“Whatever She’s Doing Or Not Doing In Her Life Has Nothing To Do With Me” Bethenny Talks Omarosa And White Privilege

November 20, 2013  |  

Omarosa versus Bethenny round 216 was the spat heard around the blogashphere when a few weeks ago, the former “Celebrity Apprentice” contestants went toe-to-toe on Bethenny’s self-titled talk show. As the two rehashed their past beef, Bethenny called out Omarosa for lacking a real brand and Omarosa boldly told Bethenny:

 “It’s different for you and I, I am an African American woman. You get to walk around and be mediocre and you still get rewarded with things. We have to be exceptional to get anything in this business.”

Well yesterday we had the chance to chat with Bethenny after a taping of her talk show and when we asked her what her thoughts are on white privilege and Omarosa’s jabs she had this to say:

“[Omarosa’s] comments are a reflection of her focusing on the wrong things. I don’t think about what other people are doing or other people are getting or what I’m not getting. I think you go and you work for what’s yours and you be positive and you try to make the best of your life and you try to put good energy out there — not being negative. Not trying to be negative to me to build yourself up.

“Whatever she’s doing in her life or not doing in her life has nothing to do with me personally. I also think she really wanted to create a moment because her brand is about creating negative moments that get attention so she’s staying true to what she does, which is creating controversy and perpetuating people not liking her.”

Even though most would probably agree with Bethenny’s conclusions, there a likely still a great deal of people who would question what does a Jewish New Yorker who was a former reality TV housewife and now owns a lucrative cocktail business know about getting what’s hers, but Bethenny says don’t let the success fool you:

“I’ve had a lot of struggles, I have. I know it doesn’t seem like it because I have a very blessed life and I know that, but I had a very difficult upbringing. It was very inappropriate and abusive, but I’ve always been a fighter and a survivor and I’ve always had to overcome. It’s always saying, ‘alright they’re trying to take you down,’ or ‘this is difficult, but you will prevail.'”

In our chat with Bethenny, we couldn’t resist bringing up the fact that she has, perhaps, the most diverse group of guests on her talk show than all of her competitors — from reality TV stars like “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta’s” Arianne Davis to Babyface and even Chrissy and Jim Jones. When asked whether her colorful (pun intended) group of guests was intentional, Bethenny said this:

“The people that I invite on the show are people who come to play. People who come to have fun, who reveal themselves, who are open. You can have a conversation with Ne-Yo where he reveals something about himself and he’s of course promoting his business because I want to help people promote what their doing. James Blunt comes on and he serenades me and he’s willing to have fun. Tyson Beckford, because fans are screaming for him to take off his shirt, takes off his shirt. It’s people who come to play or people who really need help and are reaching out because they’re at their wits end.”

We’re pretty sure at this point Bethenny is at her wits end with Omarosa, but judging by the comments she made in our interview, it would appear she ain’t worried ’bout nothing.

What do you make of Bethenny’s take on Omarosa’s white privilege comments?

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  • rainbow

    Team Bethany. O just loves to hurt people, white or black

  • Felycia Mignon

    Bethanny is right in her opinion and Omarosa is right in hers…but honestly, who the hell cares

  • E Jilla

    Is it me or did the writer seem “Team Bethany”? However, I love Omarosa! And I absolutely love how she checked Bethany as she has shown to have a reckless mouth. Glad O took her down a notch.

    • Ajones4840

      I truly think that Bethenny was slightly intimidated by Omarosa. She was confronted by a black woman with several degrees and had worked at the White House. Her show to me is more along the lines of Maury. I would prefer a more indepth show with relevant topics rather than the host lying about something she did not remember saying, and was confident that she did not say it that she had to pay $10,000.00. I think that pissed her off more than anything.

  • ComeLetsTalk

    I don’t begrudge Beth her success at all. But Omarosa spoke the truth. As any person of color, especially those who work in corporate america, we are witness to seeing who can get away with murder. But let a person of color do 1/10 of something negative and it becomes a mark against you, that is HELD against you and never to be forgotten. The nonsense that I’ve seen colleagues and do and get a pass for is astounding. But the system was set for them to benefit them, so of course they will give each other a pass. Look at Bernie Madoff and the whole mortgage scandal. The good old boy network sticks together and cover their woman to. It just is what it is. We need get our own and build our own networks so we aren’t dependent on them to our successes.

  • Hannibal


    • rainbow

      I agree

    • Shayla A.

      What should she apologize for exactly? Her tone, maybe, but her points were dead on.

  • Dola Detroit

    White people can never understand a covert system they’ve never been oppressed by but Bethenny handled herself well.

    • guest

      Exactly. The irony is that white people don’t even know what white privilege is unless they are 1.) explicitly told, or 2.) are explicitly denied the comforts that they routinely take for granted. Otherwise, the automatic benefits that come with being white are just normal, everyday comforts to them — things as simple as not being followed in a store while shopping to more complex matters like not being arrested for DAYS even after you’ve shot and killed someone who was unarmed.

  • Jeni

    I CANT STAND that Bethany c**nt and females like her

  • gigi

    I agree, well stated Darling!

  • Darling

    Regardless of the way one feels about Omarosa, what she said was true and has always been, especially for Blk. women. However, I do appreciate the way Betheny defended herself without commenting on or minimizing the Blk female experience she knows nothing about. She stayed in her lane and defended herself well. I can respect that.