14 Things Men Are Instantly Attracted To, Other Than Looks

December 3, 2013 ‐ By Julia Austin


Being game for anything

What good is a gorgeously put together girl who won’t dance to the live music? Or try the funny food truck outside? Or play the messy, loud drinking game? If you bring the good time, or at least are always looking for it, men can’t help but want to be around you.

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  • Asky Askerson

    Patience and positivity! I think those are the main ones. Be nice to others. It’s not impressive when a woman isn’t, it’s embarrassing. I went on a double date once. Two gorgeous men, me, and my ex-friend girl. Well, that girl ended up cussing out the waiter when he mistakenly got my order wrong. I was fine with it and was just going to eat it anyway but my friend was trying to come to my defense (which is nice) and yelled at the waiter (which is terrible). Her date was so embarrassed, and so was I. She was rude and mean and grumpy the entire time and then months later acted like her boyfriend was the terrible one for not wanting to be with such an angry bitter woman.

  • Chez

    I disagree wit #13. What self-respecting grown woman would choose a scent favoring candy/sweets over a mild or even floral scent? Candy scented perfume is childish and more of a teenager thing.

  • MittMoney

    Nothing attracts me more that a woman who returns my phone call. Play “hard to get”—-you are history.

  • Anzaloqq

    #15. Originality. So many copycat people out here. Speak alike, think alike, do alike folks. Original ladies are a turn on.

    #16. Ride or die. A woman that let’s you stand up for yourself in public and will ride for you as well as tell you if and when you’re wrong is a keeper.
    #17. Defend herself. Love a lady who keeps herself in shape and can actually hold her own physically. Strong on the inside, fine on the outside. Whooo!

  • B

    The Resourcefulness one was hilarious! It is NOT okay to do those things…who cares what men are and are not attracted to as a whole. You’re not trying to date all the men of this world. Better yourself, for yourself…and no one else. That is truly attractive. Self growth, the willingness to be good and do good and be genuine about it.

  • Rochelle

    I’m confused about the responses to this article. I read through and though I am a woman, I can see that the author is on point. Not only with men, but people like these qualifies in other people as a whole. I see no issue. Especially with the ones that have to do with overall rudeness. Barking at a bartender, being a mute in conversations, being a wet blanket whiny brat are not qualities attractive in anyone. Certainly not attractive in a man, so I see no issue.

    • What she’s saying is you don’t need to be dolled up to get attention. Just act like a normal human being with some home training.

  • applesauce585

    In a family with brothers, male cousins, uncles one of the most important thing (not noted) is how a woman carries herself.

  • LOL

    AND…….She gives the WORST relationship advice.

    • BabyBlue


    • SharonRose

      Especially the one saying how to date a guy with STD, like no sir! saying there is high chance in your lifetime tht you’ll date fall in love or marry someone with herpes. Like whatever floats your boat. I thought I’d seen everything.

      • s.lee

        Exactly…I thought that was the reason you should know peoples status/STD etc before jumping into that situation. Let me KNOW before we get to where I might feel that way about you to give me that choice. Im not trying to be discriminatory, but you should give a person who is not infected that information so they can make the decision to deal with it. I would be beyond peed if we get deep and bout to get down and you say that. No SIR, immediate dismissal. You don’t get to choose whether I risk my health or not.

        • SharonRose

          Thank you, I’m not going to be living in fear for the rest of my life, even if you tell me and we were to date, if I was to catch it I’d be pissed.

    • stewwie

      it’s kind of weird, sometime she have a deep understanding too….