Best Date Night Ever: How To Get Your Boyfriend to Watch Scandal With You

November 7, 2013  |

I bet you didn’t think you could have the words “date night” and “Scandalin the same sentence. Well, you were wrong! Setting aside time each week to watch a television show can be a perfect way to trick yourself to spending some much needed quality with your significant other.

Watching flicks and shows is actually something my boyfriend and I love to do together since we are both extreme movie buffs. You name it, we’ve probably watched it together. We used to love going to the movies every week to see the latest Blockbuster until we realized going to the movies all the time can get REALLY expensive.$12.50 each week adds up when you are on a student/recent graduate budget. So, we starting using Redbox, which was a great alternative to our movie addiction. Redbox always had the latest DVD releases so our selection was phenomenal.  On top of that, we could rent 12 movies for the price that it took to watch one in the theaters! Getting Redbox rentals meant that we could cozy up in the comfort of our own homes and really  enjoy what we were watching. Plus, relaxing in your own sofa or bed is so much better than sitting up in those uncomfortable movie theater seats.

Since we love watching movies together, and of recent, had been watching more movies at home, I didn’t think it would be a problem to suggest that we make Thursday evenings our “Scandal” nights. Hey, isn’t it just one extra-drawn-out movie that continues each week?

I proposed this to my boyfriend one evening in the middle of our movie-watching and he surprisingly said, “Okay, your house or mine?”

Wait, what?

My boyfriend is not one for intense television dramas catered to the female demographic so this was a total shocker.  But, he said yes and I never looked back. Every Thursday we make it a priority to clear our schedule. I head over to his place around 9:30PM and get ready for the best date night ever. I usually have to sit through the last parts of a (boring) NBA game, but that’s okay because once 10:00PM rolls around, it’s all about “Scandal.”

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  • get real

    Black men know the racial politics behind Scandal and why black women love it. I think we’ll pass.

  • Alex

    This is a cute article! There’s nothing wrong with men who watch Scandal. I know a few ( and no they are NOT gay).

  • Ladybug94

    If you go on FB, you’ll see just as many guys commenting and quoting lines from Scandal as women, so I don’t think this will be a huge feat to achieve.

    • Rana Campbell

      Thank you!!!

  • Mina

    to the folks promoting archaic ideas of what it means to be a “real
    black man”….please sit down. there is nothing unmanly about enjoying a
    night in with your partner and watching a show they enjoy

    • Rana Campbell

      Thanks for this comment, Amina. The comments on this post are quite surprising. Interesting commentaries on what it means to be a “real” black woman, man, or “p**sy- whipped boyfriend”… smh people. Is it that serious? I love the show. I’ll stand by that. The actors are great. It’s good Entertainment. Whatever.

  • Guest

    I can’t get over all the hate over a fictional show and how it supposedly portrays black women in a poor light… Hello! Are we forgetting all those rachett REALITY shows that being hawked and tweeted regularly!
    Get it together people!!

    • BlackDiamond

      that’s definitely not the topic of the article. The post just talks about how writer’s boyfriend is so p*ssy whipped, He watches Scandal with her.

      • BabyBlue

        That’s hilarious. Even if I did watch that mess I wouldn’t want my boyfriend to watch it with me. There’s other things to do.

    • BabyBlue

      Who says hate? I say strongly dislike.

  • BabyBlue

    I would sl.ap my man if he came to me with that Scandal crap. That’s one date night I’m willing to skip. I’m anti-scandal and anti-Kerry. Sorry not my cup of tea. Dislikes in 5..4..3..2..1…..

    • IMJSANYUmad

      i hope he’d stomp you for thinking of raising a hand

      • BabyBlue

        Ha! Who is this clown? Maybe I should have said pinch.

        • IMJSANYUmad

          you tha clown fa talkin bout who you slapping…. stay in your lane smut… kitchen work

          • BabyBlue


            • Ladybug94

              Poor thing, he doesn’t know the different between pinch and slap. He’ll learn.

              • BabyBlue

                At first I put slap. In my mind I’m thinking of playful slap but it’s people who love to take snippets and run with it such as the clown. So I edited it with the brackets lol.

  • youngblackmediacreator

    What’ the big deal? I also watch Scandal with my girl because it’s something she enjoys doing. I don’t see anything wrong with a little alone time with my woman. I do respect your comments but I also respect the TV Show Scandal. It’s entertaining. It’s suspenseful and dramatic, which are all elements of a successful TV Show. I don’t know how many people watch Scandal or have a woman to watch Scandal with but I do believe everyone should watch Scandal if you’re into media… or have a woman to watch Scandal with.

  • anonymousblackdude

    No smart black man will watch this show. Black women love it because it represents their ultimate fantasy of being desired by a powerful white man.

    • just my thoughts

      Hate to break it to you but I know doctors, attorneys, judges and business owners that watch Scandal. So what’s that about smart black men again? And if you think powerful white men don’t want black women you have not been paying attention, i.e. George Lucas, Robert De Niro, etc.

  • stewwie

    A black a man who watches Scandal is either a simp or stup!d. If anything, if a black woman tells you she loves that show, you should runaway as fast as you can. A black man should only use Scandal to scan thru black women and reject the ones who love this bed wench minstrel show. It tell you everything you need to know about her.

    • Jan

      all of this from a tv show …. you can infer and look into someone’s life and future off the fictional shows they take interest in ?

      • Ladybug94

        It’s just an okay show to me. I still prefer old reruns of Law and Order but I digress. A lot of people seem to almost worship the show and Shonda Rhimes which is disturbing.

        • Jan

          i don’t see it ! i think a lot of people are happy that our people are finally pulling in record numbers on mainstream tv. i am excited for and proud of shonda, and i am finally glad to see women who look me on my screen

    • Ladybug94

      I know several married black men who watch the show. Some have even stated they were turning it off of football until Scandal went off.

  • Joe Freedom

    Black women have no respect for themselves which is why they listen to (c)Rap music that degrades them and watch black women be degraded even further on network television

    THey are so excited to see a black woman as a lead role on a show that they ignore that she has to be a side hoe.

    • Alex

      Why is it that everyone focuses on that one dimension of this character? Yes, she is a side chick BUT she also owns her own business. She led an election campaign for the President. She’s the person that people seek out when they have problems. She RUNS ish! Would it really make a difference if Olivia Pope was white? Its a show, meant to entertain.

      I just feel like whenever Black people attempt to accomplish something other Black people hate as if they are getting paid to do so. It’s like we can’t stand to see each other be great. Can we appreciate the fact that the creator of the show is Black and the lead character is Black and that this show may effect some change in Hollywood? Why are we so negative towards each other?

      *Disclaimer: My comment has nothing to do with my affections for the show as I have just begun to watch. This is just an observation that I made.

      • get real

        Yes it would make a world of difference if Pope was white. Black women wouldn’t throw nationwide watch parties let alone watch it.

      • Joe Freedom

        Alex that’s a pretty big freaking dimension don’t you think? Why are people willing to overlook that dimension?

        Why do black women allow themselves again to listen to cRAP music that calls them everything except a child of God and are ok with it?

        Same thing with how they are portrayed in movies and TV shows. You can count on one hand how many role models there have been for black women on TV.

        Would you call Olivia Pope a role model?

        • Alex

          Now I DEFINITELY agree with you regarding the music. I admit I used to listen to it but I’ve since become more conscious of what these rappers are saying. I refuse to listen to most of it.

          As far as the show goes, I don’t see it for any more than what it is: entertainment. I don’t see why it’s so serious. Besides, they hardly show Olivia Pope and the President together. Those RARE scenes last no longer than 2 minutes. The show focuses more on her business. In any case, I’d rather watch Scandal than all of these foolish reality shows that keep popping up.

          • Joe Freedom

            I wouldn’t be so bent out of shape if it was “just entertainment” But reality is entertainment impacts how people dress, think, and act in this day and age.

            The reality TV Love and HIp Hop, Bad Girls Club era, has more and more young ladies growing up acting and dressing trashy instead of classy.

            It affects their view of themselves and the view that men have of them as well. The family unit has been destroyed in the black community

            This crap is on purpose. And even if it wasn’t on purpose the result is the same.

            • Alex

              On the points you’ve made above, you and I agree. However, I don’t feel that Scandal fits into any of that.

    • Megan

      Well u gonna see a lot more of this, white people use black people to make money, I see alot of interracial relationships on tv over and over. A lot of black women watch but truth be told black women are not enough in numbers to keep a sitcom or tv show going especially since I and many other black women have not seen one episode. The shock value of a white woman with a black man or a black woman with a white man sends people running too see and gossip. It’s not intended to be realistic or fair for the black woman’s image it’s intended to make money and have people talking good or bad. So your “side h03” comment is doing just what they want.

  • ~~~

    Only a mangina would watch Scandal.

    • mariarowles

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