It’s Hard Out Here For A Star: Broke Celebs Who Sold Out To Pay Rent

November 25, 2013  |  
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Not everyone’s career path goes straight to the top and Peter Gunz isn’t the only celeb who’s had to do a little hustling to make ends meet.

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Peter Gunz

Peter Gunz may have been a big name in hip-hop, but he was a nobody at the bank. Pete says, “I had one hit… when they called me about the show, I was three months behind the rent. I just gave y’all what was really going on.” Maybe he’ll pull a K. Michelle and turn all that relationship drama into a successful record.

Biz Markie

The “Just A Friend” rapper has had a bunch of crazy side hustles to pay the bills. There was this crazy cameo as “Captain Tune Up,” the mascot for an obscure iTunes plugin and then there was the 2012 healthy cooking class the overweight rapper sold on Living Social.

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DMX sold his business on front street on “Iyanla: Fix My Life.” Unfortunately for DMX, the show didn’t help him with his sex and drug addiction or his pocketbook. Since then he’s been in trouble with the law and the bank.

Dionne Warwick

Remember Dionne and the Psychic Friends Network? Hooking up with them probably had more to do with her first bankruptcy than her belief in psychic powers. But the move wasn’t a bad idea. All those callers dialing in for $3.99 a minute earned Dionne $3 million a year.

Bow Wow

“106 and Park” saved Bow Wow from brokeness with a right-on-time phone call. The day before he got the job offer, Bow Wow announced that he couldn’t afford to pay child support because he only had $1500 in his checking account.

Young Buck

Back in 2012, Young Buck went so broke he had to sell his name. A federal bankruptcy judge counted the Nashville rappers trademarked name as one of the assets he had to sell of to repay his debts.

Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore was supposedly having trouble paying rent even after the “Real Housewives” checks started rolling in. But she’s just crazy enough to make selling her business on front street a smart move. She’s back in the public eye with a catch phrase, music video, and the kind of personality that could land her a talk show.


A few years after Ma$e became a minister, the creditors started calling. First the Atlanta jeweler Aydin and Co. sued him for $35K in unpaid bills, then the state of Florida came after him for $124K in unpaid taxes. So to earn a little extra money, Ma$e gave up the ministry. Now he’s rapping, producing and hopefully paying his bills again.

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After “Pimp My Ride” was cancelled, Xzibit went bankrupt in a hurry. Then his personal brand took a back seat for a gig on “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” followed by a few songs with a metal band called “Within Temptation.” Hopefully while he’s rediscovering himself he’ll rediscover a positive bank balance.

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Uncle Luke

Uncle Luke filed for bankruptcy back in 1995. Then he completely flipped the script and became a Pee Wee football coach with a side gig as a columnist for the Miami New Times.


After the conscious rapper declared bankruptcy, he accepted a little corporate sponsorship from Canon and took bit acting parts in everything from “The Mindy Project” to video game voice overs.

Lindsay Lohan

After her last movie flop, the New York Post revealed that Lindsay Lohan’s talent agency, 123Talent, was pimping her out for appearances at weddings and Bat Mitzvah’s. The mass e-mail they sent out said “Book One of Hollywood’s Biggest Movie Stars Lindsay Lohan Now!” and said the former star was available for anything — even kids parties.

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Kate Gosselin

Kate’s been doing her best to hang on to her 15 minutes. Her new cook book’s a flop and now she’s shopping around some new version of “Kate Plus Eight” to keep her reality cash cow’s producing.

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Lauryn Hill

Now that Lauryn’s bankruptcy bid is over, she’s trying something new to earn money: making music. She’s already released two tracks in 2013 which is the most activity we’ve seen from Ms. Hill since the late ’90s.

Janice Dickinson

The former supermodel and host of “American’s Next Top Model” filed bankruptcy in early 2013 and now the folks at Rite Aid say she’s trying to make back some of her money with lawsuits.

Somehow, she managed to walk under and get hit by a parking barrier in their parking lot. Since then she’s been circulating pictures of her in a wheelchair and pictures of her getting an MRI. She’s suing both Rite Aid and the owner of the parking lot for her injuries and emotional distress.

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  • Demetrius W

    You have to acknowledge history and you haven’t so far. Your just spouting Right-Wing rhetoric of baseless, biased, revisionist ideas. Why don’t you just acknowledge that America has been a VERY racist country for majority of its existence? The idea doesn’t implicitly implicate you, so may as well embrace it. Acting as though America doesn’t have a problem is the problem. America has always blamed blacks for their lack of advancement, its a strategy that just defends inaction. In the past, America thought it had a Black Problem, it didn’t it had a White Problem. If your problem centers on the fact that someone (through no fault of their own) looks different from you, then the problem isn’t them, its YOUR inability to handle difference.

    America has a problem accepting people who are not white protestants. It always has. Just admit it. It doesn’t implicate you in any way, so please stand down from the default position of White America (which is to become defensive on the topic of racism because they feel as though they them selves are being blamed.)

    John Doe’s Father, why is it that America has instituted measures designed to disallow for minority groups to get into certain colleges, obtain high-ranking positions, or mandate that minority groups have things separate from whites? We didn’t want this, we just wanted to be an equal partner in a land we call home. We didn’t fail to assimilate, white society failed to accept others who didn’t look like them or share the same culture as them. We never once said we didn’t want to be apart, but America sure as hell said they didn’t want us to be apart. John, admit this, Blacks were enslaved in the south for nearly 200 years. Then once we were freed, we weren’t exactly welcomed with open arms in the North and definitely not in the South. We were in a country that didn’t really want us there. Several states passed Jim Crow laws, and many more did nothing to help protect us from discrimination. The federal govn’t passed a few laws and amendments, but the states (by and large) wouldn’t enforce them.

    So for another 100 years, during which countless blacks were murdered, lynched, endured harsh discriminatory labor practices (like share cropping and forced labor), wanton disenfranchisement in the South, race riots in places like Atlanta in 1906 and Tulsa in 1921 which burned down well to do black areas, and a judicial system which didn’t lift a finger to protect them, blacks en masses couldn’t succeed in the way white protestants did. In the North, because our skin was darker and hair was courser, we were treated as though we were less. Made fun of in the media, with often extremely racist jokes calling us apes, etc. When we got nice jobs, we were ostracized by our colleagues. After WWII, we became weary of a country whose borders we fought to defend and people we died to protect, calling us niggers, apes, coons, and anything else negative under the sun. We started demanding the access to exercise the authority given to “All” under the US Constitution, the document many Americans like us vigorously hold up in pride, but doesn’t realize that because their predecessors failed to enforce it, it cast a long shadow of shame on them and the country. So, it really wasn’t until the 80’s that blacks (en masse) really started doing well. That was only around 30+ years ago. De Jure discrimination has started to dissolve, but De Facto discrimination, the kind that exist in the hearts and minds of people (the kind that believes that blks just don’t have a moral compass, that we aren’t as intelligent or hard working, or that all blk males are drug dealers, rappers, athletes or criminals) will be around a VERY long time.

    This isn’t a victimized POV, its fact. Everything I just said happened and can be found in U.S. History textbooks in your local high school. John, this isn’t about politics. Or “laziness” (Which have long been a staple in the vocabulary that racist whites use to defend their lack of effort on fixing racially-induced inequality.) Its about America’s failure to accept people are who aren’t white protestants. Period.

    America has legislated laws against whole ethnic groups, especially Blacks. Failed to enforce and live up to its own lofty ideas because some didn’t want Blacks to be able to exercise any degree of authority in a society their strength, effort, blood, sweat, tears, and talent helped build. Do your self and the country and favor and admit that Blacks have been systematically held back for over 200 years. Yes, we have issues that we have created. But some of those issues spout directly from our country’s dark, racist past and it doesn’t want to own up to.

  • eg

    NO ! here u go again , it doesn’t matter how long ago it was white ppl are still doing the same thing in this country. You came here stealing and killing people and youre still doing it

  • Aunt Cookie

    The headline screams SHADE!!! They did NOT sell out!! They went and Made money the best way they knew how… Everyone except Janice Dickheaderson.. She’s an industry whore plain and simple. But then one could say she hustling hard too… Y’all are still shady as hell… lmao Watch one of you Journalists get fired and see who go to work for fox news!! lmmfaooo (u gwan sell out 4 sure) lol

  • Fetty

    How is being a football coach (Uncle Luke) a sell-out though?

  • Erie Reynolds

    How is getting a job in your line of work selling out? That was a good move for Bow.

  • Alien

    This article is ridiculous. By the standard set here, anything a celebrity does is “selling out”. It’s simply ridiculing people for having career ups and downs. By the way, here’s a message for John Doe’s idiot racist father: Make sure your English is perfect before you start criticizing other people. “Workin” is not a word, and questions have this thing we call a question mark at the end of the sentence. And I’m sure no one wants to rob you of your minimum wage living, as you are clearly not qualified for most jobs.

  • Amy Joyner

    not everything has to do with race! this is how ignorant people can really be. if people can only play the race card to blame something on someone then they’re just as ignorant as the other. you can’t sit there and point one a finger at someone without three more pointing back at you. it doesn’t matter if your black.white,blue or green you’ve gotta do what you gotta do to make ends meet and live.

  • moeheatproductions

    I’m not sure who owns this site but what I will say is that it seems when African-Americans grow up, diversify, or expand their brand we (other African-Americans) call it selling out! Why? Everyone knows a rap career is generally short-lived. Readers (Black and White) of this post can change 15 jobs before they finally get it right but if a Black entertainer does it, we actually agree with negative statements like “They sold out!” Would we feel better if they continued making music that no one will buy while they spiral into deep depression? I wish Christopher Kelly (Kriss Kross) and Rob Pilatus (Milli Vanilli) could have figured other ways to channel their energies prior to their deaths. So are Dr. Dre and Sean Combs sell outs? I didn’t think so! This title is misleading and very inaccurate at best!

  • callmeWill

    Common is the only one I feel sorry for. I hate that my boo aint on top winning. guess if he starts cussing out women with the B’s, the H’s and disrespecting women, in which he never does or has never done, then he’ll be a millionaire twice over.

  • Tessie

    Gunz can’t even rap no more.

  • Umm Ashaad

    Lauryn Hill “trying something new?” Whoever wrote this article is a fool.

  • Anthony Gordon

    Wow you sound sensible here. I agree blaming dies nothing. We do get most if the same opportunities as whites. My brother is the executive of a Fortune 500 company and makes 200,000.00 dollars a year. He grew up on the same dirt road as I and my other brothers. I make almost 100,000/yearly. I’m educated and a very real person. I have dreadlocks and everything. But I work hard at everything I do. We are falling behind every race and it’s our own fault. We do not acquire wealth by any means. Well most of us don’t. We wear our wealth so that everyone can see it. Whether is a 60,000 vehicle and you live in an Apt or your mothers house, or you are flooded with jewelry and only have 300 in the bank but you have on 20,000 worth of jewelry. It makes me sick to see it but WE do it to ourselves.



  • OneAdam12

    Rap is a stepping stone to get into the industry. These guys should have taking some acting classes and or perhaps bought some commercial real estate .

  • Rippy ripp

    In the end this is your opinion. As fucked up n twisted it is its your opinion. Yet I will say don’t sit here and talk that blacks been equal in this country n we fuckn it up. Books dont teach you everything.

  • Kevin

    Sold Out? Could the Meg Butler explain what she means with the term “Sold Out”? Is there something wrong with people take a jagged path in building a career or working a side hustle?

  • Rodney Victorious

    How could Bow Wow be broke, what do they do with their money? And Dionne Warwick broke again..WTF. Don’t any of these people invest their money in anything or anyone
    Did any of these people finish college, people with money who don’t know what to do with it
    really makes me feel some type a way boo !!!!!!

  • Charles Barbour

    So everyone who’s gone broke in America happens to be black. I’m shocked!!!!!

    • James Fineman

      3 were white, but all are stupid with their money. DMX was the only one besides Lohan I even knew existed. Can’t be that big a celeb.

  • joyhasarrived

    Im perplexed; I read this article, then scrolled down to read the comments….did i miss something? How did this turn into a racial debate including the statistics of welfare? Maybe I should go reread the article again, because clearly i missed something. smh.

    • James Fineman

      Welcome to the net, where stupid fights more stupid over off topic trash. Sit back, have a drink and enjoy the show.

  • Closer

    I hope to be a paid writer one day….and I chose to pen this response after my own reading of many post’s written on or about it, [ Oh, I’m White, Male, Poor, and was given a very scant and scattered education]. Personally, I don’t agree with it’s claim that “because times are hard, that any hustle is acceptable”, the fact is….it is not. In spite of the opinions offered within, I had loved purely my reading of it. A very concise and totally understandable bit of verse. Many thanks I offer to that creative canvas that is the internet….and too, my sincere thanks for it being there and finding a way to let the….”sun shyne!”



  • meezercat

    Never heard of most of these folks; apparently a lot of them didn’t have much talent or any particular skills that could get them a decent job, either. Sad bunch….

  • MzMaryPie2U

    All I have to say is leave my boo Common alone!

  • mooncricket2001

    All these people that went broke are mayates

  • MzMabley

    Peter Gunz, Biz Markie, DMX, Dionne Warwick, Bow Wow, Young Buck, Kenya Moore, Ma$e, Xzibit, Uncle Luke, Common, Lindsay Lohan, Kate Gosselin, Lauryn Hill, Janice Dickinson

  • Anita Justice

    “as one of the assets he had to sell of to repay his debts.” That sentence just don’t make sense. Did the writer of the article not finish SCHOOL??? Also, why are all these celebrities AFRO-AMERICAN?????

  • F M

    Strange list. Apart from Dionne Warwick and Lindsay Lohan, I’ve never heard of any of them.

  • Sandra

    I don’t think white people even fathom what they are asking us to get over when they say, “get over it”. Slavery is engrained in our history. It is not something one can choose to get over just like that especially when we have people like you who make blanket statements and whop us all in one category simply because of the color of our skin. Its people like you that have kept us from assimilating (in your mind) with you negative outlooks, statistics and stereotypes of us. When truth is we assimilated when we gave our blood, sweat and tears to build this nation with no thanks or pay. We are the ones who came here with nothing, knowing nothing but our native tongue, after our leaders were tricked, lied to and deceived, yet wet still able to rise up and survive, no matter where we slept, what we ate, what was taken from us. We survived. It’s OUR HISTORY and you, nor anyone can tell us to forget it. Now fast forward to the present. You don’t know whether your ancestors owned slaves but I can tell that you suffer with being in a privileged position of “whiteness” by your statements and don’t see any black person as being your equal. Implicit racists is what I’ll call you because maybe you aren’t fully cognizant of your ignorance. Look up Tulsa riots and you’ll see that when we do pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off, you get jealous and break the law with your riots, lynchings and other treachery. So you see, we don’t have a history of hurting you, you all have a history of hurting us.

    • John Doe’s Father

      OK , just keep blaming me. It’s bound to help sooner or later.

  • dthompson1313

    Nothing wrong with getting your LEGAL hustle on to pay your bills. There is no shame in that. There sure is shame in being thrown out on the streets though.

  • Black future Harvard Grad..

    All I am going to say is some of the comments on here about BLACK people are sad. I am a Proud BLACK woman and I am very well educated. My BLACK father pushed me to work hard and aim high. Never once was My BLACK father on welfare or any government assistance, in fact he was a Marine, who fought for this country, and when he came home he worked any and all jobs he could find to support his family. So with that being said not ALL BLACK people raise their children to be lazy and furthermore last time I checked there are all races and nationalities of people on welfare or government assistance.

    • James Fineman

      Kick their butts. Well said.

    • straight_up

      I wish black people stop caring so damn much what white people think or say about them. Who gives a sh*t. Stop proving yourself to them, you don’t have to go through your life story to prove a damn thing because it won’t change their opinion at the end of the day anyway.

  • Honeybee60

    Peter Gunz should have gotten a job 9-5 job and saved his money a long, long time ago.

  • A Michael F

    I’m not sure if anyone’s caught this yet, but this is a web-site geared toward African-American women. I wasn’t particularly surprised at the make-up of the list once I had read that. Not to sound racist at all, but I didn’t recognize several of the names on this list probably because I haven’t seen the shows or movies the actors have played in. But I never thought for a second “My, there’s a lot of black people on this list!” especially when I read more about the site, it just made sense. Throwing in the token white folks was probably the writer’s way of expanding the article to a larger group of readers, no harm there.

    • Mike-N-Ike

      You’re just NOW catching on to this…? Talk about your great big batch of DUH!

  • TiredOfDumbShit

    How in the Hell is “starting to take acting gigs” considered selling out? Most of your damn list is bullshit! I’ll stop reading now.

  • TiredOfDumbShit

    What? How in the Hell in “starting to do acting gigs” selling out. Most of you list is bullshit!

  • Jack Boques

    Notice they’re almost exclusively black. May we consider that they aren’t stars? Tossing in Lohan as a token white doesn’t help their cause much in this article either.

    • Taryn Bryant

      What about Janice Dickenson? There are hundreds of actors and musicians who can’t find their place in show business anymore…of ALL colors. This article is ridiculous and so are the people who have inappropriate comments. People do what they have to do to make it. At least it’s honest work.

      • James Fineman

        Janice is the next Freddy, they will save on makeup, a lot.

  • SIR

    I have no respect for Peter Gunz or the women who are putting up with his bullshit-Amina & Tara! These two women are selling themselves short unless they are wiling to put up with open relationships and no respect!

  • JTerry

    There are three white people on the list so I’m curious as to why folks are saying they’re all Black. And I hardly consider this stuff selling out… looks like they just had some hard times and had to do what they had to do to provide for them and their families. They didn’t do anything immoral or illegal. This article seems to reaching a little bit.

  • Nate

    That’s right, sun shyne, everyone needs to leave Biz alone! Biz iz tha shiz!

  • Danny Kastner

    Making a living is making a living! It’s cake to blow through millions thinking you’ll recover or keep making it and then suddenly find yourself broke. The past success looms in the rear view mirror so putting that aside and keeping negative thoughts at bay is tough. Having the courage to fight it, in any way possible, and rise above isn’t cake! Bravo to those who do what it takes to wake up happy and fulfilled every day.

    • Mike-N-Ike

      You wrote: “It’s cake to blow through millions thinking you’ll recover or keep making it and then suddenly find yourself broke”.
      No, assuming you’ll keep making millions or counting on it is called sheer stupidity. Remember this wisdom: a fool and his money are soon parted.

  • Samuel SupremeCheese Matto

    this is not selling out….this is giving back. Uncle Luke keep up the good work

  • Kelly Gibson

    So where r no broke White celebs? LOL.

  • purrdog

    Too bad good English and correct Spelling are not taught or learned or practiced anymore.

  • julie

    notice how they are black?

  • Gerald Allen

    I feel so sorry for people that made millions and now have no money.

    • Mike-N-Ike

      I seriously hope that was sarcasm…

  • John Doe’s Father

    I wonder why they’re all black ?

    • LemmeSplain

      Last time i checked, Lindsay Lohan, Kate Gosselin and Janice Dickinson considered themselves WHITE. Take your ridiculous, pathetic, racist trolling elsewhere. Really, you’re just being silly at this point.

      Head on over to stormfront if you need people to agree with you so badly.

    • Ben Harris

      How ignorant can you get? They are all Black because this publication a Black publication that highlights what’s going on in Black culture. Had this been an article in US Weekly, we would be reading about Robert Downey Jr., Kim Davis, Miley Cyrus, Honey Boo Boo, Lindsay Lohan, Kim Richards and the rest of the drug-addicted trailer trash roaming the streets. I hope that answered your question. You’re welcome a$$hole. 🙂

  • ladylofo

    The majority of the people on this list didn’t sell out. Selling out is spending 5+ years on government assistance with no plans of finding any type of “hustle” to get yourself out. MN, boo this tired article!

    • SAVE THE U.S.

      … having another fat, ugly, ignorant, future-criminal illegitimate baby every 4 years so that you can live for free off of the benefits that those future-welfare-receipients receive from the taxpayers.

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    Not everyone on here ‘sold-out’ per se,(?) just did different things to make ends meet…selling out would be doing things that they swore to never do at the hight of their fame… so, some listed yes, others not quite.

    • SAVE THE U.S.

      What do stupid, lazy, ugly welfare hoes always give themselves a name like “The Queen”

  • sun shyne


    • SAVE THE U.S.

      Sheboon … take one of your paws and tap on the “caps lock” key.

    • John Doe’s Father

      I can see you went to at least 2 years of school. How’s that workin out for you ? Why do blacks refuse to speak English. Seriously, I can’t understand half of them. How do they expect to get a job ? OH wait, they don’t, they’re just gonna rob me for a living.

      • Danny Kastner

        What make you think this guy is black? I find his comment entertaining and yours stupid and racist. – A white guy

        • Ciarra_leone

          You’re sad and ridiculous

        • moeheatproductions

          Good point Danny! Many people shorten words because it is widely accepted on social media. ‘No need for insults. I’m not even sure why or where that came from.

      • Taryn Bryant

        Why are you here? Do you literally have nothing better to do with your time than to troll? Sad act.

        • John Doe’s Father

          That comment is 14 days old and the article is older, so who’s trolling. I said what I said because it’s how I feel, just like you are now. Why don’t you contribute something to a discussion, I did, you didn’t. If you don’t like my comment, move on, these are opinion pages. I can understand that black people don’t like my comment. I don’t like that black parents are raising unemployable kids, and we treat them like they’re owed something. If I didn’t do my homework, dress clean, talk politely and act civil, my old man would cuff me. Look at what that guy wrote and how he wrote it. That’s disgusting. we’re Americans, we have a language, we have a system of writing, punctuation, spelling, non of which are in his comment….SRTGHT UP .

          • Taryn Bryant

            Since I came to read the articles, I am clearly not trolling. And by the way, I did comment on the article, but since you apparently have your undies in a bunch about black people you didn’t bother to read it. However, I do have to agree with you on some points. Yes, there is a certain standard of behavior one must follow, and if I misspelled or misspronounced one word my great aunt would roll in her grave, and that the way people write and speak drive me nuts; but, unfortunately that’s the way they write on the internet and I have learned to accept it. And as such I also agree that many blacks are raising their children to be unemployable, but some only on a higher level, but that goes the same for whites and other cultures as well. You must remember about the degradation of the world’s population and do all you can in assisting someone to be a better person. Also, if my son listened to the garbage music that’s out, or dressed or spoke improperly, I’d have his head.

            • Guest

              John Doe’s Father is a racist. Do you know that there are more whites than blacks on welfare? Your comments are what is wrong with this country, and people, both black and white, can see your ignorant bigotry.

              • Mike-N-Ike

                Percentage wise… you are in error. There is a higher number of blacks than whites on welfare when you account for the total percentage of each in the population of the US. You’re going to have to do better than that!

                • scot sims

                  Follow the money. If there is more money going to whites, there are more white people on welfare than blacks.
                  It’s a stupid trick that plays well on con sites for the low information crowd.

                • enlightenment

                  Actually, you’re both wrong.It’s about the same and it’s not a significant difference.

                  There are 38.8 percent of Caucasians and 39.8 percent of African-Americans are on welfare.

                  • eg

                    and youre wrong too! where did u get your stats and demographics from?
                    It has to be your state alone ….

                    • enlightenment

                      Do not say someone is wrong without having proof to back up your claims.

                      Here’s my source: Statisticbrain(dot)com/welfare-statistics/

                      Where is yours?

                • eg

                  statistics show and prove that there are more whites, you need to go back and do your math over , always lies and cover ups and lets not forget the system was set up because whites were in need, black people only get it because its been put in place. If it had been just a black need it would never be !

              • Taryn Bryant

                I’m not a bigot dear. I’m a realist.

          • -A

            John Doe’s Father, you are a racist. Do you know that there are more whites than blacks on welfare? Your comments are what is wrong with this country, and people, both black and white, can see your ignorant bigotry.

          • Honeybee60

            Have you ever visited Appalachia? Or, the Kensington and Northeast areas of Philadelphia where Whites use the phrase “yuse guys?” Maybe the reason why you are so hateful is because your “old man” cuffed you one too many times!

            • scot sims

              Concussion – he’s punch drunk.

          • Tameka Williams

            Smh you sound like the biggest, racist most ignorant skin head for even thinking what you said makes sense!! My parents raised me to be respectful, mannerable and hard working!! I never had to steal from anybody because I always worked for everything I’ve had since I was a teenager AND IM BLACK!! If your parents taught you to act civil you wouldn’t be so ignorant and racist, making comments that clearly shows you are uneducated!! So I’m guessing white ppl don’t act ignorant? So who raised honey booboo, Lindsey Lohan, the guy who shot up the Batman movie premier and the guys who killed all those kids at school? I think it’s safe to say their parents are Caucasian!! So before you get on her bashing blacks make sure YOU have a legitimate argument!

            • John Doe’s Father

              Tameka, you sound like an exception, and yes there are plenty of white trash out there. But as a whole black people are NOT like you. I agree there is a problem that every one needs to find a solution for, and denying it isn’t the solution. As a whole, blacks represent too large a percentage of our impoverished, our imprisoned, and our unwed mothers. My personal belief is that the solution has been to GIVE black people things because we (whites) felt sorry for them after slavery. hat hasn’t worked , and may have exacerbated the problem. Black are the only group hat has failed to assimilate into American society successfully , look at The Irish, Italians, Germans, Asians on and on, all successful .
              It sounds like you are taking the right path to a good life, and I wish you well. Now reach out and bring some friends along. Good luck to you, and thank you taking time to respond to me.

              • Educated

                Tameka is hardly an exception for a black person doing well for herself, well mannered, well educated or raised to your suitability! Despite your occasional wing person Mike-n-Ike’s opinion, black people are considered an ethnic minority and always make up less numbers in comparison to their white counterpart! He would like to claim that percentage wise this is not the case but had economy not have been built on stolen wealth from Africa, black people would be wealthier than white people as what makes wealth, oil, gold, natural resources, are found, and stolen, in abundance from Africa. It is this type of ignorance and lack of education generally that causes a disposition in how black people view themselves as they are constantly indoctrinated with white people are better and are smarter and more intelligent. If you would like to combat how ‘(un)productive’ black people are, maybe try teaching your fellow white people to act as though we are all one people instead of implementing glass ceilings based on race! And just to be clear, no parent raises their child to be a ‘lesser’ person in society, they provide what they are able to with whatever resources they have and are able to maintain through any necessary means and that goes for parents of all races, not just black people! There are many white people raising their children incorrectly, in the UK, white people have the higher percentage of benefits and poverty and make up higher prison statistics! The media portrays over wise to continue the divide, if you don’t like this then blame your ancestors for removing people from their lands and resources!

                • dave

                  but didnt the black tribal leaders sale the people they capturd to the white man at least thats what i was taught in school history classes

                • eg

                  Thanks Educated , TEACH !

              • Guest

                I’m not mad at you for your uneducated comments … You have clearly never been around black people and going off what the media portrays I can see why you are making unfair judgements …

              • scot sims

                What we’ve given blacks are leftovers.

                • John Doe’s Father

                  So the whites haven’t “GIVEN” blacks enough ? are you friggin serious ?

                  • scot sims

                    Sorry you don’t understand my comment.

                  • Rippy ripp

                    Given us enough? We not a damn charity. You talking as if you are blind to the things done after slavery as well as the sick minds that mirror yours that are literally killing blacks still.

              • Kell

                John Doe’s Father you have a right for your opinion. Now putting all blacks in the same category, that’s stupid off you. You shallow a__ hell. When you come to a black neighborhood, it’s different from your neck of the woods. First of all, blacks don’t have the same resources as white people do. This system is made to keep us down, so we can be controlled. Modern day slavery. See if you go outside my door now, police are swarming. They don’t protect in serve like your neighborhood, they seek and destroy to keep us down. Once you get arrested, society don’t like to give second chances. We don’t get the same opportunity as u do. Let me say this, let a black man have the same opportunity as you, we’ll take everything yall have. The white man is intimidated by blacks. Keep us down and make money off us. We have a bigger mountain to climb than you will ever know. Let yourself start from nothing with no resources, you will kill yourself. Jump out a window or something like yall do when u loose everything.

              • eg

                wow ! really John ?

            • Yawasap

              We have to understand what slavery was sister, it’s actually quite beautiful when you really go back and look at it. According to Deuteronomy 28 OUR hard bondage is in the bible every one in the bible was black like us. This was our punishment for breaking Gods laws, these people hate us and they have no idea why. The bible tells us all these thing how great we are as a people, what we have to do. Also the judgement for white people is in the book of Obadiah. Come For the priest’s lips should keep knowledge, and they should seek the law at his mouth: for he is the messenger of the Lord of hosts. (Malachi 2:7 KJV)

          • Fifi

            I understand what you are trying to explain but at the same time it’s very ignorant, it’s like me saying all white middle aged men are pedophiles, which is not true . And not to be rude but you Americans speak poorly and your spelling is atrocious.

          • Guest

            Lol.. You are mad a WHITE guy called you out ….

            • Bunny Bunny

              This is THE most accurate comment posted within this thread…why are we giving this person all this attention? The article was speaking about bankrupt celebrities that are receiving the same treatment as bankrupt non-celebrites. ***As for people that don’t like how words are spelled on the internet-YOU SUCK! Was that correct enough for you? I could’ve shortened this commentary by many keystrokes by using “internet slang terms & spellings.” Can’t figure out what my ancestry is based on the correct spelling? LOL!!! LMAO!!! OMG!!! See how short that was? Sheesh!!! Jeepers!!! Wtf dudes…???*** 😉

          • Shawnte Mosby

            How did you come to the conclusion that the individual who posted that is a black person? Just like you mentioned in this particular comment ” if you don’t like my comment move on”, I’m sure whomever wrote that post feels the same way about your post. Yes there are some ignorant black people, however there are also a lot successful, educated, and intellectual black people. BUT you are definitely entitled to your opinion, just don’t forget about the ignorant white people when you’re passing your opinion off as facts, because the fact is you have just as many ignorant white people as you do blacks. Have a nice day!

            Beautiful, educated, successful black women

          • Teacher

            I’m a teacher of eight years who has taught at a predominantly black/Hispanic school and, currently, predominantly white school. Let me tell you that hardly any of the kids today are employable. The lack of learning and parenting is equal on all sides. And, honestly, the black/Hispanic kids showed more desire and more drive to learn once you showed them you believed in them. Quit spitting the same stereotypes. No race is superior to the other, we’re all in the same boat.

          • Correcting Grammar

            Your grammar is not written entirely correct also. For start any number under a hundred should be spelled. “we’re Americans,” should be We are Americans. In your last comment you said gonna, that’s not a word. And yes, we are planning to rob you buddy so hide your goods. Thanks best regards, the black men.

            • John Doe’s Father

              I live in the northern part of NY. You’ll be the only black guys, and I’ll be the guy on the other end of the scope. I don’t lock my doors, I don’t “hide my goods” because there are no blacks here. So come on up. If you behave yourself and support yourself and your family you’ll be welcomed . If you think you scare me you’re very very mistaken. And the next time you think you’re smart, look at your pay check.

            • straight_up

              actually, it’s one-hundred, and not “a hundred.”

          • cole

            Your ignorant man, there are more whit ed people on government assistance than any race

            • John Doe’s Father

              Why is it that blacks seem to think that if any other group is involved in something , that makes it acceptable for blacks. Fact is blacks, as a percentage, represent a disproportionate share of gov. Assistance, prison population, high school drop outs, single parent households, and minimum wage jobs. So go ahead, find something to be proud about in that. I’m sure somehow it’s my fault …..

          • golder1

            His view of black people is really how he thinks of himself. Go down to your local unemployment office and you will see just as many whites in that as minorites.

          • moeheatproductions

            “…non of which…” I suppose that was just a typo on your part.

            • John Doe’s Father

              I bet my comments are well over a year old. I can’t believe I’m still getting replies. I must of hit a nerve. Now my spelling is being critiqued !
              My original comment referred to the plethora of black people in the article about rich folks who go broke.

            • John Doe’s Father

              Why in the world would you take the time to point this out ? I left off the ‘E’, now I’ll have to slit my wrists. I wrote a reply to an article, that I think was thought provocing, and all you come up with is a misspelling. You’re trolling bud. Move on.

              • Lenaluvlee

                There are many of former rich people who went broke that did not make it into this article. Plenty of them are of many different nationalities, including caucasians. You choosing to make such a disparaging comment about an entire race of people; based off of a conclusion you drew from reading a Madame Niore article, was short-sighted and ridiculous (meaning worthy of ridicule).

                Obviously people are still commenting because they came upon this article at a different time. Of course to them, it doesn’t matter how old your comments were. The time frame is irrelevant; didn’t you know whatever you post on the internet is subject to commenting forever (unless comments are disabled that is).

                P.S. I am black and I am NOT an exception, I know and grew up around PLENTY of other educated “black” folks in NYC. You obviously need to stay off the computer and travel some more, my dear. Your comments reveal a desperate need for enlightenment.

      • Honeybee60

        It appears that you live in a bubble because people of different races in the United States speak incorrect English.

        • Mike-N-Ike

          Gee… we’re supposed to be proud of this?!? Or are you ignorantly using that as an excuse to justify behavior?? Sad!

          • Rippy ripp

            Nope she letting you know not to blame bad spelling on black ppl. Its used by damn there all races.

      • joe crack

        Crackers always hiding behind there laptop like John Doe Father. lol

        • Mike-N-Ike

          Thanks for the racism.. I’d reply in kind using the “N” word… but I’m not racist.

          • Sandra

            Ya’ll quick to say you are not racist. Doesn’t make it so. You go right ahead and say the N-word because it does not hold the power that it once did. We took it and turned into what we want it to be. It was used as a term of hatred towards us, so are ya really surprised that blacks have a term to counter the hate that hate created?

            • Mike-N-Ike

              Funny how blacks screamed racism when anyone OTHER than blacks used the N word in the past… but it’s somehow magically OK for THEM to use it. Right… go on fooling yourself. It’s either racist or it is NOT. Make up your minds… and be sure the whole “black community” and the rest of planet earth knows the verdict before “ya’ll” start accusing us of being racist when WE use it!

              • Guest

                I’m African American and although I do not agree with most of your post I absolutely agree with this one. Either we’re fine with the N word beibg used or we’re not. It’s no in between.

      • theboss

        Please don’t judge every black because of what you heard….for your info I have 2 degrees and own my company and most important I’m African American

      • Michelle

        Are you really critiquing someone’s English? You, who asked a question and ended it with a period. Stop being the English police on the internet

      • tellbell

        John Doe’s father, Have you ever been robbed by a black person?

      • Imamu

        First let me start by saying on behalf of the black race as you would probably say or not..probably worst, cause you sound racist.but anyway.for one we are not are…english originally is not our language. .our original language is african of course..united states runs off of European lies that had been haunting us since its existence cause of your people. .no not all are like you..but most are greedy,barbarians that stole our history and made it your own…you have no history..our culture always been positive. .cause we are one with our creator. ..and your ancestors was jealous of that cause we are the original owners of this planet. .not you…you promote homosexuality, child molestation, animal sex and even will eat other humans…you have hatred in your heart for no reason whatsoever. .but yet you try to down my people..when you are the ones that made our planet unbalance. ..and for that you will pay..we are growing and waking up…you are the demons and devils that walk this earth…not us…13 love 13 knowledge and 13 wisdom…you stole our numbers and symbols and demonize it..but its cool people are understanding now..thats why your kind is trying to wipe us out little by little. .killing our youth..which is our future. .lol..I know whats going on with you weaklings..trying to make people feel inferior to you, when its the opposite. …enjoy your day

      • Maximillian Shrieves

        @John doe´s father you are a dumb son of a bitch!The End.

      • Anthony Gordon

        Wow that was a mean thing to say. I agree with the speaking English part though. I do not condone unlawful ways of getting money. Just because you’re Black doesn’t mean that you rob and steal. I would rather someone take my wallet than take my Pension and my 401k that I’ve worked my whole life for. “That is what white people do to people.” That would be a inappropriate thing to say. I though your second comment was awesome. We do need to speak like we have learned something in school. But understand this. The way you may hear some of speak in public isn’t generally the way we speak in a professional setting. If you saw me around you wouldn’t know that I have a Accounting Degree or that I served in the Navy for 5 years. I do work in Corporate America. I have my own staff that I hired and trained my self. I have business meetings for days and all of the business things that you could think of. Just stop judging based on color. To my African American family. This is how we are viewed in a lot of people’s eyes. Raise your kids better, ensure that they speak like they have taken English classes at school. The Ebonjcs is not cute. We are last in the Wealth Gap in America and we need to fix ourselves and stop letting others give the world the perception our our people.

      • golder1

        Have u been down south? Have u heard how white folks speak down there with the 1 tooth in their mouth? More ignorant white folks and your included in those numbers

      • Really John? Because all of the friends I have that are African American went to school with me and we all have degrees. So make sure when you make such a dumb comment you apply it to a few people and not the entire race. What an idiot!!!!

      • Ben Harris

        John Doe’s Father, I would not be surprised if someone did a DNA test on you and discover that you have African blood running through your veins. I have first cousins who appear to be completely White but who are in fact Black. You are picking and choosing what you want to see. Yet, that does not make your ignorance true. And you cannot truthfully say that most Black people you encounter fall under your stereotypes. The comment was poorly written but clearly you are a bigot. And that’s okay as long as you stay out of my space. If you were to come to me with that nonsense you would be very sorry. Hence the reason you only spew hate via the internet. What a typical coward move. That’s just my opinion. As far as Black people not speaking English properly, are you living under a rock? Last time I checked Black people were not the only ethnicity who has “some” individuals who lack education. There are plenty of White, Latin, Asian and Middle Eastern people who either can’t speak proper English or who simply refuse to. And In the South there are plenty of White people who have gross Cajun swamp accents so thick that you would think they were intellectually challenged. And whether you want to acknowledge it or not, Black people are found throughout every major industry and profession in the United States. We are Journalist, doctors, lawyers, politicians etc. I highly doubt that any successful Black person would desire to even touch you, let alone steal something from you. Especially when plenty of them are living much better than you to begin with. Again, you are entitled to your opinion but it would be to your benefit to realize that no matter how much you hate Black people, they are not going anywhere. You should also be cautious with your words because many Black people have the power and means to shake your entire world up. 🙂

        • John Doe’s Father

          So now you’re threatening me ??, threatening white society ?.
          I’m not going to argue with you. Let’s do this your way;
          1. All the problems blacks face are the fault of white people.
          2. Black society isn’t dominated by thugs, poverty, absent fathers, crime, drugs and uneducated people.
          3. I’m a bigot for pointing out facts.
          You have no idea how I live my life. For whatever it’s worth, you couldn’t be more wrong. I can’t believe you would threaten me. Of course I’m talking to you on the internet. Why don’t you send me your name and address, so we can meet and have an intelligent adult conversation. Go ahead put your name and address out there for every whack job to see. On second thought, don’t , I won’t read or answer any coorespondence from you or anyone else from this article.

          • Ben Harris

            You are absolutely incorrect. I can’t speak for all Black people and neither can you. And don’t put words in my mouth. How did you get me threatening White society from what I wrote? It was a warning towards you. Be careful who you approach with your hate. And for the record, I have tons of White relatives and I am not targeting White people. My grandfather is half White and my great grandparents were white as well. And the only fact that you have highlighted is how warped you are. God bless any child that you are responsible for. I don’t blame White people for anything because a person such as yourself cannot do anything for a person in my position. It would be to your benefit to judge people on an individual basis and not because they are a certain ethnicity. There are good and bad people in every ethnicity and culture. You know what? It’s not even fair for me to have a battle of the wits with someone who is obviously not properly equipped. I hope that you someday find a way to overcome your hate. Ego and hate will slowly kill you. I feel that love is the answer, but I would not hesitate to defend myself physically or intellectually if a bigot such as yourself approached me. May the Universe show you how to overcome your erroneous and destructive beliefs.

          • Ben Harris

            Ass-wipe you are not pointing out facts. you are telling biased one-sided lies.

    • Mike-N-Ike

      Can someone please translate this for me? I speak 5 languages… 3 fluently and I’m pretty proficient in the other two. Naturally, English is my born and primary language. What on earth is this gibberish? “Sun Shyne” should be “Ashamed”!

      • Guest

        You are an undercover racist.. I hope that you understood that…

        • Mike-N-Ike

          And you’re an undercover dolt. Notice that you neither translated the gibberish nor made any meaningful statement. The racist is YOU!