Things Women Say That Men Hate Hearing

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When you find the man who is right for you, you’ll quickly realize that he’s able to listen to anything and everything that you have to say, no matter the topic at hand. However, though your man may never tell you, there are definitely some topics and keywords that men just hate hearing. If you want to keep your man from ignoring certain discussions you bring up, there are certain topics you’ll want to avoid speaking about and certain words you definitely don’t want to use.. Here are 14 things women say that men hate hearing.

“I need to tell you something”

Telling a man that you need to talk or that you need to tell him something is one of the quickest and easiest ways to make him feel extremely uneasy. In most cases, these phrases typically mean that something isn’t right which will automatically ruin his day, especially if you hold off on really talking about what is wrong. Instead of starting off your conversations with either of these phrases, just get to the point.

“Does this make me look fat?”

We all want our man to think that we look nice in whatever outfit we choose. However, asking your man if you look fat in this dress or those pants is merely a loaded question with no real good answer. Even if your man says no, you clearly think you look fat or else you’d have never asked the question. More than likely your man will compliment you, so stray away from seeking acceptance.

“I don’t like your friend(s)”

It’s not uncommon for you to not like a few of the guy friends that make up your man’s social group. Maybe this one guy is just too obnoxious for you or maybe he seems a bit too shady. Whatever the case may be, no matter how much you dislike a friend or two of his, it’s best to just keep it to yourself as it will only create an argument that neither you nor your man can win. Accept things for what they are and try to be as understanding as you can.

“You’re such a mama’s boy”

Most men are close to their mothers in some way or another, and while he may compare some of your qualities to hers, no man wants to be told that he is a mama’s boy. A lot of men are extremely touchy and sensitive when it comes to their mothers, and no man really wants to be told that he is still a bit too attached to his mom. This is another statement worth keeping to yourself.

“Do what you want”

Do what you want, I don’t care, and other empty statements are phrases and words that no man wants to hear. The fact is that even though you say these things, you don’t really mean them, and you and your man both know this. Instead of dancing around your real feelings and thoughts, just let them out.

“Am I prettier than her?”

This is another loaded question that really isn’t a fair thing to ask your man. Of course any man will find other women attractive, but that doesn’t mean he puts them above you. Women tend to only ask this question when they are insecure and lacking self-confidence. If your man is with you, he loves you and wants you, not someone else. So while you may think another women is higher than you on the attractiveness scale, your man is with you, and that’s all that matters.

“Why can’t you be more like…”

Comparing your man to another one and questioning why he isn’t more like another man can be devastating. Men pride themselves on being unique, and by comparing your man to someone else you’re taking away from his individuality. Asking your man to be like another man is a huge blow to the ego, and it can definitely lead to a bad situation, if not a break up.

“My ex…”

No matter how long you two have been together or how close you two are, there is never a time when your man wants to hear you talk about your ex. Starting any sentence with those two dreaded words will rarely lead to a conversation that your man wants to have. It’s okay to talk about your ex at times, but mentioning him over and over again can be annoying, frustrating, and even a bit nerve-wracking for your man.

“I have a headache”

Headaches and other minor aches seem to be the biggest blockers of sex. When your man is looking for some and you’re just not feeling him, tell him that straight out. There’s no need to make up a phony excuse as to why you don’t want sex, especially when the excuse is the same one every woman uses. Be real about it and your man will probably understand a lot more.

“Nothing is wrong”

You’ve been acting a bit distant all day and when your man asks what’s wrong, you immediately say nothing. If there is one single phrase that all men hate hearing, it’s definitely this one. Saying nothing is wrong, when something clearly is, is extremely frustrating for a man, especially one who cares and wants to help make you feel better. Saying nothing makes it harder for your man to help you.

“Do you even love me?”

If you’re having doubts about your man’s feelings, you probably shouldn’t approach the subject by questioning them out front. Asking a man if he loves you or cares about you is pretty much a knife in the heart, as it shows you’re doubting his feelings. Avoid questioning his emotions and if you really do have doubts, figure out what is causing them first.


The one word that sends any man’s mind into overdrive is “whatever.” Saying that word, especially during or after an argument, really makes things that much worse. Clearly things aren’t just “whatever” and something needs to be done to fix the problem at hand. If you don’t want to talk about something at the time, just say that. Using the W word won’t do anyone any good.

“You never/you always…”

While you may be angry, frustrated, and a mixture of plenty of other emotions, it’s never wise to throw the words never and always at your man, especially when you’re using them in a negative way. It’s unlikely that your man never helps you around the house and it’s also unlikely that your man is always late to events. Avoid using these words, even if you really are trying to pack a verbal punch.

“You remind me of my dad/brother/uncle”

No man wants to be compared to a family member of yours. This creates a really odd and awkward environment and even if you said that statement in a complimenting way, it’s highly unlikely that your man will take it in that manner. Your guy isn’t applying to be your dad or your brother, instead it’s just looking to be your significant other. Avoid comparing your man to anyone in your family.

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