Where Are They Now? People Who Squandered Their Reality TV Opportunities

November 14, 2013  |  
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It’s really not too difficult to get on TV these days. All you have to do is have a messy story, a quick temper, a rich husband, or a so-so music career and BOOM, you’re a star. But there are some people who get the chance to go from everyday Joe Schmoe to reality TV personalities and still don’t really take full advantage of their opportunity to get their face and name out there. There are the successful NeNes and Snookis…and then there are these folks:



If we can keep it all the way real, Olivia was on Love and Hip Hop from the very beginning, and her career still hasn’t reached the progress she was hoping for. It’s a shame, because she can definitely sing, but while she was ragging on Somaya Reece at her showcases for Reece’s attire and so-so lyrical skills, we never really saw Olivia performing anywhere or doing much hustling. Rich Dollaz actually put it best:

“Olivia was not cool about putting her life on front street for the world to buy into her. Olivia missed the boat in regards to taking advantage of the reality show in regards to how Tamar Braxton, K. Michelle and Erica Mena did.”

But who knows, she could be in the studio cooking up something big right now…


Sheree Whitfield

Don’t get me wrong, Whitfield definitely tried to do a little something with her seasons on Real Housewives of Atlanta. She had that song “Who Gon’ Check Me, Boo?”, her clothing line, She by Sheree, and she tried her hand at quite a few other business ventures, but nothing really stuck. Despite being one of the more feisty attention-grabbing women on the show, she eventually wasn’t invited back after season four. Unfortunately, there were no spin-off shows, or endorsements–just rumors of Chateau Sheree’s foreclosure and drama with Iyanla.

Joel Ginsburg/WENN.com

Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt

Any The Hills fans in the house? No? Just me? You know you watched at least a few times…

Anyway, as hard as these folks went on the show to get attention, spreading vicious lies about their friends, and just behaving like complete a**es (yeah, I’m talking about you Spencer), the only thing it has brought Heidi and Spencer is a taste of infamy. You know the struggle is real when people only talk about you now because you’re trying to get your F-cup implants taken down to a C. She tried to drop a CD, it was panned. They tried to do reality TV again ( I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!) and they were the most disliked couple on the show. They’ve just been trying to get on any reality show they can while their former nemesis, Lauren Conrad, is out here engaged with a fashion line and best-selling books. Guess she got the last laugh…

Jody Cortes / WENN

Shay “Buckeey” Johnson

There’s something wrong with people only knowing you as the woman who fights for the love and affection of very unworthy men. Flavor Flav? Scrappy? No thanks. But alas, that’s what we knew Shay “Buckeey” Johnson for, and we were disappointed to see her on Love and Hip Hop getting played greasy once again. Yet and still, she didn’t really use her time on the show to do much but argue with Erica and Traci Steele, and plot with Mama Dee. Can we at least get a nail polish line?


JoJo Simmons

I’m still trying to figure out how JoJo, the one trying to start a rap career on Run’s House, was eclipsed by his little brother Diggy, who during all that time on the show only seemed interested in skateboarding and being a pre-teen. Who knew he would be the big rapper!? And while Diggy is out here getting fans (and even beefing with J. Cole), JoJo has been out here beefing on Twitter with transgender women he was caught flirting with. Oh, the struggle.

K. Foxx and Maybe The Whole Cast of Gossip Game

Now every woman on this show knows they never should have signed up for it, because it only painted them in a bad light. Kim Osorio might have gotten away unscathed (though her husband was doing too much with the threesome requests), but the rest just looked a mess. Ms. Drama was just too out of pocket, even for reality TV, Sharon Carpenter was treating people like she was Barbara Walters when she was clearly wasn’t, and sadly, K. Foxx wound up losing her post at HOT 97. Was it worth it? Foxx now works on radio in Miami, but if folks were trying to be the next NeNe or something, it didn’t happen for anybody.

Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.com

Sammi & Ronnie from Jersey Shore

This is what happens when you spend five out of six seasons only arguing and destroying stuff as opposed to hustling with the rest of your co-stars. While Snooki and J-Wow have their spin-off show, Pauly D has his numerous DJ gigs (and trouble with the mother of his child), Vinny has a show on MTV and The Situation is…well, he’ll always be the Situation, these two have moved in together and taken their relationship to the next level. But yeah…that’s about it.

Consequence & Jen The Pen

I was pretty disappointed that someone as seasoned in the rap game as Consequence would even decide to do reality TV, but boy was I not surprised that it turned out to be a bad idea. Love and Hip Hop painted Cons as a controlling guy with an annoying girlfriend. He jumped at women (remember when he acted like he wanted to fight Raqi at the reunion show?) and he pulled a punk move when he stuck Joe Budden in the back of the head when he wasn’t paying attention. It was all bad. As for Jen, she was so sure she was going to get put on and get back on radio easily because she was white, yet we still haven’t heard anything from her or her man since.

Winston Burris/WENN.com

Terrell Owens

Despite the short popularity of his show, The T.O. Show on VH1, how did it really benefit Owens in the long run? He needed to make that show run until the wheels fell off, but instead, it ended after season three. After that, his friendship and business relationships with Monique and Kita fell apart, and the same women that were trying to be claimed by him on the show were nowhere to be found when his career began to flounder. There were no endorsements or anything positive that came out of him doing the show. It’s really sad when you think about it…

Keke Wyatt

Wyatt is only on this list because of the fact that we still don’t understand why she wouldn’t do the tour with the other R&B Divas or agree to record an album with them! There was supposed to be a tour helmed by Kelly Price that Wyatt was finally going to do, but Chante Moore came out and said it wasn’t going down, so folks are back at stage one. Wyatt probably has the best voice out of all the women, and the potential to do really big things, but her husband and the singer herself seem to think that she’s somehow above such collaborations with Syleena Johnson and her own cast. But is she really?


Jon Gosselin

He lost his marriage, he says his eight kids have developmental problems after doing reality TV, and in the end of it all, all he has to show from doing reality TV and making such sacrifices is his Ed Hardy clothing, a cabin in the woods and a job as a waiter at a restaurant. Did we mention that he’s struggling to pay child support? I think keeping his kids and his marriage out of the spotlight would have done him good if wasn’t going to do anything after the fact to keep the notoriety going and to financially provide for his kids. But word on the street is that he’s doing Couples Therapy next. Take advantage of the opportunity, bruh!

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  • TruthHurtsYou

    Sheree is the worst………………..bitter hag. What man could be into her.

  • Pam Rusch-Shaloy

    I don’t even know who any of these people are besides Jon Gosselin. Honestly, I don’t really care.

  • teaxsover

    I watched Laguna Beach and the Hills so i was a Lauren Conrad fan from the beginning..I liked Heidi when she was Lauren’s friend but once she met and started dating Spencer I think she lost her mind and her fans. He was disrespectful to her mother, told Heidi to put her homeless sister out and he spread lies about everyone. Spencer dated Heidi her for publicity never realizing that his presence in Heidi’s life lessened her value. He believed together they would make a lot of money. He actually thought people liked them together….separately yes, but together no…he was slime. (okay I’m done)



  • therealnumber1

    Keke doesn’t belong on this list, after the show she was the only one with a hit single out… with Avant of course~lol….People say they haven’t checked for Olivia sinc candy shop…pelase I wasn’t even chekin for her then, I haven’t checked for Olivia since Bizounce! Olivia can sing but she isn’t believable…The song rich gave to Olivia that was originally Erica Mena’s…I heard both versions, Olivia’s and Erica’s…Olivia sounded better WAY BETTER clearly…but I will admit that Erica’s version was more believable, from her voice to even the promo pic…it’s more than just knowing how to sing and thats where Olivia screws up…

  • Rey White

    Sheree could not have held down a reality show spin off. She wasn’t very interesting, and her grammar was atrocious. When she got excited, she’d talk so rapidly she was incoherent. The only thing she was good at was cursing people out. Her claim to “minuscule” fame was the scene with the party planner. She got the man so upset he nearly punched her in the face. That, unfortunately, was the high point of her below-sea-level stint on RHWOA.

  • Oscar Madison

    I don’t watch “reality” TV of the type these people would be on so I don’t even know who they are. My opinion of “reality” TV is that it’s like some misguided attempt at “equal opportunity”. It’s a place where people with no talent for anything, not even for being human in some cases, can get camera time, especially minorities. I also don’t understand why anyone would watch this crap. The sleaze will ooze out of your screen into your homes you know.

  • disqus_LQmjCZP25F

    Sheree was one of the better ones; she had brains and man could she hold her own in a verbal battle. I don’t know why she didn’t click, but she has the potential to be interesting to be on a show. She is intelligent and engaging.

  • Shunk W

    TO and his bowling team are still out there. Saw him on TV this last weekend with the PBA.

  • Teach4Peace

    Wow & Whoa! Spencer and Heidi both look awful in that pic. He looks bloated and she looks, well, anyway! I always KNEW Lauren would get the last laugh as these two launched themselves head first into screwing everyone around them who even bothered to care about them. Please believe, you can treat people like shyt if you want, but it’s coming about around and payback is most of the time, WORSE!

  • Nancal

    Recently, I had the opportunity to meet Olivia at a charity event in NJ. She is absolutely lovely. We laughed throughout the night and I found her to be down to earth.
    I think what viewers need to remember is all of these “reality” tv shows are only ‘reality’ if you get to see the entire true footage which usually winds up being edited for drama and ratings. Most of the scenarios are orchestrated and staged. Olivia sang for a small group of us and her voice was amazing. She took time out of her life to support a cause with no cameras, press, or publicity to promote herself.
    Don’t believe everything you see on TV.

    • southerngal22

      Nancal- I believe what you are saying, however it’s not her singing or voice, it’s her attitude that comes across negatively. She may have had some time to review some of those shows and reflect on them. She could be the best of the best @ whatever, but with both a negative personality and attitude, which it appears to be a part of who she is. As an consumer, we want realness and those (2) traits appeared to be real (who she really is). And, everybody can’t be wrong. I am glad you had a pleasant encounter with her. And, hopefully, she has matured. I wish her much success.

  • more

    Olivia ego IS AMAZING! She was never BIG! HELL even K michelle surpassed her entire career in just 1 season even without THE hit album (not a fan of k) . Olivia BROZED self was crazy to me!

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    ctfu at can u at least get a nail polish line or something

  • Meemo

    Tamar, K Michelle, and Erica Mena (which one doesn’t belong?)…..two can actually sing and write their own music, the third is a reality star and men’s magazine article. Erica doesn’t belong in the same conversation, sorry Rich but you need more people. LOL!!!

  • oppa

    Kay Foxx went from competing against Angela Yee and the Breakfast Club to working for a station that syndicates their morning show. She took the ultimate L on that one. But at least she still has a job and is doing well for herself.

  • Olivia didn’t make it on the show for the same reason her music career will never take off. She has no personality. There’s nothing interesting about her. There’s no feeling in her music.

  • dee

    It hasn’t even been like a full year missing from “reality” tv and already Olivia and Sharee are in the “where are thy now” category.

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    I dont care what y’all say about Shay, when she kicked Scrappy outta HER house i was all for her since. At least she got her own, unlike Bambi ole stanky self…

    • Mia

      Actually Erica was the only one who wasn’t trying to save Scrappy’s arse. Shay put a bill in her name! I wish I would! Then Bambi has to buy his azz deoderant? Really? What grown arse man needs a broad to buy him deoderant?

  • Reese

    The gossip game was a big yawn. You had to be from NYC to care.

    • Rissie75

      I’m from NY and I didn’t care…

      • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N


  • Tricia

    I remember when Heidi & Spencer appeared on The View at the height of their (in)fame(y), Whoopi warned them that they’d better have something to fall back on cause the benefits they were getting from their hijinks would run out eventually. They kinda laughed her off, but prophecy fulfilled.

  • Dinah

    I STILL want Sheree to win. Her hair always looked nice and she NEVER backed down to NeNe. I’m rooting for you Sheree.

    • sasha

      she taking up donations for her chateau …you can go to her website to donate….support those reality stars help them get ahead…LMAO

      • Krazilia Love

        lol are you serious

        • sasha

          Naw I just wanted to see how much Dinah wanted her to win….like was it just a hoorah or is a check included LMAO…I just cant lol

          • Krazilia Love


      • teaxsover

        you so wrong for that. LOL

  • akwgreenzbk

    Ugh definitely was not feeling Olivia on lhhny. Her attitude was foul. Acting like she was Bey or Rih. Like no1 was or is checking for you boo…voice is great but guess that wasn’t enough.

    • sasha

      LoL yea she was acting like she was already a superstar …she did a chorus on a hit song…DONE….the most exciting thing about her and G-Unit is that they ran a train on her…to this day all the members of G-unit dog her out during interviews

      • akwgreenzbk


  • mikki21

    Sorry Jen and Con were not “painted” in a bad light. They were just wrong with how they approached situations. I know they were mostly provoked, but I’m sorry as an adult you have to know how to respond to idiots without looking like one.

  • moniqhar

    That list was whack… what about New York???

  • I love music

    In my Ice-T voice ( U PLAYED YOURSELF)

  • guest

    Cons did give us the best radio interview of the year on the breakfast club. That was classic.

  • Amber

    I actually like Sheree from the random episodes that I saw on the show admittedly I only watched a few episode from season 1 and 2. But I think Sheree’s issue was that she was chasing opportunities that didn’t really fit. She should have been pushing fitness/personal training/nutrition stuff from the start since she worked out so much and looked really fit.

    • Ms. Kameria

      She could have had the very first donkey/stallion work out DVD…..j/k, but she does take her fitness and health very seriously, and she could have been more successful.

  • dezy p

    Olivia fu@#%d up when she took Yandy side over Chrisy when yandy was wrong and she could’ve had a little more tv time with Chrisy!!!

    • dee

      Chrissy wasn’t the only lady in Jim’s life and Chrissy couldn’t handle that. Don’t nobody want Jim and Olivia was so right.

      • dezy p

        Well Yandy was acting like an out of line jump off, u know what chrissy does to those right, she eliminates them!!!

        • Mia

          LOL Girl don’t nobody want Jimmy’s stanking arse!

          • dezy p

            That’s why she was soo worried about how he spends his money right!

            • Mia

              Wasn’t she his manager? Wasn’t that her job? I agree that she might’ve overstepped boundaries, but I don’t think she was sleeping with him or even wanted him.

      • Mia

        Olivia and Yandy were friends. I really didn’t see anything wrong with Yandy giving her the book on mother in laws but Chrissy took it and ran with it. Chrissy is still a hoodrat no matter how expensive her clother are or her shoes or her boobs or her teeth.

        • dezy p

          U must be missing that sensitivty chip, or some screws is loose in your head! How would u like to be given a book about how to be a better person, or a better wife, or a better mother! It is a big, huge insult, its more a slap in the face and if yandy or anybody gave me a book like that I would hit them so hard in the head with it, all the pages would come out! She can take her book and stuck it up her arse!!! That’s what she can do with it!!

          • Mia

            And there you go! Typical hoodrat behavior!

            • dezy p

              Listen sweets, u can’t around starting mess and then call it hoodrat behavior when someone responds! Give me a book like dat is asking for trouble, which like chrissy I will deliver ok!

  • S Jo

    Olivia had a real stank attitude & stank personality, so I know that no one is checking for her!
    & I loved Sheree! I just hate that we probably will never see Chateu Sheree! Chateau Sheree was gorgeous! Maybe Kenya’s African Tycoon will buy it for Kenya!

    • Tracey

      No one has been checking for Olivia since Candy shop…

    • Mia

      Sheree should’ve opened a fitness studio. She loved to work out and her body was banging especially for a women in her 40’s.
      I could not stand Olivia.

    • sasha

      Sheree and Olivia acted just alike ..both thought they were all that and both look like tranny men

    • hardtimz

      LOL the only problem with that , Kenya’s Tycoon only exist in her mind…

  • Nessa Fox

    maybe these people just wanted to do reality for a while and that’s it


    y’all should have used the picture of terrell owens crying
    i love that photo

    • hardtimz

      LMBO! Especially with his bottom lip quivering…too funny!