I Need A New Show: American Horror Story And Other Great Shows You Should Be Watching

November 7, 2013  |  
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Outside of Scandal on Thursday evenings, what are you watching? I often find myself at the end of the season of some of my favorite shows looking to Netflix to find another show to jump into. Some I get interested in based on promos, others I find out through entertainment magazines and sites, but word of mouth recommendations go a long way. If you need a new show to fall in love with, here are 10 great shows you should watch if you haven’t started already.

Orange Is The New Black

I know most of us are on board around here, but for some reason, there are still folks out there who haven’t dived into the goodness that is Orange Is The New Black. Blame it on the lack of a Netflix account, or the fact that folks don’t want to believe the hype, but any show that can make prison life both horrifying and comical at the same time deserves a look. Uzo Aduba’s portrayal of Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren and the understated hilarity of main character Piper (Taylor Schilling) will have you howling at all hours of the night next to your laptop.

American Horror Story

Of course, many people have taken the time out to give American Horror Story a chance since Angela Bassett and Gabourey Sidibe came on board for this third season (Coven), but the two previous seasons of the show have been equally disturbing/awesome entertainment. And seeing as how every season starts off fresh as a new miniseries with a new storyline based on a certain theme (season one was supposedly about infidelity, the second season about sanity, and this third season is based around oppression), it won’t be hard for you to jump in and get caught up.


If you love Idris Elba as much as I do, it wouldn’t make sense for you to not have given his BBC series Luther a chance by now. Unfortunately, the crime show only produced three seasons, and creator Neil Cross claims a fourth won’t happen (though talks of a movie have been floating around), but all three seasons are thrilling and remind one of Prime Suspect with a side of Criminal Minds. Idris does some fine acting, and gets some help from a sinister character with a penchant for murder by the name of Alice. You’ll love it!

The Walking Dead

In its fourth season right now (which just premiered October 13), The Walking Dead is one of those shows you can easily catch up with. Why? Well, AMC has a “start from the beginning” marathon damn near every month. But I know what you’re thinking: zombies and gore? Why would one want to sit through an hour of that every week? Because it’s actually more about the human condition, the decisions you would and wouldn’t be willing to make to survive, and trying to find the humanity in even the darkest of situations. And there’s nothing darker than a zombie apocalypse. Now that the major black characters have entered the picture, there’s no better time than now to get hooked.


A favorite of my co-workers, Revenge is about a young woman who is doing her damndest (really, what won’t she do to get even?) to get “revenge” on the people who wronged her father when she was young and essentially had a major impact on her own life. The show is very suspenseful, and you never know what’s going to happen next. Expect to stay at the edge of your seat loves…

Masters of Sex

Think Mad Men meets the movie Kinsey. The idea of two researchers trying to study the human body during sex probably doesn’t sound thrilling as hell, but there’s something very interesting about watching people explore what was at one time deemed taboo that we now call the norm. Add on top of that the personal back stories of both researchers, one a seasoned doctor who suffers from the effects of childhood abuse that he won’t acknowledge, and the other a divorced woman who believes that sex can be just for fun, and you’ve got more than just a simple show about doing it and doing it and doing it well.

Chicago Fire

Okay, okay, so you might not live in Chicago. But after years of watching NYPD Blue, Miami Vice, 90210, and all these other region-heavy hit shows over the years, you can spread the love. The show is in its second season on NBC, and if you need any other reason to watch it, know that Dick Wolf is an executive producer. Of course, he’s the one behind New York Undercover, Law and Order and all of its spin-offs, and a wealth of other shows you might not even know existed. The show follows the members of the Chicago Fire Department and the paramedics as they save lives and have some very juicy drama ensue in their own lives. I’ve seen gang wars, arsonists attacking the property of the employees, women filing false sexual assault claims and other things that have definitely kept my eyes glued to the screen. Plus, I’m from Chicago. So yeah…

New Girl

When I tell you this show gives me so much life every Tuesday night, I’m not kidding. It will make you laugh, it will make you cringe, and it might even make you want to live with three guys to see if the dynamic is the same–pure hilarity. Jessica, Nick, Schmidt and Winston are like the Odd Couple times two as the flatmates tackle relationships, relationships with each other, and the constant struggle to not wear each other’s drawls. Yeah, it’s pretty silly…and awesome!

Games of Thrones

I haven’t read the books, and I’m really not even a fan of fantasy novels, shows and movies (but that didn’t stop me from watching Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules back in the day), but a recommendation by my boyfriend had me doing research and becoming a dedicated viewer (no costumes for me though). Basically, as my colleague would say, it’s basically a quest for power through carnage between noble kingdoms. I know, that doesn’t sound enticing at all, but it really is if you give it a chance. Trust me, you’ll be team Stark and anti-Lannisters in no time.

Parks and Recreation

While Tina Fey had the hilarity of 30 Rock, there’s something equally funny if not more hilarious about Amy Poehler’s Parks and Recreation. Following the kooky cast of characters/public officials that make up the different sectors of a fictional town called Pawnee’s parks department, the schemes and plots to improve their town and the comical ish they get themselves caught up in on an everyday basis (which is actually just every Thursday for the viewer on NBC) makes it worth watching. It’s in its sixth season, but you could literally start from anywhere and find yourself chuckling.


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