Are We Too Sensitive? 15 Celebrities Under Fire Who Deserve A Break

December 2, 2013  |  
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It seems like every time you turn on the news, another celebrity is under fire. Is it really that serious? Or do some of these celebrities under fire deserve a break?


The Crime: Moving forward with a Barney’s deal despite Barney’s racism.
Reason for Appeal: Maybe a good way to stop Barney’s from being racist is to make them give a black man some money.

People want Jay-Z to boycott Barney’s for reporting a man to the police for shopping while black. But maybe Jay-Z should move forward with the deal. “Money” is a language that executives speak. Having a black man make them some may help them change their antiquated prejudices.

Lily Allen

The Crime: Using black backup dancers to make fun of unrealistic beauty standards.
Reason for Appeal: We might have a little trouble taking a joke.

The video for Lilly Allen’s new single “Hard Out There” was one long joke about unrealisitic beauty standards in the industry. But when one scene featured a common black music video trope: black backup dancers twerking on cars, some people stopped laughing. But why can’t Lily poke fun at video groupies to encourage women to be confident with themselves, not just their bodies?

Phaedra Parks

The Crime: “Sweating like a Hebrew slave” on TV
Reason for Appeal: We don’t understand why it’s racist.

After the 6th season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” aired, Phaedra was immediately “under fire” for her comments. But black folks say this all the time and it’s not really racist: the Jews were slaves in Egypt and building pyramids in Egypt is hot work. We just don’t get it.


The Crime: Shading hip-hop, being racist
Reason for Appeal: It’s not racist to shade hip-hop because black people aren’t hip hop.

Lorde’s single “Royals” has been number one for weeks and under fire for just as long for lyrics like these:

But everybody’s like Cristal, Maybach, diamonds on your timepiece/
Jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold leash/
We don’t care, we aren’t caught up in your love affair/
And we’ll never be royals

People felt like if she was shading things about hip-hop, she was shading black people. But black folks aren’t hip-hop, and there’s nothing wrong with wishing that music was less about bling and more about real things.

Kim Kardashian

The Crime: Digitally slimming down for “Bound 2”
Reason for Appeal: We feel Kim’s post-baby struggle

If you had to get nude on camera right after you had a baby, you might want a little digital help too. Plus, she’s far from the first celebrity to get a little editing help before the video comes out.

Porsha Stewart

The Crime: Letting Steve Harvey help her find a man like 5 minutes after her divorce.
Reason for Appeal: Newly-single Porsha is trying to be an independent woman.

We love the new, confident post-divorce Porsha. We can’t shade her for trying to make her own paycheck on the Steve Harvey show. Maybe a little financial independence will keep her from ending up with another Kordell.

Melissa Bachmann

The Crime: Shooting a lion then smiling with it for a photo op.
Reason for Appeal: She’s a celebrity hunter…are we missing something here?

So here’s the story: Melissa Bachmann is a celebrity hunter. She shoots animals on TV. Every day. For money. But when a picture of her with a picture of a lion she hunted (legally) surfaced, suddenly she’s getting death threats and is about to be barred from going back to South Africa. We just don’t understand what the big deal is.

Katy Perry

The Crime: Letting unhealthy Pepsi sponsor and promote her latest album “Prism”
Reason for Appeal: Katy’s not the first to promote Pepsi, why should she take the heat?

PepsiCo is a multi-trillion dollar company that was causing cavaties decades before Katy Perry was even born. If you want to boycott an unhealthy drink, why not target the people making it?

Reese Witherspoon

The Crime: Getting drunk and trying to use her celebrity to get out of a ticket.
Reason for Appeal: Wouldn’t you try it too if you could?

In Reese’s defense, it probably worked before. And if we could use a little “do you know my name” to get out of a ticket, we’d probably try it at least once.

Farrah Abraham

The Crime: Moving from a teen reality show to a sex tape.
Reason for Appeal: Isn’t this about what you expected from Farrah?

Farrah Abraham’s started her 15 minutes as the most scandalous “Teen Mom” on the show. Was anyone surprised that this was her next move?

Lance Armstrong

The Crime: Taking performance enhancing drugs and lying about it.
Reason for Appeal: He may have been a patsy.

Cheating is wrong, but officials had to know what was going on. The man won the Tour de France seven times in seven years. Either he was doping or from the planet Krypton. It feels like his sponsors new all along, raked in the money then let Lance take the fall.

Justin Bieber

The Crime: Peeing in public and on Bill Clinton’s picture.
Reason for Appeal: Kids will be kids.

It’s easy to forget that Justin Bieber is only 19 and who didn’t do dumb stuff at that age?


The Crime: Blackface on a photo shoot.
Reason for Appeal: Is blackface still racist if you’re already black?

People called Bey and L’Offciel Paris — the French magazine that posted the pics — racist. But that may be stretching the term. We think the photo shoot was more about art than race.

Lil’ Wayne

The Crime: Stepping on the American flag.
Reason for Appeal: He’s said it was an accident like three times already.

There’s a video that shows it was an accident, Lil’ Wayne said it was an accident and apologized anyway. But people are still calling him a “disgrace.” Feels like folks are just picking on Weezy.

Burger King

The Crime: Being racist for filming a black woman singing about chicken.
Reason for Appeal: It’s not racist any time a black person gets near a chicken.

Burger King got so much backlash for this commercial that they temporarily pulled it. But we think the only crime Burger King committed was wasting the talents of a multi-Grammy, multi-platinum artist by having her sing about sandwich ingredients.

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  • ericamissamerica

    PAUSE. Black people are not Hip-Hop? It was created by us for us. Please respect the origins. It is a culture now that is it integrated and all and I do admire Eminem and 3rd Bass….but.. Are you kidding me right now? Not only did we create Jazz, Rock n Roll, hell, we created the original Twerking back in the 20’s when the white flappers took it over. We created it, only to have it stolen by whites who were then even appointed as “The King” of it all. Now we have to deal with this sniveling 16 year old Euro Trash little waif telling us what WE created and is giving her a platform for a platinum selling album is ridiculous in and of itself? I am shocked that you would even write that. Lourde said in an article that she watched a couple of videos, made a generalization, and came up with the song in about 30 minutes. That is what she based her useless song on? Then I am hearing this trash all over my stations like it’s hot….and Rick Ross and Wale dropped a hot 16 on that mess too? I, however, did not drink the Kool-Aid…well, in her case, Mountain Dew. Lourde is garbage and she wants to be deep and she is not. She is a 16 year old, European white girl who wouldn’t know true Hip-Hip if it was 10 inches, black and slapped her in her wrinkled face. Miss me with that little useless heffa….for real.

  • correction

    “the Jews were slaves in Egypt and building pyramids in Egypt is hot work”

    the pyramids were not build by slaves. the workers were all egyptian volunteers

  • Cats Are Lazy

    Melissa Bachman was on a guided tour in South Africa where lions are used to tourists and don’t run off when they see a van carrying people. They lay around in the shade, bathe themselves and even seek shade under a van. Killing a lion that was probably just hanging out is NOT A SPORT! It’s not “hunting” when the animal is just lays there being a lazy cat and you walk up to it and it doesn’t go anywhere. She does not deserve a pass.

  • Sharese

    First…how do your misspell both Reese Witherspoon and Farrah Abraham’s name’s incorrectly when you spelled them correctly in the line above?

    Second…I love Jay and Bey but they DO NOT deserve a pass for their behavior. They seem money hungry. Beyonce needs to stop letting people airbrush and mock her race for money. Jay-Z is just a Black businessman who doesn’t care how his actions affect African-Americans. They openly disrespect America by going to Cuba and brag about it. It’s getting really hard to support them. Giving to world hunger is great but what about the people you came from? Beyonce has yet to comment on her skin being lightened in that ad or her BlackFace because there is no way to say that wasn’t BlackFace. If they were trying to say all skin colors are beautiful they could have figured out another way to do it. That is BlackFace plain and simple…not art. Beyonce doesn’t get a pass because she is Black. It is shameful and it makes me angry that she refuses to stand up for her people because she would lose endorsements.

  • guest

    So tired of clicking through 15 pages when you guys could easily provide a one-page list. Anyway, I clicked and saw that most of these were really silly and insignificant. If Justin Bieber wants to urinate in buckets and Farrah Abraham wants to make adult films, they’re only making themselves look like idiots and have only themselves to blame for the backlash and damage to their careers.
    On a more serious note, the Jay-Z / Barney’s collaboration was worth listing because of societal implications, as well as Beyoncé’s cover shoot done in ‘blackface.’
    Granted, Jay-Z has the right to do business with whomever he wants, but what message does it send when a high-profile personality continues his involvement with a store that repeatedly discriminates against his own race?? It tells them, ‘Hey, we can treat them any old kinda way and they will STILL do business. Apparently, money trumps self-respect.’
    As for Beyoncé, her cover shoot in blackface was not racist. If you look carefully at the picture and the caption, you see that her make-up starts in the darkest skin tones and gets lighter as it goes down (representing all shades of Black women), with a caption that says “Every Shade of Black is Beautiful.” Nothing wrong with the message *OR* the presentation, especially when a LOT of dark-skinned little girls (and quite a few grown women, too) struggle with self-esteem issues created by the light vs. dark comparisons in our community.