The Curse Of Child Stardom? Former Child Actors Who’ve Had Legal Trouble As Adults

December 2, 2013 ‐ By Meghan Williams

It’s hard seeing the cute child stars we once watched on TV grow into adults with legal problems and criminal convictions. But nowadays that seems to be more the norm than the exception. From Dee Jay Daniels to Maia Campbell – check out these 15 former child actors who’ve had legal trouble as adults.

child actors who've had legal trouble as adults.

Source: WENN

Marcus T. Paulk

Earlier this year, Marcus T. Paulk (the actor who played Myles on Moesha) was arrested following a domestic violence incident involving his girlfriend, Andi Roxx. According to Andi, Marcus punched and kicked her in the chin and stomach following an altercation that began at a Beverly Hills nightclub. Sad.

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  • Noonoo

    I didn’t even see any mention of a character named Malcolm that Darius McCrary played.

  • redbone


  • billythekid122

    This is sad . That her fans know more than the news reporter . That don’t know what she is writing about . You can tell that some people cheated in high school .

  • Reacha O’Neal

    myles look like Q

  • Ransom Shawn Easley

    man is it crazy that the young guys from these tv shows look to be so old now and only after so many years. i mean these guys are only in there early 30s and 20s

  • frank lucas

    It’s because they let these lowlifes off easy. A normal citizen would have served jail term.

  • KnowledgeDivine

    Jason Weaver is on this list for Pissing in public??? smdh

  • Atira

    Lack of structure early on. You can’t give an adolescent thousands of dollars and no parental guidance. It doesn’t help when kids are their parents pay check. Even if parents worked a 9to5 it would be better and give a child more respect and discipline if they knew they weren’t supporting their parents.

  • MyPOV

    Jennifer should not be on the list. She wasn’t in drugs arrested etc. She checked her man for being disrespectful then cheating. More to the story than was printed.

  • Smelt?

  • Sophia Wilson

    The guy must have a very unique outlook on / some interesting opinions when it comes to relationships and women .

  • :)


  • yvonnemandolph

    Orlando Brown…Man I saw him get beat down my a young mother in the Inglewood for calling her infant a B””” HE! was kicking and screaming HELP! folk were standing around laughing once he was able to get away he ran down La Cienga screaming. SERIOUSLY! summer of 2014,

  • Sar’raa Lee McAhhfkit

    “smelt” alcohol on his breath? SMELT really? that would be an action involving metal.. Smelled, would be the ability referenced. WOW where are their editors?!


      Lol…I thought the same when I read smelt…Smh…

  • MrsMommy

    You mean the “curse of stupidity?”

  • Chuckle

    I bet at least one of you regular folk has a record so why hate on these people. A few of them like Todd Bridges have managed to get their ish together.

  • Chiryder

    Why do people blame being a child actor? It’s not the fame’s fault. These kids were probably bad eggs to begin with. People need to understand the difference between reality and fantasy. The Characters they portray on TV are just that…characters.

  • Chiryder

    Not Simba! He couldn’t get arrested!

  • Upyer Yarse

    The vast majority are black; go figure.

    • rebecca

      Again, you are on a BLACK site.

  • oj9561


  • Blaque

    Where are the parents? If you as a parent do not make sure that your child is grounded then this will be the result. Further more shouldn’t these parents help their children save the money they make and help them plan their futures. Ever heard of school?? All of this could have been avoided, these are unneccessary tragedies.

    Is there a significance or meaning behind the tatoo of red lips on the former Hugley star?

  • Bambi Hussein

    Disproportionately black . . . can’t seem to escape the hood mentality.

    • rebecca

      You are aware that you are on a mostly BLACK site right? I’m sure any other site would mention all white child stars who messed up their lives.

  • Aaliyah21215

    All of these damn ads! Who puts an ad on top of an ad with a page full of ads????

  • Angela R. Ingram

    He played Malcolm on Young and the Restless. They got it confused.

    • Sar’raa Lee McAhhfkit

      or he played two characters by the same name? hmmmm, that just seems impossible though right?


    WTH happened to Macaulay!? GOT DAMNNN!

    • ForReals?

      Michael Jackson.


        ohmahgod I thought the same thing

      • adam&evenotsteve

        Not faggie boy. I just don’t believe it.

    • TheMsmother

      LOL! I know right?? She looks terrible!

  • Chas

    I want to rub lotion under Jason Weavers eyes……

    • ♥♡DAMN SHE MEAN☆★



      LOL better yet preparation H!

      • Chas

        lmfao good idea

    • Chiryder

      don’t touch Simba!

      • Sar’raa Lee McAhhfkit

        simba, he only did the singing voice…

        • Chiryder

          Exactly… simba! Singing voice or not. He was the character.

    • Mi$$Kiva


    • Rayven Knight

      I saw that immediately… I was thinking he has some serious dark circles under his eyes. I wonder if he is on some strong drugs? Macaulay Culkin appears to be. Why did Darius marry Supehead? Why is Todd Bridges shooting & stabbing people? Dana Plato: Kimberly on the show with Todd & Gary was an addict & killed herself…Dana Plato’s son committed suicide years later. It must be hard to be a child star & receiving the attention & lifestyle that comes with the territory. Rayven-Simone & Miley Cyrus both seem a little “off” There are other examples like KeKe Palmer & Keshia Knight Pulliam & others who seem well adjusted.