‘Best Man Holiday’ Scores No. 2 Spot At The Weekend Box Office!

November 18, 2013  |  

Well, it appears that all of that heavy promoting has certainly paid off. The sequel to 1999 blockbuster The Best Man, Best Man Holiday, scored big at the box office this weekend! According to Box Office Mojo, the Malcolm D. Lee-directed flick earned $30 million at the box office during its opening weekend, which is great compared to the $17 million spent producing the movie.

The highly anticipated sequel, which was debuted 14 years after the original film’s release, came in at number two in the weekend box office, coming in second to Thor: The Dark World. The reviews are in and critics have great things to say.

“‘The Best Man Holiday’ has the potential to become a staple of Christmastime movie watching in the ‘hood.” – Odie Henderson (Rogerebert.com)

“Be ready to reach for a tissue, say ‘amen’ and sigh more than a few times, for the film has all the chaos and clutter of a big holiday gathering.”- Betsy Sharkey (LA Times)

“There’s no denying that the maudlin, message-y machinery of ‘The Best Man Holiday’ often threatens to collapse of its own self-conscious weight. This is a one-two-three-four-hankie movie that misses no opportunity to wring a few tears, no matter how shameless.”- Ann Hornaday (Washington Post)

It looks like most can agree that the film was certainly a tearjerker.

Did you see Best Man Holiday this weekend? What did you think?

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  • MonicaT

    This movie was great and I’m actually going to see it again this weekend!!!!

  • vanelle22

    I was actually pretty amazed with this one….usually movies who make a sequel don’t do as well…….But this by far exceed my expectations! This was an awesome movie, had me rolling up and down until the end. The whole cast looked extremely good, Kudos to M. Chesnut who kept me drooling…..this movie should be number one cause Thor sucked……

  • sammi_lu

    Terrence Howard had me cracking up in near every scene he was in clowning.

  • Ce1999

    I know I’m in the minority here, but honestly the movie was just OK. I liked the first half of it better than the last of it, which was full of contrived moments and sometimes cheesiness. Don’t mistake this as me saying I didn’t like it, before I get pounced on. I thought the cast and settings were great. It was virtually well-acted by everyone, and I cried like many people. I just thought it was as good as the first and no more amazing than that.

    • B Cooper

      I agree. It was okay. I was disappointed that Mia died. I was also displeased with the baby delivery scene. They are sure to let us know Robyn and Harper’sa baby is breech, but then they want us to believe that Lance was able to deliver a breech baby of a first time mother, I didn’t like that it wasn’t thought through better.

      • B Cooper

        Before I get the beatdown, I thought it was an okay movie, but I am not a movie buff either.

        • Ce1999

          Thank you, I’m glad I’m not alone. I had trouble with the baby delivery as well, and the fact that it came so soon after a pivotal incident in the movie, and the fact that two people had sex right after a funeral. There was some other stuff, but overall the movie was OK. By the way, If you can, I would edit your comment above- since it has a spoiler, kind of.

          • B Cooper

            Done Thanks.

        • guest

          I am glad it did well, but I agree that the movie was just ok. It was def not as good as the first one.

  • S. Lee

    MN great article…can you find that story on USA today I think calling the movie a “race centered” film. I saw that in the news today and had to SMH.. this is the reason why we cant have MAINSTREAM movies with black casts because they are always pigeon holed like that. Im so happy that it did so well and hope that we can get more positive movies out there for blacks doing NORMAL stuff…seems like in mainstream films we are only SLAVES and BUTLERS but if we doing something positive/uplifting its RACE CENTERED?? Really

    • prettyredbone

      So true I heard about that USA Today Article. It was plain BS!!

  • Vickie Praytor

    I had to fight back the tears. They are all such wonderful actors and actresses. I absolutely love it. It broke my heart when Lance broke down at the gravesite.

  • zahboooo

    They did a great job, movie was AMAZING!!! The way it ended…I’m wondering…#3???

    • GreatMOVIE!!!

      Yes because Terrence Howard is getting married in the next one. I can’t wait!!!

  • Angel Halo Demeritt

    Amazing! I laughed so hard and cried even harder!

  • Meechy

    OH God I cried like a baby and laughed until I cried. Great sequel!

  • FeelsGood

    Great movie, great cast!

    Morris C…MY GOD!!!!!!!