‘Me And Mia Out This B****:’ Father Informs Facebook Friends Moments Before Shooting Toddler Daughter

November 19, 2013  |  

Source: Facebook

In the past, we’ve heard of scorned lovers doing some pretty awful things to spite the object of their affection, but this has got to be the most tragic thing we’ve ever heard. According to NY Daily News, Merrick McCoy of Colorado is accused of shooting his toddler daughter, Mia, in the head before attempting to take his own life as well. In a Facebook post that seemed to reveal his motive for taking his 2-year-old daughter’s life, 22-year-old Merrick taunted his ex-girlfriend and child’s mother, Kimphone ‘Kim’ Phanthavongsa, for her decision to leave him.

“I told u I can’t live without u lol u thought I was joking now me n Mia out this b****. Don’t judge me. Had no choice,” the chilling message reads.

After seeing the post, the toddler’s mother frantically called police, but unfortunately, they were unable to make it to the apartment in time.

Mia’s relatives say that Merrick was very possessive.

“He was the type to say, if you’re not with me, you can’t be with anybody else,” said Mia’s cousin Smally Chham told 9 News.

The child’s aunt, Valeisha McKoy,also took to Facebook, expressing disbelief over her brother’s actions.

“I just found out my brother shot my baby niece. He also shot himself and now on life support. My little Mia I love you so much boo. I was so glad to [be] called your aunt. You were the reason, times I wanted to die, you were on my mind. I wanted to grow up with you. You were my first niece, my brother’s first daughter, my mother’s first grandgirl. She was so beautiful. I’m shaking my brains out. I don’t know if I should be sad or angry. What could I have done different? How could I have loved her more? What’s wrong with my family?” she wrote

“RIP to my baby. I’m sorry I wasn’t there to protect you,” she continued.

Merrick’s current condition is unknown.

We send our prayers to the families impacted by this horrible tragedy.

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  • Tiffany Groover

    Forget that race mess, he was crazy and she knew it so did the rest of the family, the baby should have never been left alone with that man, just saying if I’m running scared from anyone I wouldn’t leave my child behind point blank!….

  • francisca

    This is just horriable….smh, prayers to the family.

  • Cswift85

    I hope he dies.

  • Gwamma

    Another law abiding citizen….doesn’t he know the laws about killing people?

  • Joey

    It always makes me wonder that when a person sees that their partner is controlling, abusive, psychotic, etc. and decides to leave the relationship, why do they leave their children with the person who is obviously not fit to be a parent? If you’re leaving because your SO is being extremely harmful then why wouldn’t you take your kids with you? If you’re afraid of backlash from your SO then get over to a police station and get some assistance. I think it would be a lot better for the kid to go through the trauma of being removed from a parent than being abused or killed.

  • johne doe

    These comments tho smh… first we all knw white man r more likely to to do sum like this then blacks so don’t down the black race this dude was just crazy n another thing n this is to who ever said sum bout dating a thug a thug wud neva do nothing this crazy they have to much pride to to take they own life let alone there child that is the best thing dat every hapoen to them so quit being so quick to judge if Iu ain’t never datd one r met one

  • Dria

    Why does any of this matter. Everyone is arguing about Black man this White man that. People do crazy stuff everyday and everyone on here is right race is an issue, you know why, because all of you are making it an issue. People can throw out fact and percentages but at the end of the day that beautiful baby is dead. People kill me always wanting to blame what color someone is for the things that they do. Black, white or whatever the race this is horrible and for the person on here to blame the mother “shame on you”!!!!!!!



  • Mack Joran

    black women. smh.

    • we_r_on_the_eve of_distruction

      black women… what? please, tell us what black women have anything to do with this!

    • Kristen

      The mother isn’t black!

  • motheroftwo

    God please cover and heal the hurt, the hatred, the brokenness, and the mental illness that is running rampant in this world. A two-year old is a budding and blossoming person with long life ahead of them. For this lil lady’s life to be taken over the ignorance of her father is disheartening. A child, no matter how old, does not deserve to be caught in the middle of foolishness. Rest in paradise lil Mia.

  • Danisha Rawlings

    What is this world coming to! These MF’s need to take they meds and not have possession of any children! WTF!!!

    • Tmn

      That’s just it, these fools running around with mental illnesses, without being diagnosed

  • Yaszmine Angelica Labeija

    Omg so awful! I am so sadden by this unbelievablely horrific and unnecessary tragedy!

  • Tina Swilling

    so sad, this story is!! i truly am at a loss for words. Hoping and praying the family is leaning on the Lord for comfort and strength.

  • Sordidi Somnium


  • Sunshinegirl

    I just cried a little reading this. Lord, bless this poor, innocent baby’s soul. How can people be so selfish and cruel?

  • Kristen

    This is so sad!! I’m appalled that he killed the baby with ease but he wasn’t successful in killing himself. The baby is in a better place now but my prayers do go out to both families.

    This story can be an example for many reasons:

    No doubt mental illness is something that needs to be addressed. Thank Reagan for the start of shutting down facilities. Just yesterday in the news, a Senator from Virginia was attacked by his son (who later killed himself) who suffered from mental illness. He was sent back home because there wasn’t enough beds/vacancies in that half of the state. I can’t say or not if the gentleman in this story was mentally ill, but it’s obvious he needed help. Many disorders don’t show up until the person reaches their early to mid-twenties. He could be an example of that. I’ve watched a documentary and read articles about the stigma of mental illness in the black community. Many of us think that because we have survived the middle passage, slavery, civil war, civil rights, current day racism, etc. that we can beat mental illness. We go to church and that is enough to solve all of our problems. It’s also clear that his sister was having issues and was contemplating suicide. It’s EXTRA important as Blacks that we need to not be ignorant of mental illness because it effects everyone. There’s nothing to be ashamed of when it comes to needing professional help. But if this was simply an act of evil intent then that turns everything around.

    We don’t know the total background of this family. I hope that the mother did not ignore signs and red flags that she saw in the baby daddy. No matter if the person has issues or not, whoever you date, male or female, you need to know exactly who they are before things become serious, and especially before you have kids. You need to watch who you have your babies by. The legal system isn’t perfect, but if you need to get an order of protection from someone, USE IT. Do anything you need to keep yourself safe and any children involved.

    If you have a family member that you see needs help, don’t ignore it. Go to someone who you feel won’t judge you and can lead you in the right direction. If you start to date someone and they are becoming obsessive or changing in a negative manner, please don’t wait around to see what the problem is, don’t get any more involved than that and remove yourself from the situation. And most importantly, if you sense that you may personally need help, don’t ignore it. Reach out to someone who you feel can help you.

  • Jah See

    Inject raw garlic oil into his IV. He’ll beg the devil to be quick with him.

  • Danielle

    Wow, so Im reading a lot of the comments and I am shocked at all of the stereotypes and blames. Every man that does things like this is not black and is not a thug. You dont know what type of family the mother or father came from. The richest, most successful man can turn possesive in a heart beat you cant put a race, up bringing or gender on that at all. The bible states judge not lest ye be judged. I think you all should sending condolence messages instead of throwing rocks and making premature judgements

  • Aleesha Lewis

    Wow, nothing good about this. Just tragedy wrapped up in tragedy and served with a side of tragedy.

  • will

    The funny thing is everyone want to blame it on race gender and sexual relationships when it has everything to do with the human race as a whole not being taught to deal with adversity,trails and tribulations people r gettong softer by the day and feel like when they cant get their way they do coward ish such as this

  • MaryBeth Tilley

    The bottom line…a father turned a gun on his baby girl, shot her and then proceeded to do the same to himself. Obviously, he was sick. Regardless of what color, nationality, creed, religion, socioeconomic place in the world,…the bottom line is that he suffered from mental illness and either didn’t have the money to seek help OR didn’t think he had a problem to begin with. Either way, it doesn’t negate the fact that he was sick, and now a baby is dead because of it and lives shattered. Period. There is no justification or reasoning you can give me for “why” he did it…there is none that will be good enough. He was a sick man and they come in all kinds of colors and sizes…consequently, so do women…

  • none

    These are some sick replies on here. Any man or woman of any race can have psychological issues. Sometimes people hide them so well you don’t discover it until it is too late. This woman and her family are in pain. Have you no respect at all? People look at your own lives Sometimes before you decide to get into someone else’s. I pray for this family.

    • marissa

      Every thing turns to a race war on this site lately…..sad

      • coolyfett

        that and Men & Women bashing.

  • moniqhar

    when I hear women say they like/want a thug, I want to punch them in the throat… not really ijs..

    • ClassicQuan

      Well, that’s why I’m not really sorry for this Poor baby’s Mother because that’s the perfect simple of Black Women loves Dating and having babies by “Thugs” because in the Hood, They claim that there aren’t any good Black men out there but they hate being alone so they feel that they have no choice but to get a Thug Boyfriend just to have someone to be with.

      • Renee

        Umm, who said the mother was black? Did you check the mother’s last name? Nowadays, there are alot of non-black women with those thugs. And no offense, but if you are around women that say they want thugs, you must be in the wrong environment because none of my friends say that.

      • Tee

        I highly doubt ” Kimphone Phanthavongsa” is a black woman. Ijs.

      • charkey

        As light as that baby is and that last name doubt she’s black. And how do we know he was a thug??? Is it because he was black he looks and seems lame to me mental health could be pure evil might be all that matters is a mother lost a child we should be praying instead of judging and assuming.

        • coolyfett

          What does lame look like again?

      • Chanda Lett-Hardy

        How do we know this man was a thug. He was obviously seriously disturbed, but where does the thug com in? I hope you aren’t stereotyping him as a thug because he is black. Your statement is just a tad bit ignorant! RIP to this Baby, and Condolences to both families affected.

  • Ni

    If me and my child’s father wasn’t in a good place and he’s on some “i cant live w.o you” “if I can’t have you no one can” ishh I’m not even taking my child over there.. Yes it’s wrong to keep children away from the parent because of what y’all are going through, but sometimes it’s for the best until both parties calm down and get back in their right state of mind.. smh this is sad though

  • Destinee

    Can we please start a discussion about mental illness in the black community? This is obviously a case of undiagnosed mental illness. Look at what the sister said, “times I wanted to die, you were on my mind”. It’s easier for these people to get guns, than to get the help they need. If you notice signs of depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, or any other mental illness in your family members, SPEAK OUT-IT’S REAL.

    • dre8791

      I’m tired of people always think went someone does ish like this they have to be crazy. How about pure f’ing evil. No mental illness just f’ing evil, PERIOD!

      • Chanda Lett-Hardy

        Sweetie…there has to be some level of mental illness to do something like this.

        • Kristen

          I’m not saying this guy is mentally ill or not, but honestly we all physically have the capability of killing someone (most of us don’t act on it or even think about committing the act). If I decide one day that I wanted to end someone’s life with no history of mental illness, in my opinion that would be an evil act. I clearly knew what I was doing. The opposite of good is bad/evil, not mental illness. There are too many murderers in prison that know what they purposely did was wrong.

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    How is it that idiots like him always seem to screw up killing themselves?! Dang fool you could have at least got that right! I hope he burns in hell for eternity. Sorry. No remorse.

  • FromUR2UB

    Did she find out he’s a nut before or after the pregnancy? The sister sounds a touch touched too.

    • Babegyrl76

      Some of these comments are so far off base it is ridiculous. Why blame the mom? She did what she was supposed to do. She left him alone and got a restraining order. He wasn’t supposed to be near her. She woke up to him standing over her with a gun!! She doesn’t deserve blame she needs prayers because her child was taken from her and she is going to need all the strength she can to get through this tragedy!!

  • coolyfett

    Pull the plug on this brotha, he doesnt deserve to live. This why its important to have sex ONLY with Quality men/males and not give your body to every man that is into you. MESSAGE.

    • really

      how she’s a touched in the head..as you’r applying she’s stupid or slow..people can change obviously, and abusers are known to do that, are certain way in the beginning then turn out be complete jerks..but no, she knew he was possesive but lets be honest is that the first thing we think of when it comes to loved ones that they will kill somebody who loves them and they love return..nope she probably was shock and going out of her mind when he send the text or message..Hence the reason she called he cops ASAP

    • ClassicQuan

      Just because he’s Black, I would Not call a Black man that kills babies “A Brotha”. Let’s be real here.

      • coolyfett

        Im trying not to use the N-Word…you know what I meant dawg lol

  • hi-liter

    This coward “attempted” to take his life……………he knew the right spot to kill that baby, but he couldnt kill himself………………………..GTFOH!!

  • Jan

    dating is a constant evaluation, you are looking each other constantly and being mindful of all things. i love my boyfriend, but if he ever said some mess like that we would look at the course of relationship. i hate that child had to die, but men like this especially with his threats you see stuff like this coming a mile away. take people seriously when they threaten to hurt ion care how upset they claimed to be .

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    u never know what someone is capable of…until they do it…i’m so tired of these cowards killing their ex’s killing their children males & females because women have done this sick crap too…if you want to kill yourself then KILL YOURSELF!!! stop trying to take innocent people with you…i’m praying for the mother they’re millions of women who didn’t know they were sleeping with killers most of them are dead…so don’t blame her.

    • coolyfett

      Its called Discernment and evaluation. Its something more girlswomen should do prior to having sex with any man. Its a fathers job to teach his daughterdaughters how to have that discernment and what to evaluate when dealing with men. No way a woman could be sleeping with HER killer with good Discernment. NO WAY.

      • Aria Whitaker

        Really wish more little black girls HAD their dads there to teach them that….

        • Growth

          You don’t need a dad to learn discernment. A lot if it is common sense vs being naive.

          • really

            thank you..like it’s common sense..not oh every black girl have daddy issues..like how is this even being turn on the woman fault..

          • ClassicQuan

            Wrong! Girls does need their Father to show them what a Real Man is. Most of girls who grew up without their Fathers are more twice likely to end up with Thugs or having babies very young by the wrong man unexpectedly.

          • Trica Martin

            A lot of people don’t realize the importance of a father figure in the home. It is very IMPORTANT

          • Stephanie Nicole

            I agree. .. no man nor woman can teach discernment. The bible (God) teaches us that. You pray for that! This story breaks my heart. My sister was killed by her husband because she was leaving him. I know the heartache all too well. As the woman stated before, you NEVER know what someone is capable of until they do it. My heart cries out for the mother and family. It’s bad enough that this woman just lost her child, she doesn’t need lash outs from ppl that dnt know her or her story to suggest what she should have done. Try encouraging and lifting her in prayer at this time. My you find peace young woman.. .

        • coolyfett

          Man I tell my nieces all the time, what dudes not to bring around our family, and my brothers(their dads) do the same. My dad (their grandpa) tells them to same thing. NO Thugs, no losers, no gangstas, They don’t deserve the women in our family or bloodline. Do my nieces listen?? I hope so. So far none of them are pregnant so, so far so good.

          • genii love

            unfortunately…its not just the thugs, losers and gangsters that can get women pregnant or end up hurting them…There really is no way to know before hand. Sometimes people just snap and sometimes there are signs.

          • lynn

            Good job at guiding these young ladies with positive male perspectives. I pray other young ladies find this same blessed guidance.

      • JESCRAIG

        What u saying in theory it sound good. However, what about people snapping. Sometimes when emotions are high and a person cant step back and look at the situation then that make way for angry. And you can know someone for a life time but that one time they get angry they become come a new person. My point is you never know a person completely you only know what they show you.

        • Edna

          That’s a different situation and a different type of anger/behavior. Of course you can know someone forever, then snap. Spontaneous angry is different from longterm anger/agression, of course, the outcome of both can be deadly. A person can only hide that Sunday face for a short period of time, not 20 years. That young man’s age is 23. He had issue that began during his youth. A time bomd waiting to explode.

        • coolyfett

          There is no excuse for this tragedy. Lets not justify it.

          • genii love

            I dont think he is justifying it at all. Just saying, that in THIS case, there were signs and she ignored them. It is in fact a tragedy..but not all things liek this have warnign signs.

        • csm


      • lynn

        Little kids all need their dads, but discernment does not necessarily come from the dad. We are born with it. It comes from God. Women KNOW these dudes are crazy. Dads need to be there to help these girls understand they should say NO to bad boys once there discerning spirit says to do so. Discernment comes first. Daddy’s advice follows that.

    • Edna

      I don’t believe anyone is blaming the mother for action of the fathe but we as women should be careful of who we date and become intimate with. There are red flags, soon after a relationship is formed. It’s like the elephant in the living room, you know its there but you walk around him pretending its not their. So as a person ignore the red flags. I’ve been there.

      • coolyfett

        Id like to give Edna 10 ^s but Im only allowed to give you one. dang it!

        • lynn

          Agree! Edna is speaking the truth!

      • Tmn

        Its so true!! I just stopped seeing this guy because the background check came back that he’d spent 21 years in the pen, & lied & told me he’d never been in trouble. I dropped him asap!!!! U have to be responsible to find out a persons true character! People lie

    • Marissa

      So true Taneesha. Despite of the fact that i’m not american (i’m Venezuelan) here are a lot of cases like this, man who had killed their children just “because she decided to leave” About 4 years ago, in my state was one who killed his children with a hammer, saw the perfect opportunity to do it (the woman left them with the man). I just can’t find enough words to describe how angry i am now. Why the hell people like that alive trash man take others as a excuse to spread all ther inner misery and sickness? And as a funny plus for him, he wrote LOL. For God’s sake! Coward! Why you never had enough nuts to drive yourself into psychiatrist’s couch and allow others to live ?(your own daughter, you monster!) We, women MUST BE really carefully, the world is not gonna end tomorrow, patience to see how’s that men like and even being cautious, like my mom always tell me, “never gonna truly know who they are”. Men always, ALWAYS with ther actions say who are they.

  • Bren

    OMG! WHY?!?!?! I’m filled with too much emotion to write anything else. Poor baby! My heart cries for her mother.

  • lockstress

    He is in ICU and on life support last I read.
    I hope this piece of shyt survives with a bullet in head and gets man-handled by bubba in cell block 10 for the rest of his sorry existence.
    And who the in the firetruck (starts with F ends with UCK) gets on Facebook talking all that after their niece is killed? I can’t with these young fowls!
    That childs poor mother.

  • ARenee

    Ladies PLEASE make sure you are careful about the men that you let into your life and allow to father your children. This is so sad and I am completely heartbroken over this. I hope that he survives so they can throw him up under the jail!

  • newgirl

    Wow. I just got out of a controlling relationship and while I’m still trying to be at least civil with my ex this could be me. My mom just said some men you can’t not be nice too when you end it because they will put a end to you.

    • Brandon E

      Women have it hard out here.

  • Guest2

    When will these silly women learn unprotected sex can kill in more ways than one. Every man is not worth a sexual relationship!! Think before you jump in bed with these crazy losers.

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

      Please don’t put all the blame on women. Men need to be responsible for their own actions and black men in particular need to start acknowledging when they have psychological issues and seek therapy.

      • HAnon

        Please, don’t pull the race card. What makes you think all black men have psychological problems?

        • Monae

          Men in general with psychological problems tend to not seek professional help because they think it makes them look weak…let’s be honest majority of black men will come up with reasons, i.e. “Why pay somebody to help me with a problem when I can solve it myself…or why talk to someone who doesn’t even know me, how are they going to solve my problem?” to avoid getting help! I believe the person before was making a general statement, but since this story is about an African American man, that’s what was stated….Not playing any “race card” nor saying all black men have psychological problems.

          • Blow_Back

            How does this matter? Most often then not Professional help doesn’t help…the some of the 300 killer rampage shooters since 1910, physopaths, and rapists had “Professional Help”….

            • lynn

              No they did not! Quit pulling stats out your head! You have no proof of this!

        • ClassicQuan

          Unfortunately, Black Men does have to do with this. Do I hear a lot of White Men kills their kids? Majority of Black Men are the highest percentage in a America who been raised without a Father or male role model to teach them of how to be a Man and to treat their Women, plus their Kids like they care about them and learn how to love and protect their kids. Otherwise a lot of Black Men grew up with their Ignorant Parents who didn’t raise them correctly.

          • Diane

            Black me are not the majority that kill their child frankly it’s an issue with all men from different backgrounds with or without a father, rich or poor. It’s a control issue that several men and women suffer from, not just black men!!!

          • Jennifer

            The media will place an article about an African American man killing a child way before a Caucasian man. And there are a lot of ignorant white families on the planet. Maybe you don’t watch the news much. Guess you forgot about Casey Anthony!

          • Brandon E

            Chris Benoit. This is not a race issue. There is empirical evidence that shows that men on the whole tend not to seek medical treatment or help of any kind until things are glaringly obvious.

            • Wrestlinghistorian

              The Chris Benoit tragedy is really a breed of its own. There were so many factors that led to the unfortunate events but what has become the most highlighted and significant factor over the past few years was how many concussions Chris sustained in his 18+ year career. His brain was that of an 80 year old alzheimer’s patient and his motives for killing his family were unclear because of the bibles left next to each family member. There is a serious argument to be made that he became delusional and thought he was saving his family and himself from whatever his mind had made up as a threat in the real world.

              • Brandon E

                You’re absolutely right. But I am merely illustrating that anyone can blindly point to someone to disprove moronic theories that are clearly based on ethnocentrism and bigotry. Like all men, the Benoit tragedy was based on men’s health,… and the fact that we as men tend to put things off, or ignore them altogether. I especially know how dangerous this can be. We have to change societal standards to highlight the fact that men aren’t impervious to life and biological shortcomings.

                Like Benoit, this is a tragedy. However, this is one of immaturity, carelessness, and stupidity.

          • Sandra

            you may not hear white men killing their kids very often but you do get them killing their spouses, shooting up schools, theaters, eating individuals or did you forget all the other news displayed recently?

          • Biggjay101

            As a mam who never his father, ” I never knew my daddy” is b.s. Not knowing my father made me want to do that much better. At what point do u stop blaming ur no show daddy and blame ur self. Growing up rough is no excuse for doing bad things. To kill a child no excuse. Helpless child? I bet he wouldn’t have done that to the guy the kids mother was with after him. Ijs

        • Nurse Vitals CRNE

          It is not about race….it is a fact. As a Telehealth nurse, I take a lot of depression/suicide/anxiety calls and out if 10, less than 3 of them are men and less than 1 of those men are black.

          • blakdood

            thank you. Finally someone with real world facts, and not a subjective response.

          • Brandon E

            Those are great numbers. But until you have all of the numbers, no inference can really be extrapolated from them. It’s the old “if all blips are bloops, and some blips are blaps” nonsense.

        • just Saying

          That’s not what they meant. They’re saying that black men are less likely to seek/get help.

        • Kristen

          No one said “all black men” except for you. There have been documentaries about black people (men in particular) and why we as a whole refuse therapy. We see the church as a place where we can get healing and help, not therapists. We have an entire history of struggle on our shoulders including the present time, yet there’s a stigma with us and psychological help.

        • Mellony


      • ClassicQuan

        Well, I do blame the Women who doesn’t know what a “Real Good Man” is. They want THUGS just for their Looks, Aggressive and Swagger ways , that’s what they get.

        • jade keepit rrsl

          Sad people made a horrible crime about race….their just sick people out here no matter what race…

          • lynn

            Totally agree and I’m black! This has nothing to do with race. This was a sick, abusive idiot who did the unthinkable.

      • nicky

        Amen to that … we have too many black men refusing to seek therapy because of their pride. Asking for help will help you and your family.

      • Deatrice Allsmiles Bryant

        what does race have to do with it….u way off!

      • coolyfett

        Its not really about blame its about good choices, this girl made a bad choice having offspring with this dude.

      • lynn

        Please shut up! You’re getting all defensive because Guest2 made a great point!!!! Females DO need to watch who we choose for relationships! !!!! The person posting wasn’t putting men on any sort of pedestal! He’s saying there’s so many crazy men out there that women really have to watch and know these men before they sleep with them. Oh… let me guess… you’re a single mom who easily spread your legs for a man and now he’s (or they’re…depending on how many baby daddies you have) not acting right and you’re looking at him and not YOURSELF as the reason your life isn’t right! This is about a murdered child and a possessive killer not what men need to do!!!!!

    • annonynony

      People will use anything, even an awful tragedy, to slut-shame. SMH. Lets not focus on the guy who killed his daughter, NO, instead lets worry about women having sex.

      • lynn


        • T. Vernay

          Huh? Seriously? Women choosing better mates and the death of this poor child (at the hands of her own father) are TWO separate and possibly unrelated issues. We have no information stating this man was known or presented to be mentally ill or violent initially. Also, there are many “sick” people who do not kill their children. To use this incident as a psuedo soap box to project frustrations with age old social issues is a disservice to both topics.

        • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

          You need help

    • Gwamma

      Couldn’t agree more! And yes woman are partly responsible.

    • T. Vernay

      Seriously? Women choosing better mates and the death of this poor child (at the hands of her own father) are TWO separate and possibly unrelated issues. We have no information stating this man was known or presented to be mentally ill or violent initially. Also, there are many “sick” people who do not kill their children. To use this incident as a psuedo soap box to project frustrations with age old social issues is a disservice to both topics.

  • Guest

    This is just sad as f**k I’m sad and angry at this story. You have people who can’t get over a breakup and they’ll do anything to hurt the other person and this includes killing their children, who they treasure so much and make sacrifices for just so they can have a happy and healthy life, and this ignorant crazy f**k killed an innocent baby, who will never have a chance to go to school, never have a change to walk across a stage and receive a diploma, never will drive a car, never will have a career, never get married and have children of her own because of her father’s selfishness all because his baby mama don’t want his crazy butt. I hope this coward gets no mercy and rots in jail and then hell after that. RIP to the little angel and my condolences goes out to the mother and her family. This is why you shouldn’t have babies by just anybody or even open your legs to. Just sad.