“They Give Unsolicited Advice:” Traci Braxton Says She Was Hurt By Her Sisters Meddling In Her Marriage Troubles

November 18, 2013  |  


Our favorite outspoken sister from the Braxton Clan, Traci Braxton is real, lovable and most of all hilarious. We recently had the chance to share a few laughs with her as she gears up for the third season of “Braxton Family Values” and in the end she made us feel like family. During the interview, Traci revealed how she feels about Tamar’s behavior on social media, the lack of privacy her family gives each sister’s romantic relationship, and her weight loss journey. Traci also shared how to she plans to reinvent her career since she was dubbed the “wannabe” sister on the first season of their family reality show.

What should fans expect from this new season of “BFV”?

“Fans should expect to see me standing up for myself this season and you usually do not see that a lot. I am usually the quiet one and I never say anything but this time around I am sticking up and making moves for Traci.”

How do you feel about your sisters discussing your marriage on national television?

“I was really hurt to find out they discussed my marital problems on the show without my consent. I could not believe it but then again my sisters are nosy. Tamar especially; she will make comments regardless. Whether it be her marriage, my marriage, or anyone else’s, she will have something to say. She is very vocal and will continue to do what she wants to do. I think the relationship my sisters and I share is too close, at times.  They give unsolicited advice and it can be so bothersome. But that is how we grew up in our household, always in each other’s business.”

Do you ever feel the need to defend Tamar when she goes on social media rants?

“Tamar does not need anyone to defend her! We are talking about Tamar Braxton-Herbert; Tamar is a grown woman and it is her mouth piece. Tamar can hold her own.”

What’s going on with your weight loss journey?

“I have several trainers and the hilarious trainer you see on the show is just one of them. Unfortunately, I recently gained some weight. I was not being conscious of what I was eating while traveling. I was taking cortisone shots and I gained 12 pounds. No one told me you gained weight when you take those shots! I was so upset. I came to tell y’all never take a cortisone shot, it will make you so hungry! Every time I turned around I had something in my mouth!”

How has being on reality TV changed you?

“I had to change my image from the first season of the ‘Braxton Family Values’ because I was labeled the wannabe and I ain’t like that at all! I wanted my image to be positive so I turned what it was around and now I am in the works to have my own radio show. It will be called ‘The Traci Braxton Show’ and on it we will discuss current events, entertainment, fashion, and celebrities. The show will be hosted in the DMV (Delaware-Maryland-Virginia) area, as well. I am also a part of many business ventures, so I cannot wait to see how everything unfolds for me. WE Television has been so supportive of me, I love them. I am excited for everything coming together for me because that ‘wannabe’ thing had to go!

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  • guest

    Funny how Traci continues to blame Tamar when it was TOWANDA who blabbed Traci’s personal business. All the sisters had their comments and two cents to add, but it was Towanda, the one who prides herself on keeping everyone’s business a secret, that actually opened her mouth. Best believe she would NEVER have done that to Toni or Trina.
    Really can’t stand Towanda. She’s sneaky, underhanded, resentful/jealous, and clearly treats her sisters unequally (for lack of a better way to put it). Not a fan of Traci, either. Disliked her since Season One. But in this particular instance, I would definitely support her decision to read her sister(s) the riot act. But it would be nice if she actually aimed for the right sister.

    • truth

      I agree about Towanda. I want to know why Tamar was screaming at her across the table in the preview for the season … I have to agree that while Tamar and the others are open with their meddling and shade throwing, Towanda tries to do it on the sneak tip. She’s my least favorite of them all. Last season was not a good look for her at all … She just came off jealous and hateful. Plus, I can’t co-sign with any chick who enables a sorry man who won’t work. I had that issue with her from the start. I do like Traci though – I think she’s the one everyone can actually relate to.

  • A.M.

    DMV is DC-Maryland-Virgina (metropolitian area)…not Delaware

  • Wanda Simpson

    Love Traci and the rest except Tawanda, she seems sneaky to me. Tamar is my favorite with her opinionated self, what you see is what you get with her,

  • Soon2bMrs

    Absolutely luv Traci

  • Mia

    Traci and Trina are my fav!