered what amounts to a development deal if we softened image and sound.”

“Sticking to our guns we declined because we really believed in the look and knew with a proper push it would catch. So we left that office with our respect. Unfortunately offers started to dry up. Maybe we were too hard and middle America would never understand the doobie wrap. Eventually Patwa and I stopped working together and she returned to school and I to a less then glamorous 9 to 5. I’ve never told her but i always wondered what if we had softened up and changed that hair.”

The unnamed woman also insists that RiRi actually came face-to-face with Patwa prior to jacking her bedazzled doobie.

“Fast forward to 11/24/13 and who do I see grace my flat screen while sitting in my modest one bedroom apartment wearing a doobie wrap with jeweled pins at the AMA’s. Roc nations own Ri Ri. I honestly felt violated. You see during 2011 Patwa and I crossed paths with Rihanna at a Roc Nation event. Rihanna who on that evening was wearing a hairstyle that she “borrowed” from Cassie, complimented the jeweled pin wrap said it looked nice and even inquired as to who did it? We of course were flattered out of our socks and felt almost validated. Two years later it appears middle America is ready and Rihanna really liked what she saw. By no means did we invent the doobie wrap or name. However prior to the AMA’s no one had attempted to wear the doobie as a hairstyle in public. No one!!!!!!”

She concluded by expressing in disgust with Rihanna’s swagger-jacking antics.

“I just find it very insulting that something we brought to those people was too ‘ghetto.’ But now Rihanna can accept awards while proudly displaying it. I am really hurt by this and wanted to scream. But I wrote to you guys. Wanted to let someone else know that she stole that look from Patwa.”

Who knew that a doobie and a few bobby pins could stir up such controversy?

Check out one of Patwa’s videos below. Would you say RiRi is guilty of stealing the bedazzled doobie wrap look?

Jazmine Denise is an entertainment and celebrity news blogger. Follow her on Twitter @jazminedenise.

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  • mojo

    so you mean to tell me that 20+ years ago when my mom did the wrap on me, she looked into the future to copy this girl…..please have a seat…several seats!

  • Quiana Parks


  • Oh Patwa is that chick with the rhinestone bobby pins reblogged on Tumblr. I was wondering who that mystery girl was.

  • mzjuels

    Patawa has her on style but she’s about 10 years too late. I fee like she would have been big before. Sort of reminds me of Eve a little bit.

  • PoeticVirgo

    I think the manager and those attempting to support her are missing a key piece to the argument. The manager asked Roc Nation to introduce an artist to the world with the artist’s hair wrapped. Bobby pin or jeweled clips doesn’t matter at the end of the day it is still a wrap. Roc Nation offered a development deal to the artist with the requirement that she change (soften) her look and the artist and manager turned it down. That is very different from a Roc Nation artist who when introduced to the world had a soft, virgin like look, putting in time to develop her career and garner success and fame, eventually developing into the artist who walked into the AMAs where she received the Icon Award wearing her hair as she damn well pleased. Rihanna earned that freedom! Rihanna put in time to be able to present herself to the world how she chooses. It is not something Rihanna was given as a new artist, so why does this manager think her former artist should have been given that right. At the end the manager and artist have no on to blame but themselves and I see the complaint as nothing more than an attempt to restart a dead management career…keep your 9 to 5 and modest one bedroom apartment and be grateful you have them. Some people are jobless and homeless. As for the comment about the music industry not being fair, it’s not. Talented artists with amazing voices are turned away every day for some small reason or another while talentless folks who couldn’t perform live to save their lives are given contracts. Life isn’t fair….why should the music industry be any different.

  • Sunni Banxx

    I love riri but the patwa did the doobie better and I see exactly y this manager is frustrated no she did not make the doobie but she made it her own. as an artist you have to have your own image and swagg otherwise you just blend in and y is the look acceptable for riri and not patwa, cuz she raps? I watched the video and I actually like it i dont see y roc nation didnt put her on I like the swagg most female rappers just talk about F**kin s**kin and shakin @$$ like we dont get out here and hustle too

  • Elegant

    Rihanna probably never even new this girl existed LOL..and “No Hairstyle has a PATENTon it”!! EVEN if she did be glad she made you relevant or kudos you just became a trendsetter Patwa!!!!

  • yomama

    I can see why she didn’t make it….

  • Nina

    its hair. a style mad of hair. everybody has hair unless they have alopecia or they decide to chave it off. just because it has been seen before, does it mean nobody else can rock it? if it was jan doe would this person be so “extremely frustrated”? come on people…be serious.. its hair!

  • Tanya Stephens

    I get her point too! While we ALL admit to wrapping our hair in a similar fashion before bed…NONE of us (well a few) would really wear it in public and DEFINITELY not as part of our signature look. IJS. Perhaps if this manager was as adamant about promoting this artist as she was about going to all the blogs and publicizing her frustration this girl may have made it! Good think is, everything happens in divine order and NOW as a result this young woman has a chance to finally get some shine! Her music is not too bad and I have a feeling this will not be the last we hear from her. She just went viral! I do actually see a little potential there!

    • Andrea

      I don’t know where most of you people live but I know where I’m from this is an everyday thing. Woman walk around all day with their hair in a doobie wrap, especially on Thursdays and Fridays after they leave the salon before going out that night. some even walk around in them all week, before taking their hair down. This is nothing new. This is just a way to get attention for someone who didnt make it, obviously she wasn’t as good of an artist as he claims she was or he just didnt know how to market her. They could have came up with something better than a damn hair wrap that damn ner every woman wears on a daily.

  • xedos

    i;m waiting on Miley to start wearing doobie wrap

    • mojo

      buhahaha! im weak!!!

  • rockei

    although rihanna is guilty of not having any original style. i fail to see how this girls “look” didn’t get her put on…. seems to me she is leaning a little to the whack side! i went over to her youtube and watched her vids, she’s really not that new or hot (even for 2011). and her back and forth of english and patois (pronounce patwa) isnt that special, it doesn’t work for sean kingston or nicki minaj either. just my two cents

  • Kam

    If Rhianna jacked this style then roughly every black woman (and man) who has ever had a good hot press, or fresh relaxer from way back in the day until now has also jacked this style. The difference is most women don’t go beyond their front door with their doobie on (minus the people who see fit to go to Walmart, the corner store, Dollar General/Tree, KMart, etc but that is an entirely different story).

  • ❤♥BabyGirl♥❤

    I didn’t know you could borrow or steal hairstyless

  • CT

    Patwa is Nice, it a shame they didn’t want to put her on.

  • Briana Owens

    ummm how can u steal something that’s been done for years?? She did not invent the wrap **side-eye**

  • Courtney Banks

    For the hundredth time. A doobie wrap is not a hairstyle… It doesn’t make it any less ratchet because Rihanna wore it..

    • Andrea

      There nothing ratchet about it to begin with no matter who does or doesn’t wear it.

    • Dee

      I agree… I dislike when women would wear this “style” outside the house… similarly to when women wear satin bonnets outside the house today. Rhi looked cute tho.

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  • cryssi

    Hmmm, well in most of my early classes before I went natural I wore this style lol. It’s called lazy and don’t care.

  • Miss K

    I may be the only one who sees the point this woman is trying to make. It’s unfortunate that Patwa was turned away for not being “commercial” enough, while Rihanna was able to pull this look off. If the two artists did in fact meet and Rihanna actually complimented Patwa on her “look,” I can see how this manager would feel hurt and frustrated by the whole thing – not to mention Patwa, wherever she is these days. The music industry is simply unfair.

    • MeMe

      I understand exactly where she is coming from. it’s not a matter of “This is Patwa’s style”, like ppl are misinterpreting her statement. The fact is that the “look” apparently wasn’t good enough for Roc Nation at the time, but whoa and behold it’s “acceptable” for one of their very own artist to rock the same look. That’s too bad smh..I would be frustrated too

      • xedos

        did you realize that rihanna tour just went to Dominica ?

        • L. Brown

          Did you realize that Dominica and Dominican Republic are 2 separate different places?And it’s the Dominican shop, not Dominica?

    • Andrea

      The fact that someone said it wasn’t an acceptable image for an artist to wear back when has nothing to do with somebody walking out on stage with it now. So damn what she came on stage with her hair wrapped, it’s not an image it’s just how she wore her hair maybe she didn’t want or had the time to take her hair down and get it styled so the put some jeweled bobby pins in it and hoped for the best. It still isn’t something to be jacked, it’s an everyday wear that just about all black and latin women wear when they don’t want to blow out their hair. She’s not even this mans artist anymore anyway so why is he even saying anything about it? Did they have a trademark on it or something?

      • MeMe

        “The fact that someone said it wasn’t an acceptable image for an artist to wear back when has nothing to do with somebody walking out on stage with it now”

        Are you serious?
        That was the whole point the manager was trying to make. She never said her artist should be getting paid for the look or that she owned it. She simply is frustrated that it was ok for RiRi but not for her artist in the eyes or Roc Nation at the time. And i’m sory were you in the dressing room when Rihanna was being styled? It was hilarious to read the whole reasoning for the style by you, as if you were there LOL. Rihanna is all about image and getting the media talking so YES it was an image. She knew exactly what she was up to. Unfortunately the same image that was attempted and shot down early on and kind of a big deal for Patwa’s career.
        You should probably read the article and not just the title of the discussion..It’s more about double standards than “copy catting” a look.

    • Dee

      Patwa was just a day late and a dollar short… like her manager said, in 2010 ratchetness wasn’t at an all time high as it is now. She should just chalk it up to bad timing

    • pow

      What Patwa should have done, and what her manager should have advised her is a compromise. So many artist out there have changed from what they started with. So many of them had to “be fake” and compromise in order to get their foot in the door. Look at Pink now and before, heck look at Rhianna now and before.

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  • Nikkita Michelle

    I would never want to ge accused of jacking this look. It was not cute AT ALL. She looks like she was getting ready for bed.

  • Sagittarius81

    Please, I put my hair doobie wrap when my hair was relaxed and my hair and my hair was shoulder length and this was the 1990s/early 2000s before I went to bed. How she jacked that style that’s been around for years?

  • Lexi

    Chile this is not Patwa’s hairstyle lol lol smh

  • candy cane

    How do you ‘jack’ a hairstyle?

  • Chas

    I see this hair style at Walmart after 8 all the time. Its been happening for a while. Nothing original about it.

  • wveronica7

    Lmao, this is funny and ridiculous. If she come to Miami, she’ll see the girls rocking these damn wraps in the flea market, at the grocery store, on their porch, or wherever they feel is not important to unwrap their hair. In my opinion this is not a style that can be stolen…

    • Kendra Koger

      It’s the same way in East St. Louis. I think I was one of the only girls in my class that didn’t wear the wrapped look as a hairstyle at one point of time, and that was only because my mother wouldn’t let me.

  • sasha

    I fail to see how wrapping one’s hair is ghetto or original in any way. Also, most of white America clearly doesn’t even know what this style means to us; white sites basically are just saying she looked great.

    • Courtney Banks

      Just watch in a few months, some random white chick is going to wear then white american media will swear they are the innovators of the doobie wrap… You’ve been warned.

      • sasha

        YUP! smdh

    • Sydney Evans

      And calling it a “Faux pixie cut” smh white ppl

      • R LongPig

        LMAO! GOLD! That is exactly it! Your white people appropriation game is on point!

      • IllyPhilly


  • BabyBlue

    Well, I’ve jacked that “hairstyle” too. I wore that style after a long day of work I even accessorized it with a scarf on my way to a place called a bed. Nobody is jacking anybody. If you’ve ever had your hair fried, dyed and layed to the side then you’ve wrapped your hair like this too.