“I’m A Grown Man”: Phaedra Checks Apollo About Texting Kenya And He Checks Her Right Back On Last Night’s RHOA

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Ooooh child, what was going on last night on Real Housewives of Atlanta!? Folks were living in “the ghetto,” Porsha was saying she married Kordell because he reminded her of her daddy, and Phaedra threatened to cut Apollo after he got defiant about texting Kenya: “I’m a grown man, I don’t have to repeat myself.” Check out all the drama you might have missed last night and share your opinion on last night’s episode of RHOA below!

Kenya Moore RHOA

Kenya Fights Stress By Being Gone With The Wind Fabulous

After having the police called on her while trying to move out of her home after that messy eviction case, Kenya decided to relieve stress the only way she knows how–by being gone with the wind fabulous. Homegirl tried out aerial yoga and had her butt all in the TV screen, but as Kenya let the world know, it’s nothing new to her: “I’m no stranger to having my legs up in the air…but I digress.” Please do.

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  • Straight Up

    Ladies I just have to say this… I’m tired of these smart, successful women marrying these men that they are unequally yoked with….just to put on the front of “having it all” There is no way this young woman really expects this “marriage” to work. Anyone who went to law school should be smart enough to know better. Add to the fact that your marriage is on display via reality tv for the whole world to see? Who’s the fool here? I think I am……because very few relationships have withstood the curse of reality tv. Everyone knows that. Phaedra got what she wanted: A pretty boy prop of a husband that in reality is really one of her children. She cannot expect a future in this.. Get real.

  • MsLadyE

    Apollo said he was a “grown man”, but he acted and sounded like a 10-year-old. If Apollo was REALLY a grown man, he would have apologized to Phaedra for texting Kenya, and promise not to do it again. And he would KEEP HIS PROMISE. Apollo isn’t teaching his sons how to be grown men. He’s teaching them how to lie, be sneaky, and make 1000 excuses when they get caught. Grown men don’t do that.

  • Laine

    Somebody, please explain to me. How much of the drama on the show is scripted? Is the drama real, and do the producers serve as instigators, and causing extra drama? Or is everything just fake, and are these reality stars just acting like they have drama going on in their “real life” for money?

  • Lana

    Anybody else peep how Apollo was ducking around stuff. First he said they were at a party, then he went to the BW hotel and she was at the hotel and thats when they met up. WAIT??? Didn’t you just say yall was at the party? Did yall meet at the party or the hotel?

    • folamix

      There were holes in Apollos story. He looked guilty as hell.

  • DeepThinker

    Phaedra does not submit to Apollo, instead she treats him like one of the kids. Insecure women like her usually choose weak guys like him, because the control is her false sense of having the upper hand in the relationship. Now Phaedra is is getting tired of wearing the pants, and wants Apollo to elevate himself, but he really has no incentive to, because she did not require that of him from the beginning. It’s her fault. At first Apollo enjoyed the “perks” of their relationship, but now he feels emasculated in this mother/child relationship and the way he tries to put Phaedra in line is to womanize or do something else to get under her skin. Phaedra should have just played with Apollo and moved on. Apollo probably only married her for access to ATL elite society.

  • CC

    Let the truth be told Kenya is a tramp and Apollo is a dog. A real lady would have went to the wife and said why is your husband is texting me. What was the first thing that came to Kenya’s mouth when she first met Apollo “he’s fine,” and she pursued him on the track as they were riding in the go carts. This is what Walter was watching. Any fool should have picked up on that.
    Act like a lady and you will be treated like a lady. Where is the self respect women are lacking in today’s times.

    • folamix

      Exdactly, she started out pursuring him

    • wveronica7

      Not exactly. She should have not responded to him. Sometimes telling a woman that her man is trying it is not well received. Phaedra wouldn’t have believed Kenya or she would have believed what she wanted to believe. Kenya should’ve told Apollo that texting her was inappropriate but telling Phaedra, given their relationship, probably would not have had any affect. I’ve seen this happen with women too many times, they just don’t want to know the truth

  • GirlSixx

    Something went down in LA, i don’t know what exactly but something jumped off and Phaedra knows it too. She kept it classy in that restaurant though, but lost it in the car, I felt bad for her. You can tell there’s some strife there between them two this season – he ain’t happy and she seems tired and ovewhelmed. I think in order for them to mend their problems and get back to a happy place she will need to slow down some and tend more to her marriage. Apollo has been telling her that he isn’t happy and she isn’t fun anymore, she’s always on the hustle. She was warned.

    • Lexi

      that’s what I was thinking, he was warning her but then again we only know what Bravo wants to show us. I hope they work it out.

      • GirlSixx

        Apollo can’t afford to go anywhere.. hmmmm maybe he can because since Phaedra is the bread winner she will have to pay him. So with that being said. It’s Cheaper to Keep Him!!!! Plus Phaedra is alll about putting on airs and self image for people to see so she will definitely stick it out unless Apollo pull the plug.

    • folamix

      Yeah something happened in L.A. What we saw was just the tip of the iceberg. Phaedra is being who she is. If Apollo cannot deal with that, then maybe he is not the husband for her.

    • Kristen

      I agree, she was warned but when she was confronting him he’s making things with Kenya not seem like a big deal. Either you’re gonna stick with your wife despite her doing a million things that’s keeping her busy, or you’re gonna be unfaithful and be honest about it.

  • Wise Up Phaedra

    I felt so much embarrassment for Phaedra. All she had to say was: Out here running behind scallywags gonna mess up a happy home and have you back in the HOOD.

    Apollo owes his lifestyle to Phaedra and his good looks are not about to serve him now that he has 2 kids and an ex wife. Any women of class will hit it but only a chicken head would “wife” him.
    Apollo is looking like a FOOL, texting a women who didn’t want him and he is making up some stupid lies about changing rooms and what not cause Kenya was sweating him.

    • Straight Up

      Not quite….Apollo will be fine.. Remember men have way more options available to them than women do

  • Felisha Crooks-Sweet

    Im not sure if Apollo and Phaedra’s conversation was edited or what but it appears to me that Phaedra did not ask enough questions. He gave all the wrong answers. Even liar would have told his wife: Baby you are my wife and I have no interest in that coo-coo clock. My heart is with you and my family……That fool sound like a non literate 15 year old boy trying to put sentences together. It was funny as hell when Phaedra said Apollo does not want scrambled eggs. Straight called out Kenya for being too damn old to have her eggs fertilized. LOL!!

    • Eggs are not the point

      I actually thought the eggs comment made Phaedra look sad.

      Apollo dsn’t want to fertilize her eggs,he wants to get it in with Kenya and that WAS NO SECRET. Apollo was not even a smooth enough player to HIDE his lust for Kenya, no one believes he rejected HER, Kenya rejected HIM!!

      • That’s My Story

        I personally believe Kenya and Apollo had $ex and are both denying it as to not be exposed for the trifling individuals they really are!!!!!!!!!

  • FeelsGood

    I’m call Porsha’s bluff and think that she’s full of sh*t! She’s trying to paint this horrible picture of Kordell, but YOU MARRIED HIM DINGBAT…so what does that say about you? Go cry in private and get your pathetic azz off my TV. No name on the deed, no name on the bank accounts. no money to even go grocery shopping…you’re the fool and deserve to be right at home with your “mommy.” You’re not even mature enough to be in a relationship, let alone a marriage.

    I’m sorry, but I’m sick of her playing the victim. How he did it was wrong, but take some accountability Porsha!!

    And Kenya…girl bye

    • Chas

      Doing that to someone can be considered a form of abuse. Sure she’s milking it but I wouldn’t be too harsh about it. It can be a struggle to leave when your used to being manipulated

      • That’s My Story

        I don’t think Porsha is milking her situation. I think all these episodes were filmed when the divorce proceedings were still on-going. That meant all this was fresh and new. It was just happening. We have followed it in the gossip rags and think she is milking it for ratings. But in all actuality, this stuff was filmed in the summer and then edited to make the show that we see within the last 2-3 months. Watch, next season (if she is still a cast memeber) she will have a new love interest.

        • Rissie75

          I agree!

      • Rissie75

        Yup!! Been there….but I guess according to FeelsGood, I’m a “DingBat” and enjoyed my abuse **shrugs** it’s always the ones looking from the outside that have the most to say. AND lets be real, this was recorded months ago right AFTER he aired the divorce out on Twitter, so yes she was STILL GOING THROUGH THE EMOTIONS it was still FRESH!!! **sigh**

        • Chas

          Yea some people only think its abuse when someone is being physically harmed but that’s not always the case. If I went through that I’d be talking about it a lot too. I was in a similar situation and talking about it was my way of making sure I never went through it again.

        • FeelsGood

          Oh wow…I don’t call you a dingbat. I don’t even know you lady! Why are you taking this personal? Please get out of your feelings and stop putting words in my mouth. My comments and opinion was about Porsha and Porsha alone!

      • FeelsGood

        And what kind of abuse would you consider this to be? Verbal? Emotional? Sorry, but I don’t consider it to be either. Manipulation maybe…but not abuse. This is just MY perspective. And moreso, if you marry an abuser/manipulator then that’s on you. Why complain about what you settle for?

        • Chas

          Abuse is any situation in which your freedom or free will are compromised. Manipulation within a relationship is a form of abuse. No one seeks an abuser. Sure she should take some responsibility in the situation like trying to find out why she married him and what kept her there but there is plenty to complain about in what should be a partnership when it turns abusive (manipulative)

    • folamix

      Yeah, I definitely do not like the way Porsha is portaying Kordell. He may have been wrong in things he did in the past, but she married him. She chose to flip the script on him, after she got the ring and KNOWING WHAT HE WANTED OUT OF THE RELATIONSHIP. Kordell is a strong, dominant man and, whatever you say about his sexuality, I did not expect him to go for it. How he terminated it was not cool in anyway. But this victim thing is wearing thin with me.

  • JB#3

    Do I think that Apollo slept with Kenya? No, because you can best believe Kenya would’ve shouted that ish from the mountain tops just to embarrass Phaedra. Do I think Apollo was out of order? Heck yeah! He’s a married man and of all women out there, he had to text the one his wife doesn’t get along with! There are major problems in their marriage and Phaedra needs to slow her roll to address those issues. There is nothing wrong with trying to get your hustle on but Phaedra works full-time as an attorney, has two young children and is in school and working towards becoming a mortician. Where does Apollo fit in this equation?

    • Unequally Yoked

      I think Phaedra now sees that Apollo is not the partner for her. He is unequal in every way and that causes him to act like a CHILD. A woman gets tired of being the “strong” one and now Apollo is making it more and more plain that he is NOT committed to elevating himself. He is not offering any support to her while she works on WAYS to grow their income and leave a legacy to their FAMILY. What kind of person is jealous of THAT???!!

      • JB#3

        He was very juvenile, but he also alluded to the fact that Phaedra does not have time for him. Also, when making decisions regarding the renovation of the house, she doesn’t seem to allow him to make any decisions and I’m sure that’s not the only area that he’s not allowed to make decisions on. I’m not saying that Apollo was right because he was very wrong but as strong women, sometimes we have a tendency to be too strong. The man can’t step up if the woman is always over his shoulder telling him what to do and how to do it. (Which Phaedra does) We don’t know if he works because they don’t show him in that respect but I find it very hard to believe that Phaedra married an ex-con who she allows to live off her and do absolutely nothing. If there isn’t a place for the man that you married in your life, you can best believe he’ll go find a place with someone else…that’s not jealously, that’s reality.

        • Feather

          He would not be saying this, if he was thinking of opportunities to free her burden. If he was on his grind, maybe she would be able to relax. But if he is hanging out at strip clubs, texting her friends, etc, how is this going to advance him or his family.

          He is just weak and instead of dealing with his issues, he want to blame her. Shame on him.

          And shame on the women, who are saying she need to slow down and take care of her man. Why don’t we hear, her man need to step up his game and become an equal. He is making the choices, that is resulting in his feeling inferior and choosing a destructive path.

          Why isn’t he creating a place for her in his life?

          • Rissie75

            Well in alll fairness, WE have no idea what that man does to help. RHOA is about the wives so naturally the focus is on them and not the husband. You can’t assume he’s “just weak” If we don’t know hes life off camera.

            JB#3- I agree with your “that’s not jealously, that’s reality” so true!!

          • anonymouse

            i agree,he just comes off as disrespectful and ungrateful. That’s why a woman shouldn’t marry a guy or deal with a guy that’s not on her level. I guess he think that he’s her only option, but there are alot of guys who would be happy to just take pictures, make babies and live the lifestyle that she’s providing.

  • Toya

    Giiiiirrrrllll when Apollo hit her with the “I’m a grown man” retort, I wanted to reach through the TV and smack that smug look off his face! This is your WIFE and mother of your children. How DARE you be so disrespectful. Random texting of your s/o friends, enemies, associates, hell anyone of the opposite sex besides family is a major nono unless it’s BUSINESS. But I digress, his response is exactly that of a shady man on the cusp of getting caught in his dirt. Phaedra needs to spend more time on her marriage than trying to keep up an image cause there is obviously trouble in paradise.

  • Nikkita Michelle

    Apollo being grown has absolutely nothing to do with him contacting a single woman via text. Since he wants to bring up how grown he is she should have brought up that his grown a$$ should have known better. I don’t care if it was innocent or not. Respect your wife. No one can lie on you if you don’t deal with them. Attention married men, never put yourself in a situation where another woman can lie on you and reap havoc in your home.

    • CC

      Amen Nikkita you get it. I also feel Kenya should have notified the wife if she is that innocent. Your husband is texting me.

      • DeepThinker

        I also think it is odd. That they even had reason to exchange numbers in the first dang place. All private communication should have been between Kenya and Phaedra. They were supposed to be the friends.

        • folamix

          That is what I was wondering. There is no need for there to be any communication between Kenya and Apollo, period, point blank. Especially after the donkie bootie issue.

  • Chas

    LOL i wanted to pop Apollo in his mouth for Phedra. I don’t see how Kenya and Apollo don’t see their texting as inappropriate. I bet his face would be all twisted if Phedra was texting one of his friends/enemies. I think something happened because they cant seem to recall anything important

  • JRoc85

    First of all, I’m so glad that people are now calling out “Bob the Builder” (AKA Apollo) for texting Phaedra. I’ve said it from the beginning, it take TWO to text & everyone one’s been placing ALL the blame on Kenya, when “Bob” is equally wrong! Last night, Phaedra seemed ride or die for her little convict, but when they had dinner, Phaedra let Apollo know “what time it is.” Did y’all notice how “Bob the Builder” got all “defensive” when Phaedra put him in check??? “Bob” instead of waiting for Phaedra to hear the news from a third party, why didn’t you just “man up” & have enough respect for your wife & tell her about the texts BEFORE she confronted you about it! She should have hemmed “Bob” when he grabbed Kenya’s behind & tossed her into the pull in Anguilla!!! So glad to see Cynthia feeling much better, & it was cute to see her & Noelle discuss boys (typical “mama and daughter” conversation, lol)! Porsha, I do think Kordelia chose a punk a$$ way of divorcing you, but all of these “revelations” are getting to be a bit much! I do hope you find your way back to happiness. Loved it when NeNe said, “that’s why it’s best you get your own jet, & give them the deuces.” BTW, Kordelia needs his a$$ kicked if he didn’t want her own mother & sister at the house, & Porsha asking for money to go grocery shopping… OH HELL NO!!! NeNe calling Kenya’s place ghetto had me ROTFL!!! Next week, Mama Joyce returns (she needs a man, lol)!!!

    • Lexi

      lol mama joyce does need a man lol she is too much!!!

      • Nikkita Michelle

        Was she remixing “ain’t no mountain high enough” on the preview. LOL! Mama Joyce is worried that a man is going to convince Kandi to cut her off, that’s all this mess is about. She needs to get some business.

        • Sunshinegirl

          LMAO! I literally thought she was singing it and maybe adding in her words or something!!!

        • TLC

          I agree, I’m sure she loves her daughter but mamma Joyce trying to make sure her gravy train doesn’t dry up

          • CC

            One thing like has shown me men are a dime a dozen. When women get stupid behind a man they lack any knowledge of what’s smart. They put him first even before God and don’t want to see if he’s right. As the episode goes on just watch what happens.

        • JRoc85

          That’s exactly what she was doing, lol!

        • CC

          She was right about the other one wasn’t she

      • Laine

        Maybe it’s me, but I think she’s just creating all this drama just so she can be on the show and get a paycheck. The way she voices her concerns etc are just way too theatrical….

  • me

    Apollo is clearly tired of being her light-skinned dress up doll … It was only a matter of time before he started bucking. SMH …

    • candy

      U better say that lol

    • Jan

      im not agreeing with what he did but look how she talks to him

  • guest

    All those slick comments she has made in the past seasons and now her husband is shutting her down..wow..She has too many irons in the fire. Try being a wife and mother. A funeral director is not a necessity when you own your own law firm.

    • CC

      I have a group of attorney’s in my family it’s a very stressful job. Not everyone will need a attorney, but we will all need an undertaker. Funeral Director is a better job than attorney.