I Need A New Show: American Horror Story And Other Great Shows You Should Be Watching

November 7, 2013 ‐ By

Outside of Scandal on Thursday evenings, what are you watching? I often find myself at the end of the season of some of my favorite shows looking to Netflix to find another show to jump into. Some I get interested in based on promos, others I find out through entertainment magazines and sites, but word of mouth recommendations go a long way. If you need a new show to fall in love with, here are 10 great shows you should watch if you haven’t started already.

Orange Is The New Black

Orange Is The New Black

I know most of us are on board around here, but for some reason, there are still folks out there who haven’t dived into the goodness that is Orange Is The New Black. Blame it on the lack of a Netflix account, or the fact that folks don’t want to believe the hype, but any show that can make prison life both horrifying and comical at the same time deserves a look. Uzo Aduba’s portrayal of Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren and the understated hilarity of main character Piper (Taylor Schilling) will have you howling at all hours of the night next to your laptop.

MadameNoire Video

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  • Mom2jwn

    I love Orange is the new black!!! But what about Dexter?? That show is awesome, very addictive!! Can’t believe he wasn’t on the list!!

  • mirror

    2 words ………Boardwalk Empire

    • mirror

      Oh and Key & Peele……..”GO AHEAD CARVELL!” LMAO

  • thepreshest

    The Mindy Project is pretty hilarious too!

    • I agree!!! I’m always laughing when that show comes on.



  • LaLa

    Boardwalk Empire, House of Lies, Sleepy Hollow . . .

    • Dee

      Sleepy Hollow is def a new fave of mine. I cant watch it alone lol

  • Me+One

    I’ve been a fan of American Horror Story since season 1 and The Walking Dead since the comic books came out. I loved Orange is the New Black and looking forward to watching House of Cards, The Killing, and Sons of Anarchy on Netflix. Sigh, now can we get a books list? I’ve been getting in my tube time but also trying to get in my lit as well.

  • Not White

    The Walking Dead and American Horror are 2 of the best shows REGARDLESS if they have black major characters or not… Why does everything have to be about race? Jeez

  • keke678

    Love Game of Thrones and Walking Dead, but how can this list be complete without Boardwalk Empire and Scandal?

  • Nkosazana

    Scandal is not on here next

    • MNEditor2

      You didn’t read the intro: “Outside of Scandal on Thursday evenings, what are you watching?”
      EVERYBODY’S watching “Scandal.”

  • ________

    If you have Netflix, the first American Horror Story, Dexter, The Killing. I started watching Parks and Rec and New Girl on Netflix and I’m hooked.

  • BluDiva1920

    The Walking Dead is one of the best shows on TV! House of Lies and Shameless (Showtime) should be on this list!

  • Jenie


  • Almost Friday

    I agree with most of these but Sons of Anarchy is missing and so is House of Cards (netflix original).

  • OutHerSpace….

    Excuse me?? This list in NOT LEGIT WITHOUT SONS OF ANARCHY….. NEXT !

    • Mahogany Graves

      you aint never lie! im stuck to the tube every tuesday night don’t play lol

    • Crystal

      I was hoping SOA would be on this list. Clay was a mess this week!!!

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