Jamaica, Grenada, Haiti Stand Up! Are You Ready For “Caribbean Wives Of South Florida”?

November 13, 2013  |  

Would you watch Caribbean Wives of South Florida? You already watch every installment of the Real Housewives franchise and every other “Wives” show that there is, but you haven’t seen anything like this.

A major reason for a show like this to be made, according to those behind it, is because reality shows set in Florida (like Real Housewives of Miami) really don’t show or represent the true demographics of the state like they should. Maxine Tulloch, the woman behind Tulloch Media Communications, which is producing the show, elaborates on this lack of diversity in an interview with Vibe:

“South Florida is not just Hispanics. When you look at the demographics on people from the Caribbean, there are just as many of us.”

According to the New York Daily News, the show  “looks at the triumphs, trials and tribulations of marriage, careers, raising their children and cultural challenges in America.” The show has women straight from all over the Caribbean, including Jamaica, Haiti, Grenada, the Dominican Republic, and more.

Tulloch and company say the show is entertaining, but respectful to the Caribbean culture, as to not portray the women in too negative of a light. As she told the Daily News:

“It’s different because there is nothing like it — Hollywood wants the high drama, the fights, the ridiculous conflicts, shock behavior — we bring none of that to the production. Yes, there are conflicts, but they are played out differently, the Caribbean way, with class and dignity; our culture dictates how we behave and it is shown in our production — we are different, America has never seen the Caribbean in its true form. In this production, we expressed the culture as best as possible.”

There will be an actual screening and red carpet premiere of the show in Manhattan on Friday, Nov. 15 (at Hunter College’s Kaye Playhouse from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. if you’re in NYC). If all goes well with the pilot, the show should be joining the throng of reality shows out right now (and we all know there are a bit too many). But will it be worth the watch? After checking some of it out, I don’t see any physical altercations or major messy drama, but the women do have quite the catty moments. Check out a preview of the show below and let us know if you think cameras should be following these ladies.


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  • LadyP52

    I would not watch anything that produce to show people from the Caribbean in a negative way. Its bad enough they have these shows that show women in a negative way already why add to the grabage that is already out there. As women we should stand together as one and say no to anything that show us in a negative way. @ Sha you might think that some Caribbean/African people do not identify with Black Americans because we do not share your history but that is far from been a true statement. Its the other way around African Americans is the ones who think that because we did not share in your histroy of slavery. African Americans believe that because we are from the caribbean that we do not understand what African Americans went through. The sad true is that if African Americans took the time to really study their history then they would realise that if we were to go back in history we would find out that people from the caribbean and African Americans are distant relative. During the slavery time men that were married and have children in order for them to conform to what was been asked of then, their wife and children were sent to the caribbean. I have been to by African American to go back to my country on the banana boat that I came here on. I have African American friend that don’t think that I am black because I am from the caribbean. I might be mixed four ways since sunday but when I look in the mirror I see a Beautify Black woman reguardless of where I am from I will alway be of African descent.

  • ExpatElegance

    Did they say they are classy? Same ole same ole. Drama and bad behavior!

  • girlme

    Please fine tune this and put some people of the Caribbean that represent the professional community in South Florida. Like doctors, lawyers, nurses, entrepeneurs, musicians, politicians, business owners, etc. We are out there.

  • Jhaen Mascoll

    Hate these stupid reality shows. They will embarrass the Caribbean
    Do a real TV show with a real plot and message, not a reality show with the nonsense that comes with it.

  • shaba

    wow might be interesting, anyway they are all about drama, all the housewives shows are about drama, get it right people.

  • Champagne

    This is not reality TV People!!!! Reality is when the cameras are rolling and you don’t know it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • geehie girl

    ah mess, and it doesnt matter how much carribeans, african americans supposedly differ…we are all ratchet at some point in our lives no race is better than the next!!!

  • iluvmyppl.

    I would like to see…no one is perfect. I love my ppl. flaws n all.

  • KamJos

    This is disgusting and not the values that Caribbean should promote. I’m tired of seeing ratchetness growing in the Caribbean.

  • Leememe

    Caribbean people don’t blast their business of in public in such a degrading way please don’t air something like this where they will classify us as the “others” our culture and the way we were trained to handle certain things is different.

  • mono

    Ok now this franchise has gone way to far!! The credits on this trailer look tacky, one of the character is slow for air time. Pls don’t air this on Bravo even the Miami house wives are terrible and fake.

    • GirlSixx

      Well in all honesty, BRAVO is not endorsing/producing this show, which is why they are not calling it “THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF SOUTH FLORIDA” and I doubt it will be on the bravo channel like the rest of the houswives shows.
      This show is on its own!!! *smh*

  • Guest

    Housewives dont typically work. Show shouldnt air! I hate it already

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  • Anso Whitely

    As a Jamaican female, I am deeply disturbed by this clip. This is inaccurate . This pilot show needs to go back to vault!!! This does not depicts the true life of any Caribbean female. This is all about becoming famous, and a quick rich scheme. A true immigrant will tell of their struggles to achieve his or her goals. The many sleepless nights, holding down two jobs ,,,and the story goes on…. Please producers if you are produce please do your research, learn the cultures, conduct interviews … to make the show more rewarding visit the islands… remember knowledge is power.

  • BobbyBrownsUnhingedLowerJaw

    um was the lady speaking in tounges before they towed her car…smh or was that “christian-ese”?

  • Venus

    OMG! the f*** is this????

  • leilnai

    The hell is this. This just looks like a bad African movie lol. I just wish that the Haitian lady was not part of this mess

  • provokethought

    I feel like it will add to the whole Caribbean vs Black American thing. Hence the comment that they “Women of the Caribbean” will express themselves with class….as opposed to what or who? From the preview it looks like it is going to fall victim to all of the reality shows out there….showing the worst of all of us for the sake of entertainment. I can’t see myself supporting this.

  • nubian queen

    Yes please! Bring it on. I want to be entertained – please, please, please. Who cares whether they are perfect or not. None of the other ‘Real Wives’ were perfect, but entertaining is what they certainly were.

  • Shawn Locklin

    yes I want to see them with their own show.

  • Ginna Germain Basile

    As a Haitian woman I wouldn’t watch this or any other of these Reality Shows!! they make women look petty, classless, fake, and stupid!! not a good example for our young women out there!! I know people love to watch all that mess and drama, but it’s not for me.

    • Naturally NellyB

      Same here, just like how those other shows are poor representations of the African American woman, this show is just gonna be drama surrounding these Afrocaribbean women…as a trini i wont watch either, i cant stand any of these shows…

  • Yamine

    Not interested looks wack. Long LIVE RHOA!

  • smoinpour

    oh my…should be entertaining i guess

  • Dee

    Everytime I see this I cringe…. Guess all west indians are “spice” or whatever smh. Please leave it to the Black Americans

  • on_the_fence

    No, because all it will do is show the worst, most unrealistic version of the islands. I don’t like what I see with the other shows and I doubt I will like this

  • Tinawina

    You know the Caribbean vs Black Americans thing is out of control when you have people competing to show who can be the “classier” version of ratchet. People need to just stop. LOL. Trifling is trifling no matter what the accent.

  • Sian Rose

    I cringe at some of the behaviors that I see on reality TV but they are no more dramatic than the foolery that I seen play out before my eyes everyday. As for the rest, Caribbean people are just as capable of being politically incorrect, immoral and boughetto as the rest. I know I come from the Caribbean.

  • IG: Taneeka2012

    Don’t put this foolishness on TV. It didn’t even look interesting.

  • Nevermore

    ummm…that would be a no for me…

  • Melyssa

    OMG!! WHY??
    I need subtitles!!!!

  • Entertainmentluvva

    this is a rhoa rip off #nogawd !

  • R LongPig

    Lawd ha’ mercy…..no.

  • Ce1999

    Content aside, there’s something low-budget about the sound quality in this clip.

    • Tiff

      I venture to guess they want to see how well received it will be before investing money. Probably because they are women of color, they don’t expect it to do well.

  • deepbrownsista

    Hot Spicy Caribbean Mess!!! These chicks are just as “grimey” and class-clueless as their american sisters in reality sheve-TV.

  • Kristen

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a show about Caribbean women but I’m not sure if I’d want it to be apart of the Housewives franchise. I’ve also heard in seasons past that the Housewives of Miami don’t have great ratings. Adding this show will definitely blow them out of the water and they may just be cancelled! If they truly aren’t as dramatic as the other Housewives shows/reality TV shows I wouldn’t mind watching it. BUT, if it’s not dramatic then I doubt Bravo would pick it up. Plus, 8 women at once is a LOT to handle and try to learn/remember!

    • Kristen

      Erm ok nevermind..I just watched the video clip (which I should have done before) and this is tacky! I’m still not against a show on Caribbean women but one that’s more classy! This looks like something from 2000-2002.

  • yousalie

    so i’ve been reducing my ratchet tv viewing to a minimum. however, i would watch this but sound is very poor quality as well a the filming. also, does every housewife have to pretend they are wealthy? look at tereasa giudice that shti catches up with you. lets have real honesty and reality like i’m broke i just spent my baby’s child support on this horrible weave and if this chick gets out of line imma cut her with my switch blade. since when did caribbeans handle conflict with class and calm? any if they can improve the sound quality and video i’d watch lol

  • howwedoit

    I would love to see this! hahahaha

    • Chas

      Yup me too. I love reality TV lol

    • Soffy

      Me too! I always watch RHOA and never watched the Miami franchise because it looks more like Real Housewives of Havana.

  • Trisha_B

    But these shows aren’t meant to showcase culture. These shows are for drama, women drama. How many episodes are there going to be of these women talking about their culture vs how many episodes of them going shopping & chilling on vacation. w.e

  • Bits

    “Yes, there are conflicts, but they are played out differently, the Caribbean way, with class and dignity”?????????????? Yeah right. Like caribbean people are just so much more put together than everyone else. They just as ratchet if not more! lol Will not be watching…

    • ZeroFuxGiven

      I hope when you say “they”, you meant the fools on the show.

      • Bits

        keep hoping.

        • ZeroFuxGiven

          Jealous and bitter much???! Did one of us take your fella or did you catch him staring too long. That happens.

    • sha

      Not sure what she meant, but I mean Caribbean folks are just as ratchet as any one else. I really pray this show does not surface the ugly fact that some Caribbean/African people do not identify with Black Americans because they do not share our history. Sad but true and I really do not want to see that on screen. Think I am scared of this one!

    • Kala

      “Yes, there are conflicts, but they are played out differently, the Caribbean way, with class and dignity” Boy are they in a rude awakening when the producers are done editing the episodes. lol

    • ExpatElegance

      Those accents, cultural habits, styles, etc…the show should be moved to the Caribbean where people would enjoy watching them behave so “Caribbean-classy.”

  • nick

    This should NOT EVER happen! These clowns aren’t worried about representing anyone, they want some shine and a few more coins in their wallets. I’d rather the public be oblivious to Caribbean culture than to watch this n shame us.

    • Miss K


    • Aisha Bella Myers

      I agree with you Nick!

    • nubian queen

      I think anyone with any sense will see that this show is just for entertainment purposes. Who cares what others think anyway? The ones that don’t like the Caribbean culture wouldn’t like it even if these girls proved that they were perfect human beings. In fact, they would hate them even more for being black, beautiful and perfect! Forget about the haters. They don’t care about us, so why should we care about their views?