Tell ‘Em Why You Mad! Ciara Has No Appreciation For “Ghetto Blogs!”

November 10, 2013  |  

Perhaps once you reach a certain level, it is somewhat expected that you don’t have love for some of the outlets that helped you get there. However, when you’re on the middle, not quite there yet level like Ciara, you might want to choose your words a bit more carefully.

A few days ago, we showed you pictures of Ciara with two of the three women who have children by her soon-to-be husband, Future.  Many of the blogs picked up on it and they, along with many of the people who commented on the photos, had a couple of jokes about them now being “all in the family.”

But Ciara decided it was time to make her own joke, this time directed at the blogs who, despite what she may believe, continue to help her stay relevant. Late Friday afternoon, she tweeted:


I guess she told us, huh? Sure, there are times when blogs take things too far (many of you would say we do that from time to time as well) but more often than not, everyone wants to see Ciara win in her career.  Once can only assume that by “ghetto blogs,” she meant the urban (read: black) blogs because they are the only ones who’ve even talked about her relationship.

Ciara, here at Madame Noire we wish you well. But don’t bite the hand that continues to help feed you.

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  • Almond E. Brown

    Who do y’all know that even cares if Ciara wins much less wants her to?!

  • Yumi

    Dear Madame Noire,

    Hit dogs will holler. Ciara didn’t call you out. It’s like posted this wishing she was talking about you so that you could 1. Seem relevant and 2. Have a little drama for hits. Get over yourself.

    • mac

      The end.

  • tiapett

    Why should she have anything nice to say about people that are constantly putting her down and bullying her? Why are we discussing what goes on in anyone’s personal life/bedroom? Why does MN feel they have the right to speak on someone’s personal life? She is absolutely right. There are plenty of blogs written and operated by black people that are uplifting and talk about positive things. Ciara is a black woman who makes her own choices in love and who are we to question who this woman chooses to be with? Are we paying any of her bills? Also, what is the “in the middle not quite there yet” status that MN speaks of? Who said that Ciara was trying to be our definition of famous? Maybe she is just making a living doing what she loves and doesn’t really care about who likes her and who doesn’t? So just because she hasn’t established a level of fame deemed acceptable by MN then they have the right to talk ish about her and she has no right to defend herself? How many record sales or hits on youtube does she have to have to be able to access her rights to privacy? Aso, “how many baby mama’s did your man already have before you got with him” sounds like subject matter that is right up the alley of a ghetto blog with a ghetto perspective.

    • ConsciousBM

      Funny how Feminist would attack black women if they don’t march to their beat. MN would sing Ciara praises and write 7 articles on her had she got with a white dude and claim to be a reader of the site but since that isn’t the case she is a “Semi-celebrity” that shouldn’t “Bite the mouth that feed her” like MN and other blogs really keep her relevant and not the other way around.

    • coolyfett

      Basically the author is saying she is not Beyonce or Rihanna.

      • tiapett

        Oh ok I guess her lack of being Beyonce or Rihanna forfeits her right to stand up for herself and makes her irrelevant. Maybe she’s content with being Ciara and not living her life to be Beyonce or Rihanna. I think it’s very arrogant for MN to expect Ciara to just sit back and say nothing in her own defense when they are basically saying her life has no relevance and trying to sneak diss her about her personal choices. Maybe Future isn’t the best guy for her, but if he loves her and treats her right who are we to say they don’t belong together? Furthermore, it’s none of our business!! And MN and other blogs make it their mission to make it everyone else’s business and she is supposed to bite her tongue and lay back and take it? I doubt Ciara is out here begging for any type of attention. Most of the attention celebrities get is unwanted. It comes from nosey people who feel they have a right to someone’s private life just because they are famous. That’s what the whole paparazzi business is built on, nosiness. Everyone should just mind their own business. But it is definitely wrong to expect someone not to speak up for themselves. I mean come on ‘bite the hand that feeds you?’ smh how arrogant…

  • IndianSummer011 .

    You kinda proved her point though.

  • Really fun when you see things that way. It is a bit strange admiration from me and the girls to have such a special way of thinking

  • Shea

    Ciara, just what is a ghetto perspective?

    • scandalous7

      probably that the “ghetto blogs” point out how future got three baby movas.

  • Monica

    Perhaps Ciara is embarassed. In her heart-of-hearts she has to know that this man has way too much baggage. I don’t think a woman in her position should get trapped in a situation like that. She’s beautiful and talented. Find someone more appropriate. Why be a man’s 5th baby mama (wife or not).

    • Chanda

      I agree. She has too much going for her to settle like that. Just because she’ll be married to him doesn’t make her any better than the other baby mama’s (sometimes I hate this word) that didn’t. In real life women marry men with other kids all the time but that’s doing too much.

      • coolyfett

        Future kinda HOT right now though. He hotter than Ciara.

  • Val

    I just wish Black folks would stop using the word ghetto as a synonym for Black.

    • Monica

      Exactly! It’s very self-hating. I smh every time I hear it.

    • Deanna

      Ciara didn’t say she used ghetto as a synonym for black. Madame Noire made that inference and decided that by ghetto Ciara meant urban. The truth is, Bossip and Necole 8itchie are ghetto, not because they are black, but because of the quality of the content. If Essence or Ebony or some other reputable publication talked poorly about Ciara, she might clap back, but she probably wouldn’t call them ghetto.,, because they aren’t. And poor Madame Noire only hopes to be included in Ciara’s statement.

      • coolyfett

        Great point

  • Benita Marie Hannah

    She’s talking about your brother site. You know, the one that rhymes with gossip.

    • scandalous7

      right! it aint right that they call her Ci-error, its so wrong.

  • AY D

    lol if you took offense to her statement than clearly you’re the “ghetto” blogs she’s addressing.

    • BabyBlue

      Right! Just like bossip the only thing different is the name.

      • scandalous7

        bossip is the most unprofessional, ghetto, mean spirited sight around. However, thats a recipe for entertainment.

        • coolyfett

          Naw SandraRose has them beat

        • The Space Pope

          Ahhhhhhhggggh, Bossip. *Engage Rant Sequence*

          -The most holier than thou, racist, homophobic, misogynist, manipulative semi-literate garbage slab of dumb out there. I didn’t know about it until recently because I’m not American. Whoa.

          -No respect for its readership but plays it like fiddles when they come up with trash like, ‘It’s still hard to be black folks, ain’t it?’ Shut up. Same goes for the subjects of their stories. An article about an insane man who axe murdered his girlfriend an one of his kids in a drug-fueled craze gets a closing of, ‘Drugs are bad, Mmkay?’ Classy.

          -Their use of ‘black colloquialisms makes my skin crawl–probably because it’s so sexist towards women–oh I mean, hoes–or skrippers with bawwwdies who get chopped down and that’s why they’re babymommas.

          -Double standards: Kim Kardashian was ‘expecting a (‘swirly’, ugh) baby, but Kerry Washington has a ‘gut full’. Zoe Saldana wasn’t seen kissing

          -Bait, bait, bait. It looks like they always choose one racism story, one story about a gay person, a bunch of coverage on reality shows and a bunch . Same thing, every time. I understand, they don’t write stories, they cut and paste, end with a snarky remark. I don’t get it.

          -They censor a LOT, I mean, a WHOLE LOT, but what’s worse is what is censored, which is to say, it’s totally fine for people to call black people the n-word, ape, monkey, animal–it’s perfectly okay to make death threats, it’s perfectly okay to celebrate gay bashing, use the f-words, or murder because the ‘gay agenda’ this and that and the Bible and stuff, it’s perfectly okay to rip into black women because of babymommas, EBT, people with weaves are disgusting, but also nappy hair is disgusting, fat, etc. but pretty innocuous stuff takes down all the time. Oh, the readers hate jewish people, too.

          -I don’t care if it’s snotty, the writers can’t spell and get word usages wrong all the time.

          You know what? I’m going to there now, see what kind of nonsense pearls of wisdom the articles have waiting…

          …chitlin’ circuit.

          What IS that place? It’s feral. I don’t care if it’s a sister site, what are you going to do, delete my response? If so, the apple wouldn’t rot far from the tree.

          *Sequence Completed. Thank-you for your visit. Perhaps you would like to visit our gift shop*

          • scandalous7

            Amen, you said it all!

    • scandalous7


  • Christina

    Are y’all serious?!? she’s right…y’all don’t care if she succeeds or if she kills herself… as long as u keep getting hits to ur site… u use celebs… and i’m not coming down on y’all this is the media age we live in but don’t pretend that y’all care… these celebs are merely products… feel bad for them as everyone gets to watch as they grow as humans, which can b such an ugly process… #ModernDayRomanColiseum

    • BabyBlue

      You are absolutely right. What I find confusing is the “don’t bite the hand that feeds you?” MN doesn’t write her checks. I can’t recall MN doing a CD review or concert review on her. I remember the article that talked about that lame petition against her. It’s more about her personal rather than professional. If I had to find something that MN has fed it would have to be a spoonful of gossip. MN quit playin.

      • Maryiah_lynn

        I dont think MN means literally, but the blogs hype Ciara up. The blogs are what WE are reading. Im not defending what MN said but YOU are reading the article that was written about her… so obviously you care.

        • BabyBlue

          I don’t care for people I don’t know. I read this foolishness to pass the time. I don’t have to care to comment smh

    • scandalous7


  • Blessed

    CiCi continue to do You Boo! Remember what they say,” If you have People talking, You must be doing something right”. #BeBlessed

  • Jen

    Ciara you are the 4th or 5th Baby Mam !!!!!! I think your the ghetto one smh

  • guerline

    Ciara is not relevant anymore. future put a ring on it and suddenly she thinks she’s on the map again lol

  • Jen

    Chile her entire situation is ghetto , have a seat Ciara

  • Get Over Yourself

    Interesting…I don’t see major blogs giving her as much attention as the “ghetto” blogs. In that case “ghetto” blogs should stop posting stories about her and then she’ll see how relevant she will become. I don’t typically like to rant, but this is arrogant behavior from Ciara.

  • Jen

    Chile here entire situation is ghetto, 4 baby mamas ….. take a damn seat Ciara

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