Mama Joyce Disses Todd, And Phaedra Sets Kenya Straight For Texting Apollo: RHOA Episode 2

November 11, 2013  |  
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What had you talking from last night’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta? Was it Phaedra and Kenya discussing the inappropriate texting that had been going on with Apollo? Was it Porsha’s hot short wig vs. Kandi’s fuchsia curls? Mama Joyce basically calling Todd a broke buster? Or what about Porsha saying she and her sister were as close as “Siamese cats”? There was a lot going on with last night’s episode of RHOA, and in case you missed it, we broke it down for you here:

Kenya Wins Case Against Her Landlord

This past summer, Kenya’s landlord was having a ball running the reality star’s name through the mud, claiming Kenya wasn’t paying her rent and that she wasn’t taking good care of the space she was renting. But after some messy court dates, a judge eventually threw out an eviction judgment against Moore. After winning the bout with her landlord, Kenya laughed it up with her assistant Brandon and her lawyer, and was flanked by paparazzi! I mean, if you consider two guys with Nikon cameras and a guy pretending to be a reporter “paparazzi.” Too bad we all know those were randoms called by Bravo…

Porsha Says She Was Broke During Her Marriage

After picking up a $5,000 spousal support check from Kordell for the month (which we know he was initially NOT trying to provide for her), Porsha and her mother discussed the monetary struggles she dealt with in her marriage. What was Kordell’s really was just Kordell’s as both women claimed that Porsha was really walking around with an empty wallet most of the time and asking her mom for money while married to a wealthy footballer. Hell, maybe that’s why she was so hellbent on doing Real Housewives of Atlanta in the first place! 

NeNe and Kenya Work Things Out…For Now

After folks got their ears pulled and cussed out during episode one of the season, Kenya and NeNe decided to meet up and bury the hatchet. Of course, they clear the air on Walter being invited to NeNe’s wedding (it wasn’t a personal attack on dramatic Kenya, but Walter and Gregg are cool), and why NeNe didn’t call Kenya during her eviction drama (NeNe didn’t really believe that Kenya was out on her a**–and she wasn’t). In the end, they decided to be cool for now, and NeNe even found a way to get Kenya to try and talk things out with Phaedra. But am I the only one who thinks NeNe does things like this so that she can watch these chicks squabble for her own entertainment?

Cynthia’s Not Pregnant, She Has Fibroids, And Peter Thinks It’s Comical

Remember how we thought Cynthia was pregnant and were giving her congratulations and what not? Well…about that…

According to this episode, the real reason Cynthia’s stomach was bloated was because she’s been dealing with fibroids. Not only do they make her stomach swell up after eating, but they lowered her sex drive, and made her periods heavier and much longer (10 days). Despite having a face full of tears and runny eye makeup, Peter found the whole thing silly (because he doesn’t understand how serious fibroid issues can be) and tells her to just stop stuffing her damn face as she lifts up her shirt and shows off her belly. Unfortunately, Cynthia, as usual, didn’t call him on his insensitive behavior.

Phaedra Explains Why She Can’t Go For Kenya

After calling Walter a rental boyfriend, Phaedra breaks down why she doesn’t want to be bothered with Kenya. “I don’t foresee that we’ll ever be friends, she just did some things I can never get past.” That includes propositioning Apollo, texting him, and just crossing the line in general.

Phaedra Disses Apollo In Front Of Her Friends

As you saw last week, Phaedra, Apollo and their growing family are trying to get comfortable in their new home in Atlanta. Apollo has been trying to fix up the house in his own way, while Phaedra tries to balance her never-ending responsibilities and gets help from everyone but her husband. With company in the home, a friend compliments Apollo’s work on the house and Phaedra shuts all that down by questioning his taste, including pointing that he put a pool table in their living room. He later says that she puts so much into her work that she’s lagging on her other responsibilities in the home, but the women make it clear that Cynthia does all the hard work with the kids and her mortuary exams, and her businesses in general. Before you know it, Apollo exits stage left in a huff and Phaedra lets folks know, “I’m not worried about Apollo, chile.” She better be careful…Kenya’s somewhere hiding in the bushes waiting for her shot.

Cynthia Seeks Help For Her Fibroids

After taking Peter to the doctor with her to see what can be done about a procedure to help Cynthia with her fibroids, he learned quite a lot about his wife’s condition, and that it was about more than just eating the wrong food from time to time. The doctor explained that Cynthia’s condition was affecting her sexual relationship with Peter, and offered her two options: a hysterectomy, or Uterine Fibroid Embolization–not surgery, and a lot less invasive. She jumps at the chance to get it.

Phaedra And Kenya Clear Things Up About Inappropriate Texts To Apollo

After a tension-filled back-and-forth, Kenya tried to let it be known that she didn’t do anything wrong by communicating with Apollo, and that if it was a problem, Phaedra should have said something to her. I know, she just doesn’t believe in common sense. There was even a moment when Kenya and Porsha went at it after Porsha tried to interject her opinion and Kenya called said opinion some “stupid s**t.”

Phaedra and the ladies let Kenya know overall that she was being inappropriate, especially when Kenya told Phaedra during last season’s reunion show that she should get an AIDS test after dealing with a man who has been in prison. But in the end, Kenya made it clear that she doesn’t want Apollo, and even though she doesn’t want a relationship with Kenya in the future, Phaedra says she’s mature enough to be around anyone, including Ms. Moore.

Kordell Moves Porsha’s Stuff Out Of His Home

While Porsha was planning to grab her stuff out of Kordell’s home, hopefully at a time when he wouldn’t be there, he actually sent a message to her lawyer saying that he was packing her stuff and having it brought to her because he didn’t want her to come back to his place. Big ouch. As Porsha said, homeboy was just packing up her stuff and throwing it away as if she was just some “random,” and not his wife. Not cool!

On a side-note, can we talk about how confusing and low-key sad it was that Porsha said she and her sister are “so close, we’re like, Siamese cats”? GIRL, BYE!

Kandi’s Mom, Joyce, Goes Off About Todd, The Ring He Bought Kandi, And Why Riley Doesn’t Like Him Either

I haven’t seen anyone’s mom be so passionate in a negative way about a man like Mama Joyce has been about Todd. In last night’s episode, she let Kandi know that she doesn’t trust her husband-to-be, claiming he’s not contributing anything to Kandi financially and that he can’t provide for her. Unfortunately, a lot of the time it just sounded like she was worried about Kandi’s money more than her heart (and making sure she, as in Joyce, doesn’t get kicked out on her behind when they marry), and went as far as to say the engagement ring he bought her was wack. She also claimed Kandi’s daughter, Riley, didn’t even like Todd, so that Kandi could get rid of him once and for all. With tears in her eyes, Kandi still stood by her man and let momma know–the materialistic, monetary stuff she’s worried about isn’t why Kandi’s with Todd, so she’s going to stay with him.

Do you think she should?


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  • Beach Harrison

    Mama Joyce acts like she’s been hitting the juice before taping…Ither that or she is slowly going wacky…she just didn’t act right on tonight’s show…Kandi…put your mama in her place before you lose Todd


    check out my review of this on my blog!!

  • Jan

    whew what a show… mama joyce just needs to leave kandi be, im sure kandi will find out if todd is the man for her or not…she needs to do this on her own. kenya kenya…. what a vile and ratchet woman… she needs jesus . phae phae needs to go on marriage bootcamp, ray charles can see the imbalance in their relationship and i don’t like the way she treats apollo even prior to the whole kenya text ordeal…. i feel like she is his auntee or sugar mama not his wife. porsha is proof that women need to have their own and work towards their OWN goals. she is four years my senior and yet she strikes me as child.

  • MsLadyE

    Phaedra was wrong to disrespect Apollo in front of her friends. If Phaedra doesn’t watch out, Kenya will snap Apollo up like a fish snaps up bait. Porsha needs to do something with her life–maybe start a nonprofit organization or get a job, and save up money to get her own place. She could use those checks to save up for a down payment on a townhouse or something. Kenya needs to know that texting somebody’s husband is just plain wrong. Cynthia should have called Peter out on being insensitive and laughing about her condition. Having fibroids AIN’T FUNNY AT ALL. NeNe might have buried the hatchet with Kenya, but that’s just temporary–until the next time Kenya goes off the deep end. Kandi was right to set Mama Joyce straight about Todd. Mama Joyce needs to stop worrying about Todd messing with Kandi’s money. If Kandi were my daughter, I’d want to know that (a) Todd loves and respects her, (b) he treats Riley right, and (c) THEY’RE happy with each other and their relationship.

  • JRoc85

    OMG… where do I begin??? Kenya, 2 photographers & a guy with a notepad IS NOT PAPARAZZI! Yes, you’re a celebrity (I remember you winning Miss USA, making cameo appearances on “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” & “Waiting to Exhale,” so I’m with NeNe when she said “with all that stallion booty, you ain’t homeless.” So what was with all of that “wiping a tear” from your eye when talking to NeNe. I like Kenya, but she’s already TRYING IT, & it’s hard to still root for her IN SPITE of all of her foolishness! BTW, I’m sick of hearing about Walter (aka “Frank Mitchell” from “Moesha”). Kenya & NeNe spoke about the whole texting fiasco with Apollo (“with all this d#%k in Atlanta, you choose somebody else’s man”- NeNe is too much). Yes, Kenya’s wrong for texting Apollo, BUT Apollo is a MARRIED MAN, so he SHOULD RESPECT HIS WIFE NOT TO TEXT KENYA!! Peter, you were wearing a HUGE a$$ hat last night with Cynthia (from financial mismanagement to laughing at your wife’s fibroid issue, Peter has DEFINITELY proven that the “good guy” act he put on last season was just that… AN ACT)!!! Here Cynthia is going thru abdominal pains, heavy menstrual cycles, weight gains, etc… due to fibroids, & YOU’RE THE ONE COMPLAINING)!!! Cynthia, girl I have NO IDEA how you choose to put up with Peter!!! Phaedra & Apollo are have major communication issues (between her being too busy & Apollo not feeling appreciated… if Apollo isn’t cheating with Kenya, he’s cheating with SOMEBODY).
    Now as for the confrontation with Kenya, Porsha if there was EVER a time to get “turnt up,” it was with that DICTATOR you called a husband! Phaedra is so focused on Kenya texting Apollo, how about checking your husband for reaching out to another woman & texting her (Newsflash Phaedra: it takes 2 to text!!!). I think NeNe was trying to play peacemaker & she made some valid points. Kenya, Kenya, Kenya… I’m without words (just twirl!!)!! Mama Joyce, I know you mean well, but seriously, I’m starting to think the reason why Kandi can’t keep a man is because of you!!! You’re concerned as any mother should be, BUT in the end, Kandi is a GROWN WOMAN, so she must live her own life, make mistakes, & move forward (BTW, I think Todd is a good guy)! Seeing Kandi cry was sad, but what made it even worse was having Mama Joyce walk off like she made her point (at Kandi’s expense, & bringing Riley into the argument did not help). Mama Joyce, the whole “chicken bone” comment did make me laugh, but do us all a favor… PLEASE GO FIND A MAN OF YOUR OWN!!! Porsha, this whole mess with you & Kordelia is awful to watch, but you acted like an “airhead” last season, & you were very naive!!! Kordelia gave you allowance & a curfew, so my question is this: Were you his wife or his child??? I will say this that sleek short wig you were wearing… YESSS GAWD, HONEY, YOU DID THAT!!!!

    • Anita Cates Hodges

      Miss Joyce acts like Kandi marrying Todd will take money out of her (Joyce’s) pockets. Dang lady, your daughter GAVE you a house and you still counting her coins?

      • MmMmMm

        Well the house still needs a lot of work done. LOL ( i.e., Momma still needs that wallet!).

    • bigdede

      if Apollo isn’t cheating with Kenya, he’s cheating with SOMEBODY—–That’s why he’s a grown man carrying a backpack. It’s full of condoms and other things he use to cheat with.

      • Frenchee

        I so agree, funny thing is when Kenya and Apollo were playing at the pool side and Kenya was being a little to flirtatious, Phaedra should have checked him an her right then. Why would she turn a blind eye to something like that. Thats a no no.

  • blackdolphin

    Where do I start…. Porsha: The term is “Siamese Twins”, not cats. You appear to be a very co-dependent person. Never had a real job, relied on Daddy. This left you unable to take care of yourself. Now you are in terrible situation because of the decision you made about wanting to live the life of a Princess. Life is not a fairy tale. Your bed of roses has some thorns, grow up and deal. Cynthia; If you have any more money left, you’d better start stashing. Peter is a bonafide leech. He should not need your money to do anything. If he loved you, he would not Laugh at your medical situation. He is an insensitive lout, and may love you, just not IN Love with you. Peter: You are just a jackass. No class, ignorant. S.O.B. Kenya, you are just plain old delusional, about Everything! Get a grip. There is medication for your problems.

    • bigdede

      Cynthia; If you have any more money left, you’d better start stashing—-That is so true. In all the comments I have read on different sites about Cynthia and Peter, this is the first time someone has said that. You should tweet that to Cynthia. He bought that warehouse with HER money and never told her. She needs to separate her money.

  • travie andrews

    Kandi is doing very good respecting her mom and letting her know that she is going to do what she feels is best for herself and her daughter without blowing up on her. Mama Joyce kinda back pedaled when she said Kandi needs a man that is up to her financial standing but then said she could be with a police officer. REALLY?! Kandi set it straight and told her that Todd makes more than a police officer. Kandi live your life and be happy with whomever you choose…

  • LALA

    Am I the only person that agrees with Kandi’s mother? I have witnessed first hand that whenever my mother didn’t care for someone, she was usually right. No, I would not stop seeing someone because of whatever my mother said, but mother’s usually know best. Hell, my mother could tell when I was pregnant, she usually calls when I’m having a rough day and I didn’t even mention it to her. She can just tell! And, if you have a really strong relationship with your mother, your mother usually knows you better than you know yourself. In my case, my mother is married and my parents have been together for over 25 years so I know she would never sabotage me because of jealousy. Mother Joyce was a bit strong with her opinion, but I too, always had an eerie feeling about Todd. I remember prior to him being on the show, his ex-fiance came out and said that Todd was still living with her and denying his relationship with Kandi. She said that Todd would take Kandi’s money and give it to her for their child. I truly don’t believe she was lying either.. that happens everyday: a man find’s a new women, but continues to sleep with and play house with his ex.

    • KIR12

      Your mother is probably also the reason you’re a never married baby mama

      • LALA

        I’m actually married to my husband in which I was pregnant by. Thank You!
        And my parents LOVE him!

        • Rissie75

          BLOOP!! LOL….Get ‘Em Girl!! Congrats 🙂

          • Rissie75

            And BTW I don’t see anywhere in your comment that you were a “NEVER MARRIED SINGLE MAMA” So i’m not sure how that person got that 0_0! Well, you showed them LOLOLOL

    • Jan

      i hope todd doesn’t do what kevin fedaline and shar jackson did to brittany spears

  • Momma J is straight up worried about what a divorce would mean for HER!!! Although I will give it to her for being against Kandi’s first engagement to that fool AJ. I mean really 6 kids 4 baby momma’s no thanks. Peter was an insensitive idiot, Kenya is just as delusional as always, and Porsha has her mom to thank for being that dumb and that co-dependent.

  • tikkit30

    Kenya is still cray, and texting another woman’s husband, that’s definitely off limits. Nene I love but don’t like that swept back hair, and Porsha chile please get a job and stop complaining about what he promised you, but i’m sure you looking for that next dude that want a trophy wife, Peter was a tad bit insensitive, or maybe that’s his nervous laugh but your wife is really going thru something health wise, I think he could be more understanding, and Lawd! mama Joyce, please let your daughter live her life and find out for herself if this man is not for her or not. I think mama Joyce just don’t want her checks and benefits from her daughter to stop. Instead of worrying about Todd, get a man of your own.

  • sadie

    Was I the only one who was disturbed when porscha said kordell promised her an allowance? I was like she is a grown woman she betta get off that behind and work.

    • To defend the dingbat he ASKED her to quit her business and promised her she could be a housewife and mother to HIS kid.

  • FeelsGood

    Peter is an azzh*le!!! I was appalled that he would sit there and laugh at his wife when she is in physical and emotional pain!!! Ugly self!

    • catkidi

      Peter is shady, why would he take their money and make a big purchase with out talking to her first? and not show any compassion for his wife for what she’s going through? he’s starting to show his a%$%!

  • NeaJ

    The main thing that really stood out to me on last night’s episode was Porsha acting like a spoiled brat. At the end of the day her marriage is over so it’s time for her to get a job & start supporting herself. I can’t imagine what it’s like to have to sit around & wait for a man to mail me a check. Clearly her mother raised her to have some sense of entitlement but now it’s coming back to bite her in the a** because the fairy tale of a marriage she thought would last forever is over! If she was an independent woman prior to getting married she wouldn’t have to ask herself “Now what”? like she is currently doing. And I would never have the nerve to ask my mother for her master bedroom. Lol. And I’m mad that she didn’t wanna use that $5,000 spousal support check to find her own place to live! Smh. This girl is so lost in life it’s sad!

    • JaneDoe

      Very sad.. A grown 30+ yr old woman. For that reason I could never be anyone’s trophy anything. Nothing in life is gauranteed. Not your health, marraige, or money so I could never see myself waiting around for a man’s financial support. Thats why if and when I get married.. Put everything on paper. If we divorce I want a clean and quick get away. Make it easy for all party.

      • da truth

        You probably will never even get the opportunity anyways. So don’t quit your day job. LOL

  • JustDes

    Mama Joyce is a bitter bitter old woman I wouldn’t be surprise if she is the reason why Kandi’s father divorce her. You are always suppose to respect and honor your parents but Kandi please put ya mama in her place one good time. The way she behave last night was so wrong.

    • imo

      I think her dislike for todd started when he said he didn’t want her moving into the guesthouse and I would agree. I wouldn’t want my mother in law living with me if I am trying to start a family and beginning a marriage. Your right about her mama being bitter that woman went for kandi and todd’s jugular with no good reason

      • newdnewd

        I said the same thing, she is salty about that.What grown couple would want a mom to stay in the house if she is not ill, medical attention, or down on her luck?

        • imo

          That’s what it is cause last season she was singing his praises she better be lucky they don’t throw her mean behind in a retirement home and call it a day lol

      • Katrina Conyers Crawford

        We heard what mama joyce said and feels now she needs to sit down and hush

    • KIR12

      Todd is the only husband with a career who is not living off the housewives.

      • da truth

        Kordell was the only real men on the show. The rest are women in suits

        • KIR12

          Yeah, I wasn’t counting Kordell because he’s not on the show anymore. Anyway, what ever was going on with that marriage it was working before she started listening to the other housewives.

          • da truth

            I agree . I believe the other women were jealous. And a lot of black women despise strong black men. They have roles reverse. They believe that the women should be the head of the household.

            • Dee

              I don’t think they were jealous, but I do think that the kind of “traditional” marriage that Porcha and Kordell had wasn’t what they were used to. Like the other commenter said, the guys on the show are kind of soft. If my husband doesn’t want me to go to a strip club, out of respect, I wont go. The other ladies are more the “I do what I want/I’m an independent woman” type. Honestly, I respect Porcha, as a wife.

            • catkidi

              If you have a housekeeper and no kids, why are you sitting at home? I saw young, bored housewife with no kids. Kordell wanted a trophy wife that he could control. If what they where doing before the show was working, they wouldn’t have been on the show.