Black Republican AlfonZo Rachel Calls Oprah’s Racism Comments “Pathetic and Embarrassing”

November 23, 2013  |  

Ohhh, we’ve got a live one here, folks! Leave it to our sister site, Bossip to dig up AlfonZo Rachel (no, the capital “z” is not a typo – that’s how he writes his name) and his thoughts on Oprah Winfrey and her comments about racism.

Before we even get to that, it should be noted that Rachel describes himself as a “conservative” and a “republican” so perhaps many of his comments won’t come as a surprise. Yes, as you can see, he’s African-American.

Rachel posted a new video on the “ZoNation” show with his commentary regarding Oprah’s recent comments saying she believes a lot of the disrespect President Barack Obama receives from Congress occurs because he is African-American. While Winfrey has always been a supporter of President Obama, her very blunt comments about racism in the political world took many by surprise.

AlfonZo Rachel first lashed out by saying that Oprah was whining and asked, “How are a bunch of so called ‘racist’ white people making you rich while making Obama fail at the same time? And with all the white people you have as fans, there ain’t enough left over to make a problem for Obama.”

He continued by saying the race card is the card of the cowardly and by calling others racist, it protects them (the cowards) from admitting their failures. Further, he believes it is very racist to call white people racist and makes non-white people think they’re better than white people.

You’ve got to listen to Alfonzo Rachel’s point of view, including him saying that most of his hate mail comes from liberal Democrats and he “guesses” there are “some racist Republicans” but he’s never met them.

Does he have a point or is he just rambling?

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  • Adrienne Williams

    I don’t think Oprah stated anything about white people. Anyone can be racist. Asian, Latino, etc…. I have met them all.

    • Guest

      She implied that most people who disagree with Obama does so because he’s black.

      • Sasha Styles

        In all fairness, there are those that disagree over policies, and sadly, there are those that disagree over skin tone.

  • Marie Bano

    There is something deeply wrong with Black Republicans. How can they have so little pride in themselves that they will join with the racist GOP, birthers, Fox news, the Tea party. The GOP is founded on the racist southern strategy.

    • Guest

      “Black Republicans” have made a choice based on empirical data to support policies that work not just go along with conventional wisdom and historical relationships. There’s nothing “racist” about smaller, effective government, lower taxes and rule of law. I’m always amazed that black people (my people) ignore the racists in the Democrat party throughout history and only focus on racism in the GOP.

      • enlightenment

        I think the Republican party has a lot of selling points for African Americans, like upholding the values of the “traditional” family (ex; opposition to gay marriage). But they’re so stupid, the GOP consistently puts their foot in their mouths and continue to trash-talk minorities.

        It’s like you’re saying “Barney’s is a great store! There’s nothing racist about offering great, quality shoes is there?” Idgaf WHAT you’re offering — if you’re discriminating against me, why the HELL would I patronize your business. Same goes for these Republicans. You expect support from Blacks yet you continually exclude and undermine them?

        Thirdly, the Democratic party has evolved over time just as the Republican party has done the same. The Republican party that has supported Blacks in the 60s definitely ain’t the same racist-a** GOP party we have today, so stop that.

  • Gabie Aldrich

    He has a right to his opinion…It’s a BAD Opinion but he’s entitled to be uninformed.

  • Emily Anderson

    This guy is a little bit nuts. Maybe not entirely, but a little bit.

  • enlightenment

    I almost respected this guy’s opinion…till he said he “guesses” there are “racist White republicans” but hes never met em? If that ain’t some head-in-the-clouds sh**, I don’t know what is…

    I don’t agree with some of Obama’s policies either, but let’s be honest: Even if Obama fixed the economy, brought down unemployment, invented flying cars, and commissioned a successful trip to Mars…Republicans would STILL find something ridiculous to pin against him — why? They don’t like the guy because he’s black. Period.

    I’m all for debate and different perspectives, but most of these right-wingers form the most ill-informed opinions I’ve ever heard. And they’re not well-formed opinions because they’re based on “I don’t like the guy” rather than “here’s a well-thought out theory as to why his policy won’t work.”

    This guy is just another idiot looking to please white folks on his YouTube channel.

    • Taiyon Demyers

      It’s not that they don’t like him because he’s black. They do probably do like him. Hell a huge chunk of them are friends behind the scenes. But hasn’t the thought occurred to you that maybe they want him out of power because he’s a democrat? Policy wise everything he’s done is very similar to what past republicans have done in the past and is nowhere near as left wing as the fox news, gop crowd points him out to be. (actually he’s very right wing if anything.) Hell even Bill Ayers, the man that supposedly launched his political career, has written that he has fooled progressives into thinking that he’s actually left wing.

  • AfricaChillin


    • guest

      True. but who do you think is the real enemy?

      • xxdiscoxxheaven


    • FromUR2UB

      The funny thing is, when people are green, yellow, pink or blue, they still have the features of a particular race. Eventually, people would learn to hate green and blue people who look black.

      • FromUR2UB


    • Guest

      Some people will defend Obama no matter what he does out of a sense of loyalty to their race. There’s zero objectivity when it comes to evaluating his policies on the merits.

      • hollyw

        You can say the exact same thing for those who will attack Obama regardless of the benefits of some of his policies. With them, there’s zero objectivity, as well.

  • Just saying!!

    Django come get Stevie!!! He done came back to life!!!

  • FromUR2UB

    Never heard of him. Nobody’s inviting him on any news shows to hear his POV, either. Let him keep yipping like a small dog. No one’s paying any attention.

  • Pauline Mendes

    Boy, youiss free… Stop the shucking and jiving.

  • I love his vids, been a fan for a minute…but I don’t wear a jersey for either team…I am on the side of truth!!! I agree with Obama when it comes to healthcare for all, but I VEHEMENTLY disagree with him on same sex “marriage” and child murder in the womb. I agree with the Republicans on a majority of conservative issues…but I VEHEMENTLY disagree with them when it comes to their sick endorsement of George Zimmerman.

    • hollyw

      You do realize that the vast majority of Republicans in power, I.e. in Congress, are really just closet atheists playing the religion card to milk money and endorsements out of poor Republicans, right…ijs.

      • guest

        Where’s your proof of this? Don’t state things without backing it up with facts.

      • guest

        Thats true, but aren’t the dems doing the same thing with blacks? Cloaking themselves as the anti- racist party. yeah right.

      • kiki j

        All politicians are liars and deceitful. Doesn’t matter what party.

  • kiki j

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I see Oprah’s pov and AlonZo’s. But what I don’t like about AlonZo is that he represents a side of black America that I can’t respect. That side that feels the only way to be black and successful is to criticise his own race as well as separate himself from his own. It seems that many black republicans feel they can only be a republican by selling out and discrediting all things black. Not that I’m team Obama right now. I was before but I now realize that I put too much faith in him. At the end of the day he’s just like all the other politicians, republicans and democrats alike.

  • stewwie

    This wanna be house negr0 has been around for a while on youtube, without much traction. He is a payed operative of the GOP, they tried to promote him back in 08 and 09 but it didn’t work because he is such bad actor and his backward logic is to much for anyone who is not a racist. Basically this loser couldn’t even be a successful Uncle Tom. (Which is like the easiest job in the world…lmao). Nowadays, the only one who listen to him are racist white nationalist and republicans….which are one in the same.

    He is part of the GOP’s effort to get black folks to vote against their own interest just like how they manage to brainwashed working class whites to vote against their own interest. unfortunately for them black folks are smarter….lol

    The best thing to do to this loser is to ignore him.

  • Sheena

    Another white man’s n*gga who doesn’t understand that there are racist whites (blacks can be too) who don’t give a damn about him. It doesn’t matter if he’s Republican or how hard he licks their buttocks, he will always be a n*gga to the racist whites.

    • Na Amuz

      You’re f*cking stupid

      • Sheena

        STFU! Your mother is stupid. And NEWSFLASH! Your idiotic comment is 7 months late. You SLOW c*nt.

      • Sheena

        STFU! Your mother is stupid. And NEWSFLASH! Your idiotic comment is like 7 months late. You SLOW c*nt. LOL

  • JS

    Why does he call himself a “black republican”? Too me that’s sort of racist.

    • Angel89

      That’s what I was thinking…why can’t he just be a republican…especially if he’s trying to prove that an issue with color/race & politics do not exist lol

      • hollyw

        Lmbo riiight?! FAIL.

      • Mia

        It’s like they have to bend over backwards to prove that racism doesn’t exist.

      • Shea


  • hollyw

    Mr. Rachel, your ideology is pathetic and embarrassing. Yet another negro trying to come up by bashing other Black folks. With elementary logic, at that. The presence of Rich Black people proves racism is over, what lol??

    Didn’t know him before and won’t know him now. BYE! Tell Bossip to stop digging up dumbness.

  • Tru Words&Wisdom

    Oprah has a valid point, many of the problems he is facing is because he is black. There is no hiding behind it, I honestly haven’t seen so much disrespect especially from “Right wing” media. There is a constructive, even a positive way to disagree with someone but the hostility and anger that lingers in many people even in Congress is self-evident and blatant. Romney and others were caught on camera saying how they agreed from the inauguration that they were going to make it very hard for the President, why else would they do that? With the long history of American Presidents being as it is, it isn’t far-fetched to presume racism. If Republicans just hate Democrats then why were they not as malicious and willing to destroy the US as an ends justify the means when Clinton was President?? Racism is alive and thriving in the Ol’ U.S of A why pretend as if it doesn’t exist? Good for Oprah fro speaking about it especially when she has much to lose by alienating her fan base.

    I’m tired of these so called liberated black Republicans they are even worse then the majority white Republicans because they think they have a point to prove.

    • Mia

      Amen! I tried to watch Fox one day when they had a show with a bunch of African-American Republicans I didn’t last 5 mins! I understand being conservative, but a lot of them go to the extreme.

    • guest

      You act like politics only got dirty when 0bama got in office. Not even close. Have you read up on the history of American politics? This whole “destroying America” business is objective and basically just extreme paranoia. Each side claims that when they dont agree. People have been making those claims since before Lincoln’s time. No party is trying to “destroy America”…they simply don’t agree, and most politicians in both groups are self-serving, including presidents. That’s all there is to it.

      “Romney and others were caught on camera saying how they agreed from the
      inauguration that they were going to make it very hard for the
      President, why else would they do that?”

      Seriously?? Its politics! lol. Thats what they do. You honestly think the democrats wanted G.Bush to have a smooth presidency? you don’t think they were hoping he failed, fanning the flames of his unpopularity, pointing out every possible folly they could, and anxiously waiting for his downfall? come on now, of course they were. Thats how the game goes. Its common sense, if the dems do good why would there be a reason to elect a republican, and vice versa…if the republicans do well why would their be a reason to elect a democrat. So, they decide to denigrate each other partly because they genuinely dont agree( hence them being in separate parties) and partly because they want to sabotage the other.

      Now i am not all denying racism.Yes there is racism. However, im just going to say it. Blacks are overly sensitive when it comes to Obama, and yes it’s because he’s black. Never before have i seen blacks be so deeply confident in a president’s abilities to the point that any remark against him, is taken as a personal attack and met with absolute rejection and disdain. Denying that their inst any kind of racism in Obama’s presidency is just as ridiculous as saying that everything is due to racism…to make either of these claims is to ignore history.

      • JustSayin

        As one who has recently spent a considerable amount of time in DC and, particularly, on the “Hill”, I couldn’t agree with you more. Politics is about gaming – it’s always been that way and it will always be that way. A politician’s top priority is to be re-elected – period! His/her thought process is “I cannot do anything ‘from’ Washington unless I’m ‘in’ Washington. Therefore, whatever agenda he/she must support to that end, so be it. I agree about the obviously vicious tone we’re seeing with Obama’s opposition – especially at Fox (which up until 2008 I was a huge supporter). But you’re also correct, Blacks are way too sensitive about anything Obama and God forbid if you’re another African-American who publicly disagrees with any of his policies. After my time in Washington, I know enough now that I don’t even bother with any 24-hr cable news outlet – it’s the absolute last place anyone should get their news b/c it too is a game.