“I’m A Grown Man”: Phaedra Checks Apollo About Texting Kenya And He Checks Her Right Back On Last Night’s RHOA

November 25, 2013  |  
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Ooooh child, what was going on last night on Real Housewives of Atlanta!? Folks were living in “the ghetto,” Porsha was saying she married Kordell because he reminded her of her daddy, and Phaedra threatened to cut Apollo after he got defiant about texting Kenya: “I’m a grown man, I don’t have to repeat myself.” Check out all the drama you might have missed last night and share your opinion on last night’s episode of RHOA below!

Kenya Fights Stress By Being Gone With The Wind Fabulous

After having the police called on her while trying to move out of her home after that messy eviction case, Kenya decided to relieve stress the only way she knows how–by being gone with the wind fabulous. Homegirl tried out aerial yoga and had her butt all in the TV screen, but as Kenya let the world know, it’s nothing new to her: “I’m no stranger to having my legs up in the air…but I digress.” Please do.

Kandi And Kenya Meet Up To Talk About Those Shady Texts To Apollo

Kandi showed up at the aerial yoga place to try and hear more of Kenya’s side of the story when it come to texting Apollo. Kenya actually let Kandi see the messages between her and Apollo, and it seems that Apollo initiated the conversation. Kenya also says that she NEVER propositioned him for sex and that she’s tired of looking like the bad guy. However, Kandi quickly reminds her that she never should have responded to him in the first place, and that she definitely shouldn’t have been calling him “babe.” Either way though, the s**t is about to hit the fan for Apollo Nida…

Porsha Realizes She Married Kordell For The Wrong Reasons…

This scene was especially interesting. Porsha meets up with her therapist Dr. Blake, who actually counseled Porsha and Kordell last season. Turns out that those therapy sessions were hiding a lot, as Porsha says she wouldn’t share the truth about how she was feeling about their relationship with Dr. Blake because she was worried that “I would have to go home and deal with what I would have said.” She revealed that she was trying to fake it until she could make it in her relationship with Kordell, and was pissed when the ladies could tell that she wasn’t happy and that he was too controlling (her facade was falling apart too easily). But the most interesting reveal of the therapy session was that Porsha says she married Kordell for security and she looked at him more like a father figure.  She felt that she could depend on him in that way after her own father died when she was young. If that wasn’t enough, she also revealed that her doctor used to confront her about why she wasn’t getting pregnant, and she was afraid to tell him that Kordell wasn’t even trying to have sex with her! The secrets in that marriage, boy…

Cynthia Recovers From Her Fibroid Surgery And Kandi Wants To Do Something Nice For Porsha

You know Cynthia’s storyline isn’t that complex, ya’ll. So basically she’s still recovering from fibroid surgery, and NeNe came by to try and pull her out the bed to go shopping and max out some credit cards. While Cynthia explains why that will be a no-no, Kandi calls and lets the ladies know that she wants to have a party/dinner for Porsha to provide her with support during her tumultuous divorce. She even happily invites NeNe! Knowing what her own divorce was like, NeNe agrees to come and the ladies are on deck for operation Help Porsha Move On Already.

Phaedra Talks To Kandi About Kenya And Her “Saggy Booty”

As mature enough as Phaedra is to be around Kenya for “girl’s night” shindigs, she made it clear while meeting up with Kandi that she doesn’t want anything to do with ol’ girl otherwise. While the ladies met up for frozen yogurt, Kandi shared what she learned from Kenya about the true nature of her “relationship” with Apollo. Of course, Phaedra didn’t want to hear it because she has her mind up. As she says, Kenya has “wh*rish tendencies.” She finishes this segment of the show letting folks know that with her busy schedule (which doesn’t allow her much time with her own husband), “the last thing I want to do is give her saggy and diaper booty anymore energy.”

Noelle Has A Boyfriend (That She Kisses) And Cynthia Doesn’t Know What To Think About It

While she would later say she was glad to hear that her daughter Noelle had a boyfriend and at least didn’t like girls (random, right?), initially, Cynthia didn’t know what to think about her daughter’s love life. The teen was backed into a corner by her mom to reveal that the boy she had been chatting with on the phone (whose name is Arthur by the way) was actually her boyfriend. The funny/scary moment came when Cynthia found out that they had kissed and said, “Only a peck, right?” Noelle (looking exactly like her dad, actor Leon) responded with “If that’s what you want to think…” You better get her Cynthia!

Porsha Tells The Ladies The Truth About The Lie She Was Living With Kordell

At the shindig that Kandi put together for Porsha (which the woman of the hour came late to), Porsha told the ladies the truth about her marriage to Kordell: “You all were looking at the picture I painted.” She later went on to tell them that she always had to ask him for money, couldn’t have her sister over (because he didn’t like her) and that she “literally became the oldest child in the house.” While NeNe had a few laughs at her expense, reminding Porsha how hard she went for Kordell and the idea of cooking, cleaning and raising kids for him, she did drop her with some knowledge that pushed Porsha to embrace her independence. She told her that while it was nice while it lasted that Kordell used to wine and dine her and take her shopping and go on private jets, it’s always nice “when you can put your own self in a jet.” Word.

Kenya Is (Temporarily) Living In The Ghetto…According To NeNe

After moving out of her rented home, Kenya got a visit from NeNe, who came to the conclusion that the rough area Kenya was staying in was “the ghetto.” For the time being, Moore was chilling in a hotel room until she could find a home, and NeNe was happy to help: “Please put your shoes on and let’s go find you a home, honey!” On the way to check out some places, Kenya reveals that she’s dating a Nigerian guy (reportedly singer/songwriter D’banj) and says, “I love that man…”

Slow down Ken Ken. I’m sure you don’t want another Walter situation…

Kenya And NeNe Go House Shopping

NeNe takes Kenya to an affluent apartment complex where Kenya is shown a lavish 4,000 square foot place. And while NeNe loves it with its plush leather furniture and killer view of the city, Kenya thinks it’s too small, especially for the more than a million it’s listing for. NeNe takes that as a sign: Kenya simply hasn’t sold enough booty workout DVDs to afford such a home.  Oh the shade…

Phaedra Confronts Apollo About Texting Kenya And He Doesn’t See Anything Wrong With It

NOW, the big mess of the night was Phaedra meeting up for dinner with Apollo and confronting him about his texting relationship with Kenya. What should have been a simple conversation was just a whole bunch of threats and defiance.

You see, Apollo saw his texting as harmless, and while he kept saying that “I could have slept with Kenya,” he says that he didn’t and he has done NOTHING wrong. Of course, Phaedra didn’t agree with this and showed that through her many twisted facial expressions. She eventually told him straight up, “Don’t text my friends. Don’t do that again.” And his response was, “I’m a grown man, you’re not my mama.” That’s right folks, he pulled the “I’m a grown a** man” ish on her, and repeated it later when she asked him what he said in his messages to Kenya (“I’m a grown man I don’t have to repeat myself”). The shadiness that is Apollo Nida is getting really real, really fast out here guys. It seems that Kenya and Apollo would be perfect for each other, because they both enjoy living in a state of denial…

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