Amina Buddafly aka Mrs. Pankey Says She Isn’t A ‘Homewrecker’

November 21, 2013  |  

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For a few episodes, we’ve witnessed Love & Hip Hop star, Amina Buddafly, beg her boo-turned-hubby, Peter Gunz, to stay with her, knowing good and doggone well he had a family that he was trying to get home to. This quickly earned her a homewrecker title in the eyes of many of the show’s fans. But if you ask Amina, she’ll tell you that it’s impossible to be a homewrecker.

“I’m getting a lot of hate, especially on social networks. Obviously, I’m the woman who people say broke up a family, which you know,” Amina said during a recent interview with the Hot 97 Morning Show.

“There it is. At the end of the day, this is his [Peter’s] mess. I’m just in it, but people call me a homewrecker. First of all, like what is it that? How do you wreck a home? A happy home cannot be wrecked that’s what I think,” she added

She went on to imply that she couldn’t have possibly wrecked Peter and Tara’s home because Peter came onto her.

“He came on to me. It was not like I was pulling him away trying to like have him with me. To be really clear with everything like in the beginning, him and I were friends. It was nothing, it was nothing like that. I was with somebody else. My ex broke with me and Peter was our mutual friend. Peter became the person that I kinda grew to like him as a person,” the former Black Buddafly singer continued.

As for the common belief that she knew Tara prior to becoming intimate with Peter, Amina says she only knew of Tara, but didn’t know her personally.

“I didn’t know her. I had met her. He didn’t introduce her to me [as his woman]. I met Tara and Peter a couple of times out together. But I also met Peter couple of times out with other women. I knew that they had a son together. I found that out later. I thought she was one of his—whatever. I didn’t know that she was ‘the one.'”

Do you think that it’s unfair for people to refer to Amina as a homewrecker?

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  • Divine

    I think that all parties are accountable in this situation. Tara is not a victim, she knew this man’s history, and on the show she told K. Michelle she wanted to have sex with him after she knew he got married to Amina. Peter is more of an opportunist than these women.

  • coferc1979

    If you are still dating after 13yrs and you always wanted to get married and made it known your the fool 8yrs ago.5 yrs is a long time after that what are you doing ? High school dont count. Homewrevker doesnt apply role of the fool she plays well. His actions speak much loude than his words.

  • j

    This whole thing is just silly Tara can’t possible be all mad at Amina when he has been cheating on her for 13 years. She should be mad at herself.

  • candy cane

    It takes two and some women have been bamboozeled by a man at one time or another, telling the woman things that she wants to hear to keep them around. If Peter was serious about Tara he never would’ve bothered Amina.

    • Nicole

      Agreed but if he was really serious about her he would have married her a long time ago. She was good enough to play house and wife w/ but not good enough to marry?! I can’t devote 13 yrs of my life to a man who isn’t even remotely interested in doing whats right for his family. He is not setting a good example for his sons who will see this nor for his other children. People will do what they are allowed to do and being that his actions knows no consequence, why is she hurt or surprise by his behavior and patterns that have clearly not changed?

  • heyheynow

    bruh a homewrecker is for married couples I know a lot of women think they own their babies father seeing as 51% of new babies are born to single mothers but you do not own that man so I’m not on amina’s side at all because what idk what kind of self respecting woman would get caught up in that mess but a unwed home can not be wrecked sorry

    • mainstreamisoverrated

      A ring dont mean ish of he doesn’t care. Marriage is about LOYALTY and love. Not lust and lies.

      • ok

        YES, MARRIAGE is about loyalty and love, like you said. Point is, they were not married.

  • She’s an opportunist. Not sure if you can wreck a home if he wasn’t actually married. I mean, they were glorified boyfriend and girlfriend.

    • mainstreamisoverrated

      Marriage or not,no person can wreck a home. This little boy has cheated on his long time lady friend(as the old folks in my family call them,lol) for many times and she took him back. He is old,and broke. Why do women fight over losers. I see it all the time. Bums with no jobs,but a baby daddy to 20 women and have the audacity to want a honest faithful woman. These women on this show are nuts,but loyal. I am sick of the homewrecker title. You cant tear down a destructed house.