More Mess: Mother of Mendeecees’ Sons Says Yandy Is The Homewrecker

November 20, 2013  |  

Apparently, Love and Hip Hop New York’s Yandy Smith isn’t as squeaky clean as we thought she was. Of all her cast mates, she certainly has the most on the ball. But the mother of Mendeeces’ first two sons brought a few things to light on Monday after Yandy claimed  Amina was a home wrecker for destroying Tara and Peter’s family.

The mother of Mendeecees’ first son, little Mendeecees  (who I’ll call MJ for the purpose of this article), is named Erika. And she went to Instagram to throw some dirt on Yandy’s “good name.” If we were to judge by LHHNY, it would seem that Mendeecees only has two sons and one is considerably older than the other, meaning that one relationship was over before Yandy’s and Mendeecees’ courtship began.

But according to Erika, there is another child we knew nothing about. Erika posted a picture of her son, Aasim who was born in August of 2011. Omere was born in the summer of 2012. Sure there was some time in between but we’d bet good money Mendeecees was messing with both of them at the same time. And if he was messing with both of them, there is a good chance that Yandy knew about it. Erika is convinced she did. If she did know it, it would make Yandy somewhat of a homewrecker. Who knows the two claim to have been on and off, though we don’t really know what Mendeecees was telling either of them.

Here’s the message Erika posted on Instagram.

Source: Instagram Source: Instagram


You can check the pictures she posted on the following pages.

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  • Diashalla Thurman

    Who is writing these articles. Please get the facts straight when posting stories about these people. Samantha is Lil Mendeecees Mother and Erika is Aasim mother. I could’ve wrote the story better than that!!! MadameNoire need to hire me to write their articles, at least they will be with the correct info!!

  • Edub

    MadameNoire, you got this story all wrong.
    MJ’s mother’s name is Samantha. She was on the show this season.
    The middle son is never around, this Erica woman must be his mom.
    Yandy is the mother of the 2 youngest children, Omere & Skylar.

  • TheTruth

    So he’s a dog bottom line…

  • Guest

    Wow I no longer like Yandy as much wow!

  • It’s not the same mother, Yandy may or may not have known the girl was pregnant. Who knows how long either one of them were with Mendeecees. Who knows what he was telling each of them. I have a half brother that is 3 years older then me and my Dad met his now wife when I was 1. I can’t be mad at that lady and say she is a homewrecker because who knows what my Dad was telling her. Moving on.


      Erika has been with that no good Mendeecees since she was 16 and he is several her senior.. Yandy was his jump off for at least 10 years before she locked down her career and then her man. He’s a hood booger and followed the money! Yandy got her man cause she got the money. Without her, he wouldn’t be doing anything but a hustler and molester. EVERYONE IN ORIGINALLY from HARLEM knows he likes young girls and to intimidate young boys. He is afraid of his peers and keep his cousin from the X on speed dial. Karma is coming to everyone! Yandy has many skeletons and don’t we all.

  • FeelsGood

    I’m confused….what?!!! Who is who and what is what??? Lmao

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  • Genetic Critic

    Can we agree that Mendeecee’s genes are STRONG AS HELL.

  • lockstress

    Dear Yandy,
    I like your tenacity, ethicx and as the smallest bird in the cage puhleez don’t get sucked into the social media ratrocity.
    Stay focused, continue to “collect checks” QUIETLY! And let this person vent and move on in life.
    *thank you in advance* lol

  • Kristen

    Man I’m confused!! What baby goes to what mom? Lol glad this is not my life!

  • Ms. Kameria

    Two baby mamas going back and forth on Twitter/Instagram about who cheated on whom, and who is “wrecking” a home……nothing new.


    THERE ARE THREE KIDS (BOYS) BY THREE WOMEN. Samantha, Erika & Yandy. Both Yandy & Erika have a great relationship with Mendeecees Jr. But he is NOT erikad son! Aasim is not on the show, because Erika won’t allow him on the show. Erika also doesn’t allow Yandy to ever discuss him because she don’t like Yandy. Yandy is not trying to hide Aasim. Mendeecees does not hide Aasim. Erika just doesn’t allow him around yandy or on the show.

  • Miss. Actualfactuals

    the writer of this article needs to get their facts straight. MJ and Aasim have two different moms. MenDC had full custody of MJ so he ever he was dating at that time im sure gained a realtionship with him. MenDC jumped back and fourth with these women. and got them both pregnant. sounds like this erika chick is bitter due to the fact that she not her son have no shine. maybe im wrong but really why u in ya feelings.

  • candy cane

    Yandy and Mendeecees son look like Yandy while little Mendeecees and his brother look alike. I’m mad that Erica slightly resembles Chrissy (Lampkin) without the mole but she has a point. The pot can’t call the kettle BLACK.

  • MarriedMomOf2

    How about blaming the man instead of getting mad at the other woman? No woman can’t force a man to end a relationship, a man choose to leave on his own, direct that anger at the man!

    • Niko

      Blame both. It takes two to tango. Unless the other woman is unaware the man is spoken for, she’s equally responsible.

  • mskane808

    o lord…… here we go…….. look there is only a small percentage of authentic relationships so whatever stop trying to throw shade.

  • Curt Steele


  • Lady J

    Again the man gets off and we call the woman a home wrecker…Yandy didn’t cheat on her, Mendecee did.

  • Felycia Mignon

    Mandy nor Amina wrecked a home….Peter and Mendecees did!! Both men told lies to all 4 women and as women we all know this

    • candy cane

      What you and Lady J said. Always gotta come for the female but never the guy that keeps the nonsense going. Ain’t no woman in her right mind going to keep chasin behind no man 1, 2 or 5 children and 9 years later for all of the aggravation.

  • Wendy Jean-Louis

    Somebody seems agree, that she did not get her 15minutes of fame. Probably was a jump off and is mad that he did nt choose her.

  • Guest

    “And though Aasim is clearly alive and well, he’s never around on the show, while MJ is always all up in Yandy’s house. What’s the deal?”


    • Anonymous

      It’s 3 different baby mothers. The girls ONLY has 1 child(Aasim) with Mendeecees. Mendeecees Jr. is by somebody else.
      #GirlBoo #Getyoufactsright.

  • Trisha_B

    No, she’s the mother of just the second boy, not JR….Think about it, if she has such a problem w/ Yandy, why would she allow the older boy to spend time w/ Yandy while Mendeeces is in jail?She will allow 1 kid on camera but not the other? Doesn’t make sense lol…Mendeeces posted a pic on his ig a while ago of him, Jr, Jr’s mom, Yandy, & her baby at dinner. The caption said something like respect, unity, or something like that lol. This chick was not in the picture…This babymama is obviously in her feelings b/c she & her child are not included on the show. Mendeeces claims him, he got pics on ig of all his kids. She’s just mad at Yandy lol

    He was probably bouncing between both of these women, they both got pregnant to keep him & he chose who he gonna go with smh.

    Jr mom is mature for allowing her son to spend time w/ both of his siblings. But this situation seems to messy for him to be bouncing between homes. B/c it seems like he’s comfortable w/ Yandy & w/ her a lot, but he also be w/ this babymama too

    • HARLEM

      She is the mother of both of his sons. She just allowed the first one to be on camera. Not sure why, but she is the mother of Aasim and MJ.

      • Trisha_B

        No she’s not. She even has a pic of Jr’s mom on her instagram. Mendeeces has a pic of Jr’s mom. It’s not the same woman

        All throughout her instagram, her & her friends make references about Yandy, calling her the green eyed monster, saying she won’t let that green eyed monster around her baby. If both boys were her kids, why would she trust Yandy w/ one but not the other? Doesn’t make sense right? lol You can just go on her ig & see she refers to the baby as her child but refers to Jr as her sons brother

        • KK

          MJ’s mother isn’t Erika, her name is Samantha.

      • Mel

        She is not the mother of both….His aunt says he has 3 sons and all have different mothers. Also on Erika’s page, she says this status had nothing to do with Yandy. I hate blogs that post lies.

    • Honeybee60

      Jr’s grandmother was at the wedding, dressed in a man’s suit. So I guess she is not mad at Yandy, but her daughter sure is!

  • S. Lee

    Why is this news…Mendecee aint nobodys star (not that I care about THEY baby mommas EITHER). Somebody call Mona please give her a role on LHH wit the rest of the birds so I don’t have to hear bout this no more. She was obviously OK with the home wrecking when it happened and done let her son be paraded all over the show like a rag doll with not a peep. But now Yandy was a home wrecker?? O ok…why do we give this mess life with a story. ill Bet you 50$ this “STORY” will be on the next season of LHH….this is just a never ending cycle for show ratings. But this is a gossip site so I digress.