Moment Of Silence: Rumor Has It Naiyana Garth Has Taken Idris Elba Off The Market

November 7, 2013  |  

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Ladies, ’tis a sad day for our far-fetched romantic fantasies concerning the chocolate wonder that is Idris Elba. After catching pictures of our favorite British actor out with the woman in the pic above, The Daily Mail is reporting that this is his new girlfriend.


The woman is Naiyana Garth, a London-based hair and makeup artist, and though the source of The Daily Mail’s speculation is The Daily Sun, the story looks rather convincing from pictures of the two at this week’s Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year awards at Claridge’s Hotel in London. By the way, that’s Idris’s coat cloaked across his lady outside on the curb. Such a gentlemen…

Now on to the potentially scandalous part of all this. Naiyana is pregnant, and from the looks of it about three-four months or so. Depending on the uncorroborated sources, she and Idris have either been together for a few months or several, making the obvious question: Is Idris the father of her child?

We’ll have to wait until Idris decides to speak up on the matter because all we’ve ever gotten from Naiyana are a couple of tweets in October about being early on in her pregnancy and since then she’s left the Twitterverse — another sign she and Idris must be pretty serious.

As I close this post and reminiscence on Idrisa fantasies gone by, I’d like to leave all the other heartbroken women out there with these thoughts from Kevin Hart on being mad at celebrity men when they get boo’d up: “Ask yourself, when you see some people that look happy…..and they’re smiling…and you’re typing these angry comments…..ask yourself ‘are they [also] thinking about you?’”

Sadly, ladies, he’s not…

What do you think about Idris and his new lady?

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  • melissa smith

    His looks and acting abilities aside, this Negro is like all the others, he will only marry non-Black women even though his mother is as dark as he and has classical African features. It doesn’t matter how good we look, how intelligent, educated or successful or wonderful and sweet we are. To Black men, we serve two purposes: (1) bring them into the world, sacrifice for them and (2) and be sexually available, but never expect a commitment. It’s highly unlikely that he would ever choose a Black woman, of any nationality and certainly not a make up artist.

    • aprilisms

      Maybe not all negros. Don’t allow your past experiences to rob you of the possibility of having future experiences.

  • Barbara George

    Well girls, we had our fun adoring Idris while it lasted. He’s off limits now.

  • Fifi

    I’m one of those light-skinned black chicks who attracts many dark black men. Trust me I don’t dig them because I know they want me for my Eurocentric looks. His baby mamas amay be Asian but his kids will always be black. See his daughter Isan!

  • amolali

    Why do bl american women hung up on looks & $$? International women are not hung up on looks. For me it is integrity which embodies so much in a person. My sons and grandsons are taught this early 0’clock in life.
    It is not the look of the man but the man li ness of him that women are drawn to. European man yep.

  • amolali

    sour grapes…….. huh!

  • mismayamaii

    Real beauty comes from within! With that said, Idris Elba is a handsome and talented man! He has one of the most gorgeous smiles and I love his accent and the way he walks. He carries himself well and he is drop dead gorgeous because all of who he is….makes him so attractive. Its a bittersweet time for him…father passed and a new baby on the way. Congrats to him and I wish him all the best. And I am sorry to hear about the passing of his father!

  • MsPhD

    He is British and She is British…Congrats….

  • hateddontmakeyoubetter

    That girl is not white. What white girl you know of would be named Naiyana. She is beautiful. Race shouldn’t matter be happy for the man. Love comes in many shapes and forms. See this is why people can’t get their own relationships right, because their so busy worried about someone else’s relationship. Get a life people!

  • fng

    Tooooooooo funny….Check my post on Shemar Moore. I don’t think he’s fine at ALL….I don’t get it….But I don’t have to ’cause he’s not thinking about me anyway. Plus, I AGREE..He seems a few sandwiches short of a picnic….After the “exercise”, you have to TALK with them…I started a conversation with my husband 23 years ago and am still laughing. #nodummies

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  • ________


  • FromUR2UB

    I just enjoy gazing upon him. That’s all. He’s just nice to look at.

  • I have had a long-time relationship with Idris (in my head) and the first thing I see in the pic is how she is standing behind and not beside him, he has his hand in his pocket, not holding hers and and he’s looking away from her and not towards her…body language says a lot…or I’m just seeing what I want to see because I don’t want my fantasy relationship to be over lol.

  • Angelia Moore

    In my opinion, Mr. Elba has a presence that is very alluring. The way he carries himself is very masculine and self assured. And he has the kind of voice that makes me want to pay attention, and those dark, bedroom eyes……

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  • jayc

    Good for them!

    • Mr_Truth

      They look good together. Why do I get the feeling that many women posting have a bit of sour grapes in hidden in their post. @Bits – Many sisters just have to change their attitudes and stop wearing those wannabe weaves and men will be fighting to marry or date them. In my experience most black women have a lot to learn from their Asian/Indian/latino/white women folk. My wife is going to lynch me after reading this but she took my advice and hence we have been married 10 years. Ok rant over…lol.

  • Claitun Bigzbee

    Cheer up ladies, there’s always Tevin Campbell. (insert evil laugh)

    • Jacara Fatin

      Lmao! Don’t nobody wanna swim in that tank full of sugar with him.

    • FromUR2UB

      Where did THAT come from?

    • fg

      That was classic (as is your screen name)….On THAT note, I’m going to bed….#hysteridamnlarious

  • Lola Peters

    I don’t think the “hype” about him has anything to do with his looks and it’s more about him as a person. He just seems like a genuine and good person.

  • The Enchantress

    As long as she has any Black in her, Congratulations.

    • Lee

      You mean as long as she has some character in her, congratulations.

      • The Enchantress

        No, I meant Black, just like I said.

        • Lisa

          Thank you Enchantress! That is exactly how I feel! LOL

        • Joy Kennedy

          But she’s not black. She’s thai and white…..And no race shouldn’t matter.

  • Brownskin

    She favors BOTH of his ex-wives. He is entitled to like what he likes.

  • Norma Nixon-Steinberg

    They Were Probably Together All The Time…You Know, When God Made One Hunk, He Kept The Mode & Made Hundreds More! So No Sweat Off My Back, After 39 Years Of Being Married To A Hunk – LOLOL!

    • fng

      LOL!!! Old married ladies STAND UP!!! (married 22 of 44 years).

  • bigdede

    She favors his ex-wife

    • phoenix

      I was going to say the same. Isn’t his ex a stylist too?

      • bigdede


  • Jaime

    My heart is broken, but I’m happy if he’s happy! lol

  • Bits

    what do i think? are there any dark skin women that are worthy of being dated, loved, booed up, etc? is this a conspiracy? damn!

    • Atmos

      Of course there are but he IS dating a black woman! Why bring light and dark skin sentiments into it?

      • Maggie

        You are evading the Bits’ valid question

      • Bits

        because colorism is a very real issue that needs to be addressed and assessed particularly regarding black men and women in relationships. Its beyond ironic that most black men who reach a certain level of power almost always stay far away from beautiful women with darker skin and go for women with lighter skin. I personally think there is something to this type of mindset that leads black men to think that their status is some how heightened with having a lighter skinned woman on their arm. Its something deeper than simply falling in love with someone or following ones heart. there seems to be a deliberate effort on the black man’s part and I’m curious to know why. Why aren’t dark skin women hardly ever an option?

      • LOL! She’s not black, her mom is Thai and her dad is a white Brit.

      • aprilisms

        Because light skin dark skin (as well as white) sentiments are very real. In short, the origin of this stigma serves as a plague upon the esteem of darker skinned individuals in America. I am a brown skinned women who loves my complexion (with the exception of a desire to be a little darker). I’m not sure if my preference for chocolate is a reflection of my esteem or vice versa.

  • Krystal


  • BobbyBrownsUnhingedLowerJaw

    the reason why SOME women arent bowled over by this man is because that is just their personal preference, while i feel the MAJORITY of women who cant/dont see how FINE this man is, is because a lot of us have been brainwashed by european standards of what is beautiful/handsome. real talk.

  • candy cane

    I’m with the ladies on here that don’t feel that he is DROP DEAD gorgeous but at the same time, if he were to whisper sweet nothings in my ear with that British accent……he would DEFINATLEY get it!!!! LOL

  • TheHoneyHannah

    I don’t fantasize about celebrities so no skin off BUT I am glad he found someone

  • it’sme

    Well he got his fame from being on the show The Wire from a few years ago it was a very good show, he did play on daddy’s little girls, obsessed which was horribly written and had potential to be better, thor, this Christmas, promethus, enders game and some other stuff, he is very handsome, I don’t get the big hype with anybody but he is very handsome

    • Nicki

      Dang u had to bring up obsession. .lol it was terrible.

      • it’sme

        I had to lol it was horrible it could have been better lol

        • BabyBlue

          Lets keep it real Beyonce was horrible in that movie.

  • kb

    damn! damn! damn!

    • tutttul


  • Laine

    Am I the only (black) woman on this planet that thinks Idris Elba looks just okay and is not that special? lol…I’m sorry, but I just don’t get the hype…haha

    Congrats to the happy couple.. !

    • PleaseDOBetter

      While I do think he is one of hershey’s finest, I do understand your point. 🙂

    • TeeHee

      Nope you’re not the only one, I don’t find him that special either and I don’t get the hype as well. I can remember only ONE movie he was in and it was in that whack movie Obsessed.

      • juleeodx965

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    • Kristen

      He doesn’t knock my socks off but he is a handsome gentleman. I think he’s a great role model and has good style. More men need to be like this lol

      • Alfreda Calbert

        He is not a great role model after making comments that he would never date black women until they stop wearing weaves and embrace their own beauty and stop trying to look like everybody else but themselves. Now he is coupled up with a white(?) woman who there are rumours she is pregnant.

        • Sara

          alfreda stop making up rumors he has never said that period at all but please if you have the info to support that tell me the interview for i can hear it because if you read it from some gossip magazine or something i don’t believe it the media is a place that twists people words michael jackson said it a thousand times so save that hatred for yourself ok and she is white she is a light skin black female we come in all shades get over it and stop with that weave crap i’m so sick of people saying that if people worried about their own life as much as they do what someone else is doing with their hair i bet there life would be so much better their is nothing wrong with a female who wears we i wear weave don’t have myself i just like wearing it because it’s easier to switch up hairstyles you can’t always put heat to black people hair but that’s not the point unless you are pay to get her hair done let her do what she wants with her hair
          and i could have swore white women get shots in their lips and butt trying to make them fuller isn’t that trying to be something their not why isn’t talked about as much as weave?

          • Alfreda Calbert

            I do not hate myself and those statements were in a FB post.

          • pf

            not sure about the weave comments but Naiyana Garth, (as was Kim Elba his daughter mother and one of his firmer wives), is Asian/ Caucasian.

            • Terry

              Is she Asian/Caucasian? She looks more like asian/black to me.

            • PF

              She is half Thai (Mother) half Caucasian (Father).

          • thesmartandprettyone

            Sara, please proofread and do spell check before you post your rants. There were so many typos and grammatical errors that I found it difficult to read your post. That is what you should be angry about instead of this topic. I’m not trying to be mean, but this should not be what you want people to see when they read something written by you.

        • Yah

          i don’t know, but naiyana garth looks black to me, a light-skinned black woman.

          • SheDevilsRule

            You need glass’s then

        • Marie Bano

          His girlfriend is black and Idris has only dated black women.

          • mallory

            Girl you’re lying to yourself. Kim was an Asian woman.

          • Joy Kennedy

            she’s thai and white

        • SheDevilsRule

          She not white, dumb azz

          • Alfreda Calbert

            Who cares either way? She is not white and she is not black and you needto stop resorting to name calling. Celebrities get all kinds of lies attributed to them, but, sometimes, the lie is the truth. Idris is a good actor. HIs personal life is his own and I do not need to lie on anyone.

            • SheDevilsRule

              I dont care either way I corrected you as you said she was whit and she is NOT

    • guest

      You can add me to that list as well. He’s attractive, but not “foine.” I think I’m probably more attracted to the accent — I do love me a British accent. Anyway, I enjoy his acting. I thought he did well in “Daddy’s Girls,” and the one episode of “Girlfriends” he guest-starred in.

    • Theresa Wheeler

      I fell on the floor and screamed when Stringer Bell got shot, but I think he is overexposed now. When I read this headline I just said “meh”. I bet Facebook will be flooded with this today.

    • Dee


      • Rhonda

        Right, I don’t know what they talkin’ about.

      • Laine

        Haha…lol…well okay!

      • fng

        Ridiculous…When you look up “overrated” in the dictionary, you see the picture of Shemar Moore. #snaggledtoothmillionaire

      • fng

        Dee and Rhonda, you are so right. There are not enough songs to sing Idris’ praises. Ha ha ha. My husband of 23 of my 44 years sees him and says “honey, got to give him his due…your second husband is on tv.” #clawdhammercy 🙂

    • stewwie

      Pls, Laine show as what you look like….you probably have no chance in hell with a good-looking man like him.

      I have also noticed letty there are many black women like you who are always trying to degrade every black man as unattractive. If he is not attractive who is ? siracly tell us pls ! By any metric this man is attractive, and i suspect you know that but…..

      You know why I think you made that comment for no other reason that to hate, It is because you are just anther fat, fugly, Nsty, bitter, miserable, lonly black woman, who is hating on everything she can never have.

      • Laine

        Hahah….wow! Hakuna Matata!

      • Laine

        Calm down please!! I LOVE black men, I want my future husband to be a black man! I do think he is definitely attractive, but like one person commented, he’s not “foine” to me. Just my personal taste, nothing more, nothing less…!
        Who do I think is “foine”?
        Sam Cooke, may he rest in peace
        Ozwald Boateng, the British/Ghanaian fashion designer.
        Blair Underwood
        Pele, the soccer player, when he was young!
        And a lot more black men …!

        A lot of people might disagree with my list, and that’s perfectly normal. Why?

        • fng

          Laine, you have EXCELLENT taste. You know why? ‘Cause it’s yours! People need to chill. Good on you to cite Boateng….That’s obscure…impressed and cosign….

      • Guest

        Why are you unleashing such bitterness on her. She is entitled to her opinion. Ok, you think he is all that, FINE that’s your opinion and preference. You asked who is attractive. I personally think The Cuban actor William Levy is on BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

      • Katie Marbley

        Why are you unleashing such nastiness @ Laine? She is entitled to her opinion as well as you are. Ok, you may think is FINE, but that is your opinion and preference, she doesn’t. You asked who is attractive, I think the Cuban actor William Levy is BEAUTIFUL, but you may not think so, I’m not going to attack you. because you don’t.Why can’t we be civil on this site and learn to respect others opinion in a civilized manner?

    • jjac401

      I think it is maybe just his British accent that has some women going wild, etc…

    • Katie Marbley

      I agree with you,.He’s is handsome, but not DROP DEAD GORGEOUS!