Where They Do That At? Celebrities Who Married Their Jumpoffs

November 19, 2013 ‐ By Meg Butler

Men Who Married Their Jumpoffs
Peter Gunz may be scandalous, but he’s not alone. Hollywood is full of stories of men turning their side piece into their wife. Read on to find out how the wives in these men’s lives got demoted from first class to coach, only for their men to turn around and marry their jumpoffs. There are a couple ladies who pulled that move too.

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  • Guest

    Do you know something we don’t know because Brad has never married Angelina. Never.

  • Enette Reese

    Brad Pitt would be Angelina’s 3rd husband her first husband is Johnny Lee Miller (Elementary: TV show)

  • uniquefashionista

    Wasn’t DeWayne Wade still married when he started seeing Gabrielle Union? Maybe I’m wrong, but I think so. She should have been added to this list.

  • Deb

    The show revealed that Deitrick and his wife were not together when he and Dominique had dealings! Everyone has the story twisted in their own little way!!

  • Honeybee60

    Get our your holy water when Angelina comes around!

  • Honeybee60

    Get out your holy water when Angelina comes around!

  • Honeybee60

    The “nanny” sure is ugly!

  • Brooke Sheraton

    And now everytime you see Angelina she’s on the cover of a tabloid, looking as if she’s suffering from Aids.

  • Brooke Sheraton

    Angelina made her bed..now lay in it..smh and I actually use to like her.

  • Anita Smith

    Brad and Angelina are not married. Get your facts straight!

  • Angel Firststreet Campbell

    Dominique was not a jump off, more like a rebound. Deitrick’s first wife cheated on him

  • Nubianwoman

    Check your facts before writing an article, you are calling women who are not jumpoffs, jumpoffs.

  • MizzT

    Detrick from Preachers of LA was not cheating on his first wife with the woman he recently married. She came much later and got pregnant out of wedlock which is why they didn’t live together. IF this is going on the internet at least make sure the facts are straight so you don’t get sued. HELLO!

  • Mia

    the Alicia keys story is wrong too Swizz got an English girl pregnant that’s what broke him & his wife up in 2008 they didn’t divorce until after he met Alicia though, wifey used that to get publicity . Bridget was 6 or 7 months pregnant when she was dumped. But that’s Hollywood Elisabeth Taylor was hated for breaking up couple of marriages back in the day , also forgot Khloe & lamar his girl eliza was the last to know he was getting married.

  • Ashley Ford

    Yall wrong for this because Deitrick didn’t marry his “jump off”. He met her in the middle of his divorce. His first wife cheated on him you know?

  • a will

    Meg Butler i think you should do your research before you start to judge people and there relationship. Most of your information is incorrect.

  • Tina

    Mel Gibson ex wife Robyn is the $400 million dollar winner!!! Sucks to be you jumpoff

  • LeeLeeInCali

    This article is terrible and poorly reported. Tom Brady and Bridget Moynihan broke up before she knew she was pregnant. He did not leave her for Giselle.

    I hate the term “jump off”, anyway. And no, I am not one.

    • ODWms

      Tell the truth. lol.

  • therealnumber1

    Deitrick met Dominique after he and damita separated…doesn’t make what they did right but I wouldn’t consider her a jump off though..

    • Allyce

      separated means they were still legally married but living separately. That’s a jump off.

    • Sherell

      His wife cheated on him and he left. Although he was technically married when he got with Dominique the marriage was over and he left, moved out of state. They were just needing to complete the paper work. Don’t forget the wife CHEATED on him!! He didn’t run off with another woman he left and later met his current wife.

  • girl

    yall forgot to mention Steve Harvey.

  • N2Nikkio

    Angelina and Brad are engaged and not yet married..

  • TJohnson13

    Watch your stolen men jump offs. True to their cheating hearts you SHALL be replaced!

  • Lee Simone


  • CC

    It is a shame how the press idolized people with low standards. This is the mistress who cheated with him while his wife was pregnant with twins. How dare them put these low to the grown dogs out on display.

    • Caydence James

      Wait. So it was this other woman’s fault that this man cheated on his wife (who he promised to love, honor and cherish) while she was pregnant with HIS babies?
      Sounds to me like he was the only one breaking promises but with women like you its no wonder men continue to do this. Why should they stop when everyone will blame some other woman for why he can’t keep his zipper up? smh!

      • ODWms

        She’s guilty, too, if she’s sleeping around with a married man, and is well deserving of the description of dog. Yes, the guy is primarily wrong and completely responsible for breaking his marriage vows. But why be a party to someone else’s disgrace? There are plenty of single, available men out there. Any person doing this, male or female, is reprehensible. Stop defending doggishness.

      • Andrea Clark

        The problem women have a choice too. Once you see and hear the truth step aside. How you find him is how you lose them. So yes the cheating man is to blame and also the woman. If you know he has somebody then respect yourself more than to mess with someone who will possibly do the same to you.

  • 2HappyBlaque2

    Deitrick did not leave Diamita!! Diamita step out on him!! This article is real messy!!!

    • Fancy

      I was about to make the same comment. People will post anything to stay relevant.

  • Janelle

    You forgot about leann rimes! And Shania Twain’s ex hubby!

  • Tracey

    Brad and Angelina are married?

    • Natalie Marie Alvarez Padilla

      No. These people just wrote straight up lies in this post. Brad and Angelina are not married, they are famous for not being married. They said over and over they wouldn’t until gay marriage was legal all over the country. They are however engaged.

      • Guest

        They aren’t even engaged. All lies. She said Brad gave her a piece of jewelry that happened to be a ring and now they are engaged???

  • Iya Eko

    Gisele B was never pregnant with twins…

    • Yamini

      No, his ex was pregnant when he left her for Gisele.

      • logical

        No. She was pregnant but not with twins.

      • Angel Firststreet Campbell

        she had a little boy NOT twins

  • vanelle22

    These folks is beasts lol……That is too much for my taste.