“These So Called MINISTERS”: TLC Responds To The Wendy Williams Interview With Pebbles

November 14, 2013  |  

Source: Lia Toby/WENN.com

So basically, the drama will never end. You heard Pebbles say in her interview with Wendy Williams yesterday that she has plans to write a book, and most likely, will sue VH1 for CrazyS*xyCool: The TLC StoryAnd if that wasn’t enough, she basically tried to affirm rumors that Chilli had an affair with her then-husband, LA Reid. It was all kinds of messy, and you know T-Boz and Chilli weren’t going to let all that slide. But instead of calling anyone for an interview or getting into a back and forth with Pebbles’ always reckless and ready daughter Ashley, the women took to Twitter to call Pebbles out. If you’ll recall, she is a Christian minister these days, and even released a gospel album in 2008. But I guess to the ladies of TLC, all that shade throwing and talk of affairs and catching cases back in the day was anything but holy, holy, holy. Both women shared this same message on their Twitter accounts after the interview yesterday:

The ladies also put out a statement saying the following:

“No member of TLC ever slept with or had sexual contact with LA Reid as Perri falsely accused Chilli of on “The Wendy Williams Show.” In fact, Perri had falsely alleged the same thing happened with Tionne.”

Tionne also went on to say in the statement, “I would like to confirm that Perri Reid was the only person who ever suggested that Chilli leave TLC. Neither Lisa nor I ever wanted or suggested that.”

And there you have it folks. Hopefully this won’t create any more back and forths, because at this point, we get it (and actually got it years ago): Pebbles is a bit on the shady side. TLC can go and make music, and Pebbles can go write her book and make money off them (again), and they can all move on. On a side note, Lil Mama spoke to HipHopHollywood at the Soul Train Awards and said that with the messy feud refueling, she says, “I hope that in this time that the girls and Pebbles can find some type of understanding.” But as below the belt as these insults and threats and hits are getting, I doubt that will happen.

What do you make of their response? 

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  • Bill

    It’s a shame, Pebbles has all of TLC’s money stuffed under her mattress. And, she’s trying to come up again by filing a lawsuit about the truth they told? That’s like saying, “Your truth is a lie, in my world”. I hope she doesn’t win a dime in these lawsuits. Viacom should have asked ordinary people on the streets about her, they would have spilled the tea.

    It’s widely known that she’s manipulated every single person in her path throughout her life, from boyfriends, to husbands, to pimps. That was sheer greed, because she had little experience as a manager. The money she wanted would not have come from her singing career, and so she made plans to trample on every husband and artist that she encountered. The black community has no love for Pebbles, for her deeds, and she feels no shame for sitting in courtrooms begging for mo money while telling lies & trying to fool the public.

    She has tried to live under the radar for many years so people would forget, but when the movie came out she got dollar signs $$$ in her eyes..again. She just does not want TLC to have any money of their own. And if she was a righteous person, she would have took some of that money and got with TLC to do their movie, like N.W.A.. She can hide under the holy rock or elsewhere, but people have to answer to their wrongdoings in the sight of our God.

    It’s unbelievable that managers would have artists bound at every angle, as such. It’s unheard of, and artists do have the right to hire their people. She ruined her own career by being greedy and placing TLC into hopelessness. If in fact, Chilli did sleep with her husband, it was because love didn’t live there. Had she done right, she and TLC could have been on good terms to write their own script and tell their story. Pebbles should come forth and if not to forgive, she should share her money with TLC even 20 years later but she keeps suing to not fork over the dough.

    Left Eye would probably be alive today had it not been for running away from the problems that plagued them; she was weary from the bad deal, while knowing she was robbed. The bad karma surrounding TLC wasn’t of their own.

  • MyBiz

    Really they are still talking about this? T&C and Pebbles needed a comeback and they got it. The movie wasn’t about anything we didn’t already know. The girls got screwed, chili is/was boy crazy, and tboz has health issues. I’m gonna leave left eye alone because she passed. They are all probably rejoicing about the media attention. I expected more from the movie, but it is what it is. Oh, wait, why was left eye adopted daughter left out of the movie?

  • Wanda Simpson

    And wherever you find mess you will find wendy williams in the middle of it. she is the hot mess in this always stiring the pot.

  • Michele DaCosta

    Bottom line is Perri Pebbles Reid is looking for a come up and her daughter is adding fuel to the fire attempting to gain some relevancy! Pebbles where were you when all of this came out years ago? You didn’t say anything then, why? Why do you feel your need to come out now and explain yourself when you could have done back then! Oh the lies you are telling are horrible!

  • me

    This is all SO stupid now. Are any of you surprised they denied what she said? Are you surprised Pebbles denied what they said? At the end of the day this mess has made them ALL relevant again, not just Pebbles because I don’t know anyone who was talking about TLC prior to this either – and the beauty of social media is that an army of “loyal fans” who probably can’t even find their TLC CDs come out of the woodwork to join in the drama. They all need to get over it because at this rate we will be hearing about this for months. All three of them need to have all of the seats at Philips Arena and the Civic Center combined.

    • CC

      Well that does include you……Also, not having TLC cds has nothing to do with TLC, virtual media storage has made that possible as time changed for all types of media. The reason TLC’s fans stand behind them is because they are truly FANS!!! That’s what fans do regardless of how much time has passed. Why do people say they don’t like something or somebody but make it a structured point to make a big deal out of it and comment on the subject??? You don’t get that many seats for this idiotic jibberish, so do yourself a favor and kindly have one.

      • me

        Child who was making a big deal out of anything? It’s a free country and I chose to post. Why is it idiotic? Because you don’t agree with it? The point is they are NEVER going to agree on any of it so all the back and forth is futile now. Who would dispute that? A “fan” like you I suppose. But if you think them talking in circles is productive then sally forth love.

  • Tanecia Nicole

    That movie just made Pebbles relevant again! Those girls have nothing to lie about. If they were done wrong, they were done wrong. The same thing happened to Toni Braxton so I know everyone isn’t lying! She’s mad that the world see her as the shady person she is. TLC made hits after hits ain’t no way they should of been bankrupted. Her blaming Chili for sleeping with her husband still don’t have anything to do with their money. Clearly she’s still with L.A Reid so if it did happen he’s just as guilty as her!

    • Lost Soul

      She and LA Reid are divorced.

      • Tiffany

        Yeah…wasn’t she the one sleeping with Babyface and caused his divorce?

  • MarriedMomOf2

    The movie was like almost a month ago, I’m just sick of hearing about Pebbles b*tching about how she was portrayed in this made for TV movie, just STFU, tell your ignorant daughter to STFU herself and MOVE ON!

  • CC

    TLC, nobody is checking for Perri and her thirsty daughter. Your fans stand behind you 150% and we always will……It’s funny how they are the only ones going this hard at trying to “defend” themselves and the rest of the parties mentioned in the movie have yet to say anything (or have said very little)!!! So Perri and Ashley, keep running your mouths and when you slip up and seriously tell on yourselves for the muckery, you have nobody to blame but yourselves!!!

  • Linda M McCuff

    TLC really doesn’t have to defend themselves, the group was wronged and that’s clear. The matter is not a new one and in fact it happened twenty years ago. Pebbles and her daughter are trying to cover the issue, making the situation about sex and not thief .It all makes Pebbles looks guilty. She needs to let this go before it all back fires. Because she is making liable statements, and she better be able to back all of this up..

  • DaisyDuke

    Did anyone else expect this VH1 movie to stir up this much of a fallout? Especially since T-Boz, Left Eye and Chilli have been saying the same thing about Pebbles for years now? Did Pebbles not see TLC’s “Behind The Music”???

    And where is Andre Rison??? With everyone else coming out of the woodworks over this movie I’m surprised he’s been quiet.

    • anewlis

      You said EXACTLY what I’ve been thinking. None of this is new! So. It has to be about the hype right?

      • Sunshinegirl

        Has to be. I don’t think we learned any new information at all except that Pebbles and are daughter need to stay off those bath salts and stop being delusional!