“It Belongs To Me”: Porsha Stewart Talks Keeping Kordell’s Last Name And Being “Less Than Smart”

November 11, 2013  |  

So Porsha Stewart was on The Wendy Williams Show today and she was asked a little bit of everything about her marriage to Kordell Stewart. A few things that stuck out to us during this sit-down was Wendy calling her “less than smart” more than once, her statements about the conversations she had with Kordell about him possibly being gay, and of course, why she says the last name Stewart belongs to her and her plans to keep it. Here’s the tea that was spilled:

When speaking with Wendy about how she lives with her mom now that she has split from her husband, and how she’s even taken her mother’s master bedroom (which we saw last night) while moms sleeps in the guest room, Wendy had to give Porsha the real about behaving “less than smart” and being a little too spoiled as a woman in her 30s.

Porsha Stewart: “She knows I’m used to having a nice space and not that her guest room wasn’t accommodating, but she wanted me to feel extra, extra comfortable. My mom totally spoils me.”

Wendy Williams: “I’m going to talk very honest…Your behavior is less than smart. From my perspective as a fan, you are a gorgeous woman who has the world at your feet. You have no children, which is a plus in this particular situation. I think you should live on your own. It seems like you’ve been coddled and spoiled by your mother and Kordell and that never helps us as women when we get out in the world.”

Porsha went on to say that while her mother does spoil her, she always gives her the real that she might not want to hear. So I wonder what her mom thinks about Porsha’s decision to keep Kordell’s last name after all their ugliness. While talking with Wendy, it didn’t sound like she was doing it because as a reality star, that’s the name people know her by. Rather, she said that marriage changed her, and since she became a new woman as Mrs. Stewart, she plans to be Ms. Stewart.

“I’m going to keep Stewart. A lot of people say, “Why?! Give him his name!” It’s not his name, it’s my name. I was Porsha Williams at one part in my life before I got married. Marriage has taught me so much. I’m a whole other woman now so I’m going to own that last name. It belongs to me.”

Porsha also opened up about the gay rumors about Kordell, which she said she found out about after bringing him to meet her family. She says “Whether he is gay or on the downlow that had nothing to do with our breakup quite honestly.”

He was a retired football player so I didn’t know about him until he came to a family event. My uncle was taking pictures so I found out at that point. A couple family events later on I kept hearing so much about it that I said ‘I’m going to talk to him about it. There’s no way I can move to the next step and not talk to him about this.’

We were in the car on the way home. He was just very detailed about the whole situation, and at the end of it, he basically said there was no records so I guess it can’t be true because there was no records. I don’t know, take what you want from that.”

And what does she think of the fact that some people (including Wendy who once again called her “less than smart”) believe she isn’t so bright?

“I can say this though, last season I understand that I came off as a little airy and all that but that was me because I showed one side. I was being a loving, catering wife so people didn’t see who I really am.”

Very interesting interview, ya’ll. If you didn’t get to see it, check it out on the next page and let us know your thoughts! And on a side-note, Kordell has already hit up Wendy and is ready to speak his mind on her couch. Should be messy…

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  • Adriane Harris

    This is all good publicity for the show, the show itself this season is struggling. Wendys and HW of ATL

  • Whitley

    Kordell is gay/on the downlow allegedly but yet you asked the attorney for time to work on your marriage? If being gay is not enough to end a marriage, what is? Secondly, I want receipts of these so called businesses (plural) you were independent before your husband, yet you had to ask your mother for monies during the marriage and you didn’t have enough to be on your own upon divorce? So you were an entrepreneur married to a downlow cheapskate? Live your truth and stop the foolery. I thought you had the picture perfect life and you hung out with high society Atlanta and other women who didn’t have to work? Who marries well without having an understanding of your allowance and (at least limited) access to your husbands accounts? Girl stop please and thank you!

  • Beejcee

    First Porsha now I’ve heard Kordell is appearing on the Wendy Williams Show. Those two folks have to be a divorce attorney’s worse nightmare.

  • Kristen

    Smh Porsha..you had multiple opportunities to walk out smelling like a rose, but you continue to subject yourself to this nonsense. You allowed yourself to be railroaded and you still can’t let go! There’s a bunch of crap that went on in your marriage, he decided to divorce you (via twitter), he kicked you out of the house, he’s packing up your stuff (I can go on and on) and you still decide to keep this man’s last name?! No woman wants this man – you don’t have to prove anything to anyone by keeping his name! He’s showing you through his actions that he doesn’t want sh*t to do with you. But you like it evidently. You like getting treated like crap! Don’t complain about anything that he’s doing because you’re choosing to let it happen.

  • Nikkita Michelle

    Some of the richest women in the world are known to be airheads. Look at Jessica Simpson. Play that roll honey, and play it all the way to the bank.

    • FeelsGood

      Playing an airhead role to get a check is what we as women have subjected ourselves to? Very sad. But to be honest with you, I don’t think either Porsha or Jess are playing any role. I think its their authentic selves.

  • bigdede

    Kordell bought porsha mom that house so maybe thats why she could kick her mom out. But she shouldn’t keep that name. They have no children together and she isn’t Tina turner, she didn’t make a career out her name

    • Nikkita Michelle

      I hear what you’re saying, but if the man didn’t want her to have his last name he should have never married her. If she doesn’t want to change her name he has no legal right to ask her to.

  • FeelsGood

    Wendy is so condescending that it’s pathetic and talks too much for her own good. And I really wish Porsha would stop entertaining the gay rumors. Whether he’s gay or not she chose to still remain married to him, so what does that say about her?

  • FeelsGood

    Wendy is so condescending that it’s pathetic. And Porsha is really milking this divorce, ain’t she?

  • That’s My Story

    I’m guessing Porsha was doing the “Plug the show” rounds. Because there is no way Wendy Williams would have called me “less than smart” more than once. The first time I would have let her and her audience know as politely as possible that was her first and ONLY snarky shot at me. The next one would make her one talk show guest short!
    As far as her keeping Kordell’s last name….I would keep it too. It’s hers! It was given to her when she said “I DO”, and it is hers to do what she wants with it. Not sure if Kordell was married before or not, but she will forever be known as “the first (?) Mrs. Kordell Stewart”.

  • Ash.

    I think Wendy needs not to tell people what they should do with their lives.

    • donniagw595

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      Kaylee recently got silver Mercedes-Benz CL-Class Coupe by working from a
      macbook air… he said w­w­w.B­I­G­29.c­o­m